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VR Headset From Russia Boasts Impressive Specs


According to a report by Russian tech news publication , Roscosmos—a strategic partner of the Russia-based conference The Startup Village—used the event to showcase its first VR headset, the Roscosmos XR-1. Origin – the entire hardware and software complex will be developed in Russia.

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Russia Bans Facebook & Instagram, Quest Sees Ripple Effects

Road to VR

The ongoing invasion of Ukraine has caused a huge backlash from businesses around the world, which has resulted in a laundry list of consumer products and services pulling out of both Russia and its ally Belarus. Russia’s version of the FCC, Roskomnadzor, has the power to ban or slow down any service it deems inappropriate.

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Russia keeps getting hacked

Mashable VR

Russia — a nation that has famously been on the offensive when it comes to cyber attacks — is now facing its own barrage of hacks as multiple sanctions hit the country from the West. Since then, there have been data leaks abound, from Russia's second-biggest bank to e-commerce sites, Reuters reported.

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The Real Reason Google Just Paused Advertising In Russia


Google paused advertising online inside Russia, appearing to do so in response to Russia's demands for information control through Google's platforms.

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Ukraine's official Twitter account: Kick Russia off the platform

Mashable VR

Ukraine's official Twitter account has a message for the social media platform: Get Russia out of here. Thursday, the verified account of Ukraine posted an appeal to the people of Twitter, asking them to demand that Twitter remove the official Russia account from the platform. Tweet may have been deleted.

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Lego Leaves Russia for Good

GizModo VR

The LEGO Group is the latest to stop sales in Russia. This halt comes after the company paused shipments to Russia in March. The world’s largest toy maker follows a slew of companies like Starbucks , Adidas, McDonalds , and many more. Read more.

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Reddit has quarantined r/Russia due to misinformation

Mashable VR

Reddit has quarantined subreddit r/Russia due to misinformation, as the internationally condemned Russian invasion of Ukraine continues into its sixth day. In the case of r/Russia, the message now warns that this subreddit contains "a high volume of information not supported by credible sources.". Credit: Mashable. Credit: Mashable.

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