Oculus Brings Screen Casting to Oculus Go

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Outside of the initial setup process, you don’t really need a smartphone to run Oculus Go—after all, it’s a standalone headset for a reason. Image courtesy Oculus. The post Oculus Brings Screen Casting to Oculus Go appeared first on Road to VR.

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Oculus Rift + Touch Now Permanently Priced at $350

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After Oculus’ big Black Friday sale, which saw Rift & Touch temporarily cut from its regular price of $400 to $350, Oculus now says they’re permanently dropping the price of the bundle to just $350.

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Oculus CTO Explores Next-gen Oculus Go Feature Wishlist

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Legendary programmer and Oculus CTO John Carmack took the stage today at Oculus Connect to have another one of his famous off-script, stream-of-thought talks. SEE ALSO Oculus Quest Hands-on and Tech Details.

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Oculus Headsets Lineup Explained: Should You Wait For Oculus Quest?


What’s the difference between the Oculus Rift and Oculus Go ? What’s the Oculus Quest ? Read on for our rundown of the current Oculus line-up. Oculus Rift. It’s the flagship product of the Oculus lineup. Oculus Go. Oculus Quest. Oculus Go and Quest are meant for people who don’t own a high-end PC. Oculus facebook Oculus Go Oculus Quest oculus rift VR Headset

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‘Virtual Desktop’ is Finally Coming to Oculus Go & Gear VR This Week, Oculus Quest Next Year

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Virtual Desktop (2016) , the app that lets you view and use your desktop computer in VR, is finally making its way to Oculus Go and Gear VR this week. Once Oculus Quest, the company’s upcoming 6DOF headset, launches next year, a version of the app will be available then too.

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First Look: Oculus Venues and Oculus TV


These apps hope to make the Oculus Go your next entertainment device. The $200 standalone VR headset from Oculus has finally arrived. the Oculus Go is part of Oculus’ larger goal to getting one billion consumers into VR. Oculus Venues. Oculus TV.

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Oculus Quest Hands-on and Tech Details

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Oculus Quest was the main attraction at Oculus Connect 5 this week. Oculus Quest (formerly Project Santa Cruz) is officially set to launch in Spring 2019, priced at $400. In any case, it feels like Oculus has done a very good job with Quest and its insight tracking system.

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Oculus Holiday Deal Brings Modest Discounts to Oculus Go & Rift

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Black Friday is nearly upon us, and Oculus is cutting a few bucks off both Oculus Go and Oculus Rift to celebrate. Today, Oculus announced that Go is getting in the fun too, knocking its base 32GB model down by $20 (or local equivalent), bringing it from $200 to $180.

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Oculus Quest Supports “Arena-scale” Tracking and Multi-room Guardian

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Oculus today offered up some details on the ‘Insight’ tracking system of their new Quest headset. The inside-out tracking goes “beyond roomscale,” according to Oculus, enabling large-scale experiences that let players physically move around large spaces.

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DisplayLink Showing 60GHz Wireless Adapter Reference Design for Oculus Rift

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Connectivity company DisplayLink is showing a reference design for a 60GHz Oculus Rift wireless adapter at CES 2019. The post DisplayLink Showing 60GHz Wireless Adapter Reference Design for Oculus Rift appeared first on Road to VR.

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Former Oculus CEO Brendan Iribe Departs Facebook


Oculus co-founder Brendan Iribe, the company’s first and only CEO, is parting ways with parent company Facebook. “Working alongside so many talented people at Oculus and Facebook has been the most transformative experience of my career,” Iribe wrote.

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The Top 5 Games for Oculus Rift

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So, you just bought an Oculus Rift and you want to know what to download first (besides the free stuff). In our breakdown of the top 5 games for Oculus Touch and top 5 for the Xbox One gamepad, we take a look at some of the best games currently on the Oculus Store.

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OC5: Oculus Renames Santa Cruz To Oculus Quest Coming Spring 2019 For $399


Oculus now has a final name for its standalone inside-out tracked VR headset, originally codenamed Santa Cruz. Meet Oculus Quest. UploadVR had previously confirmed the kit would be arriving next year with ports of Oculus Rift games and those include Moss, Robo Recall and The Climb.

Oculus Go to Hit UK & European Retailers This Month, Pre-orders Now Available

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Oculus today announced that Oculus Go, the company’s standalone 3DOF headset released last month, is finally available for pre-order through Oculus retail partners in the EU and the UK.

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Oculus Unveils ‘Oculus Quest’ Standalone Headset At OC5


Standalone 6DoF VR arrives on the Oculus platform Spring 2019 for $399. Available Spring of next year for $399, the Oculus Quest, previously referred to as the Oculus Santa Cruz, is a completely wireless, standalone VR headset capable of 6DoF movement.

