Tech Trends @ VR Sports & Entertainment Summit 2018

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The 2nd Annual Immersive Technology in Sports & Entertainment Summit will be held in San Francisco on November 13-14, 2018. The post Tech Trends @ VR Sports & Entertainment Summit 2018 appeared first on Tech Trends.

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Self-Driving Car Features Batman-Themed Immersive Entertainment


That’s certainly a question that entertainment providers such as Warner Bros. Time is money, after all, and idle people spend more keeping themselves entertained. Chapter 4 plugs into the entertainment side of the experience, which of course is key objective for Warner Bros.

Alaska Airlines Begins Testing VR As First Class Entertainment


Feedback collected during the trial will then be used to help the airline understand how comfortable passengers were with VR technology, along with which VR entertainment options they preferred. The post Alaska Airlines Begins Testing VR As First Class Entertainment appeared first on VRScout.

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Microsoft Acquires ‘The Mage’s Tale’ Studio inXile Entertainment

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The studio behind first-person VR dungeon crawler The Mage’s Tale (2017) , inXile Entertainment , has been acquired by Microsoft Studios. ” SEE ALSO Microsoft Acquires 'The Mage's Tale' Studio inXile Entertainment community””].

‘Titanfall’ Developer, Respawn Entertainment, Teases Rift Exclusive Game Coming in 2019

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Today at Oculus Connect 4, the company’s Head of Content, Jason Rubin, announced that Oculus Studios will be publishing a Rift exclusive title made by Respawn Entertainment , the studio founded by ex- Call of Duty, and the creators of Titanfall. Image courtesy Respawn Entertainment.

SeaWorld Shifts Entertainment To Virtual Reality Coaster


The latest immersive addition is part of SearWorld Entertainment’s plan to spend $175 million on new attractions. The post SeaWorld Shifts Entertainment To Virtual Reality Coaster appeared first on VRScout.

Skybound Entertainment and Delusion Producing VR Horror Series


Delusion immersive theater experience announces partnership with Skybound Entertainment for new VR series. The post Skybound Entertainment and Delusion Producing VR Horror Series appeared first on VRScout. News Delusion Horror Immersive Theater Los Angeles Skybound Entertainment

Rave Runner Looks Like An Exhilarating VR Debut For Orpheus Self-Care Entertainment


Orpheus Self-Care Entertainment is a new company founded to try and challenge that notion and its positioning its debut new title, Rave Runner, at the heart of it all. Stauffer, Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer at Orpheus Self-Care Entertainment in a prepared statement. We then ground these ideas in traditional self care practices such as dance, meditation, and artistic expression, creating an entirely next level genre of truly embodied self-care entertainment.”.

‘Mage’s Tale’ Studio inXile Entertainment Raises $4.5M Investment, Open World VR RPG on Horizon

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inXile Entertainment, the studio behind The Bard’s Tale franchise including VR dungeon crawler The Mage’s Tale (2017) , today announced they’ve raised a combined investment of $4.5M CEO Hironao Kunimitsu also joins inXile Entertainment’s board.

Penrose Studios Raises $10 Million For AR/VR Entertainment


Penrose Studios has raised $10 million in a new round of funding for its augmented reality and virtual reality entertainment. VR continues to be a breakthrough form of entertainment for all ages,” said Chung. “As Tagged with: venturebeat Facebook Twitter Reddit More The post Penrose Studios Raises $10 Million For AR/VR Entertainment appeared first on UploadVR.

Discover The Latest In Immersive Entertainment At AT&T SHAPE


Technology meets entertainment this June as AT&T brings a variety of demos and speakers to Warner Bros. The post Discover The Latest In Immersive Entertainment At AT&T SHAPE appeared first on VRScout.

Remedy Entertainment Alums Form New VR Company, 3rd Eye Studios


Quantum Break, by Remedy Entertainment. Starting a new game studio specifically dedicated to VR content is all the rage these days.

VRstudios Is Bringing Its Wireless VR Entertainment Centers To Europe


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Shooter Veterans Form VR Game Studio Drifter Entertainment


Three veterans of first-person shooter games have formed Drifter Entertainment , a Seattle-based virtual reality game studio. Above: Drifter Entertainment’s founders (left to right): Ray Davis, Kenneth Scott, and Brian Murphy. Image Credit: Drifter Entertainment. “We’re

Hideo Kojima: VR Will ‘Significantly Change’ Entertainment, Education, and Culture


“Screen-viewing culture hadn’t changed for about 120 years, so I think the impact of VR will significantly change entertainment, our daily lives, education, culture, and so on. Tagged with: change , culture , entertainment , hideo , kojima , quote. VR change culture entertainment hideo kojima quoteHideo Kojima has had a meteoric couple of years.

