VR Technology Could One Day Be Powered By Your Sweat


Engineers at the University of California San Diego have developed a wearable device that generates power when touched or sweated on, potentially opening up new opportunities for smaller electronics, including maybe VR technology.

Report: Facebook Acquires Varifocal Startup Lemnis Technologies

Road to VR

It’s come to light that Lemnis Technologies, a startup creating varifocal optics for use in VR headsets, has reportedly been absorbed by Facebook in an ‘acqui-hiring’ move. Lemnis Technologies latest ‘Verifocal’ XR headset, Image courtesy Lemnis Technologies.


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Developer Copy & Pastes Real Margaritas Using AR Technology


This past May we covered a unique augmented reality app by developer Cyril Diagne that uses a selection of AR and machine learning technology to capture digital renditions of real-world objects and automatically isolate them from their surrounding environments.

Facebook Acquires Positional Tracking Company Scape Technologies


Facebook acquired a visual-based positional tracking company called Scape Technologies, according to Techcrunch. Scape Technologies was based in London and founded in 2016. It was working on a technology that could pinpoint location with better accuracy than just GPS.

AR/VR Simulations for Sustainable, Regenerative, Circular Cities

Speaker: Nik Gowing, Brenda Laurel, Sheridan Tatsuno, Archie Kasnet, and Bruce Armstrong Taylor

Join our amazing panelists, Nik Gowing, Founder at Thinking the Unthinkable and International Broadcaster; Brenda Laurel, PhD, Principal, Neogaian Interactive; Sheridan Tatsuno, Principal, Dreamscape Global; Archie Kasnet, CEO, Regenerative; and Bruce Armstrong Taylor, The Climate 4.0 Project, to discuss how today's AR/VR and related AI-enabled technologies can be effectively applied, using data from such sources as NASA and NOAA, to both improve and accelerate urban sustainability planning and design.

VR Technology Being Used In De-Escalation Training For Police


The post VR Technology Being Used In De-Escalation Training For Police appeared first on VRScout. Officers are given a chance to experience confrontations from the civilians perspective.

VR Technology Reunites Grieving Mother With Her Deceased Child


South Korean documentary ‘I Met You’ shows how VR technology is bringing the dead back to life. We’ve seen VR technology used in a variety of incredible ways, but nothing quite as extraordinary as bringing the dead back to life.

Engaging Audiences With Immersive Technology

Tech Trends VR

There is $750,000 in funding on offer by the Knight Foundation for ideas that demonstrate the ability of immersive technologies such as VR and AR to strengthen audience engagement Click To Tweet. The grants are being put forward by the Knight Foundation for ideas that demonstrate the ability of immersive technologies, such as virtual and mixed reality, to strengthen audience engagement. The post Engaging Audiences With Immersive Technology appeared first on Tech Trends.

The best movies about technology gone wrong

Digital Trends

Home Theater Movies & TV Halloween horror movies& TV Streaming Technology what to watchWe can't live without high-tech toys but boy do they know a lot about us. In these flicks, tech gets evil fast and starts taking lives or even entire planets.

Fighting COVID-19 with Technology

Tech Trends VR

The technology industry has a vital role to play, pushing innovations to help us all tackle what are sure to be more difficult times ahead. The post Fighting COVID-19 with Technology appeared first on Tech Trends.

Study Shows VR Technology Can Have A Positive Psychological Impact During Lockdown


How immersive technology is keeping users sane during the coronavirus pandemic. Thankfully, we have now have access to an extensive array of VR technology that allows us to escape our dreary reality. There’s no question about it.

Study 428

Zylia’s 3D Audio Technology Could Be The Start Of Virtual Concert Halls


ZYLIA Navigable Audio is a huge step in that direction, and we are very proud of the impact that we are having on the future of 3D audio technology.”. Earlier this year, Zylia showcased the true power of its 6DoF audio technology in a collaboration with the Pozna?

Why Are Hotels Investing in Augmented Reality Technology?


Augmented reality technology has made its way into the hospitality industry. What Are the Advantages of Augmented Reality Technology? AR technology can be used to create interactive experiences within the hotel setting. How Are Hotels Using Augmented Reality Technology?

How Smart Cities Can Use Augmented Reality Technology


Augmented reality technology, the Internet of Things, and artificial intelligence are some of the most promising solutions out there. What Is the Role of Augmented Reality Technology in Smart Cities? Why Do We Need Augmented Reality Technology in Smart Cities?

Arthur Technologies Raises $2.5M for Its VR Office Collaboration Software

Road to VR

Munich, Germany-based AR/VR software company Arthur Technologies today announced it’s successful raised $2.5 The post Arthur Technologies Raises $2.5M Investment News VR Investment arthur arthur technologies arthur vr vr collaboration vr collaboration apps

XR Streaming: The Future of Immersive Technologies?


While immersive technologies are undoubtedly a big driver for digital transformation, the XR community faces major challenges that apply to every player in the field.

Facebook Acquires Computer Vision Startup Scape Technologies

Road to VR

According to regulatory filings uncovered by Tech Crunch , Facebook has acquired Scape Technologies, a London-based computer vision startup. The post Facebook Acquires Computer Vision Startup Scape Technologies appeared first on Road to VR.

AR Technology Is Changing The World Of Professional Yachting


Raymarine’s AR navigation technology could be the future of professional sailing. When it comes to high-level yachting and sailing, few technologies are more crucial than an up-to-date electronic plotter. This important marine navigation device uses GPS technology, radar, automatic information systems, and a variety of other sensors to provide sailors with crucial information while at sea, including the vessel’s position in relation to other objects. .

