Facebook Temporarily Halts The Sale Of Oculus Headsets In Germany


” Earlier this morning, Facebook announced a temporary halt on the sale of Oculus products in Germany to ensure their products comply with local laws. ” Famous for its antitrust legislation, Germany enforces a strict “no coupling” policy.

Facebook Halts Sales of Rift & Quest in Germany Amid Regulatory Talks

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Facebook has halted sales of all Oculus VR headsets in Germany, something the company says will be temporary during its ongoing talks with German regulators. “We’ve temporarily paused the sale of Oculus hardware to consumers in Germany due to pending discussions with the regulator [sic].

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Facebook ‘Temporarily’ Pauses Oculus Headset Sales In Germany, Citing Regulators

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Facebook is “temporarily” pausing sales of Oculus hardware in Germany, citing ongoing discussions with regulatory authorities. In 2019, Germany’s antitrust regulator ruled Facebook cannot share data between its services like Instagram and WhatsApp.

First Ransomware-Related Death Reported in Germany After Attack Paralyzes Hospital

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It sounds like something out of a tragic Black Mirror episode: A woman seeking urgent care died this week after an apparently bungled ransomware attack took down a major hospital in Germany, thus forcing paramedics to rush her to another city for treatment, according to several outlets.

Amazon Can Add Germany and Canada to Its List of Investigation Headaches

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Joining the multiple parties currently investigating Amazon and its shady marketplace behavior, authorities in Germany and Canada are now launching their own respective probes. amazon antitrust canada germany

Server Hosting Leaked Secret U.S. Police Files Seized by Germany

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ddosecrets germany leaks policeGerman authorities have reportedly confiscated a server used by the group DDOSecrets to share leaked confidential records belonging to more than 200 state, local, and federal American law enforcement agencies. Read more.

HTC Bundling Vive Cosmos with AORUS 15G Laptop In UK, Germany And Austria

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The pair today announced a bundle for the UK, Germany and Austria that includes one of the two PC VR headsets and the AORUS 15G laptop at a combined saving of £149. HTC Vive is partnering up with Gigabyte in hopes of getting more Cosmos and Cosmos Elite headsets into homes.

Places_Festival Returns to Germany for Second Year

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And if you happen to be in Germany during the middle of May then you might want to check out Places_Festival. When it comes to seeing the best that the virtual reality (VR) industry has to offer then bigger events like Gamescom or the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) aren’t always the best to go to. It’s the smaller dedicated shows like VR Days Europe which can showcase plenty of interesting ideas.

You Can Buy an Oculus Rift + Touch Bundle in Germany for €450

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Germany-based customers looking to snap up a deal on Oculus Rift and Touch, the VR headset’s motion controller, are seeing one of the biggest price cuts thanks to German electronics retailer MediaMarkt. including VAT and shipping to anywhere in Germany. If you’re in Germany however but for some reason don’t have a permanent address, you can also pay online and pick up the bundle in-store providing both items are currently in stock.

Birdly Simulator Features a “Man-Sized” VR Controller in Ulm, Germany


Currently on display in Ulm, Germany, the Birdly experience asks players to lie face down on what they call the “man-sized-unit.” If Ubisoft’s Eagle Flight wasn’t immersive enough, here comes the Birdly simulator by Swiss firm Somniacs. ” (Stop laughing.) It looks like a modified massage table. Players strap their arms onto moving platforms they can flap like wings, and a fan provides the feel of air rushing past as they fly over the picturesque German city.

Original Oculus Rift Bundle Down To €269 In Germany


The Oculus Rift is currently even cheaper than Sony’s PlayStation VR (PSVR) at one German retailer, though don’t add it to your basket just yet. Media Markt has the PC-based VR headset on offer for just €269 online right now (which works out to about $327 without tax included).

Microsoft To Host US And International Mixed Reality Dev Days


Microsoft announced that it will be hosting two Mixed Reality Dev Days in Redmond, Washington May 16 and 17, in addition to some international dev days held in Japan and Germany at some point during the year. However, for those not in the US, Microsoft will also host international Mixed Reality Dev Day tours in Germany and Japan this year – however, dates have not been announced yet, as locations and venues are still being finalized.

