The Top Technology Trends To Watch: 2018-2020

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I’m excited to announce we just published our 2017 edition of Forrester’s top technology trends to watch. age of the customer technology technology trendsThis report continues to be one of our most popular reports, and I’m privileged to lead it every other year.

Cannes NEXT Explores New VR Storytelling Trends


See how the Danish students achieved stereoscopic 360 with two Samsung Gear VRs: The post Cannes NEXT Explores New VR Storytelling Trends appeared first on VRScout. Cannes NEXT, now in its second year, displayed a variety of cutting-edge immersive content.

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VR Rising: 5 Trends to Watch As The Industry Grows In 2017


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Are Virtual Reality Arcades Becoming A Trend?


It would seem that the trend of VR entertainment centers and arcades is only gaining momentum – and this is clearly just the beginning. Only time will tell whether the trend of VR arcades and “pay to play” VR will catch on. The post Are Virtual Reality Arcades Becoming A Trend?

The Future of VR Audio – 3 Trends to Track This Year


Here are a few trending efforts that creators are using to push the envelope with sound. These three trends will go a long way toward achieving both goals and will help shape the industry in the years to come.

See the Tesla Model S, 3, X Cars from Above


When Motor Trend gained permission to create a photo session with the Model 3 , the crew went to the site of future GIGAFACTORY 1, world’s largest battery manufacturing facility. VR World GIGAFACTORY 1 Model 3 Model E Model S Model X Motor Trend Nevada Tesla Motors TSLA

Win a Veative VR headset at ISTE 2017!


Trending Virtual Reality ISTE 2017Calling all ISTE 2017 attendees! Want to win a Veative VR Learn VR headset? If you’re attending ISTE 2017, there are two ways you can win your very own Veative VR Learn headset. Twitter contest. Enter Veative’s Twitter contest on Monday and Tuesday.

8 VR/AR trends for 2017

Immersive Authority

The infographic below summarises some of the trends that we are seeing, and where we are heading. The post 8 VR/AR trends for 2017 appeared first on Immersive Authority.

Virtual Reality Expected Among Top Consumer IoT Trends in 2017


Ahead of the New Year, Parks Associates has released a new whitepaper that zeroes in on “the top 10 trends impacting the. The post Virtual Reality Expected Among Top Consumer IoT Trends in 2017 appeared first on VRJournal. VR Industry and Technology IoT Parks Associates

VR Stands to Benefit from Wearable Camera Trend


Of the myriad of market trends accelerating growth in the VR space today, the boom in wearable cameras is playing a considerable. The post VR Stands to Benefit from Wearable Camera Trend appeared first on VRJournal. VR Industry and Technology Tractica Wearable Cameras

Check The Latest VR/AR Trends At VRLA Expo 2017 Next Week


If you’re in the LA area or you’re willing to make the trip, VRLA will be taking place next week on April 14th and 15th. Attendees will have access to over 130 VR and AR experiences on the expo floor and get a glimpse into the future of storytelling, entertainment, social interaction, and more. Those interested can register for a pass to the show. There’s a Saturday Pass for $40 ($30 for students) and a Pro Pass for access for both days.

VRguy podcast episode: Kevin Williams discussing trends in out-of-home VR


VR on the Map: Getty Images Reveals Visual Trends To Define 2017


Getty Images has just unveiled its new visual trend forecast, which delineates the macro and micro trends to influence design, advertising and. The post VR on the Map: Getty Images Reveals Visual Trends To Define 2017 appeared first on VRJournal. VR Industry and Technology Getty

One of the World’s Best Roller Coasters is Now a VR Ride


VR roller coasters are quickly becoming a hot trend in the amusement industry, and now one has opened in one of the biggest parks in the US. Six Flags New England is rebranding one of its best attractions today.

HP just officially made backpack VR computers a trend


HP's recently launched Omen gaming line will soon include a high-end PC that's also a backpack, designed for walking around in virtual reality. Because we live in a strange world, this is becoming far less unusual than it sounds

OTT Won’t Replace Traditional TV — The Two Will Get Married And Have Babies

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Recent headlines have covered cord cutting as if it is an inevitable trend, set to doom the TV industry as we know it. However, when we peel back the layers of the alarmist headlines, the argument doesn’t really hold: No streaming service yet offers all that consumers want, as my colleague Kris Arcand found in […]. advertising B2C marketing communications digital marketing marketing & strategy marketing attitudes marketing methods media media buying

Samsung’s “Bedtime VR Stories” App Brings Back The Story Telling Trend


Total: 0 Average: 0/5] The post Samsung’s “Bedtime VR Stories” App Brings Back The Story Telling Trend appeared first on Infinityleap - Technology stops for no one.

‘Strange Beasts’ is a Sci-fi Short About Augmented Reality in the Vein of ‘Black Mirror’

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He then watched hundreds of videos about VR, AR, the latest game trends, the future of gaming, and Google Glass.

Never Dine Alone Again Thanks To This Japanese AR Girlfriend Cafe


The endlessly entertaining nation is responsible for some of the most interesting trends ever created, from highly-stylized Anime , to used underwear vending machines. Augmented reality lets go on a date with virtual idol Hatsune Miku. .

AR Menus Are Changing The Way We Order Food


With many restaurants adopting tablets and other various technology into their locations and a growing trend of food services with smartphone applications, there’s never been a better time to bring augmented reality into the food industry.