Breaking Barriers Through Immersive Technology


Baby boomers are thrilled that the fictional Holodeck from Star Trek is now a real and functional immersive technology. What’s even more thrilling for them is the development of holographic technology they all marveled at in the Star Wars series.

Things People Ask You as a Writer Covering XR Technology


XR technology is a fascinating world to live and work in. When you write about XR and emerging technology, people ask a lot of questions; some more often than others. If you work in XR technology, these are the questions that are really on the minds of people on the street.

Technology is Reinventing the Insurance Industry

GizModo VR

insurance ust sears holdings vehicle insurance companies sudesh kannan allstate rosa go media studios technology internet meg walters rosa escandon analytics articles kokila nagaraj companiesWhen most people think about insurance companies, they don’t immediately think of tech.

How Augmented Reality Technology Streamlines Agriculture


The new smart farming technology is driven to a large extent by robotics, automation, data analytics, and IoT. Coupled with monitoring technology and AI for precision farming, AR can reduce the need to hire farm workers to regularly check on the state of the crops or livestock.

Building The Future Of Immersive Theater Technology With The Musical Theatre Factory


After receiving a media arts grant from the National Endowment for the Arts, Musical Theatre Factory began to pursue routes to integrate the two worlds of technology and theatre that, according to Salley, “don’t [seem] to overlap, but that probably should.”.

EyeWay Vision Joins Technology Innovation Collective the LaSAR Alliance


However, they have both recently come together in an exciting example of technology innovation and collaboration in XR research. The alliance itself is the newest edition to IEEE’s Industry Standards and Technology Organization , which has been driving technology innovation for over 20 years.

Cleanbox Technology kills coronavirus on your VR headset

The Ghost Howls

And here Cleanbox Technology comes to the rescue. I immediately asked an interview with Amy Hedrick, the CEO of Cleanbox Technology , and she was so kind to sit down with me (virtually) and explain to me everything about her interesting product. Header image by Cleanbox Technology).

Wonder Painter Technology Turns Any Drawing Into Animation


Developed by Xiaoxiaoniu Creative Technologies Ltd, a computer software company based out of Beijing, China, the technology blends artificial intelligence, machine learning, and human interaction to automatically transform static 2D images into interactive 3D animations. Image Credit: Xiaoxiaoniu Creative Technologies Ltd. For more information on Wonder Painter technology and how to access a demo, visit WonderPainter.net.

Augmented Reality and Hearables: Where the Two Technologies Meet


Hearables with augmented reality features are becoming ubiquitous thanks to the overall spread of wearables, the contribution of tech giants, and the growing demand for emerging technologies. From a technical standpoint, simultaneous interpreting relies on multiple technologies.

AR Drone Technology That Can Help Save Lives


First responders will be able to use drones equipped with augmented reality technology to better deal with emergency situations. . Yet, like all technology, it’s not the hardware that’s the problem, but what you do while operating it; depending on the operator, any piece of technology can be a force for evil. The technology was developed in-house by Edgybees (which since being founded in 2017 has raised over $6.4M

Exploring Immersive Technology in Training and Education

Tech Trends VR

As with any novel and paradigm-shifting technology, the initial boom of virtual and artificial reality (VR/AR) has seen a vast array of industries attempting to leverage its benefits, from entertainment to product design, marketing to construction. With such potential on the horizon, it is essential that organizations manage the process of leveraging XR technologies effectively, or risk falling behind as others take the lead.

VR Mindfulness: Is Immersive Technology The Next ‘Big Thing’ in Workplace Well-Being?


The same immersive technologies, such as virtual and augmented reality, that are making waves in the training and communication space also have exciting applications in the well-being space. Unique Opportunities Delivered By Immersive Technology.

XR Technology Conference AWE Goes Live


We weren’t able to cover everything at the massive XR technology conference, but we’ve collected some of our day one highlights. See Also: XR Technology at AWE and the Auggies: Exclusive Content From Ori Inbar. There are still a few days worth of XR technology content coming from AWE.

4 Augmented Reality Key Trends 2021: Future-Oriented Technology


The post 4 Augmented Reality Key Trends 2021: Future-Oriented Technology appeared first on Virtual Reality Augmented Reality Technology Latest News. In the words of Dave Di Veroli, head of strategy and innovation at VMLY&R, “AR is no longer a niche.

Remote Maintenance with AR Technology


One of these solutions is the Augmented Reality (AR), a technology that is powerfully improving the work on the sites, empowering the workforce with plenty of facilities to perform their job.

Experts Say Apple, EU's Photo Scanning Plans Are 'Dangerous Technology'

GizModo VR

In a 46-page study, the experts say the photo scanning tech is not only ineffective, but it’s also “dangerous technology.” technology apple privacy cybercrime internet privacy apple inc computer security computing data security csam technology internet susan landau

VR Pride For Everyone: The Potential of VR Technology to Foster LGBTQ+ Community Building


As awareness of the LGBTQ+ community continues to increase and evolve, it is more and more apparent that technology will be a major tool for increased visibility. It gives a glimpse of the unity shared among the LGBTQ+ community—one that’s fully captured through technology. “I

2020 Trends in XR Technology Education


XR technology is disruptive and it’s been a disruptive year. To start, it is important to point out that XR technology in education isn’t a new concept. XR technology manufacturers, including Lenovo, have prioritized making headsets out of easy-to-clean materials and removable covers.

2020 NAMM Show Highlights The Growing Impact Of Immersive Technology On Live Music


As more sophisticated AR glasses begin to close in on consumer pricing and start to look (nearly) safe to wear in public, we’re approaching the impact point between technology and music.