Gaming-Themed Atari Hotels Will Include VR And AR Entertainment


According to the release, the goal of these Atari Hotels is to merge retro gaming with modern immersive entertainment to offer guests a one-of-a-kind gaming-focused travel destination; this includes modern interactive entertainment powered by VR and AR. .

Can AR Transform Entertainment?

AR Insider

consumers’ love for digital entertainment has only accelerated– especially in paid streaming platforms. In difficult times, many have turned to the solace of media and entertainment, causing providers to face an increasingly crowded and competitive marketplace. Over the last century, this was the role the entertainment industry took upon itself. introduction of television, led to even more need for entertainment and ways for people to consume it.


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Alaska Airlines Begins Testing VR As First Class Entertainment


Airlines love the idea of giving a top-notch travel experience to its customers, and with VR and AR playing a more prominent role in how we travel these days, such as PeriscapeVR ‘s VR towers at JFK’s International Terminal 4 or KLM Airlines AR luggage app , it only makes sense that the technology would eventually become part of your actual inflight entertainment. The post Alaska Airlines Begins Testing VR As First Class Entertainment appeared first on VRScout.

Alaska 321

Self-Driving Car Features Batman-Themed Immersive Entertainment


That’s certainly a question that entertainment providers such as Warner Bros. Time is money, after all, and idle people spend more keeping themselves entertained. According to Marcie Miller, Intel’s Automotive Strategic Marketing Manager, the concept car delivers on a commitment the two companies made at the LA Auto Show in 2017 to explore the potential for next-generation entertainment in future autonomous vehicles.

Baby Shark VR & AR Experiences Keep Families Entertained & Educated Under Lockdown


Collectively the Pinkfong YouTube channels have garnered over 27 billion views and more than 53 million followers , becoming one of the hottest child-friendly entertainment platforms in the world. VR sharks doo doo doo doo doo doo !

Sansar Partners With Monstercat On Live VR Music & Entertainment Series


Earlier this morning Linden Labs, the developer behind the popular VR/desktop social platform Sansar , announced its app will soon be home to MONSTERCAT: CALL OF THE WILD EXPERIENCE , an upcoming live entertainment series that will feature live concerts, exclusive fan quests, VR meet-and-greets, and a whole bunch of giveaways. The post Sansar Partners With Monstercat On Live VR Music & Entertainment Series appeared first on VRScout.

Post-Pandemic, Augmented Reality Serves Entertainment With Its Re-Emergence


But the technology didn’t crack the mainstream in entertainment the way many tech observers had predicted. As in-person events and conference panels went virtual, AR activations emerged to entertain and entice.

Tech Trends @ VR Sports & Entertainment Summit 2018

Tech Trends VR

The 2nd Annual Immersive Technology in Sports & Entertainment Summit will be held in San Francisco on November 13-14, 2018. With 40 Speakers and over 200 senior executives from Sport, Entertainment, Technology, Global Brands and Broadcasting registered to attend it is set to be the defining event for leaders across sports, technology and entertainment industries. The post Tech Trends @ VR Sports & Entertainment Summit 2018 appeared first on Tech Trends.

Trends 213

Malls Have A Future: Location-based Entertainment


The search for new, more entertaining ways of using shared social spaces and bringing people together has begun. Through their nostalgia for genuine, emotional experiences , millennials are creating a new wave of location-based entertainment (or LBE) and positioning it as a prominent solution to empty real estate and struggling retail. Location-based entertainment (LBE) is about bringing people together, in real life, to share experiences.

Skybound Entertainment and Delusion Producing VR Horror Series


Delusion immersive theater experience announces partnership with Skybound Entertainment for new VR series. The post Skybound Entertainment and Delusion Producing VR Horror Series appeared first on VRScout. News Delusion Horror Immersive Theater Los Angeles Skybound EntertainmentImmersive theater has become extremely popular in the last few years, particularly in New York and Los Angeles.

Time Stall Trailer (Force Field Entertainment) – Quest


The post Time Stall Trailer (Force Field Entertainment) – Quest appeared first on UploadVR. [link]. Video

The Nevers Is Entertaining But a Tad Overstuffed

GizModo VR

Victorian ladies with superpowers” is already a high-concept idea, but The Nevers , while entertaining, somehow finds a way to make things even busier. Watching The Nevers —HBO’s new epic fantasy series created by Joss Whedon , who’s no longer involved with the show—can be overwhelming.