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‘Oculus Home’ Update Adds Virtual Screens, Custom Object Importing

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Oculus Home , the hub space that users see when putting on their Oculus Rift, has been updated with virtual screens for embedded Dash content and the ability to import custom objects. Announced in a post this week on the Oculus Blog , Oculus Home version 1.26

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CES 2019: Antilatency Turns Oculus Go Into 6DOF Multiuser VR


The demo was like a smaller scale version of the impressive multi-user Oculus Quest “arena” setup we enjoyed so much at Oculus Connect 5. At CES, Antilatency employed Oculus Go and a small add-on to track the headset as well as gloves, a tablet and a controller.

Oculus Revamps ‘Rooms’ for Go, New Apps ‘Oculus Venues’ & ‘Oculus TV’ Coming Soon

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Following today’s Oculus Go launch announcement at Facebook’s annual F8 dev conference, the company also revealed that Rooms , the social VR space first launched on Gear VR, is getting revamped to inaugurate Go. Oculus Gallery (Available at Launch). Oculus TV (coming soon).

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The Best Oculus Go Deal for Black Friday 2018

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Holiday shopping season is here and we’re tracking the best Oculus Go Black Friday 2018 deals. Oculus Go Deal Baseline. It’s important to understand the nominal price point for the Oculus Go so that you know what kind of deal you’re getting when you see a sale.

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Oculus Quest Hits FCC on Its Way to Spring 2019 Launch

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As we head into 2019, there’s a growing sense of bated breath within the VR industry as the Oculus Quest launch draws near. SEE ALSO Oculus Quest Hands-on and Tech Details. That would mirror the way it launched its last headset, Oculus Go, at F8 earlier this year.

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‘Superhot VR’ is Coming to Oculus Quest

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Superhot VR (2016), the ultra-successful slow-mo VR shooter, is coming to the newly announced Oculus Quest. The post ‘Superhot VR’ is Coming to Oculus Quest appeared first on Road to VR.

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Huge Oculus Rift & Touch Sale Brings Price to $400

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Oculus is giving the Rift & Touch their biggest discount yet for a six week-long sale. At the start of 2017, the Oculus Rift + Touch controllers cost $800, the same as the HTC Vive. SEE ALSO Two Ways to Play Non-VR Games With the Oculus Rift or HTC Vive. Oculus Rift Review.

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Oculus Rift+Touch For $315 / Oculus Go For $162 Via Black Friday Friend Referral


If anyone you know has an Oculus Rift, you can currently get one for just $314.10. Facebook’s Oculus is currently running a Black Friday sale on Rift and Go , bringing the prices down to $349 and $179 respectively. That’s a good deal already, but recently Oculus also added a 10% off referral program for Rift and Go. This could be a a real life friend, or just that person from a Discord you’re in who always talks about their shiny new Oculus headset.

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Oculus Connect 5 mega round-up: all you need to know about Oculus Quest and the other announcements!

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As it is tradition of this little blog, I will write a full round-up of the Oculus Connect 5 , the very important Oculus event that has been held in San Jose on 26th and 27th of September (2018). Oculus Quest. Oculus Quest has been the rockstar of this event. Oculus Go.

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The Best Oculus Rift Deal for Black Friday 2018

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We’re keeping an eye on the best Oculus Rift Black Friday 2018 deals. Oculus Rift Deal Baseline. Without an special discount, the Oculus Rift + Touch bundle costs $400/€450/£400. The Best Oculus Rift Black Friday 2018 Deal. Oculus Rift Black Friday Game Deals.

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What to Expect at Oculus Connect 5 This Week

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Oculus Connect, the company’s annual developer conference, is here once again. Now in its fifth year, Oculus is expected to update the world on what’s next from in VR content and hardware. Santa Cruz, Oculus’ High-end Standalone Headset. Image courtesy Oculus.

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Oculus TV Now Available on Oculus Go


Oculus TV has finally arrived on Oculus Go. Originally expected to launch last month, Oculus TV is exactly what the name suggests, a TV viewing app for VR. But Oculus TV hopes to go beyond just a giant screen to enjoy television programming in VR. Tune in today.

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Oculus Hosts Halloween Pumpkin-carving Contest in ‘Oculus Medium’

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The winners, who will be chosen by the Oculus Medium & Home teams, will receive 3D printed versions of their creations and a spot in Oculus Home. Image courtesy Oculus. News VR Art halloween 2018 oculus medium

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Oculus Launches Referral Program, Free Store Credit When a Friend Buys Rift or Go

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Oculus is taking it to heart this holiday season in the US with its new referral program that could net you, and up to three friends significant savings on hardware and content. Oculus Store credit can be used to buy games, experiences, DLC—any digital purchase on the Oculus storefront.

