Virtual Reality should acknowledge its “kids issue”

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We just had our Christmas holidays, and it is common knowledge that Virtual Reality, and especially Quest 2, had its greatest day on Christmas. And it is not uncommon if you play social VR experiences to find many kids together with you in the same virtual world.

Virtual Virtual Reality 2 First Impressions

The Ghost Howls

I got a review copy of Virtual Virtual Reality 2 by Tender Claws and since I’ve played some time with it, l et me tell you my first impressions on this game! Virtual Virtual Reality 2. Virtual Virtual Reality trailer.


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My predictions for virtual reality in 2021

The Ghost Howls

But hey, let me play this game anyway, so here you are my predictions for virtual reality in 2021 based on the trends and the anticipations that we had at the end of 2020! Also, the awareness has grown , because every gamer knew about Alyx, and so about virtual reality.

‘Virtual Virtual Reality 2’ Update Purportedly Addresses Key Issues

Road to VR

Virtual Virtual Reality 2 , the latest VR title from developer Tender Claws launched early this month. Earlier this month we made the decision to withhold our review of Virtual Virtual Reality 2.

How to Train Employees 65% Faster With Virtual Reality

With a rapidly changing economy, Avangrid Renewables looked to virtual reality to develop a standardized form of immersive training in order to onboard and upskill technicians faster than ever before.

HBO Documentary ‘We Met in Virtual Reality’ Explores the Real People of ‘VRChat’

Road to VR

Created by director Joe Hunting and premiered at 2022 Sundance Film Festival, We Met in Virtual Reality explores the lives of real VR users who met in VRChat and their experiences living on the platform.

Interview: Director Of HBO Doc We Met In Virtual Reality


We Met In Virtual Reality is a new feature-length documentary film that follows the stories of five individuals using VR technology to connect with each other and the world in a variety of a unique and throught-provoking ways.

My predictions for virtual reality in 2020

The Ghost Howls

So, here you are how I envision this 2020 in virtual reality! (I’ll PlayStation VR selling more than 5 million units until now has proven that console players like virtual reality. Too many people still don’t understand the potential of virtual reality.

Virtual Reality vs Augmented Reality: Understanding 6 Key Differences

XR Today - Augmented Reality tag

Augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR) are technologies that overlay or replace physical environments with virtual content. The degree of immersion in virtual reality vs augmented reality.

Co-op ‘Ghostbusters VR’ Game Revealed from Sony Pictures Virtual Reality and Developer nDreams

Road to VR

Today at the very end of the Quest Gaming Showcase, Meta announced an upcoming Ghostbusters VR game in development by Sony Pictures Virtual Reality & nDreams, built for four-player co-op.

Virtual Reality Reimagines Employee Training Through Xelevate


Virtual reality and metaverse are mainly associated with men and gaming. The Tide Is Shifting in Virtual Reality Entrepreneurship. The company’s Xelevate platform develops training and learning products using virtual, augmented, and extended reality.

Virtual Reality in Healthcare


Virtual reality, or VR, is shaping up to be the next big technology to revolutionize the healthcare industry. From training new doctors to innovative ways of diagnosing and helping patients, virtual reality brings some major new methods for interactions in healthcare.

Virtual Virtual Reality 2 Announced For Meta Quest 2 & PC VR


Developer Tender Claws ( The Under Presents ) today announced that an official sequel for its mind-bending VR game Virtual Virtual Reality is coming soon to the Meta Quest 2, Oculus Rift, and SteamVR. The darkly comedic VR game returns for another mind-bending adventure.

Feature Film ‘We Met In Virtual Reality’ Shot Entirely In ‘VRChat’


We Met in Virtual Reality is a 90-minute feature documentary that tells the story of five different members of the VRChat community through their own voices as they navigated romance, friendships, and self-discovery in the virtual as well as the real world.

Virtual Reality and Team Building: An Outlook


These days, most folks have experienced virtual reality in some shape or form: it could be a Google cardboard, VR kiosk at a local mall, or an at-home VR headset from HTC or Oculus. Many people wonder which industry virtual reality will find the most sustained longevity and success.

Christmas Shopping in Virtual Reality


Instead of braving heavy traffic and long lines, shoppers can buy gifts from the comfort of their home in virtual reality. What Is Virtual Reality Shopping? Virtual reality takes online shopping to a whole new level. The virtual shop is merely for browsing.

Traveling in Virtual Reality

Tech Trends VR

With RizortVR you can virtually check out your travel destinations before arriving at check-in. The Rizort VR app works on headsets such as the Oculus Go and Samsung Gear to allow potential guests to virtually explore hotels, resorts and experiences from anywhere in the world Click To Tweet. The Rizort VR app works on headsets such as the Oculus Go and Samsung Gear to allow potential guests to virtually explore hotels, resorts and experiences from anywhere in the world.

Can Virtual Reality Help With Depression?


Since the late ’90s, mental health professionals have been using virtual reality to treat post-traumatic stress disorders. The Rise of Virtual Reality Treatments. However, virtual reality programs aren’t designed as standalone treatments.

LGBTQ+ Virtual Reality: Equity and Inclusion Challenges in VR


By immersing users in a digitally-rendered environment, virtual reality can revolutionize how people work, learn, and interact. The advent of virtual reality technology has brought major changes to the way we interact with each other. Virtual Reality Harassment and Abuse.