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YouTube knows exactly what 360-degree VR viewers care about


360-degree and virtual reality video may be the hottest new trend in entertainment, but it turns out most people can’t really be bothered to move their head.

3 Reasons Why the Finance Industry Needs VR


For many financial companies, relevant data is treated like actual currency, and visualizing this data in VR can reveal valuable insights into the market and help predict future trends. There’s millions to be made if you’re able to utilize data effectively, and analyzing big/complex data in a virtual environment makes it easier to identify the key trends and patterns. Virtual reality provides an unmatched ability to interact with financial information like never before.

This Startup Is Taking VR On The Road


This is the latest trend in mobile experiences on wheels, pushing only one thing to consumers during a crisp clear night in the city — virtual reality. This mobile VR truck is what everyone needs at their party. The hottest truck to hit the San Francisco food scene isn’t what you’re expecting.

Google’s AR/VR Team Just Keeps Growing

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If Google’s hiring trend seen so far in 2017 continues, the company should add about 73 new AR/VR job listings over the course of the year. Google first started its venture into virtual reality with Google Cardboard back in 2014.

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Facebook CEO: ‘In Five to Ten Years AR Will Be Where VR is Today’

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We’re really excited about pushing both of those trends forward.” Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg says the company is working seriously on augmented reality R&D, but he believes it will take time for the technology to catch up to where VR is today.

Report: Public VR Awareness Almost Doubling Annually with PSVR & Gear VR Leading the Way

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A similar trend, albeit with higher overall recognition, was present among gamers over 13 too. A new report from Nielsen suggests that not only is public awareness of virtual reality at record levels, it’s nearly doubled year on year.

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Alienware is Building a Backpack PC for Virtual Reality

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This trend in portable VR with interest by major PC manufacturers is a good sign for the future of VR, where the dream is to have total untethered freedom.

Facebook Says Introverts Feel More Comfortable with VR Social Interaction

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A recent study by Facebook IQ, in which people completed one-on-one conversations in VR, concluded that most people respond positively, and introverts in particular feel more comfortable.

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HTC Says Vive 2 Will Come When It Can Offer “really meaningful innovation”

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In a recent interview, HTC Vive General Manager Daniel O’Brien provided a carefully-worded answer when asked specifically about a ‘Vive 2’. HTC’s current VR headset is now over year old; PC VR hardware cycles are anticipated to last somewhere between 1 and 3 years. “We’re

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OSVR Co-founder on the Future of Open Source Virtual Reality

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I’d like to describe how I hope to see OSVR develop given past and present industry trends. Trends. Trends. OSVR is an open source software platform and VR headset. Sensics and Razer launched OSVR 18 months ago with the intent of democratizing VR.

Alienware 13 is a VR-ready laptop packed in 13 inches


Trying to buck the trend, … Continue reading. Unless you’re already satisfied with smartphone-powered experiences like the Gear VR or Google Daydream, virtual reality requires a sizable investment, both in terms of cash as well as literal equipment sizes.

Global Virtual Reality Industry to Reach $7.2 Billion in Revenues in 2017

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The report also offers disruptive trends to watch in 2017, such as: New VR headsets powered by Microsoft’s Windows 10 operating system will spark demand by enterprise firms for VR-related hardware, software and services.

The First VR/360 Chrome Extension Has Arrived: SVRF Tabs


The SVRF web platform will allow users to “surf” across all types of VR content based on what’s trending, category, keyword, tags, or computer vision algorithms. SVRF is launching SVRF Tabs , the first Chrome extension for VR content.

Huawei VR Controller Appears in FCC Filings, Suggesting Mobile VR Headset Launch is Near

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As first reported by Digital Trends , Huawei is calling the Bluetooth controller a ‘Virtual Reality Handle’, a naming scheme that doesn’t fit in any existent mobile VR platform.

Oculus: Rift Won’t Be Superseded by New Version for ‘at least two years’

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During an interview at the Game Developers Conference at the end of March, head of Oculus’ PC VR division Brendan Iribe stated that the Rift will remain the company’s flagship VR headset for “at least the next two years”.

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Case Study: How To Improve Your Chatbot’s Chance Of Success

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My recently published report, Case Study: Take A Focused And Disciplined Approach To Drive Chatbot Success, shows how OCBC Bank in Singapore is bucking the trend: The bank recently created Emma, a chatbot focused on home loan leads, which […].

‘Tis The Season to VR


“Currently, the use of the virtual reality in retail environment is focused around PR opportunities, which help gain exposure for companies who invest in VR as way to be on the leading edge,” said Portland-based consumer trend forecaster, Jena Nesbitt.

Intel to Bring 2018 Olympic Winter Games Experience to Windows Mixed Reality

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According to this report from Digital Trends , Intel plans to broadcast “16 events live and offer another 16 on demand” during the 2018 Olympic Winter Games using the technology.

VR was the new trend at this year’s Cannes film festival


A number of VR companies were in attendance at this year’s Cannes film festival. Attendees had difficulty containing their excitement of the possibilities VR has to offer the film industry. How would you like to watch your favorite movie with the lead actor seemingly standing right next to you? Scary movies just got a whole […]. In the news

The Augmented Reality Landscape with Tipatat Chennavasin


I brought Tipatat on the Real Virtual Show again – this time to talk about augmented reality, the differences in VR and AR, trends in AR, and what needs to happen to help augmented reality technology succeed in the mainstream.