My predictions for augmented reality in 2021

The Ghost Howls

Two days ago, I’ve given you my predictions for virtual reality in 2021 (read it, in case you missed it). Now it’s time to make some forecasts about its companion technology, that is augmented reality! Multiple bodies and various objects will be able to be augmented.

Traditional Theater Gets an Augmented Reality Makeover


However, none are as radical as the interactive experiences that augmented reality offers. Augmented Reality Theater Productions. Augmented reality in performing arts isn’t new. They made the world’s first-ever augmented theater production.


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How Augmented Reality Technology Streamlines Agriculture


Yet, augmented reality unmistakably stands out among the other innovations that are currently disrupting agriculture. Augmented reality can help agriculturers in different ways : monitoring field conditions, identifying pest infestations, workforce training, etc.

Snapchat Delivers Augmented Reality Gifts with New Holiday AR Lenses

Next Reality AR

You won't have to ask Santa for holiday-themed augmented reality experiences, because practically any social and shopping app that offers AR effects has them available now. Don't Miss: Next Reality Snap Spectacles 3 Holiday Giveaway!

Augmented Reality Top 8 of 2018


As a new communications medium, Augmented Reality (AR) is changing the way we consume and share knowledge and how we express ourselves creatively. These AR projects, apps, products, and tools are helping to rewrite reality and the way we engage with our immediate surroundings and world at large. Snapchat is using visualization to temporarily reveal something that is currently unavailable in reality: Big Ben. Partial diminished reality.”.

How Augmented Reality Supports Social Distancing


Even though the global health crisis brought the world to a standstill, the augmented reality scene has been thriving. Augmented Reality and Social Distancing Preventing the Spread of COVID-19 . Augmented Reality, Making Workplaces Safe.

Super Bowl LV Was a Win for Augmented Reality


Augmented Reality Scored Big in Super Bowl LIV. According to Snapchat , augmented reality lenses and filters from NFL partners reached 45 million Snapchatters during Super Bowl weekend and garnered a total of 101 million impressions.

How Augmented Reality Is Helping Teens Address Anxiety


Augmented reality is a promising way to address growing mental health problems among teenagers. Can Augmented Reality Treat Anxiety? The Advantages of Augmented Reality Mental Health Solutions. Unlike virtual reality, AR requires less expensive tech.

Augmented reality is reaching a mature state according to Gartner

The Ghost Howls

According to the very famous market analysis company Gartner, Augmented Reality is no more an “emerging” technology, but it has graduated as a mature one. This news comes one year later than a similar one regarding Virtual Reality : in a popular post of mine of 2018, I highlighted how in that year VR had disappeared from the Gartner Hype Cycle (the curve showing the current maturity status of all emerging technologies). augmented reality Best articles market

Escaping from Augmented Reality

Tech Trends VR

For companies looking to get into Immersive technologies our VR Consultancy service offers comprehensive support in strategic deployment of Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality. The post Escaping from Augmented Reality appeared first on Tech Trends. Scriptum is a new AR escape room app that lets you step into another dimension. But will you be able to find the way out?

5 Industries Which Could Benefit From Augmented Reality Post COVID


Augmented reality has been making waves in a number of industries including healthcare, events, and sports. But, with the pandemic accelerating interest in augmented and virtual-related technologies, this figure might have underestimated the potential growth.

Post-Pandemic, Augmented Reality Serves Entertainment With Its Re-Emergence


Most people don’t know augmented reality was first created and tested in the late 1960s: by a Harvard professor, with a wired head-mounted display. Augmented reality applications, coupled with advances in AI, saw an uptick. Safety Gets an Augmented Reality Assist.

NR30 Innovator in Augmented Reality Spotlight: Aidan Wolf

Next Reality AR

This year, as part of the Next Reality 30, in partnership with Snap, we're spotlighting an up-and-coming innovator in augmented reality.

Augmented Reality for Remote Worker Training and Collaboration


New technologies, such as augmented reality training, have helped ease the transition. What Is Augmented Reality? The most common misconception about augmented reality is that its primary beneficiary is the gaming industry.