My predictions for virtual reality in 2019

The Ghost Howls

Yesterday, I have dressed as a fortune teller and I have given you my predictions for augmented reality in 2019. Now, it is the turn of virtual reality. Let me do some speculations… Virtual Reality in 2018. Virtual Reality in 2018 has not performed that awesomely good : in my opinion, it has just laid the foundations for the success that will come in the upcoming years. This has been the year of the disbelief in virtual reality.

How Is Virtual Reality Changing Animation?


Virtual reality technology helps address this. With the development of extended reality technologies, animators saw the potential of using virtual reality to create more realistic and intuitive animations. Virtual Reality Enhances Spatial Understanding.

How I got started with virtual reality (and you can, too)

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If I had to choose the most common question I’ve received in these 4 years on the blog, social media, and Quora, I would surely pick “How do I get started with virtual reality?” How I got started with virtual reality. Virtual events.

China shows its masterplan to lead Virtual Reality in 2025

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We all know that China is a country that is betting big on Virtual Reality. Some days ago, the Chinese government has released a document that states how China really wants to commit to VR , how wants the ecosystem to grow well and fast and how also wants to lead the world for what concerns virtual reality. It can also be an opportunity to get to know what each country should try obtaining in the next years for what concerns virtual reality.

China 302

What You Need to Know About Virtual Reality Chairs


The addition of virtual reality chairs to the world of gaming is bringing novel experiences to players all around the globe. How Virtual Reality Chairs Enhance Immersion. Early virtual reality games focused primarily on visuals. Top Virtual Reality Chairs.

Virtual Reality Improving Mental Health

Tech Trends VR

From helping passengers chill out during long-haul flights to AI-powered virtual therapists , this is a very promising space indeed. For companies looking to get into Immersive technologies our VR Consultancy service offers comprehensive support in strategic deployment of Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality. The post Virtual Reality Improving Mental Health appeared first on Tech Trends.

5 Bizarre Virtual Reality Headsets


Whether it be the 90’s or even the 21st century, these virtual reality monstrosities are the definition of ridiculous. Virtual reality is all too familiar with this phenomenon. Here are a few of the strangest virtual reality head-mounted displays we could find. Once again, the following headsets are/were ACTUAL functioning pieces of technology that an ACTUAL person signed-off on: THE VIRTUAL IO I-GLASSES. VIRTUAL BOY.

Virtual Reality Is Helping Healthcare Workers Cope With Stress


Virtual reality usage has been on the rise throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Stress Management in Virtual Reality . By integrating mindfulness practices into a personalized virtual space, it enables healthcare workers to develop stress resilience and coping skills.

Are Virtual Reality Concerts the Future of Live Music?


Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, countries that have yet to ease restrictions have been turning to virtual reality concerts to get their fix of live music. Is the Music Industry Ready to Take the Leap Into Virtual Reality? Miss live music?

How Foretell Reality Transforms Therapy and Telehealth Services With Virtual Reality


Foretell Reality, one of more than a dozen subsidiaries of The Glimpse Group, provides a collaborative space where therapy attendees can interact and support one another from the comfort of their own homes. Virtual Reality and the State of Remote Healthcare.

‘Virtual Virtual Reality 2’ is a One-of-a-Kind VR Game That’s Not Ready for Launch

Road to VR

While we were hoping to bring you a full Virtual Virtual Reality 2 review today, the game unfortunately has a range of technical issues that have prevented us from finishing it. Virtual Virtual Reality 2 is, frankly, a one-of-a-kind VR game.

Ohio University Launches Virtual Reality and Game Development Major


Starting this fall, Ohio University is offering a Virtual Reality and Game Development (VRGD) undergraduate major. Virtual Reality and Game Development Major – a Needed Addition to the Educational Offer.

Ohio 141

The Benefits of Virtual Reality in Banking


What comes to mind when you think of virtual reality ? The immersive nature of virtual reality makes the often dull world of finance more compelling for people. See Also: Applications of Augmented and Virtual Reality in the Financial Industry.

Is Virtual Reality the Future of Documentary Films?


Is virtual reality a tool for social change? Why Virtual Reality? See Also: Virtual Reality Documentary Tells the Story of the Band That Changed History in Eastern Europe. How Virtual Reality Documentaries Are Highlighting Social Issues.

How Virtual Reality Aids People With Low Vision


For millions of people around the world who have low vision, virtual reality offers a myriad of possibilities for entertainment and socialization. The Accessibility Problem of Virtual Reality. Virtual Reality as a Sight Aid for Severe Vision Loss.

How Virtual Reality Enhances Supermarket Shopping


Grocery shopping might forever change because of virtual reality. Virtual supermarkets make shopping fun and exciting. Here, we’ll find out how virtual reality enhances the shopping experience. Virtual Reality in Supermarkets. Virtual Supermarkets.

Virtual reality games show stunning ability to distraction from pain


Perhaps you went to sit in a virtual chair, only to thump into the ground and remember, in one embarrassing moment, that the reality you perceived wasn’t real. Archive Research Study Virtual reality

3 Virtual Reality Films to Watch in Quarantine


Virtual reality offers a welcome escape from isolation and loneliness during this global health crisis. Often, you can even interact with others within the virtual realm. Virtual Reality Films to Watch in Quarantine. Virtual Reality in Quarantine.