Magic Leap 2 Starting Price Positioned Slightly Less Than HoloLens 2, Release Date Set for September

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Magic Leap today announced pricing and release date details for the company’s latest AR headset, Magic Leap 2. Magic Leap 2 Release Date and Price. Magic Leap 2 is finally set to officially launch on September 30th, 2022.

Hands-on: Magic Leap 2 Shows Clear Improvements, But HoloLens 2 Retains Some Advantages

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Magic Leap 2 isn’t available just yet, but when it hits the market later this year it will be directly competing with Microsoft’s HoloLens 2. The company’s latest product, Magic Leap 2, in many ways reflects the ‘new’ Magic Leap.


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Tons of New Magic Leap 2 Details Shed Light on Dynamic Dimming & More

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Although it’s expected to launch this year, there’s still no firm release date on Magic Leap 2. This week at the SPIE Photonics West 2022 conference, Magic Leap’s VP of Optical Engineering, Kevin Curtis, took to the stage to share a bevy of new details on the headset.

Magic Leap Teases Its Next-gen AR Headset for Enterprise

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Magic Leap hasn’t come out with new hardware since it launched its seminal AR headset in 2018, Magic Leap 1. Now it seems we’re getting our first glimpse of what may very well be Magic Leap 2. ” Image courtesy Magic Leap.

Magic Leap is Selling Its First AR Headset for Just $550

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It looks like Magic Leap is holding a barn burner of a sale on its first AR headset, Magic Leap 1, as the one-time $2,300 device can now be had for $550. Image courtesy Magic Leapgic leap. AR Headset News magic leap magic leap 1 magic leap one

Magic Leap Commits to OpenXR & WebXR Support Later This Year on ML2

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In an ongoing shift away from a somewhat proprietary development environment on its first headset, Magic Leap has committed to bringing OpenXR support to its Magic Leap 2 headset later this year. Image courtesy Magic Leap.

Magic Leap’s New AR Headset Is Coming This September


The Magic Leap 2 will be available for purchase starting at $3,299 through select partners. American startup company Magic Leap has announced the official price and specs of the Magic Leap 2, its latest mixed reality headset designed for professionals and developers.

CEO Shares First Details on Magic Leap 2, Announces $500 Million in New Funding

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Magic Leap today announced that it has raised $500 million in new capital at a $2 billion valuation. This comes ahead of the launch of its upcoming AR headset, Magic Leap 2, which it promises will be smaller, lighter, and tuned to be an “all day” device.

Magic Leap Opens Programs To Extend Support To Developers


Magic Leap is giving developers access to additional hardware, funding, enterprise customers, and support. Magic Leap understands that the future of AR means empowering creators with the right tools to explore ideas that will push the technology further into the arms of consumers.

Magic Leap’s Next AR Headset to Ship in Q4 2021, Promising Larger FOV & More Compact Design

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Magic Leap CEO Peggy Johnson took the stage at the Future Investment Initiative (FII) in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia this past week to talk a bit about her time as the company’s new leader. AR News News magic leap magic leap 1 magic leap 2 magic leap one magic leap two peggy johnson

Physics Simulator ‘Universe Sandbox’ Comes to Magic Leap 1

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Now Giant Army has released a version of its galactic physics sandbox on Magic Leap 1, bringing what the studio says an “undiluted” experience. You can find it on Magic Leap World for free starting today.

The XR Week Peek (2021.10.19): HTC launches Vive Flow, Magic Leap 2 announced, and more!

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Image by Magic Leap). Magic Leap 2 has been teased. Magic Leap is back: CEO Peggy Johnson has just unveiled in a post on the company blog the Magic Leap 2 , the new version of the AR glasses from the company in Florida.

AWE 2022: Hands-on with Magic Leap 2 and its awesome visuals

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” and from this afternoon, I always ask the same thing: Magic Leap 2. Magic Leap 2 hands-on. Full set of Magic Leap 2 (Glasses, controller, compute pack). Magic Leap 2 was very lightweight and comfortable on my head.

Report: AR Startup Magic Leap is Looking for a Buyer

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Magic Leap, the multi-billion dollar AR startup, could be exploring the possibility of a sale, a Bloomberg report maintains, citing people familiar with the matter. In the company’s defense, Magic Leap has been spinning its fair share of plates.