Manscaped's Brand Hype Grows into Augmented Reality via Snapchat Lens

Next Reality AR

Now, the brand has let the vines of its advertising reach grow into the augmented reality realm with a Sponsored Lens on Snapchat for iOS and Android. Don't Miss: This Viral Instagram Augmented Reality Filter Will.

Bookful Expands Its Massive Augmented Reality Library With Mattel’s Thomas & Friends And Barbie


The post Bookful Expands Its Massive Augmented Reality Library With Mattel’s Thomas & Friends And Barbie appeared first on VRScout. News Android Augmented Reality Bookful coronavirus COVID-19 Inception iOS

How Augmented Reality Can Be Used for Distance Learning


Except for a smartphone or a tablet, most augmented reality experiences do not require any additional special hardware. How to Enhance Distance Learning Through Augmented Reality. Both these challenges can be addressed using augmented reality.

How Augmented Reality in Retail Shopping Boosts Business Growth


Augmented reality in retail shopping is redefining the shopping experience. 3 Ways Augmented Reality in Retail Shopping Boosts Growth. See Also: How Augmented Reality in E-Commerce Is Transforming Customer Experience.

Retail 139

Unity Launches Its MARS Augmented Reality Tools June 1


Unity is launching its new augmented reality creation tools collectively known as MARS on June 1. The tools have been under construction for a few years now and are meant to make cross-platform development of robust augmented reality projects easier with Unity. The post Unity Launches Its MARS Augmented Reality Tools June 1 appeared first on UploadVR. AR ar Augmented Reality creation tools Mars Timoni West top stories unity

Tools 216

Augmented Reality and Hearables: Where the Two Technologies Meet


Extended reality in visual solutions is making the headlines. Hearables with augmented reality features are becoming ubiquitous thanks to the overall spread of wearables, the contribution of tech giants, and the growing demand for emerging technologies. Sponsored content.

Which Startups Are Hiring for Augmented Reality Jobs?


In 2019, the demand growth for augmented reality and virtual reality engineers skyrocketed 1400% from the previous year, surpassing the demand for blockchain engineers (the most in-demand skill in 2018). Venture capital investment in augmented reality and virtual reality hit $4.1

ELLE Brings Augmented Reality To Magazine Cover


The video interviews were produced by Elle, with the augmented reality activation being powered by HuffPost RYOT and Verizon’s proprietary platform Envrmnt. RYOT’s ability to power augmented reality through our owned-and-operated app opens up so many possibilities, and we’re looking forward to collaborating with RYOT on more of the brands in our portfolio, and to bring the opportunities to our marketing partners as well.”.

Ryerson University Brings the Science Lab Home With Augmented Reality


This fall, Ryerson University is launching a remote learning solution that offers at-home science lessons in augmented reality, Ryerson Augmented Learning Experience (RALE), powered by NexTech AR Solutions’ InfernoAR technology. At-Home Science Experience in Augmented Reality.

Can Augmented Reality Help Theme Parks Recover After the Pandemic?


Instead of gravity-defying and thrill-inducing rides, theme parks are turning to augmented reality to enhance the experience of guests. Augmented Reality in Theme Parks. Virtual reality rides have been around since 2015. Augmented Reality Rides After the Pandemic.

Nissan Augmented Reality Concept Assists Drivers in Detecting Unseen Obstacles

Next Reality AR

While the technology companies continue to drive forward with autonomous vehicles, Nissan's vision of the future of self-driving automobiles lies in a cooperative experience between human and machine, facilitated by augmented reality. At CES 2019, which officially kicks off this week, Nissan will present its in-car augmented reality concept, dubbed Invisible-to-Visible (I2V), via an interactive 3D experience at its booth in the North Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Augmented Reality Is Bringing Christmas Cards to Life


Getting into the festive mood isn’t easy amid a global health crisis , but augmented reality might just be what you need to spread holiday cheer. By augmenting your annual Christmas cards, you can spread a lot of joy to loved ones. Augmented Reality Christmas Cards.

