Reebok Launches AR Tool To Unlock Neighborhood Basketball Courts


Build your own regulation-size basketball court with the simple tap of a screen using Reebok’s new “Court of Greatness” tool. You can build your own court somewhere in your neighborhood using Reebok’s Courting Greatness AR tool available via their website.

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Grow Glide Launches AR Tool For Cannabis Farmers


The post Grow Glide Launches AR Tool For Cannabis Farmers appeared first on VRScout. News Android AR Tool AR Vertical Farming Augmented Reality Cannabis AR Experience Cannabis Farming Grow Glide iOS

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3D Design Tool ‘Gravity Sketch’ Now Free On All VR Platforms


The free version will feature all the tools included as part of the paid experience. 3D design tool Gravity Sketch is now available for free on all major VR platforms, including the Oculus Quest/Quest 2, Oculus Rift/Rift S, and SteamVR headsets.

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Unity Launches Its MARS Augmented Reality Tools June 1


Unity is launching its new augmented reality creation tools collectively known as MARS on June 1. The tools have been under construction for a few years now and are meant to make cross-platform development of robust augmented reality projects easier with Unity.

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Oculus Quest Mixed Reality Capture Tools Now Available


Yesterday, Oculus launched its official set of Mixed Reality Capture Tools for the Oculus Quest, allowing users to record high-quality gameplay footage where real-world objects and people appear in VR. For developers operating on Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and other PC VR headsets, mixed reality capture has served as an invaluable marketing tool for their projects, allowing them to showcase a clearer interpretation of their in-game experience.

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Valve Launches Half-Life: Alyx Workshop And Community Development Tools


Valve released Steam Workshop support for Half-Life: Alyx alongside a beta release of community development tools. Crack open the tools yourself and make it happen!” Material Editor , the tool for creating and tuning materials in Source 2.

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Valve Releases ?Half-Life: Alyx? Steam Workshop Tools for Making & Downloading Mods

Road to VR

Valve today launched new Half-Life: Alyx modding tools which will allow developers and tinkerers to make and publish mods and user-generated content via the Steam Workshop system. Valve says the tools will allow for the creation of new levels, models, textures, and animations for the game.

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Merge Cube AR Teaching Tools Coming To Instagram And Facebook


Since its launch the Merge Cube become a widely used tool among K12 educators. The post Merge Cube AR Teaching Tools Coming To Instagram And Facebook appeared first on VRScout. Merge Labs brings its AR-enabled educational cube to social media.

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Feel The Future With Interhaptics’ New Design & Development Tools


Our vision is to provide the interaction and haptics design tools to ease and speed up the development and deployment processes.” . The post Feel The Future With Interhaptics’ New Design & Development Tools appeared first on VRScout. A touch of technology in your own hands.

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Half-Life: Alyx Level Editing Tool Now Available


Create your own levels, textures, models, and animations using the Alyx Workshop tools suite. Crack open the tools yourself and make it happen! Material Editor : the tool for creating and tuning materials in Source 2.

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This VR Tool Knows What You’re Thinking Before You Do


Theia Interactive’s new VR tool takes the guesswork out of designing products and campaigns. . These same tools could also prove useful within the gaming sector. Healthcare professionals, first responders, and the military could also use this tool to identify stress triggers.

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Oculus Teases Unreleased ‘Quill’ Animation Tools

Road to VR

Using the new animation tools artist Goro Fujita shows what the app’s animation tools can do. Oculus Story Studio, the company’s VR film division, built Quill initially as an internal tool for creating the VR film Dear Angelica. Quill launched to the public in beta when the company’s Touch VR controllers released earlier this year, and while we found the VR paint tool very impressive , it didn’t include animation capabilities.

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11 Tools for Painting, Sculpting, & Animating in VR

Road to VR

If you’re interested in exploring your creativity in VR, here’s 11 tools worth checking out. First, here’s a quick breakdown of the tools and their capabilities, so that you can hone in on what kind of creative tool you’re looking for the VR headset of your choice.

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Cornerstone Partnership Uses VR As An Intervention Tool


To help tackle these difficult and complex issues, London-based social enterprise The Cornerstone Partnership has partnered with Immerse UK to test the use of VR as an intervention tool across adoption and fostering services. The fact that our VR tool has shown impact in such a short space of time is beyond all our hopes and expectations. The post Cornerstone Partnership Uses VR As An Intervention Tool appeared first on VRScout.

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Architects Can Now Access A Powerful VR Tool On Oculus Quest


This is a fully operational 3D design tool that helps bridge the communication gap between businesses and their clients. The post Architects Can Now Access A Powerful VR Tool On Oculus Quest appeared first on VRScout.

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Half-Life: Alyx Workshop Tools SteamDB Listing Suggests Launch Nears


A month on from the release of Half-Life: Alyx, it looks like the anticipated launch of modding tools, or Workshop Tools, for the game is nearing. Even without these tools, the modding scene around Alyx has begun to thrive.

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Precision OS Launches Multiplayer Tool For VR Surgical Training


As the “new normal” imposed by the coronavirus pandemic settles in for the long-term, it’s crucial that we continue to explore and implement these XR collaborative tools, especially where it comes to training essential healthcare workers in the age of remote working and social distancing.

3D Modeling Tool Blender Is Receiving VR Support


The ladder even has a VR mode that lets you build in-headset using the Unreal Editor tool set. The post 3D Modeling Tool Blender Is Receiving VR Support appeared first on VRScout. Users will soon be able to view their 3D scenes in VR. Additional features on the way.

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Save Your Google Poly Projects Before They Expire With Poly To Sketchfab Tool


Transfer your 3D models before June 30th using the easy-to-use tool available free via Sketchfab. The post Save Your Google Poly Projects Before They Expire With Poly To Sketchfab Tool appeared first on VRScout.

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Microsoft reveals the brand new look of the Windows 11 Snipping Tool

Digital Trends

Microsoft offers a tease at the new Snipping Tool in Windows 11, which has a brand new look and feel. Computing News Microsoft Microsoft Windows 10 snipping tool Windows 11 Windows Insider

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VR Design Tool ‘Gravity Sketch’ Launches in Early Access

Road to VR

VR-optimised 3D creation tool Gravity Sketch is now available on Steam Early Access. Developed by a group of design engineers at the Royal College of Art, the software is ‘for everyone’, but its feature set has particular relevance to creative professionals, and could become an invaluable tool for industrial design visualisation. The post VR Design Tool ‘Gravity Sketch’ Launches in Early Access appeared first on Road to VR.

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AR Drawing Tool Comes To Facebook Camera


Already an application you’re likely to find installed on a majority of smartphones, this week the Facebook app received yet another attractive upgrade: an augmented 3D drawing tool allowing you to spice up your videos with real-time custom artwork. We did a lot of UX research to figure out what types of brushes and tools people would like and use most and will be releasing more options over the coming months.”. News 3D Drawing Tool AR AR Camera Augmented Reality Facebook

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Start Your Spring Cleaning On That Unsightly Yard With up to 30% Off Greenworks Outdoor Power Tools

GizModo VR

Get Up to 30% off Greenworks Outdoor Power Tools | Amazon Read more. tools manufactured goods lawn care gardening tools power tool string trimmer lawn mower leaf blower technology elizabeth lanier consumer electronics cutting tools home appliances amazon

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Reactive Reality Launches New Augmented Reality Shopping Tool


The tool integrates with e-commerce stores and allows consumers to create hyper-accurate avatars of themselves. Through AR-powered tools, retailers can bring their products to life with detailed information.

Arkio is a Collaborative Tool for Architecture Design & Review, Available Now on Quest, PC, & More

Road to VR

Arkio is a collaborative VR tool built for quickly sketching architectural ideas and for reviewing designs with a group. version of the tool is available starting this week across Quest, Rift, SteamVR, iOS, Android, and Windows.

Facebook Hands Off Quill PC VR Animation Tool To Creator

Upload VR

Facebook handed off its PC-based VR illustration and animation tool Quill to its original creator Iñigo Quilez. We’ll be following closely how tools evolve for creating content in VR that might be integral to those future systems.

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VR STEM Tools Heading To California & Nevada Libraries


Nanome partners with HTC to extend their virtual science, mathematics, engineering and tech tools to new locations. Now it appears as though these California and Nevada VR systems will be receiving an upgrade in the form of a series of advanced STEM tools. Brought to us by Nanome , the studio behind the free VR math tool CalcFlow , these additions range from 3D graphing and molecule visualization, to protein model information and various calculus tools.

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‘Shariiing VR’ Adds an Incredibly Useful Tool to SteamVR That We’d Love to See in All Headsets

Road to VR

The company behind the tool says that Shariiing VR works on top of any existing SteamVR app with no app-specific integration necessary. Clearly the tool is meant to help users who either haven’t used VR before or use it very rarely.

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Disney’s PoseVR Tool Lets Animators Create In VR


Disney’s summer internship program results in a new VR tool aimed at 3D animation. Most recently, the technical team over at Walt Disney Animation Studios developed an amazing new dynamic VR tool that could possibly shift their animation team away from long-established animation techniques towards a more state-of-the-art method that could very well be the future of Disney’s animation tool sets.

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Holo-BLSD is a powerful AR tool to teach first-aid procedures and save lives

The Ghost Howls

I know that your team has created a tool called Holo-BLSD. Holo-BLSD is a self-learning tool in AR. A self-instruction tool can solve many of these problems if it is indeed effective in achieving the same learning outcomes of a traditional course.

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Google Announces New Tools to Develop High-performance Daydream Apps

Road to VR

During the opening presentation at today’s Unity Vision Summit, Nathan Martz, Developer Platforms Product Manager at Google, took to the stage to talk about new tools that the company is releasing to help developers create high-performance apps for Daydream, Google’s high-end Android VR platform. On stage (see the video heading this article) Martz talked about those new tools which are due to release soon to developers: Daydream Render.

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Google ‘Blocks’ Update Matures Tools for Even Easier 3D Modeling in VR

Road to VR

Google Blocks, the 3D object creation tool for VR/AR app developers, just got a big update that includes new environments, improved object snapping, and a number of experimental features that the company says makes Blocks “more powerful and even easier to use.” An improved snapping function has also been included, which the company says address the “often unpredictable or difficult to control” snapping tool from the previous build.

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8th Wall Launches Cloud-based WebAR Development Tools & Hosting Platform

Road to VR

8th Wall, a Palo Alto-based company creating augmented reality development tools, today announced the release of its cloud-based authoring and hosting platform which aims to make it easier for AR developers by providing what it calls a “unified in-browser solution” to create and host WebAR experiences. The post 8th Wall Launches Cloud-based WebAR Development Tools & Hosting Platform appeared first on Road to VR.

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Adobe Acquires Facebook’s ‘Oculus Medium’ VR Sculpting Tool

Road to VR

Facebook today announced that Adobe—the company behind industry-leading creative tools like Photoshop, Premiere, and Substance—has acquired Oculus Medium , the company’s VR sculpting tool. At launch Medium included a range of tools for making and forming 3D volumes.

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Mirra 3D Design Tool Makes Creating For VR & AR A Breeze


What’s most exciting about a development tool this easy to use is its potential to attract a whole new market previously intimidated by the complexity of the still-emerging technology. We think that people will use Mirra for a wide array of purposes: presentations, product tours, sales tools, training, portfolios, location tours, brand marketing experiences, promotional experiences, educational content, galleries, immersive experience prototyping, and more,” added Farnham.

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Pinterest Adds AR Makeup Try-On Feature to Its Mobile Lens Tool

Next Reality AR

This week, social media giant Pinterest unveiled "Try On," a virtual make-up visualization tool running on its Lens visual search tool. Try On is accessible through the camera tool in the search section of the app, where users will find a "try on" button that flips the view.

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Early Humans Were Using Fire 300,000 Years Ago to Forge Superior Stone Tools

GizModo VR

The prehistoric practice of using controlled fires to produce customized stone tools dates back 300,000 years, according to new research. baked tools anthropology ancient humans stone tools stone tool manufacturing knapping science

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