HTC Vive Gets Major Price Cut, Now $600

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Hot on the heels of the $400 Summer Rift sale , HTC is doing some of its own price slashing, bringing the complete Vive system down by $200 to a new permanently lowered price of $600. HTC Vive Now $600. Two Ways to Play Non-VR Games With the Oculus Rift or HTC Vive.

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HTC Vive Headset Nearing 100,000 Sales, Steam Data Suggests

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While between HTC/Valve and Oculus, the companies have been coy on official sales figures, Steam data suggests that the HTC Vive headset is approaching the 100,000 sales mark. See Also: HTC Vive – Review A Mesmerising VR Experience, if You Have the Space.

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HTC to Offer Wireless Vive Upgrade Kit, Pre-orders Start Friday

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HTC plans to offer a wireless upgrade accessory for the Vive created by TPCAST. Launching in early 2017 with pre-orders starting Friday, HTC claims the device will eliminate the direct connection to the PC without any noticeable difference in latency or gameplay.

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HTC Vive & Lenovo Standalone Headsets to be Based on Qualcomm Reference Design, Components Detailed

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Just about the only thing we know so far about the new Daydream standalone VR headsets in the works from HTC and Lenovo is that they are… in the works. SEE ALSO First Glimpse of HTC's Standalone Vive Headset Powered by Google Daydream, Launching Later This Year.

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HTC and Intel Partner on New WiGig Wireless VR Solution

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HTC have announced that, in addition to its TPCAST wireless add-on, it’s also working with Intel on a WiGig powered wireless VR solution and it’s keen to find more partners to work with on further solutions too.

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HTC Says Vive 2 Will Come When It Can Offer “really meaningful innovation”

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In a recent interview, HTC Vive General Manager Daniel O’Brien provided a carefully-worded answer when asked specifically about a ‘Vive 2’. HTC’s current VR headset is now over year old; PC VR hardware cycles are anticipated to last somewhere between 1 and 3 years. “We’re

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HTC to Launch Standalone Vive Headset in China Tied to Viveport Content Store

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HTC today announced a new variant of its Vive standalone VR headset which is aimed specifically at the Chinese VR market and will tap the company’s Viveport content platform as the official app store for the headset. Graylin, China Regional President of Vive at HTC.

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First Glimpse of HTC’s Standalone Vive Headset Powered by Google Daydream, Launching Later This Year

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Google and HTC are partnering up on Google’s new standalone Daydream VR initiative which will see fully-self contained mobile VR headsets built on Android. HTC has teased a first look at its mobile Vive Daydream headset which is an interesting design departure from the Vive PC headset.

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New HTC Vives Weigh 15% Less Than They Did at Launch

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HTC has managed to shave 15% off of the original 550 grams (1.21 We’ve made several improvements since launch including a new 3-in-1 cable,” an HTC spokesperson tells Road to VR. ” The HTC Vive Pre | Photo by Road to VR.

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HTC’s New Link Headset is Using ‘Neon’ Tracking from Ximmerse – Specs & Details

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HTC’s new mobile VR headset dubbed ‘Link’—which curiously does not fall under the company’s Vive brand —is also not making use of the same tracking systems employed by the Vive headsets. HTC Link headset with controllers and sensor | Photo courtesy HTC.

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HTC Vive Tracker is Now on Sale to General Public for $99

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HTC’s Vive Tacker, the Lighthouse-compatible puck that promises to get more than your hands into virtual reality with a bevy of hardware applications, is now officially available for sale to anyone with $99.

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HTC Vive Gets $200 Price Drop


On the heels of Oculus dropping the price of their Rift and Touch bundle from $599 to $399 this Summer, HTC Vive is also jumping in with a price reduction of their own. The HTC Vive is getting a $200 price drop, bringing the VR system down from $799 to $599. Image Credit: HTC Vive.

No Vive 2 At CES, HTC Confirms


I’d wager most people who bought the HTC Vive love the unit but wish a new version would bring key improvements. HTC relies on Valve’s lighthouse tracking technology to make the Vive and its controllers work. Tagged with: htc , vive 2. CES hardware htc vive 2

HTC Launch Viveport Arcade, Partnering with Leke VR to Open “1000s of Locations”

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HTC continues to explore every opportunity to capitalise on its partnership with Valve, and its Vive VR system. Graylin , China Regional President of Vive, HTC. ” SEE ALSO HTC Launches 'Vive Studios' for First-party VR Game Development and Publishing.