Hollywood Studio DMG Entertainment Moves Into VR


DMG Entertainment , the Hollywood Studio that made Iron Man 3 , is moving into virtual reality. based company, announced the launch of DMG VR, which is dedicated to entertainment that mixes storytelling with the new medium of VR. Tagged with: DMG Entertainment. VR Industry News DMG EntertainmentDan Mintz, cofounder of the Beverly Hills, Calif.-based

Reality plus: how AR reshapes entertainment

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Augmented reality proves itself a multi-purpose technology, being eagerly adopted across different domains, such as manufacturing, healthcare, education, travel, and, of course, entertainment. We regularly update Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat, looking for fresh entertainment.

Pixar, Lucasfilm and Disney Veterans Launch VR Entertainment Company Cryworks


The new VR entertainment company launches with funding from Michael Bay’s 451 Media Group, 500 Mobile Collective and China’s WI Harper Group. The post Pixar, Lucasfilm and Disney Veterans Launch VR Entertainment Company Cryworks appeared first on VRScout.

6 Reasons Why Virtual Reality Will Thrive in Film and Entertainment


This article The post 6 Reasons Why Virtual Reality Will Thrive in Film and Entertainment appeared first on UploadVR. 360 360 Video entertainment Experiences awane jones filming hollywood IMAX merchlar vr film

Oculus: EA’s Acquisition of Respawn Entertainment Will Have No Impact on Studio’s VR Title

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Titanfall developer Respawn Entertainment has announced plans to join EA, one of the world’s largest and most influential videogame publishers. It was announced last month at Oculus Connect that Respawn Entertainment is developing an unnamed Rift exclusive VR title set for 2019.

Nickelodeon Tests Waters For Kids VR With New Entertainment Lab


Nickelodeon’s stable of children’s shows is ripe for experimentation with VR, and that’s exactly what the company is going to be doing with the reveal of its Entertainment Lab. Don’t expect to see any fully featured products from the team yet; Entertainment Lab will first create prototypes that test a range of ideas — taking it slow when it comes to the use of VR and kids.

AT&T SHAPE: A Cutting-Edge Convergence of Entertainment and Technology


Now, the telecomm organization is hosting AT&T SHAPE , an immersive event that “explores the convergence of technology and entertainment.” The post AT&T SHAPE: A Cutting-Edge Convergence of Entertainment and Technology appeared first on VRScout.

Two Bit Circus Raises $15 Million To Build Experimental Entertainment


Experimental entertainment company Two Bit Circus has raised $15 million in a funding round led by Jazz Venture Partners, with participation from existing investors, including Foundry Group, Techstars Ventures, Intel Capital, and a handful of new investors.

inXile Entertainment Raised $4.5M And Is Now Working On An Open World VR RPG


The creators of The Mage’s Tale , inXile Entertainment, announced today that they’ve not only secured $4.5 We’ll also be bringing our storytelling and RPG experience to the table to help enrich the genre,” said Brian Fargo, CEO, inXile Entertainment. Brian is a legend in the games industry, and inXile Entertainment has a track record for creating ground-breaking PC and console games that feel AAA in scope and size using their creativity, ingenuity, and ambition.

VRLA This Weekend Showcases The Latest In Immersive Entertainment


One of the industry’s largest VR-focused conferences is back today and tomorrow. Over the last few years VRLA grew from a small meetup showcasing individual creators and startups to a large multi-day event at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

New VR Entertainment Company Nomadic Opens Its DoorsA new.


New VR Entertainment Company Nomadic Opens Its Doors A new company called Nomadic specialising in creating immersive entertainment installations for retail venues has just announced it is opening its doors. nomadic vr entertainment door shopppingmall installationThe company was founded by veterans from companies such as Apple, ILM, Disney and Electronics Arts.

The Mage’s Tale is a Breathtaking New Oculus Touch Dungeon Crawler RPG from inXile Entertainment


inXile Entertainment on the other hand, along with Obsidian Entertainment and Larian Studios, are keeping old-school RPGs alive. The window for the players kept getting bigger, the graphics more advanced, and now with The Mage’s Tale, we are inside the dungeon,” said Brian Fargo, dungeon crawler expert and CEO of inXile Entertainment in a prepared statement. Tagged with: dungeon crawler , inxile entertainment , oculus touch , rift , rpg , the mage's tale.

Meet UploadVR’s New Editor-in-Chief: Tal Blevins, Co-Founder of IGN Entertainment


During his tenure there, IGN was spinoff from Imagine and Tal helped to co-found what is now known as IGN Entertainment: the number one games, entertainment and pop-culture media brand in the world. 2016 was a big year for all of us at UploadVR.