Microsoft Mixed Reality Dev Days Names Keynote For AltSpace VR Event


The Mixed Reality Dev Days were originally announced in February, with a plan to host two days in the US in Seattle and two later dates for international developers hosted in Germany and Japan later in the year. Microsoft announced more details and plans for their Mixed Reality Dev Days, which will now take place fully online in AltSpaceVR.

Schedule For Microsoft?s Virtual Mixed Reality Dev Days Revealed


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HolodeckVR raises €3M from Germany’s ProSiebenSat1 to put VR onto dodgems

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Consumer VR might not have taken off in the mainstream but it’s still fun to use, and it’s even more fun to use in groups. There is more of an arcade renaissance for VR going on right now, as well as location-based multi-user VR experiences. That’s the premise behind Munich-based HolodeckVR which is using proprietary tech to blend radio frequency, IR tracking and on-device IMUs to bring multi-user positionally tracked VR to mobile headsets.

This Theme Park Has A VR Water Slide


News Ballast Germany Theme Parks Water Park Water Slide WaterproofThe German waterpark lets riders strap on a waterproof VR headset. From VR roller coaster rides at Sea World to shooting yourself out of a cannon , we’ve seen a range of exhilarating ways VR can bring theme park rides into the future. Now one startup is taking water slides to the next level with submersible VR headsets.

Oculus Go to Hit UK & European Retailers This Month, Pre-orders Now Available

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UK and European residents have (mostly) been able to order Oculus Go directly through the Oculus website since it launched early last month, with the company delivering to many countries in the EU and Schengen Zone including Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and the UK. Germany Store Availability.

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Gamescom 2019 Day #2: Iron Man VR, Espire 1 And More!


Events Gamescom VR Industry News Espire 1: VR Operative gamescom vr germany Iron Man VR recapPew, pew, pew! It’s Gamescom day two! The aforementioned ‘pews’ are attributed to the fact we played Iron Man VR today. There’s been a lot of buzzing about how Marvel’s latest VR experience allows 360 degree tracking in VR. We wanted to put that to the test. Did it live up to it? Find out in our video recap over on YouTube! link]. But is that all?

Netflix's Biohackers Is Not the Tech Utopia You Might Expect

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pique your interest biohackers netflix streaming germany sci fi biohacking scienceThe German sci-fi series Biohackers has debuted on Netflix , ostensibly telling the story of a medical student who gets caught up in the world of biohacking.

A Woman Goes All Count of Monte Cristo on Genetics in the Biohackers Trailer

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biohackers netflix germany biohacking streaming christian ditter scienceA medical student studying under a controversial professor finds herself entangled in a world of forbidden science. A tale as old as time.

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Minecraft to get big lighting, shadow and color upgrades through Nvidia ray tracing

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Nvidia meanwhile is showing off a range of 2019 games with real-time ray tracing enabled at Gamescom 2019 in Cologne, Germany, including Dying Light 2, Cyperpunk 2077, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Watch Dogs: Legion. Gadgets Gaming TC cologne computing GeForce Germany microsoft windows Mojang nvidia rtx Video Cards video games Virtual reality

‘Mission To Mars’ Is A Multiplayer Free-Roam VR Experience With A Scientific Twist


VFX studio Pixomondo, and the Forum Schwanthalerhohe mall in Munich, Germany, Mission to Mars is a 15-minute educational adventure combining interplanetary adventure with science. Work together to survive the harsh conditions of Mars in this 15-minute educational adventure.

Industrial Designers Create New 'Human-God Interfaces'

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A joint project between students in the Industrial Design course at the University of Wuppertal, Germany, and the Catholic Educational Institution in Bonn is bringing (sort of) high tech to the Catholic Mass.

Ransomware attack on hospital may have led to death of patient

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A ransomware attack on a hospital in Germany may have led to the death of a patient in what could be the first case of its kind. Computing News #breakingtwitter breaking twitter Hospital ransomware ransomware attack

Samsung’s new UV smartphone sterilizer doubles as a wireless charger

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The accessory is now up for sale in several regions such as Germany. Mobile News Coronavirus Samsung

U.S. Breaks Record With Over 77,000 New Coronavirus Cases in Single Day

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coronavirus covid 19 donald trump president trump texas florida france new zealand germany australiaThe U.S. recorded 77,255 new cases of coronavirus on Thursday , setting a depressing new world record. The U.S. has the worst outbreak on the planet right now, but it’s probably more accurate to say this new record was broken last week. The largest private testing lab in the country is currently averaging more… Read more.

The First Dinosaur Feather Ever Found Is Still Controversial

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A fossilized feather found 159 years ago in Germany has returned to the paleontological spotlight, with new research declaring the feather as having come from the bird-like Archaeopteryx , much to the chagrin of dissenting scientists.

Where To Pre-Order The Oculus Quest 2


According to research by RoadtoVR , Germany and South Korea are straight out of luck when it comes to availability. Those in the US will have to wait until late November to get their hands on the new Quest.

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Microsoft Hololens Available in More Countries


Starting on October 12, Microsoft added availability to the following countries: Australia, Ireland, France, Germany, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom. Microsoft Hololens (Developer version) has been available in the US and Canada since March for $3,000. However, this has left out many other parts of the world. You can pre-order your device now. Augmented Reality Microsoft HoloLens

U.S. Concentration Camp Sent Undocumented Women to Be Sterilized According to Whistleblower

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Why are the terms “Nazi Germany” and “Mengele” become trending topics on Twitter? The words dominated the social media platform on Monday after it was revealed that a whistleblower has alleged “ high numbers ” of immigrant women at a U.S.

DOOM is Out, Quake or Wolfenstein to Come Next?


Following the successful launch of DOOM, idSoftware is working on increasing its headcount by 17 job positions in company headquarters in Dallas (Texas) and Frankfurt (Germany). If you would like to join idSoftware, take a look at job positions in Texas and Germany , all of which contain similar base descriptions plus job specifics.

Snapchat Adds New Landmarker Targets & Templates to Lens Studio

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Don't Miss: Snapchat Lens Studio Adds New Segmentation Templates to Its Bag of Augmented Reality Tricks The other new Landmarker targets include the Arc de Triomphe in Paris, France; the Astronomical Clock in Prague, Czech Republic; Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, Germany; El. After hosting an augmented reality experience using its Snapchat Landmarker technology at the Statue of Liberty, Snap is now giving creators the opportunity to create their own Lenses with Lady Liberty.

Germany Regulators Are Trying to Block Porn Sites to Thwart Horny Teens

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Porn won the porn war in the UK, but now the industry is fighting on a different front in Germany, where authorities are trying to force internet service providers to block major sites that don’t implement age verification systems. pornography germany censorship technology porn dns internet

Magic Leap Teams with Sennheiser to Deliver High-End Spatial Audio for Augmented Reality

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Germany-based Sennheiser has announced an official partnership with Magic Leap through the company's "Works with Magic Leap" certification program. One of the best aspects of the Magic Leap One is the spatial audio, a feature that enhances the overall sense of immersion when interacting with virtual objects and content through the device. Now the company is aiming to boost the quality of that component by partnering with one of the leading names in high-quality audio.

The XR Week Peek (2020.09.07): new Quest is coming at $299 and $399, NVIDIA RTX3070 is powerful and affordable and more!

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Facebook halts the sale of Quest in Germany. Facebook is temporarily suspending the sale of Oculus Quest devices in Germany. Germany, please save us . More info (Facebook halting Quest sales in Germany) More info (A Redditor explaining the problem).

Snapchat’s Latest Lens Studio Update Is A Game Changer For AR Creators


14 new landmarks and 6 AR templates make their way to the desktop app. This week Snapchat further deepened its commitment to AR technology with the release of a new update for Lens Studio, the companies official desktop app for the creation of AR ‘Lenses,’ which adds fourteen new “Landmarks,” as well as six additional Lense templates. Debuted back in April, Snapchat’s “Landmarkers” Lenses bring famous locations all around the world to life in AR.

The First Google Daydream Headset is the VR ONE Plus


That headset is the VR ONE Plus, the latest in the line of mobile-based HMDs from Germany-based Carl Zeiss. We’ve already heard about the first Google Daydream ready smartphone, now it’s time for a look at what appears to be the first Daydream headset. The post The First Google Daydream Headset is the VR ONE Plus appeared first on UploadVR. hardware VR Headsets Carl Zeiss google daydream VR ONE Plus

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