Magic Leap Reportedly Exploring The Possibility Of $10 Billion Sale


Magic Leap is reportedly working closely with a financial advisor on exploring options to keep the doors of the AR startup open. If sold, Magic Leap could potentially receive more than $10 billion according to an unidentified source. Feature Image Credit: Magic Leap.

Magic Leap Announces Layoffs & Pivot Away From Near-term Consumer Ambitions

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Magic Leap today announced layoffs impacting “every level of the company” and a pivot away from the company’s near-term consumer ambitions and toward the enterprise space.

Diorama-style AR Detective Game ‘Glimt’ Arrives on Magic Leap 1, Trailer Here

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Resolution Games, the studio behind Acron: Attack of the Squirrels (2019) and Angry Birds VR: Isle of Pigs (2019) , today launched their latest game on Magic Leap 1. Called Glimt: The Vanishing at the Grand Starlight Hotel , the detective game arrives today on Magic Leap World for free.

Magic Leap Founder Rony Abovitz to Step Down as CEO

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Magic Leap pivoted to the enterprise space recently after an extended lukewarm reception by consumers for its $2,300 AR headset. I have been leading Magic Leap since 2011 (starting in my garage). Image courtesy Magic Leap.

Magic Leap Founder Rony Abovitz Unveils New Startup to Build Virtual Humans

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Rony Abovitz, founder of Magic Leap, is starting on a new path after his departure as CEO of the well-funded augmented reality company last year. Continuing, Abovitz says the startup isn’t trying to “take on like the largest tech companies in the world,” à la Magic Leap. “It’s

New Magic Leap AR Game Puts You In The Shoes Of A Psychic Super Sleuth


Resolution Games’ latest title is a magical mystery perfect for wannabe detectives. . Glimt: The Vanishing at the Grand Starlight Hotel will be available exclusively on Magic Leap One headsets; no word yet on an official release date.

Turn Your Home Into A Mixed Reality Record Store With Spotify On Magic Leap


Spotify — the Starbucks Coffee equivalent to digital music streaming — this week announced its arrival on the Magic Leap One mixed reality headset, adding yet another entry into its list of compatible devices. Available for download now via Magic Leap World, the Spotify mixed reality app allows Premium subscribers to access their personal catalog of music and playlists in a mixed reality setting. Feature Image Credit: Magic Leap.

Report: Magic Leap Has Bought A Game Developer

UploadVR Between Realities podcast

Magic Leap

Hands-On With Magic Leap Shooter ‘Dr. Grordbort’s Invaders’


Weta Workshop offers a taste of their upcoming shooter at the Magic Leap’s first L.E.A.P. Magic Leap’s inaugural L.E.A.P. developer conference officially kicked-off this morning in Los Angeles, bringing together some of the most talent creators in mixed reality (MR) for two days of exciting demonstrations, gripping keynotes, and other intriguing reveals regarding the Magic Leap One Creator Edition headset. Image Credit: Magic Leap.

Microsoft Exec Peggy Johnson to Take Over as CEO of Magic Leap

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Peggy Johnson, Microsoft’s Executive VP of Business Development, is slated to take the reins as the new CEO of Magic Leap, effective August 1st. The post Microsoft Exec Peggy Johnson to Take Over as CEO of Magic Leap appeared first on Road to VR.

Magic Leap Won’t Make a Consumer Headset but May License Tech to Someone That Will

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Magic Leap just gave us the first glimpse of its Magic Leap 2 AR headset earlier this week. Comments from the CEO suggest there will be no consumer headset from Magic Leap in the near-term, but the company says its open to licensing its tech for the consumer space.

Magic Leap Could Call its First AR Headset ‘Magic Leap One’

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Magic Leap, the secretive augmented reality startup, might be calling its first device ‘Magic Leap One’, as suggested by a recent trademark filing. A company spokesperson also mentioned that it was “full steam ahead toward the launch of Magic Leap One.”. SEE ALSO ILMxLab's John Gaeta Joins Magic Leap as Senior VP of Creative Strategy.

