Could Facebook’s AR Video Calls Solve “Zoom Fatigue”?


Spice up your video calls with AR games and party hats. With the COVID pandemic forcing many of us to adhere to social distancing measures, video calls have become essential in the way we work, socialize, and learn.

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Light Field Lab Unveils Modular Holographic Video Wall


Everyone from marketing companies to entertainment venues can create massive video walls featuring realistic 3D holograms which, according to the company, are nearly indistinguishable from real life. The post Light Field Lab Unveils Modular Holographic Video Wall appeared first on VRScout.

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Bigscreen VR Announces Built-In Video Player


Share you personal videos without the need of a VR-ready PC. However, there was one thing missing from the platform that users have been begging for: a dedicated built-in video player. . Adding a dedicated video player opens up even more possibilities for the budding social VR platform.

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How to record 360 videos of your VR experiences

The Ghost Howls

As always, I have also made an amazing Youtube video tutorial about it… you choose if watching the video or reading the text! In the best-case scenario, you are the developer of the VR experience, and you want to shoot a 360° video of your own game for promotional purposes.

DVE’s Holo-Podium Turns Regular Video Calls Into Holograms


Anyone from their home or office can transmit live during a video call their images and appear as a hologram at any one of the potential 25,000+ global co-working locations.” The post DVE’s Holo-Podium Turns Regular Video Calls Into Holograms appeared first on VRScout.

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Coder Builds Raspberry Pi VR Solution For Video Calls


Since the pandemic started, many of us have been relying on video calls to stay connected with colleagues. The first thing she did was sketch out a pathway to solving her video call problem. She’s asking the public for suggestions on how to improve her video call solution.

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Ring Video Doorbell 4 vs. Ring Video Doorbell 3

Digital Trends

With the Ring Video Doorbell 4, users can expect improved battery life and a few other upgrades. Smart Home Ring Ring Video Doorbell 3 Ring Video Doorbell 3 Plus Ring Video Doorbell 4 video doorbells

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Ring Video Doorbell Wired vs. Video Doorbell Pro 2

Digital Trends

Shopping for a hard-wired video doorbell? Smart Home best home security systems Ring Video Doorbell smart home video camera video doorbellRing makes two of the most popular options. Here's how to choose between them.

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Join Zoom Meetings And Video Calls From VR With New PC VR App


A new PC VR app called Spaces Awesome Zoom (SPAZ) allows users to join Zoom meetings and other video calls from within VR. SPAZ allows a user to join a video conference from within VR and use an adjustable virtual camera and whiteboard.

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Leaked Concept Videos Show Samsung’s Take On AR Glasses


’ During the weekend prolific Microsoft leaker WalkingCat , the same individual responsible for leaking images of the Oculus Quest 2 back in July of 2020, posted two concept videos showcasing what appears to be Samsung’s take on a dedicated AR headset.

Enhance Your 360-Degree Video With Rich360


Content-optimized 360° video rendering technology could take immersive filmmaking to the next level. is looking to breath new life into the 360-degree format with breakthrough technology that could drastically improve the quality of immersive 360 streaming video content. With these powerful features, Rich360 offers VR Video Solution and LIVE Streaming Cloud to creators, publishers, and developers to deliver immersive media with the richest content.

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Oculus Quest Pro Leak: Promo Videos Show Possible Headset Design

Upload VR

We may well have an Oculus Quest Pro leak that gives us our first look at the headset from possibly leaked promotional videos ahead of Facebook Connect this week. In the first video we see one user scroll through different avatar customization possibilities.

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New Quest Headset, Controllers, & Charging Dock Possibly Revealed in Leaked Videos

Road to VR

Official tutorial videos uncovered today show a previously unseen Oculus headset, controllers, and charging dock. The videos may reveal a new Quest 2 Pro or Quest 3 headset which could be officially revealed this week at Facebook Connect.

Samsung is Terminating Its VR Video Apps on All Devices

Road to VR

With the end of Samsung Gear VR, it seems the South Korean tech giant is also doing away with its VR video apps as well. Samsung XR (ex-Samsung VR) is the company’s VR video hosting platform which featured both premium and user-uploaded content.

Google & Red Bull Launch AR-Enhanced On-Demand Video Experience


After downloading the Red Bull TV app on your Android or iOS device, you can scan your TV while watching the film to unlock additional 3D video content. The post Google & Red Bull Launch AR-Enhanced On-Demand Video Experience appeared first on VRScout.

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How to Record Videos on Quest 2 and Improve Capture Quality

Road to VR

Quest 2 has simple built-in video capture capabilities. In this article you’ll see how to use them and, for advanced users, you’ll learn how to increase the quality of the videos captured on Quest 2 and how to transfer videos to your computer.

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Amazon Launches ‘Prime Video VR’, Commits to Building up VR Video Library

Road to VR

Amazon today announced the launch of Prime Video VR on Oculus Quest, Go, and Gear VR. In addition to bringing the entire Prime Video catalog onto the headsets, Amazon is also for the first time adding VR content to its Prime Video library. The company today announced the launch of the Prime Video VR app which allows Prime members in the US and UK to stream the entire Prime Video content library, and also allows non-members to stream their library of purchased content.

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Facebook Launching 360-Degree Live Streaming Video


Facebook unveiled the latest expansion to live broadcasting Monday, dubbed Live 360 , that marries their existing features of livestreaming and pre-recorded 360-degree videos. The social network is partnering up with NatGeo for the first live 360-degree video to promote the cable network’s “Mars” colonization series. The post Facebook Launching 360-Degree Live Streaming Video appeared first on VRScout. News 360 Video Facebook Livestreaming

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Google Takes a Step Closer to Making Volumetric VR Video Streaming a Thing

Road to VR

Google unveiled a method of capturing and streaming volumetric video, something Google researchers say can be compressed down to a lightweight format capable of even being rendered on standalone VR/AR headsets.