Discover The Latest In Immersive Entertainment At AT&T SHAPE


Technology meets entertainment this June as AT&T brings a variety of demos and speakers to Warner Bros. Los Angeles is once again the place to be this June as the AT&T SHAPE immersive event returns to gather the latest and greatest technology, content and influential voices for yet another two days of nonstop demos, interactive exhibits and fascinating conversations with some of the brightest minds in the field of immersive entertainment.

Virtual Reality Entertainment?—?Use Cases, Benefits, and Approaches


Virtual Reality Entertainment?—?Use The gaming and entertainment media accounts for 40.5% Also, since we live at a time with limited choices for entertainment, VR can also be useful in allowing us to enjoy some of our favorite activities and places remotely.

AT&T SHAPE: A Cutting-Edge Convergence of Entertainment and Technology


Now, the telecomm organization is hosting AT&T SHAPE , an immersive event that “explores the convergence of technology and entertainment.” The placement in a landmark Hollywood institution is complemented by a slate of luminary speakers and interactive demos designed to inspire conversations around the convergence of entertainment and tech—and the ways VR/AR are revolutionizing interactive narrative and digital storytelling.

Pixar, Lucasfilm and Disney Veterans Launch VR Entertainment Company Cryworks


The new VR entertainment company launches with funding from Michael Bay’s 451 Media Group, 500 Mobile Collective and China’s WI Harper Group. The CryWorks team is looking to take their industry experience in visual effects and AAA computer games and apply it to this new immerse medium, hoping to create new forms of entertainment and media and help launch new franchises and brands that transcend VR.

District 9 Director Neil Blomkamp: VR/AR Are ‘The Future Of Entertainment’


“The future of entertainment is going to be along the lines of virtual or augmented reality,” Blomkamp explained. Tagged with: District 9 , Neill Blomkamp Facebook Twitter Reddit More The post District 9 Director Neil Blomkamp: VR/AR Are ‘The Future Of Entertainment’ appeared first on UploadVR. Entertainment Experiences District 9 Neill BlomkampNeill Blomkamp is best known for his sci-fi movies with bold visions of the distant future.

Jim Ryan Appointed President & CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment

Road to VR

Sony has officially announced that John Kodera has stepped down as president and CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE), making way for previous SIE deputy president Jim Ryan to take the position. Speaking to the Telegraph at Paris Games Week 2017, Ryan said “we definitely see [VR] as having the potential to be a very significant part of the future of interactive entertainment. Ryan joined Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe (SIEE) in 1994.

The 10 most entertaining video game movies

Mashable VR

More about Movies , Summer Of Gaming , Entertainment , Movies Tv Shows , and Gaming. Movies Summer Of Gaming Entertainment Movies Tv Shows GamingThere are quite a handful of movies based on video games. Almost none of them are good.

Hollywood Studio DMG Entertainment Moves Into VR


DMG Entertainment , the Hollywood Studio that made Iron Man 3 , is moving into virtual reality. based company, announced the launch of DMG VR, which is dedicated to entertainment that mixes storytelling with the new medium of VR. Tagged with: DMG Entertainment. VR Industry News DMG EntertainmentDan Mintz, cofounder of the Beverly Hills, Calif.-based

Microsoft Acquires ‘The Mage’s Tale’ Studio inXile Entertainment

Road to VR

The studio behind first-person VR dungeon crawler The Mage’s Tale (2017) , inXile Entertainment , has been acquired by Microsoft Studios. Microsoft also acquired Obsidian Entertainment , the studio behind Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords (2005) , Fallout New Vegas (2010), South Park: The Stick of Truth (2014) and the Pillars of Eternity series. Microsoft News Bits inxile entertainment microsoft microsoft studios the mage's tale

Raccoon Lagoon Launch Trailer (Hidden Path Entertainment) – Rift, Quest


The post Raccoon Lagoon Launch Trailer (Hidden Path Entertainment) – Rift, Quest appeared first on UploadVR. Video

NASA highlights sky-watching entertainment for March

Digital Trends

NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory is back again with its monthly rundown of sky-watching tips. This is what you can see. News NASA night sky planets space stars

Hideo Kojima: VR Will ‘Significantly Change’ Entertainment, Education, and Culture


“Screen-viewing culture hadn’t changed for about 120 years, so I think the impact of VR will significantly change entertainment, our daily lives, education, culture, and so on. Tagged with: change , culture , entertainment , hideo , kojima , quote. VR change culture entertainment hideo kojima quoteHideo Kojima has had a meteoric couple of years.