Hulu Adds to Virtual Reality Entertainment


In November last year Hulu released their new VR app for Samsung Gear VR. However, most people in the world of VR will agree, we have the technology, and we just need more exciting content. Hulu is aware of those and is hoping their new additions will help to build the VR content space.

STX Entertainment acquires VR studio Surreal


STX Entertainment, the Hollywood TV and film studio behind flicks like Bad Moms and Free State of Jones, has just acquired VR content producer Surreal to begin powering some of their own efforts in the virtual reality space. Source: STX ENTERTAINMENT ACQUIRES VR STUDIO SURREAL.

The VR Fund: Entertainment VR Investments Jump 79% In Second Half Of 2017


The Venture Reality Fund , a venture capital fund that tracks investments in the sector, reported that the number of investments in the entertainment sector in the second half of 2017 is up 79 percent compared to the same period a year ago. The number of investments in VR/AR entertainment was up 79 percent in the second half of 2017 (granted, it’s not quite over yet) compared to the second half of 2016.

Gunheart from Drifter Entertainment Moves out of Early Access - Available Today


However, the bug killing folks at Drifter Entertainment has moved their futuristic online bug killing co-op RPG Gunheart to version 1.0 said Ray Davis, co-founder and CEO of Drifter Entertainment. "From HTC Vive Oculus Rift Drifter Entertainment gunheart

Resident Evil 7’s Free Not A Hero DLC Is An Entertaining Epilogue


Though brief, this new add-on, named Not A Hero, is an entertaining if inessential epilogue that neatly wraps up some dangling plot threads. Why not finish the year as we started it, with a good bit of Resident Evil 7?

StarDrone VR Review: An Entertaining Puzzle Game With No Reason To Be In VR


Don’t get me wrong, StarDrone VR is a perfectly playable and entertaining arcade puzzle game. I’d like to think that we’re at a stage with VR now that most games have a reason to actually be, y’know, in VR. More than just “Isn’t this cool in 3D?”,

Apple Patent Could Transform Self-Driving Cars Into Mobile VR Entertainment Hubs


In recent weeks, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has published Apple patent applications for several fascinating virtual reality concepts, but the latest one takes the cake: Apple has that radically transforms the car’s interior and exterior environments, making the ride more fun for passengers. Though the patent is framed as a way to mitigate motion sickness, Patently Apple notes that it offers a staggering glimpse into Apple’s visions for both VR and self-driving cars.

How is VR Changing the Face of Alternative Online Entertainment?


VR is here, and it has already started its quest to revolutionize entertainment as we know it. Alternative entertainment. Soon it could open up a new world of digital entertainment, allowing people to see the world in ways we wouldn’t have thought possible just a few years ago.

VR Matures From Entertainment Platform To Business Tool With ‘Speech Center VR’


Experiences Cerevrum education public speaking speech speech center vr training

XR in Entertainment: MTVVR and Virtual Sports Leagues?

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The Future of Immersive Entertainment. So, apart from gaming, how will we entertain ourselves and be entertained in the XR future? The post XR in Entertainment: MTVVR and Virtual Sports Leagues? By Emily Friedman. I recently went on a date in virtual reality. Yes, really.) From our respective apartments in Brooklyn and Manhattan, my date and I put on our Oculus Go headsets, opened Oculus Venues, and watched a live Everclear concert.

Legendary Entertainment Bets Big On Mixed Reality With HoloLens and Magic Leap


Mixed Reality HoloLens legendary Magic Leap microsoft

Forget Video Games, Virtual Reality Can Be Its Own Entertainment via @Forbes.


Forget Video Games, Virtual Reality Can Be Its Own Entertainment via @Forbes [link] — allthingsvr (@allthingsvr) July 9, 2017. virtual reality augmented reality vr ar

Graffiti VR Experience Paints the Future of Art & Entertainment


Breaking Entertainment Google News Cultural Institute GOOG graffiti Hendrix Bridge King Spray Tilt Brush VR VR Experience VRexThere are countries in the world where painting graffiti outside designated areas will get you in serious trouble.

Worlds Biggest VR Entertainment Park opened in China


China opened the doors to its first virtual reality theme park , which aims to ride a boom in demand for virtual entertainment that is set to propel tenfold growth in the country’s virtual reality market, to hit almost US$8.5 The post Worlds Biggest VR Entertainment Park opened in China appeared first on VR World. Companies Entertainment News Virtual Reality (VR) China Entertainment Park Guizhou VR

Virtro Entertainment to bring their take on the Wizard Of Oz to PSVR with Run Dorothy Run 

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Virtro Entertainment – the female-led VR indie game studio out of Vancouver, Canada, today announced the release of Run Dorothy Run – an immersive endless-runner and rhythm VR game, with a cheeky take on the classic novel, "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz."