The Key Technology Behind Varjo’s High-res ‘Bionic Display’ Headset

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AR Technology Brings Street Fighter II to the Actual Streets


The post AR Technology Brings Street Fighter II to the Actual Streets appeared first on VRScout. The creator of ‘The Ring’ AR experience brings his talents to the world of Street Fighter II.

Expert View: Immersive Technology Investment Boosting Creativity

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The UK attracts some of the best global talent and has a strong culture of entrepreneurship leading it to be viewed as one of Europe’s technology hubs. The post Expert View: Immersive Technology Investment Boosting Creativity appeared first on Tech Trends.

Unity Technologies Raises $181 Million


Unity Engine creation game engine san francisco tools Unity Technologies

Unity 182

SEA VR Rebrands as ‘Immerse Technology Summit’, Returns October 11th

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SEA VR , the largest VR conference in the Pacific Northwest, has renamed itself as the “Immerse Technology Summit,” and will be held this year on October 11th in Bellevue, Washington. The Immerse Technology Summit is hosted by Envelop VR and this will be the summit’s third year running.

Avatar Technology From USC Captures Your Body In 20 Minutes


USC’s Institute for Creative Technologies works across graphics, learning sciences, medical VR, mixed reality, and much more, and the institute has played a major part in the development of many new technologies that move from research labs into widespread use.

Oculus to Talk “Breakthroughs in Spatial Audio Technologies” at Connect Conference

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Software Engineering Manager Pete Stirling will take to the stage in a session titled ‘2017 Breakthroughs in Spatial Audio Technologies’, to overview the latest spatial audio tech devised by the company.

US Legislators Form VR-centric “Reality Caucus” to Guide Immersive Technology Policy

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The reps issued a joint statement about the caucus : As these technologies continue to advance and grow, this ‘Reality Caucus’ will work to foster information sharing between Congress and our nation’s world-leading technology industry.

Tobii Expands Eye-Tracking Technology to Virtual.


Tobii Expands Eye-Tracking Technology to Virtual Reality There’s a saying, “the eyes are the windows to the soul.” To date, Tobii’s technology has been used in certain games, such as Deux Ex: Machina Divided, to allow you to control the camera position with your eyes and set up your aim.

Advances In Lens Technology Could Reduce The Size Of VR Headsets


Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences ( SEAS ) we may be on the verge of a new era in lense technology via new advances that could revolutionize the game. The post Advances In Lens Technology Could Reduce The Size Of VR Headsets appeared first on VRScout.

AT&T SHAPE: A Cutting-Edge Convergence of Entertainment and Technology


Now, the telecomm organization is hosting AT&T SHAPE , an immersive event that “explores the convergence of technology and entertainment.” After screening the film, Weber will offer viewers a chance to participate further using mobile technology, as well as a Q&A after the screening.

Preview: ILM Uses ‘Star Wars’ Assets to Show Potential of Google’s ‘Seurat’ VR Rendering Technology

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Google just announced Seurat this week, a new rendering technology which could be a graphical breakthrough for mobile VR. The post Preview: ILM Uses ‘Star Wars’ Assets to Show Potential of Google’s ‘Seurat’ VR Rendering Technology appeared first on Road to VR.

Apple Developing MicroLED Technology in California


The technology giant is making a significant investment in the development of next-generation MicroLED screens, say the people, who requested anonymity to discuss internal planning. Then the technology can give VR/AR a much-needed technology boost. Related: MicroLED Technology Explained Apple, according to Bloomberg , is rumored to be developing MicroLED displays in a dedicated facility in California.

United Nations endorses peace walkway with AR and VR Technology


The United Nations has endorsed a unique way for people to celebrate art monuments and heroic world peacemakers with the latest AR and VR technology.

Facebook Teases “breakthrough technologies” Coming to New Oculus Products, Tours R&D Lab

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The goal is to make VR and AR what we all want it to be: glasses small enough to take anywhere, software that lets you experience anything, and technology that lets you interact with the virtual world just like you do with the physical one.

OTOY Is Building One of VR’s Most Important Technologies


last week, OTOY announced their technology would be natively integrated into the Unity engine. The first thing they showed me was a 360 image from Keloid, a sci-fi short film created using their technology.

2018 Mobile And New Technology Priorities For Marketers

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Forrester just released a new report on mobile and new technology priorities for marketers, based on our latest global mobile executive survey. We found out that marketers: Fail to deliver on foundational mobile experiences.