Our First Look At Magic Leap’s Experimental Spatial Computing AR Experience


Undersea , a new spatial computing AR experience developed for the Magic Leap One headset, is set to premiere next week at the 46th annual SIGGRAPH computer graphics conference in Los Angeles. Available for demo July 28th – August 1st at the Immersive Pavilion, Undersea harnesses the power of the Magic Leap One, as well as Unreal Engine 4 and Vulcan 3.1 Image Credit: Magic Leap. Featured Image Credit: Magic Leap.

Magic Leap is Offering Individual Developers up to $500K for Their AR Projects

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At Magic Leap’s developer conference last month, the company announced they were ready to throw down serious cash to developers to build apps for their new AR headset, Magic Leap One. There’s no clear ceiling on how much Magic Leap has earmarked for the development fund, but it’s safe to say it’s pretty high considering the company is offering between $20,000 and $500,000 per project to populate their content store.

Will Magic Leap 2 AR Glasses Lead the Way to the Metaverse?


People are expectant of Magic Leap’s soon-to-be-released enterprise AR glasses. Dubbed Magic Leap 2, it’s expected to be better than its 2018 predecessor , which flopped. Magic Leap’s announcement came just in time as interest in the metaverse soars.

Magic Leap CEO Peggy Johnson Talks Remote AR Meetings Ahead of Magic Leap 2 Release

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Namely, from new Magic Leap CEO Peggy Johnson. The Paris-based technology conference Viva Technology, which hosted the likes of Apple's Tim Cook and Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg, is now over. But there are still a few more treats to discover from the annual gathering.

The XR Week Peek (2022.07.18): Magic Leap 2 price revealed, new rumors about Apple, and more!

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Magic Leap reveals prices and availability of ML 2. Finally, Magic Leap has revealed information about the price and availability of Magic Leap 2. These are all right considerations, but it is also true that Magic Leap has much better visuals.

After A Year In Court, Magic Leap’s Case Against Nreal Has Been Dismissed


US Courts says Magic Leap has failed to state their claims against Nreal. Back in June of 2019, Magic Leap filed a lawsuit against Nreal claiming the company stole technology and design that belonging to the Florida-based AR company. Image Credit: Magic Leap, Nreal.

US Navy Using Magic Leap Headsets To Keep Soldiers Combat-Ready At Sea


The Magic Leap One AR headset enters the US Military training program. A new AR training tool developed by Magic Leap Horizons will use Magic Leap One AR headset to deliver various AR military training scenarios to the US Navy. Magic Leap Horizons originally developed TRACER as part of the US Army’s Augmented Reality Dismounted Soldier Training (ARDST) project.

Magic Leap Reveals Developer Demo, Confirms NVIDIA TX2 Hardware

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Today during Magic Leap’s developer livestream the company offered the first details on the compute hardware that’s built into the device, confirming that an NVIDIA CPU/GPU module, and also showed a brief developer sample demonstrating world meshing and gesture input. Kimball said that the Unity and Unreal engine integrations for Magic Leap do much of the core balancing optimizations (between the available A57 cores and Denver 2 core) for developers already.

Spatial Beats: TikTok, Meta & Magic Leap

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This week, we look at TikTok's sleeping-giant status, Magic Leap Two's pricing & positioning, and other happenings from the spatial spectrum. Welcome back to Spatial Beats, AR Insider's weekly series that features observations and insights of author and futurist Charlie Fink.

Developers Begin Exploring Magic Leap SDK


Magic Leap launches “Creator Portal” to let you start creating content. Secretive augmented reality startup Magic Leap is finally taking its first step towards opening up their platform to outside developers. Announced today on the company’s site , developers can now explore Magic Leap’s software development kit and dive into the Creator Portal to find documentation, tutorials, and more. In December, Magic Leap revealed a first look of the headset.

Magic Leap’s Latest Experience Is An Interactive Fairy Tale


As with all immersive hardware and platforms, the success (or otherwise) of Magic Leap will hinge on whether it can attract creative developers to make awesome content to bring its technology to life. The Independent game studio just launched its first title for the Magic Leap One Creator Edition, called Luna: Moondust Garden. Just the idea of seeing something come into your environment, that alone has a magical quality to it,” adds Senior Producer Eddy Ortega. “So