Oculus Teases Unreleased ‘Quill’ Animation Tools

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Using the new animation tools artist Goro Fujita shows what the app’s animation tools can do. Oculus Story Studio, the company’s VR film division, built Quill initially as an internal tool for creating the VR film Dear Angelica.

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VR Design Tool ‘Gravity Sketch’ Launches in Early Access

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VR-optimised 3D creation tool Gravity Sketch is now available on Steam Early Access. The post VR Design Tool ‘Gravity Sketch’ Launches in Early Access appeared first on Road to VR.

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Google Announces New Tools to Develop High-performance Daydream Apps

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The company is doing that with new tools that aim to make the lives of Daydream developers easier in several ways, from performance and profiling to templates of best practices for VR interaction.

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Valve Releases ‘Destinations’, a Free VR Creation Tool

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Valve has today released a new VR content creation tool suite called Destinations, a free program that lets you create, share and view community-created photogrammetry scenes, game worlds, and other 3D models. Download ‘Destinations Workshop Tools’ on Steam.

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‘OpenVR Recorder’ is a Powerful Tool for Capturing Tracking and Input Data

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Jasper Brekelmans, a Netherlands-based 3D tech artist, has recently released a motion capture tool offering an easy way to record OpenVR tracking data from headsets, motion controllers and Vive Trackers for both Vive and Rift setups.

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New Unity Tools Bring Interactivity and Real-time CGI to 360 Video, Now in Beta

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The post New Unity Tools Bring Interactivity and Real-time CGI to 360 Video, Now in Beta appeared first on Road to VR. 360 video combined with real-time CG and interactive elements was demonstrated on stage at today’s Vision VR/AR Summit 2017 keynote.

‘Noda’ is a Mind Mapping Tool for Spatial Thinking in VR

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One early stab at that is Noda , a mind mapping tool for the Vive and Rift. Though there’s only a small number of reviews on Steam so far, all are positive, with one reviewer saying they used the tool to map out ideas for a Dungeons and Dragons campaign.

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Multiuser VR Sculpting & Paint Tool ‘MasterpieceVR’ Now Available on Vive & Rift

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MasterpieceVR is a 3D creation tool that’s looking to get an edge on the competition by offering something no other volumetric art program has so far; a multi-user, spectator-friendly, sculpting and painting tool that promises to house everything you need in a single place.

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‘SoundStage’ Turns Your Vive into a VR Music Studio Tool for Serious Musicians


The post ‘SoundStage’ Turns Your Vive into a VR Music Studio Tool for Serious Musicians appeared first on UploadVR. Development Experiences music studio production SoundStage tool vr music vr studio

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Unity Planning To Release In-VR Authoring Tool Next Month


We’ve seen Unity’s impressive in-VR authoring tool a few times throughout 2016, with no real clue of when it’s coming. Finally, the pair debuted Tools, featuring VR-specific extensions for Unity.

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Google’s New 3D Compression Tool Could Be Big For VR On The Web


Draco is a 3D graphics compression tool developed by the Chrome Media team. The video below showcases the tool’s speed in comparison to gzip, with 12 meshes loading faster in Google’s solution. You can grab the tool from GitHub.

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Microsoft Launches PC Check Tool For VR Headsets


Fortunately, Microsoft has a new tool that will help you with that. Planning to pick up one of Microsoft’s new virtual reality headsets when partners start rolling them out next month? You’ll want to make sure you’ve got a PC powerful enough to run them. Windows Mixed Reality PC Check is now available in the Windows Store.

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VR’s Excellent Animation Tool Tvori Gets Better With Major Update


It’s got the intuitive sort of menus you’d expect to interact with in a creative VR app now, allowing you to better navigate through its tools and options. We were particularly taken with Tvori when we first saw it last year.

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Unity Reveals New VR Tools and Google Daydream Support


Aside from new tools and features to provide enhanced graphics and performance, Unity stepped in to preview a completely new video player that will make it easier to import and play 4k video and seamlessly-rendered 360 VR videos.

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Valve Releases Lab Renderer Tools For Increased VR Performance


At GDC earlier this year Valve’s Alex Vlachos revealed The post Valve Releases Lab Renderer Tools For Increased VR Performance appeared first on UploadVR.

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GDC 2017: The 3 VR Tools That Got Us In


For virtual reality entrepreneurs there are some amazing tools which help amplify this mindset, allowing you to move fast and, hopefully, make things. With these tools, a little luck, and a lot of tenacity, our six-month-old VR startup is heading to the Game Developers Conference to present our new game at Valve’s booth. Luckily, amazing tools like VRTK, PlayMaker, and Photon have enabled creators like us to do the formerly impossible, impossibly fast.

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The Coming Wave of Virtual Reality Creation Tools


That was true until a few weeks ago, when I got my hands on a new class of virtual reality 3D creation tools including Google Blocks , Google Tilt Brush , Oculus Medium , Oculus Quill , et al. mtl — for use elsewhere, including other creation tools, 3D engines, VR/AR and 3D printing.

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Facebook Launches New Camera Tools as a Foundation for Advanced Augmented Reality

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“We’re not using primitive tools today because we prefer primitive tools. We’re using primitive tools because we’re still early in the journey to create better ones.

NVIDIA Announces ‘FCAT VR’ Frame Analysis Tool to Help Demystify VR Performance

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The latest version of NVIDIA’s FCAT VR analysis tool is here and it’s equipped with a wealth of impressive features designed to demystify virtual reality performance on the PC. One of those tools was FCAT – short for Frame Capture Analysis Tool.

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Improbable Raises Over $500 Million To Create The Tools That Will Build The Metaverse


Creating a future where the technology imagined in books like Ready Player One and movies like The Matrix actually exists is going to take a lot more than solid virtual reality headsets.

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Facebook Acquires 3D Spatial Audio Startup ‘Two Big Ears’ and Makes Its Tools Free


At Two Big Ears, we’ve been hard at work creating technology and tools that have defined how immersive audio is crafted and experienced in VR and AR both now and in the future.

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Using VR as a Tool to Cultivate Compassion with Condition One

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He believes that VR can be used as a tool to cultivate compassion through having an embodied experience of witnessing suffering within VR. Dennis believes that VR has the potential to be tool that can inspire humans to cultivate compassion by taking actions that relieve suffering.

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Toyota Brings VR Creative Tools Into Virtual Drive Experience


The automaker decided to mix in a world recognized visual architect with an Emmy-award winning director and then added their own 3D VR painting tool to create what is being called “The Impossible Quest” VR experience. You can paint VR elements in real time into your immersive driving story.

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Gravity Sketch Is An Impressive VR 3D Modelling Tool Available Today


Created by a London-based startup, this new release isn’t so much about artistic expression (though that’s completely possible) as it is a genuine tool for creating professional 3D models.

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Developer’s Vision for ‘ModBox’ is a More “Fun and Intuitive” Creation Tool Than Unity


The post Developer’s Vision for ‘ModBox’ is a More “Fun and Intuitive” Creation Tool Than Unity appeared first on UploadVR.

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Facebook Adds 360 Video Guide and Heatmap Tools


With more than 250,000 360 videos uploaded to Facebook since the feature launched in News Feed last September , publishers have been looking to Facebook to provide even more tools to help them better engage with audiences.

This VR Game Doubles As A Clean Water Educational Tool


The post This VR Game Doubles As A Clean Water Educational Tool appeared first on VRScout. Pollutants become monsters in this HTC Vive clean water educational game. It seems like there’s been a surge in environmental awareness VR Content recently, but it’s never been done quite like this.

YouTube VR Wants To Provide Tools To Make Things ‘We Never Even Thought About’


“And we want to get them the tools they need to realize their creative vision.”. YouTube is a media leader, providing a nearly endless supply of accessible content and standing as the 2nd ranked website in the world. With such a significant position, it’d be an absolute boon for 360-degree and VR content to gain any type of foothold on the platform.

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Artella is a Cloud-Based Tool That Aims to Be the GitHub of Creative VR Collaboration


But The post Artella is a Cloud-Based Tool That Aims to Be the GitHub of Creative VR Collaboration appeared first on UploadVR. Finding like-minded creatives for any type of project can be a challenge.

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Hospitals test Gear VR as non-addictive pain management tool


Samsung and AppliedVR are working with hospitals to test the Gear VR as a potential pain management tool that doesn’t have the same addiction potential as opioid prescriptions.

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Lifeliqe adds 3D creation tool

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Lifelique, a platform for 3D, VR and AR educational content, has launched a content creator tool that will allow educators to create intuitive and immersive educational content that integrate interactive 3D models in order... News VR & AR Lifeliqe

How Mozilla is Driving WebVR Content & Tooling with the A-Frame Framework

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I had a chance to catch up with A-Frame core developers Diego Marcos & Kevin Ngo at the IEEE VR conference in March to get an overview of A-Frame, and how it’s driving WebVR content and innovations in developer tools.

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MetaWorld to offer VR creation tools, marketplace

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MetaWorld, a multi-user virtual world, will add virtual reality creation tools and allow exporting of objects and launch a marketplace. The MetaWorld Pioneer Edition is currently in pre-alpha and users can pre-order it for $9.99 for early pioneer access....

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Leading Brands Tap New Enablement Tools

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It’s no secret that digitally savvy buyers are having a profound effect on selling organizations of all kinds. In the past two years, the percentage of B2B buyers who reported that they found going online superior to interacting with a salesperson increased from 53% to 68%.

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VRTK’s Open Source Tools Help New Developers Get Started In VR


Unity is used by a majority of VR developers and its asset store makes it easy for developers to find cheap or free tools with which to build more immersive worlds. VRTK is incredibly helpful for our development of educational VR tools. Most important VR dev tool imo. —

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Hands-On With NASA’s Mixed Reality HoloLens Tools


During a recent test, NASA engineers placed a microwave-sized The post Hands-On With NASA’s Mixed Reality HoloLens Tools appeared first on UploadVR.

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Dear Angelica Is the Film—and Filmmaking Tool—VR Needs


Making a female-led VR experience sets a precedent for the industry, and the animation tool Quill puts the creative power in VR users' hands. The post Dear Angelica Is the Film—and Filmmaking Tool—VR Needs appeared first on WIRED.

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Investors Spent Nearly $1 Billion On Virtual World Creation Tools In Q2


Virtual world creation tools Improbable and Unity Technologies anchored investment in the AR/VR industry in Q2. Both companies remain at the forefront of VR’s push toward mainstream adoption, with Improbable heading in the direction of allowing millions of people to experience a virtual world at the same time while Unity works at the forefront of development that could allow anyone to build and shape virtual worlds using intuitive tools.

North Korea Debuts ‘New’ Augmented Reality Education Tool


The post North Korea Debuts ‘New’ Augmented Reality Education Tool appeared first on VRScout. It seems the DPRK is stepping into augmented reality ed tech—but is their latest contraption a copy?

The Best Encoding Settings For Your 4k 360 3D VR Videos + FREE Encoding Tool

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This article explains the settings we started with, what we learned from analyzing some of the legends in the field (like Chris Milk and Felix & Paul), and finally we’ll share a simple yet powerful free tool we built to help you encode your VR video content with the best possible settings.

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