Investing in Exponential Technologies with Andreessen Horowitz: VR, AI, & Drones

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Kyle Russell is on the deal & research team for venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz (aka A16z) where he’s focusing on investing in technologies ranging from virtual & augmented reality, artificial intelligence, drones, and other exponential technologies like quantum computing.

Oculus Chief Scientist Predicts the Next 5 Years of VR Technology

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Humans are capable of seeing at least 220 degrees field of view at around 120 pixels per degree (assuming 20/20 vision), Abrash says, and display and optics technologies are far away from achieving this (forget 4K or 8K, this is beyond 24K per eye).

‘AUTO’: A Realistic Look at the Human Impact of Near-future Technology

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AUTO is a 360-video and morality tale available on Jaunt that takes a near-future look at the human impact of automation and emerging technology. The post ‘AUTO’: A Realistic Look at the Human Impact of Near-future Technology appeared first on Road to VR.

Valve Head Affirms Work on First-party VR Games and Interest in Future Technology

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During a Q&A on Reddit, Valve head Gabe Newell affirmed that the company is continuing development its own first-party VR content, as well as exploring interests in new technologies which could play a part in Valve’s future.

Comparing Oculus Touch & HTC Vive Technology and Ecosystems

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So today’s episode of the Voices of VR podcast is an op-ed analysis comparing the Touch controller and room-scale tracking technologies, as well as the overall content and developer ecosystems.

AltSpaceVR Announces Incredible ‘FrontRow’ Live Event Technology


Just when you think you start to have a pretty good idea of what AltSpaceVR has to offer, they tend to The post AltSpaceVR Announces Incredible ‘FrontRow’ Live Event Technology appeared first on UploadVR.

Lumus Raises $45 Million To Enhance Augmented Reality Technology


Lumus, a company founded in 2000, is one of many focused on bridging the gap between the digital and real world through these types of experiences and they’ve acquired a massive amount that will help them advance their projects and technology.

What F8 2017 Means for Mass Market Adoption of Immersive Technologies


Now, let’s consider the key takeaways related to AR, VR and 360 ° content and review how they will influence the mass market adoption of those immersive technologies. ” It helped putting Giroptic on the map, but for a lot of people it also brought more awareness of 360 ° technologies.

Future Port Prague Focuses On Technology Empowerment


Taking place on September 7, 2017 in the heart of the Czech Republic, Future Port Prague combines a conference, festival and expo all centered around the implications and applications of future tech.

White Mirror: A Positive Vision for the Future of Technology


The event, called # OnceUponAFuture: The #WhiteMirror Edition, was dedicated to creating projects from VR experiences to short films that portray a positive vision of emerging technologies.

OLED Wearable Technology Launched

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This is an era of wearable technology and we are not far from the day when we actually will be having our own wearable devices facilitating us in different ways. This project is a joint venture of KAIST and Kolon Glotech who announced on November 22 that the OLED technology they developed can realize on a textile substrate. The post OLED Wearable Technology Launched appeared first on Infinityleap - Technology stops for no one.

Tracking Your Hands Using Flex Sensor Technology with Manus VR

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The post Tracking Your Hands Using Flex Sensor Technology with Manus VR appeared first on Road to VR.

Will VR be the most unifying technology ever?Transitions in.


Will VR be the most unifying technology ever? Transitions in communications technologies have been met with skepticism throughout history. So even while we fear that new technology may disconnect us, we have continued to strive for, and find, deeper ways to connect.

Is Varjo’s Human Eye Technology a Breakthrough VR Technology?


While I am an enthusiast for VR and all associated technologies, one major issue that’s really breaking my immersion into different VR environments is – resolution. This is further combined with video-see-through (VST) technology for unparalleled AR/MR capabilities.

SteamVR Tracking Could Be 2017’s Most Important VR Technology


Not many realize, however, just how dramatically Valve’s SteamVR Tracking technology could impact the industry over the next few months. Late last year classes were held to teach licensees how to use SteamVR tracking technology.

Virtual Reality Journalism: Empathy through Technology

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Even Immersive Journalism’s founder Nonny de la Peña believes that as VR technology progresses, news events will eventually be filmed with 3D 360 degrees cameras. The post Virtual Reality Journalism: Empathy through Technology appeared first on Purple Pill VR.