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Asgard’s Wrath Video Review


We’ve now finished our full video review of Asgard’s Wrath to complement the written version! The post Asgard’s Wrath Video Review appeared first on UploadVR. Gaming Oculus Rift Oculus Rift S Video Asgard's Wrath Asgard's Wrath review Games oculus review Rift S Sanzaru Games top storiesIt took longer than usual because of the length, but if you’d like to see and hear our review instead of just reading it, here you go!

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The best smartphones for video recording

Digital Trends

As shooting video becomes more popular, smartphone tech advances push video quality past 1080p to 4K and 8K. Here are some of the best smartphones for video. Android Apple Buying Guides Mobile 4k video 8K video iOS video recording

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How does Ring Video Doorbell work?

Digital Trends

Shopping for a Ring Video Doorbell? Smart Home Amazon smart home choosing Ring doorbell proactive evergreen Ring doorbell video doorbellHere's what you need to know about using one and connecting it to an Amazon-enabled device.

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CEO Shows Life In China Under Coronavirus Quarantine With 360 VR Video


Watching Mitchell’s video in webVR is an impactful experience, one that gives you a great idea of how the coronavirus has disrupted life in China. Watching the video, it felt as though I was wandering a post-apocalyptic world where I was part of a small handful of survivors left on Earth.

China 308

Video Game System Reviews

Digital Trends

Your source for video game system reviews by Digital Trends’ expert reviewers. Reviews of new video game consoles are continually added as products enter the market

How to turn off subtitles on Amazon Prime Video

Digital Trends

Do subtitles keep popping up when you are using Amazon Prime Video? Home Theater How-To Amazon Amazon Prime subtitles prime video turn off subtitles on Prime VideoIt's an annoying problem, but you can quickly turn them back off again: Here's how to do it!

Fly through the space station in this awesome 360-degree video

Digital Trends

If you’ve ever wondered what it's like to float through the International Space Station, then check out this 360-degree video from astronaut Thomas Pesquet. News 360 video International Space Station ISS NASA space Space Station thomas pesquet

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Oculus Quest Welcome Video & Setup Guide Have Leaked Online


Corgi’s are a major safety hazard in this leaked video for the Oculus Quest. Thanks to a series of videos posted online by YouTuber user NyanBlade, it appears as though we now have our first look at the opening welcome video and setup guide for the upcoming Oculus Quest. The “Welcome Video”, while brief, showcases the basic functionality of the Quest’s 6DoF room-scale tracking technology. News Oculus Quest Oculus Quest Setup Oculus Quest Welcome Video

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How to Record Mixed Reality Video on Oculus Quest

Road to VR

Did you know you can create your own mixed reality video on Oculus Quest and show off all your VR exploits to your adoring public? Also, if you’re not into written instructions, check out Oculus’ own MRC video setup guide and OBS setup guide to get started.

Video 233

How to download YouTube videos

Digital Trends

Downloading YouTube videos is easier than you think. Computing How-To Web 4k video downloader download videos download youtube videos Tier 4 YouTubeHere's how to get them and keep them on your computer.

Video 91

How to download Vimeo videos

Digital Trends

Vimeo is a streaming video site with an abundance of interesting videos to offer. Here's how to download them, using both online and offline video downloaders. Computing How-To Web download vimeo videos KeepDownLoading Tier 4 vimeo

Snapchat’s AR Dance Series Lets You Create Your Own Music Videos


After practicing each technique with Le and Dytto, viewers can use their new-found dance knowledge to create their own AR-enhanced music videos powered by Snapchat’s AR camera platform. You can even submit your own AR-enhanced music videos for the chance to be featured on Spotlight.

Video 382

How to Direct 360° Video


Google’s YouTube Creator Academy shows us the finer points in 360° video production. Last year Google’s YouTube Creator Academy gave us the low-down on some of the biggest mistakes made while shooting in 360° with the video How Not To Shoot 360° Video. Here’s a basic summarization of the tips Small provides, though I highly recommend watching the full 360° video on a headset to truly understand what he’s saying: 1. for the rest of the video.

LIV Mobile App Lets You Record Quest Mixed Reality Video with Just Your iPhone, Now in Beta

Road to VR

LIV develops software for mixed reality video capture, and over the years it’s become the de facto method for streamers showing themselves immersed in VR from a third-person perspective.

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Ring Video Doorbell 2020 vs. Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2

Digital Trends

Shopping for a new video doorbell to keep tabs on your household? Buying Guides Smart Home Best video doorbells diy home security Ring Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2Ring makes some of the best on the market. Here's how to choose between two popular models.

Video 80

The Essential VR Music Videos of 2016


2016 has been a landmark year for VR and 360° video. In addition to the ever-increasing landscape of 360° camera options available for the consumer and professional alike, major social media outlets such as Facebook, YouTube, and WordPress have introduced 360° video hosting. Littlstar even developed solutions for 360° video playback on 2D TVs. This is one of the downright prettiest 360° videos ever made (those colors!),

Video 241

Ring Video Doorbell 3 vs. Ring Video Doorbell Pro

Digital Trends

The Ring Video Doorbell 3 and Doorbell Pro are solid additions to Ring's smart-tech lineup, but which of the bells is the best? Smart Home doorbell home security Ring Video Doorbell 3 Ring Video Doorbell Pro smart home

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