Engaging Audiences With Immersive Technology

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There is $750,000 in funding on offer by the Knight Foundation for ideas that demonstrate the ability of immersive technologies such as VR and AR to strengthen audience engagement Click To Tweet. The post Engaging Audiences With Immersive Technology appeared first on Tech Trends.

Exploring Immersive Technology in Training and Education

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As with any novel and paradigm-shifting technology, the initial boom of virtual and artificial reality (VR/AR) has seen a vast array of industries attempting to leverage its benefits, from entertainment to product design, marketing to construction.

AR Technology Is Changing The World Of Professional Yachting


Raymarine’s AR navigation technology could be the future of professional sailing. When it comes to high-level yachting and sailing, few technologies are more crucial than an up-to-date electronic plotter.

Wonder Painter Technology Turns Any Drawing Into Animation


Developed by Xiaoxiaoniu Creative Technologies Ltd, a computer software company based out of Beijing, China, the technology blends artificial intelligence, machine learning, and human interaction to automatically transform static 2D images into interactive 3D animations.

Adult Entertainment & Technology Collide In BaDoinkVR


ViRo.Club – which is currently in closed beta and will become available to BaDoinkVR subscribers later in the year– will enable erotic performers to interact directly with users in VR, leveraging motion-capture (promising “down to the fingertips” real-time accuracy) and haptic device technologies.

AR Drone Technology That Can Help Save Lives


First responders will be able to use drones equipped with augmented reality technology to better deal with emergency situations. . The technology was developed in-house by Edgybees (which since being founded in 2017 has raised over $6.4M

Immersive Technologies Helping Children and Older Patients

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It is well established that high-quality VR and AR technologies can be used for healthcare – in the treatment of phobias for example – and are superior tools in training adults in disciplines such as surgery.

The Weather Channel Continues Its Embrace Of Mixed Reality Technology


When The Weather Channel debuted its IMR technology back in June of 2018, the organization introduced the industry to a brand new form of educational broadcasting. The post The Weather Channel Continues Its Embrace Of Mixed Reality Technology appeared first on VRScout.

Hands-On With Kura’s Breakthrough Wide Field Of View AR Technology


San Francisco-based startup Kura Technologies ( official website ) claims it will launch compact AR glasses with a wide field of view, high resolution, high opacity, high brightness, and variable focus in mid-2020. This is common for early head-mounted technology prototypes.

Oculus CTO John Carmack Talks Immersive Technology On The Joe Rogan Podcast


It’s a long conversation with dozens of changing topics, so we went ahead and timestamped key discussions regarding immersive technology: [ 00:34 ] – Rogan and Carmack waste no time diving into Oculus’ latest hardware release, the Oculus Quest.

Girl Guides & Brownies Awarded With VR Technology Badge


Saltash District Brownies and Guides earn the “first-ever” VR technology badge after helping design virtual environments for hospitalized children. The post Girl Guides & Brownies Awarded With VR Technology Badge appeared first on VRScout.

US Navy Using Magic Leap AR Technology to Improve Warfare Training

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In recent years, the US military has been utilizing augmented reality as a training tool, giving officers and soldiers an opportunity to train and hone their decision-making, tactical efforts, and weapons accuracy via virtual scenarios.

Suzanne Borders: BadVR is mixing art and technology to innovate data visualization

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When have you entered VR and what has fascinated you about this technology? ( It’s got a lot of attention, it brings a lot of people to us, especially people who maybe wouldn’t have been interested in a really traditional name like “immersive technologies”.

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VR/AR Pioneer Nonny De La Peña Named WSJ Technology Innovator Of The Year


Now, she can add Wall Street Journal Technology Innovator of the Year to her long list of accolades. . The post VR/AR Pioneer Nonny De La Peña Named WSJ Technology Innovator Of The Year appeared first on VRScout.

The NewImages Festival Focused Entirely on Immersive Technology


The four-day festival is “the world’s only festival dedicated to VR, digital creation, and immersive technology”, according to the event organizers. Immersive Technology Displays and Events. The judges weren’t the only ones who got to interact with the immersive technology on display.

Talking Accurate AR with Scape Technologies


The post Talking Accurate AR with Scape Technologies appeared first on UploadVR. [link]. Video

Expert View: How Technology is Making Us Rethink the Way We Think

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It’s of no surprise to anyone that technology is becoming a vital part of our selves. In fact, as humans, we have always been naturally intimate with technology. These “technologies” have been there since the beginning of the human journey.

The Future of Augmented Reality in Autonomous Driving Technology


Everyone in the automotive industry is racing to advance autonomous driving technologies and deploy driverless cars. This year, we’ve seen massive strides thanks to emerging technologies such as augmented reality and artificial intelligence.