Augmented Reality Revives 300-Year-Old Boston Bookstore


A bookstore in Boston celebrated its 300th birthday with an augmented reality makeover. The post Augmented Reality Revives 300-Year-Old Boston Bookstore appeared first on VRScout. News AR Augmented Reality Boston Historic Boston Incorporated Old Corner Bookstore VuforiaBookstore from 1718 meets the future past.

Boston 240

The New York Times Reinvents the Crossword Puzzle for Augmented Reality via Instagram

Next Reality AR

At first glance, it may not sound like there's much value in doing a crossword puzzle in augmented reality, but The New York Times has managed to revamp the pastime as an immersive game.

Google ARCore Brings Augmented Reality to Android


Apple’s massive leap into augmented reality with no additional sensors or hardware, only the phone in your pocket, seemingly opened up the largest AR platform in the world overnight. Google has been investing heavily on the hardware side with Tango, requiring specialized devices to augment our reality. ARCore: Augmented reality at Android scale. The post Google ARCore Brings Augmented Reality to Android appeared first on VRScout.

Apple Unveils ARKit For Augmented Reality


A new generation of iOS augmented reality apps are coming. Apple is jumping firmly into the world of augmented reality. In many ways, Apple is trying to keep up with competitors like Google, who already have their Tango augmented and mixed reality platform. The post Apple Unveils ARKit For Augmented Reality appeared first on VRScout. News Apple ARKit Augmented Reality WWDC

D.S. Bradford Launches Augmented Reality Art Initiative Into Space


Bradford has activated his new augmented reality initiative, Go Love Universally, on the International Space Station and Mars. Pushing Boundaries With Augmented Reality. The Future of Augmented Reality Art. Artist D.S.

Coachella Brings Augmented Reality To Festival-Goers


In previous years, festival-goers who ordered their passes all the way back in January received unique ticket boxes featuring everything from intricate pop-up dioramas of the festival-space, to cardboard virtual reality goggles accompanied by an impressive VR mobile app. Well in their never-ending attempt to continually top themselves, the marketing team introduced a slew of new augmented reality features activated by the welcome box itself.

#SXSW2019 – What does Augmented Reality Sound Like?

Tech Trends VR

Last year Bose unveiled its Augmented Reality glasses frames – still at prototype stage – at their pop-up experiential activation on Rainy Street. Bose calls this the world’s first audio augmented reality platform Click To Tweet. The current Frames were released in January and are described by Bose as “the world’s first audio augmented reality platform.” They are made with Augmented Sound technology, there is no visual element.

Five Tech Titans Bullish on Augmented Reality


Augmented reality (AR) became more widely known after the success of Pokémon Go in 2016. In typical Microsoft style, their flagship mixed reality product HoloLens tends to cater to the enterprise market. “The ultimate computer, for me, is this mixed-reality computer, where your field of view becomes an infinite display, where you see the world,” said Nadella. The post Five Tech Titans Bullish on Augmented Reality appeared first on VRScout.

Augmented Reality in Digital Banking


Augmented Reality! The basic theme of AR is to improve Reality with computer-based content known as Computer-Generated (CG) content. How Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR/VR) can transform Education 3. virtual-reality augmented-reality banking ar vr

Assembling IKEA Furniture Could Be Easier With Augmented Reality


Finished or not, AssembleAR is an interesting idea and proves that the future self-assembly manual for IKEA – as well as other step-by-step manuals – could have a life in augmented reality, and end up saving us all a lot of time and frustration. The post Assembling IKEA Furniture Could Be Easier With Augmented Reality appeared first on VRScout. News AR AseembleAR Augmented Reality IKEA

Scope AR and ServiceMax Partnership Expands Augmented Reality Remote Assistance


The partnership is a significant step forward for both of these companies but also signifies a major development in terms of augmented reality adoption in industry. It refers to using mixed reality or augmented reality to provide technical support across distances.