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Oculus Home File Hints At Public User Created Environments Support


Reddit user Wormslayer noticed a file within an Oculus Home directory that hints the software will get support for user created environments. An Oculus team representative noticed the post and commented : Whoops! But the actual base environments are, now at least, only available from Oculus, which has only released a few. Facebook still hasn’t added official support for different PC headsets on Oculus, despite its own Spaces social app supporting the HTC Vive.

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Oculus Go Launches in China Under Xiaomi Branding

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Oculus previously announced earlier this year that Oculus Go , the company’s 3DOF standalone headset, would officially launch in 23 consumer markets, although China would be receiving its own version with Xiaomi branding. Image courtesy Xiaomi, Oculus.

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Oculus 1.17 Update Will Let You Launch SteamVR Apps From Oculus Home

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Until recently, Oculus Rift owners have had to maintain two separate repositories for games; Steam and Oculus Home. Revealed in a forum post , Oculus will be pushing a general update soon that will allow you to launch SteamVR apps (provided they have Rift support) directly from Home.

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Oculus Now Sells Single Replacement Touch Controllers

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It used to be that you’d have to buy a brand new pair of controllers at full price to get back into the game, but now Oculus is selling single controllers so you can replace whichever one you smashed last. Inside the box: a replacement Oculus Touch controller and 1x AA battery.

Everything We Know About Oculus Santa Cruz (so far)

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Oculus Santa Cruz is a VR prototype that brings many high-end features of the Oculus Rift and Touch, most notably positional (6DoF) tracking on both headset and controllers, into a self-contained, standalone design. What is Oculus Santa Cruz? Image courtesy Oculus.

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The Easiest Way to Set Up Oculus Rift Room-scale Tracking (without drilling any holes)

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While it’s true that the Oculus Rift didn’t initially support room-scale tracking, Oculus has embraced large-scale tracking, allowing for 360 degree tracking and room-scale gameplay at similar sizes as the HTC Vive. Setting Up the Oculus Rift for Room-scale Tracking.

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Review: Oculus Touch


Oculus Rift is late to the motion control party, but its solution is the absolute best so far. The post Review: Oculus Touch appeared first on WIRED. Gaming Gear Reviews Facebook motion controls Oculus Oculus Rift Oculus Touch virtual reality

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Oculus Shows off Colored Quest Headsets at Connect

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Oculus Connect, the company’s annual developer conference, kicked off yesterday with the surprise announcement of a new high-end standalone VR headset. Dubbed Oculus Quest, the headset is being shown off at Connect in an array of colors outside of the initially advertised matte black.

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Oculus Patents Wireless Relay Tech for VR Headsets

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In a patent issued this week to Oculus, the company describes a wireless relay system designed to prevent loss of signal even when a user is out of range of the primary transmitter and receiver. The post Oculus Patents Wireless Relay Tech for VR Headsets appeared first on Road to VR.

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Oculus Avatars Are Finally Going Cross-platform

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Oculus had announced almost a year ago now that they planned to take their Oculus Avatars system cross-platform. Oculus says cross-platform support for their Avatars system has been “one of [developers’] biggest requests.”

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Oculus Teases Positionally Aware TimeWarp for Quest


On Rift, Oculus uses a technology called Asynchronous SpaceWarp (ASW), which, when framerate isn’t being met, forces the app to drop to half framerate and fills in every 2nd frame with a synthetic one extrapolated from the previous. Oculus Quest asw oculus

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Oculus Rift Price Officially Cut Again, Now $349


Facebook confirmed to UploadVR that the Oculus Rift’s price is being officially cut to $349. In October at the Oculus Connect 4 conference the $399 price was made permanent. Tagged with: oculus rift Facebook Twitter Reddit More The post Oculus Rift Price Officially Cut Again, Now $349 appeared first on UploadVR. Oculus Rift oculus riftThe regular price was previously $399.

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Oculus Rift Finally Gets Facebook Livestreaming, Public Homes Today


Fresh off of the news that the Oculus Rift is getting a $50 price cut , the headsets first platform update arrives today. Oculus’ mobile VR headsets, Gear VR and Go, have been able to do this for a while. Oculus assures that this feature will come with tools to keep you safe.

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Palmer Luckey’s Oculus Go Mod Offers a Wishlist of Hardware Features

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Oculus co-founder Palmer Luckey may have left Facebook in 2017, but as the designer behind the Oculus Rift and its two developer kits, he has unique insight into what makes VR headsets tick.