Scape SDK Bridges AR Technology and IoT


Most of us first encounter AR technology through our phones, in things like mobile games. Scape , the company behind Holoscape, is a London-based AR technology company. Tools like Google Earth and other basic AR technology applications seem to come close.

The Promises and Perils of XR Technology


As their recently-released report shows, there are tremendous opportunities, but also tremendous risks if the technologies are not utilized with care. Innovators and entrepreneurs should consider the social implications of new technologies, rather than focusing solely on the bottom line.

Unity Technologies Raises $181 Million


Unity Engine creation game engine san francisco tools Unity Technologies

Unity 200

The Knight Foundation launches $750,000 initiative for immersive technology for the arts

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Knight Foundation is looking for pitches on how to enhance and augment traditional creative arts through immersive technologies. But arts institutions need more knowledge to move beyond just experimenting with these technologies to becoming proficient in leveraging their full potential.”.

Oculus Is Now A Division Of Facebook Technologies


The company which was started in 2012 by Palmer Luckey, Brendan Iribe, Nate Mitchell and others is now part of ‘Facebook Technologies LLC’, a subsidiary of Facebook which handles hardware efforts, including Oculus and Portal , Facebook’s new video calling displays. Facebook issued the following statement to us this week: “This is an update to the legal name and as you said, Oculus remains a division of Facebook Technologies. Oculus VR LLC is no more.

Drive value from technology clusters at the Immersive Learning Summit

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EON Reality has been implementing technology and learning clusters for more than a decade. As these clusters evolve beyond 2020, we believe that by deploying immersive technology today, organisations will have an unprecedented opportunity to: Boost the production of in-house innovation.

Putting Technology First at Confidustria Emilia

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along with themes of Augmented and Virtual Reality (AVR) as enabling technologies of Industry 4.0. The research activity developed by EON Reality in these fields represents the region’s important competitive advantage, from both a technological point of view and the local ecosystem point of view, from which all the regional industrial ecosystem can benefit. The use of enabling technologies for Industry 4.0

The Key Technology Behind Varjo’s High-res ‘Bionic Display’ Headset

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The post The Key Technology Behind Varjo’s High-res ‘Bionic Display’ Headset appeared first on Road to VR. News VR displays VR Headset context display focus display varjo varjo breakdown varjo technology

United Nations endorses peace walkway with AR and VR Technology


The United Nations has endorsed a unique way for people to celebrate art monuments and heroic world peacemakers with the latest AR and VR technology.

WiGig Chip Company Peraso Technologies Closes $42M Financing Round

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Peraso Technologies, a fabless semiconductor company creating mmWave technology and Wireless Gigabit (WiGig) chipsets, announced that it has raised an additional $42 million in its Series D financing round. Image courtesy Peraso Technologies.

Pentland Brands Implements New AR Technology for Item Sizing


We’ve seen AR technology in clothing before but not like this. See Also: AR Technology that Helps Athletes Improve their Game. A number of brands use AR technology to let you see what you would look like in clothes or glasses. It’s also their first move into AR technology.


Microsoft Research Demonstrates VR Controller Prototypes With Unique Haptic Technology

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If this technology was utilized for a consumer product it would need to get smaller while staying quiet and reliable. The post Microsoft Research Demonstrates VR Controller Prototypes With Unique Haptic Technology appeared first on Road to VR.

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AR Technology Brings Street Fighter II to the Actual Streets


The post AR Technology Brings Street Fighter II to the Actual Streets appeared first on VRScout. The creator of ‘The Ring’ AR experience brings his talents to the world of Street Fighter II.

MR Technology Company Nreal Launches SDK Beta for Unity Developers


Nreal exploded onto the MR technology field earlier this year and they haven’t stopped expanding. One of the key benefits of the SDK is the spatial computing power, necessary for MR technology. MR technology developers can apply for the full development kit.

Unity 86

Apple Developing MicroLED Technology in California


The technology giant is making a significant investment in the development of next-generation MicroLED screens, say the people, who requested anonymity to discuss internal planning. Then the technology can give VR/AR a much-needed technology boost. Related: MicroLED Technology Explained Apple, according to Bloomberg , is rumored to be developing MicroLED displays in a dedicated facility in California.

Avatar Technology From USC Captures Your Body In 20 Minutes


USC’s Institute for Creative Technologies works across graphics, learning sciences, medical VR, mixed reality, and much more, and the institute has played a major part in the development of many new technologies that move from research labs into widespread use.

SEA VR Rebrands as ‘Immerse Technology Summit’, Returns October 11th

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SEA VR , the largest VR conference in the Pacific Northwest, has renamed itself as the “Immerse Technology Summit,” and will be held this year on October 11th in Bellevue, Washington. The Immerse Technology Summit is hosted by Envelop VR and this will be the summit’s third year running.