Penrose Studios Raises $10 Million For AR/VR Entertainment


Penrose Studios has raised $10 million in a new round of funding for its augmented reality and virtual reality entertainment. VR continues to be a breakthrough form of entertainment for all ages,” said Chung. “As Tagged with: venturebeat Facebook Twitter Reddit More The post Penrose Studios Raises $10 Million For AR/VR Entertainment appeared first on UploadVR.

Rave Runner Looks Like An Exhilarating VR Debut For Orpheus Self-Care Entertainment


Orpheus Self-Care Entertainment is a new company founded to try and challenge that notion and its positioning its debut new title, Rave Runner, at the heart of it all. Stauffer, Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer at Orpheus Self-Care Entertainment in a prepared statement. We then ground these ideas in traditional self care practices such as dance, meditation, and artistic expression, creating an entirely next level genre of truly embodied self-care entertainment.”.

Remote AR multiplayer for gaming and entertainment


Source Over half of the Augmented Reality market is gaming and entertainment, but the number of AR games is still far from what we see in non-AR gaming categories. AR games are different, with a new approach to user entertainment.

Reality plus: how AR reshapes entertainment

Hypergrid Business

Augmented reality proves itself a multi-purpose technology, being eagerly adopted across different domains, such as manufacturing, healthcare, education, travel, and, of course, entertainment. It’s 2018, and AR bursts through different facets of the entertainment industry, showing its potential in marketing and advertising for media products as well as being the part of such products themselves. We regularly update Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat, looking for fresh entertainment.

Nickelodeon Tests Waters For Kids VR With New Entertainment Lab


Nickelodeon’s stable of children’s shows is ripe for experimentation with VR, and that’s exactly what the company is going to be doing with the reveal of its Entertainment Lab. Don’t expect to see any fully featured products from the team yet; Entertainment Lab will first create prototypes that test a range of ideas — taking it slow when it comes to the use of VR and kids.

‘Titanfall’ Developer, Respawn Entertainment, Teases Rift Exclusive Game Coming in 2019

Road to VR

Today at Oculus Connect 4, the company’s Head of Content, Jason Rubin, announced that Oculus Studios will be publishing a Rift exclusive title made by Respawn Entertainment , the studio founded by ex- Call of Duty, and the creators of Titanfall. ” That was the lead up to the reveal that Oculus Studios will be publishing a Rift exclusive title, developed by Respawn Entertainment, coming in 2019. Image courtesy Respawn Entertainment.

10 entertainment treasures we miss from the 2000s

Mashable VR

By 2010, access to all of these became assumed in mainstream culture, and entertainment shifted in tandem with technology. More about Watercooler , Entertainment , 2000s Week , Entertainment , and Music. Watercooler Entertainment 2000s Week MusicWelcome to 2000s Week !

How AR and VR are Impacting Home Entertainment

EON Reality

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) sprang to public prominence through the entertainment market, but the big moves forward are now being seen in the medical sector and manufacturing processes. The home entertainment market in the U.S

Remedy Entertainment Alums Form New VR Company, 3rd Eye Studios


Quantum Break, by Remedy Entertainment. Starting a new game studio specifically dedicated to VR content is all the rage these days. Indie developers, former AAA stalwarts, and everything in between are ceasing the opportunity to dive into the VR market head first and take advantage of the early years of creative experimentation. One such company is 3rd Eye Studios.

What’s the Best Projector for Your Home Entertainment Needs?

GizModo VR

I’ll always remember the first time I saw someone use a projector in place of a TV. I went to a friend’s apartment in college for a little gaming party and discovered that my bud had no proper screen in his apartment. Instead, he was just projecting everything onto a gigantic wall.

Investors say emerging multiverses are the future of entertainment

TechCrunch VR

Unlike other segments of the startup and tech world, where valuations have been slashed , early-stage companies focused on building new games, gaming infrastructure and virtual or extended reality entertainment are having no trouble raising money.

VRstudios Is Bringing Its Wireless VR Entertainment Centers To Europe


VR Industry News Barking Iron multiplayer Time Zombies VRcade VRstudios wireless vr

Europe 177

Community Download: Will Live Events In VR Eventually Become Mainstream Entertainment?


For today, we want to know what you think about the upcoming VR Billie Eilish concert and what it means for the future of in-VR entertainment. Our dicussion topic this week, on the heels of the Billie Eilish announcement, is: Do you think VR concerts and other live events will ever become mainstream entertainment? The post Community Download: Will Live Events In VR Eventually Become Mainstream Entertainment?