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HTC Vive to Hit 100 US Stores, Orders Now Ship in 72 Hours Worldwide

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HTC has announced that it’s first VR headset, the SteamVR powered Vive, is to appear at 100 retail locations from this month and for those ordering online, they’re promising to ship to you within 72 hours wherever you are in the world.

HTC Announces Vive ‘Business Edition’ for $1200

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HTC today announced a new edition of the Vive headset targeted specifically at businesses looking to get into room-scale experiences. See Also: HTC Will Install Your Vive For $250, Now in Select U.S.

HTC Releases Full Body Tracking Code for Use with Vive and Trackers

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HTC Vive Senior Engineer James Xiong has provided a Vive IK Demo on GitHub , which includes a reference source code and Unity demo. SEE ALSO Watch: IKinema's HTC Vive Powered Full Body Motion Capture System is Impressive. Photo courtesy James Xiong / HTC.

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Confirmed: HTC Creates VR Subsidiary – HTC Vive Tech Corporation, Explains Why


Back in early May we reported on murmurs of HTC setting up a VR-based subsidiary, The post Confirmed: HTC Creates VR Subsidiary – HTC Vive Tech Corporation, Explains Why appeared first on UploadVR. htc VR Industry News htc vive HTC VIVE Tech Corp Tim Meler

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HTC Confirms Each Vive is Sold at Profit, “Much More” Than 140,000 Units in Sales

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In the company’s most recent earnings call, HTC confirmed it’s making a profit on each Vive headset sold, and that the company has sold “much more” than a widely reported 140,000 units. HTC’s Chia-lin Chang, President of Smartphone and Connected Devices.

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HTC Launching Standalone Vive Exclusively In China


Standalone HTC Vive headsets appear to be all the rage lately based on several reveals made by HTC over the past couple of months. This makes sense, as while Viveport usually takes a backseat to Steam for most US & EU VR-users, the HTC platform plays a much bigger role in China.

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How to Sharpen Your HTC Vive’s Visuals with Supersampling

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Want to substantially improve image quality whilst immersed in your HTC Vive? See Also: HTC Vive Has a Hidden Mechanism to Maximize Field of View. The post How to Sharpen Your HTC Vive’s Visuals with Supersampling appeared first on Road to VR.

New HTC Vive ‘Deluxe Audio Strap’ Adds Integrated Headphones, Ratcheting Headstrap

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HTC has announced a serious looking upgrade for its Vive headset at CES 2017. At CES 2017, HTC may not be announcing the next generation of the Vive headset, but it is concentrating very hard on giving the existing Vive owner every opportunity to enhance their experience with their hardware.

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Save $100 on HTC Vive During Black Friday & Cyber Monday

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Beginning on November 24th, HTC will give $100 off purchases of the Vive system, while stocks last. Software deals during the Black Friday weekend will also be available through HTC’s own VR app store, Viveport.

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Watch: IKinema’s HTC Vive Powered Full Body Motion Capture System is Impressive

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The in-development solution uses just 6 points of SteamVR tracking, and has the subject in question strap HTC Vive controllers to themselves. The post Watch: IKinema’s HTC Vive Powered Full Body Motion Capture System is Impressive appeared first on Road to VR.

HTC: Oculus Exclusives Are ‘Hampering Developers’


Vive-maker HTC has been adamant that it’s against exclusive content in the VR ecosystem thus far. Breton said that HTC is looking to bring its first Studios title, Arcade Saga, to Sony’s PlayStation VR (PSVR). HTC considers Arcade Saga as a first-party developed game, meaning made internally. He pointed to Grab Games’ Knockout League , which HTC co-published on Vive, but is also available on Rift.

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HTC’s New ‘VR Ad Service’ Can Tell If You’ve Looked at an Ad or Not

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Now that virtual reality is coming to a wider audience, it seems the medium is mature enough to open the conversation about funding games with ads, something HTC is letting developers enable in a big way with their newly announced VR Ad Service—and VR ads are different.

‘Fallout 4 VR’ Launching This October for HTC Vive, Gameplay Revealed in New Trailer

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Bethesda has confirmed that Fallout 4 VR will launch on the HTC Vive in October 2017. The post ‘Fallout 4 VR’ Launching This October for HTC Vive, Gameplay Revealed in New Trailer appeared first on Road to VR.

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HTC’s $100 Million ‘Vive X’ VR Accelerator Announces First 33 Investments

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Today at the China International Digital Entertainment Expo & Conference (ChinaJoy 2016), HTC announced the first batch of companies to take part in their recently announced Vive X Accelerator program. See Also: HTC-led Venture Capital Consortium Represents $10 Billion Earmarked for VR.

HTC: 100,000 Weekly Users On Viveport, Improvements Coming


HTC Vive Viveport

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ARKit and HTC Vive Bring Mixed Reality to iPad


Apple’s ARKit combined HTC Vive shows us the future of mixed reality. But things get truly interesting when the camera pans right, revealing a person inside an HTC Vive as the actual artist. The post ARKit and HTC Vive Bring Mixed Reality to iPad appeared first on VRScout.

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HTC Launches Vive Studios; Debuts First Title ‘Arcade Saga’


HTC is getting into the VR content development game with the launch of Vive Studios. Announced Thursday, Vive Studios is HTC’s internal VR development team that’s been stealthily creating content to be released to consumers. News Arcade Saga Games HTC HTC Vive Vive Studios

Standalone Google VR Headsets Coming from HTC and Lenovo


Google revealed that partners, including HTC and Lenovo, are building the new headsets. ” You can view HTC’s standalone headset site now. Developing… The post Standalone Google VR Headsets Coming from HTC and Lenovo appeared first on VRScout.

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Intel Teases Depth-Sensing HTC Vive For Developer Conference


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HTC to Offer Monthly Subscription Service for VR Content

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HTC calls itself the first ever global app store to announce a subscription service for VR content. HTC currently has more than 1,000 locations where Viveport Arcade is installed, and is expected to grow to more than 5,000 locations globally by the end of this year.

HTC’s Alvin Graylin on What’s Happening in China & VR

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Alvin Wang Graylin is the China President of Vive at HTC, and I had a chance to talk with him at CES this year about what’s happening in China. The post HTC’s Alvin Graylin on What’s Happening in China & VR appeared first on Road to VR.

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Oculus Rift Growth Spurt Has Halted HTC Vive Market Share Growth

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See Also: HTC Vive Headset Nearing 100,000 Install Base, Steam Data Suggests. HTC Vive. See Also: Searches for “HTC Vive” Have Caught up with “Oculus Rift” and May Be Accelerating.

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Google Announces Standalone Daydream VR Headsets Coming From HTC, Lenovo

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The first partners work with the company to bring such headsets to market is HTC and Lenovo. In a surprise announcement, Google says one of the first companies it is working with to develop a standalone Daydream headset is HTC, which makes the high-end Vive VR headset for PC.

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Exclusive: HTC Vive Goes Wireless With $220 Add-On, Pre-Orders Start Friday


Oculus may be be closing out 2016 with a bang with the launch of its Touch controllers, but HTC is going to kick off 2017 with something special: a peripheral that makes its Vive headset wireless. Graylin, China Regional President of Vive at HTC.

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Still Waiting on Rift? HTC Now Ships Within 72 Hours


Now HTC has hit the company where it really hurts. HTC Now Ships Within 72 Hours appeared first on UploadVR. htc oculus VR Industry News htc vive oculus riftTwo months on from Rift launch and Oculus is still struggling with shipping the long-anticipated VR HMD.

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HTC Vive Now $599, Gets A Permanent $200 Price Cut


HTC is slashing the price of the Vive by $200, bringing it to $599. After approximately a year and a half on the market the HTC Vive is still one of the most advanced VR devices on the planet as it operates out of the box at room-scale, but easily working in standing or seated arrangements as well. After the sale is over a Rift and Touch with two sensors will still be $100 cheaper than the HTC Vive: $499. Featured HTC Vive price price cut