3 Impressive WebVR Examples Worth Checking Out With Firefox’s New Support for Vive and Rift

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Here’s three examples worth checking out. Since WebVR is new (and free), much of what’s out there is still very much demo and experimental content, but several exceptional examples demonstrate why we should all be excited for the possibilities of VR on the web.

Watch: Tobii Reveals Vive VR Eye Tracking Examples, Including ‘Rec Room’

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After hyping everyone up recently with a short teaser video, eye-tracking specialists Tobii have revealed more details and video examples their eye tracking in action at GDC, including integration with social VR application Rec Room.

‘VR Noir’ Is A Great Example Of How Virtual Reality.


‘VR Noir’ Is A Great Example Of How Virtual Reality Will Change Television VR Noir is a 360-degree film with interactive elements created by the Australian studio Start VR.

8 Ways to Annotate Readings, Websites and Online Articles with Examples


Below are examples from my students using the free Grackle Marks add-on for Google Docs and the paid pro version of Newsela. “Reading furnishes the mind only with materials of knowledge; it is thinking that makes what we read ours.” ” – John Locke.

VR Real Estate Tours – You Can Do It Too! [Examples & Tutorial]


Examples. VR Real Estate Tours! Fancy, fancy. Are you picturing something like the video below? - top notch VR headset, high rendering quality, targeted towards multi-millionaires interested in buying Manhattan high-rises that are yet-to-be-built.

Horror VR Experiences Can Have Psychological Effects On Users


For example, when you watch a virtual reality demo called “ The Kitchen ” developed by Capcom- which is nothing but a Japanese studio, you end up receiving a highly tangible or realistic experience.

Microsoft Japan Concept Video Demos How HoloLens Will Help Pilot the Drone Ships of the Future

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The latest example comes via Microsoft Japan and a new concept video that shows off how the HoloLens will be used in the relatively near future to pilot autonomous ships.

Japan 100

Artsy Claims Crown as First App to Take Advantage of ARKit's New Wall-Crawling Abilities

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Using ARKit's new vertical surface detection capabilities, Artsy gives users with compatible iPhones and iPads to view the art retailer's collection of more than 800,000 pieces of art, including famous works and examples from emerging artists, on the walls of their own homes and offices.

Microsoft Video Shows Off BAE Systems' HoloLens-Powered Manufacturing Training Solution

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In the latest example, Microsoft reveals how BAE Systems is using PTC's Thingworx Studio software on the HoloLens to improve employee training.

Report: VR in Retail and Marketing to Generate US$1.8 billion in 2022

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Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality technologies will bring opportunities for merchants as consumer adoption grows. There is high consumer interest to use VR for making purchase decisions while shopping online or in-store. Click To Tweet.

Do you remember your first VR?


For example. It is the weekend, so time for something fun. You probably remember your first VR experience. Mine, was simply the Oculus Demo in the DK2, nothing too exciting but still memorable. With some people, their first time is just down right scary.

Expert View: 3 ways VR is transforming Learning & Development

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This is an example of what we call the Skills-Based Model of VR training – teaching practical skills by using the body as a natural interface, and thus developing physical memory through repetition. . Immersive tech and training go back 50 years, but how has that relationship changed?

Google to Support Multi-user Shared AR Apps with ‘Cloud Anchors’ in ARCore

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The company showed an example of the new feature in action with an experimental version of their Just a Line app, which showed users drawing and playing together across multiple devices.

Google 264

The Real Reason Marketers Will Love VR & AR


An excellent example of this used in VR is the Boursin Sensorium 360 VR Experience, a creative advertisement from the popular cheese brand which takes their consumers on a sensorial journey across the ingredients necessary to make their product. Examples of VR/AR product placements.

Vive Pro Gets AR Capabilities Thanks to HTC’s New Tools for Front-facing Cameras

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This example shows how the Spatial Mapping module can create a model of the room’s geometry for use in applications: The Vive SRWorks SDK is available in beta through the company’s developer portal.

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Experiencing the #RoyalWedding in Augmented Reality

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We think that these limited-edition t-shirts are a great example of how illustrative design and AR can work hand-in-hand to bring to life physical objects,” says Max Dawes, Partnerships & Marketing Director at Zappar.

What are MicroLED or OLED Microdisplays?


OLED on Silicon, as shown in the diagram above is an example of a MicroLED from eMagin. Example of a MicroLED screen. MicroLEDs are similar to OLED but better. Like OLED, Micro LED consists of extremely tiny LEDs, each of which comprises a red, green, and blue sub-pixel that can provide its light. MicroLEDs can provide higher brightness than OLEDs and typically have longer lifetimes, and can be directly applied onto a TFT or CMOS backplane similarly as OLED.

IBM and Unity partner for easy access to AI tools for VR/AR developers.

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One recent example of the power of IBM Watson in gaming is the recent VR game, Star Trek: Bridge Crew. IBM and Unity partner to bring the IBM Watson Unity SDK to the Unity Asset Store to make AI integration easier than ever.

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Live Streaming 360 Degree Video to VR Headsets: The Basics

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The immediate benefit of HLS is that both iOS and Android support it, while streaming formats like RTMP are currently only supported by Android for example. For over a year now, we have been producing high-quality 360º 3D video content for virtual reality headsets here at Purple Pill VR.

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Book Review: Experience on Demand

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There are examples of how VR can be a powerful learning tool Click To Tweet. Business travel, for example, could be vastly reduced if we are able to replicate in VR the same levels of interaction and feeling of presence that one gets from face-to-face meetings.

How Science Can Help Build Immersive Products

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Although there are clear examples of xR entrepreneurs who embrace build-measure-learn and are developing high-quality products, my experience is that the more common situation is one in which entrepreneurs are excellent at building the product, but fall short on the measure and learn components.

Google Opens ‘Maps’ API So Devs Can Create ‘Pokémon Go’-style Games

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Using the example of Rockstar Games’ Grand Theft Auto IV (2008) , which remains one of the most expensive and richest game worlds ever created, Jacoby noted that this was, at launch, it only as big as downtown Manhattan (in terms of real-world scale).

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The Best Encoding Settings For Your 4k 360 3D VR Videos + FREE Encoding Tool

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For example, iPhones only support videos up to level 3.1 Also, if you film something from a drone for example, where the bottom of the video does move, using still images there is no option. For example, the Gear VR can play 4096×2048@30 in h.264.

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Seeing the Realities of War Through AR

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I remember seeing all the first case uses of ARKit last September and being inspired by the examples of the different portals people were creating. This iOS Augmented Reality app by the Red Cross shows people what the effects of war would feel like in their home.

Emirates Embracing Emerging Tech

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Currently in construction in the Emirate, for example, are the world’s longest indoor ski slope, and the Ain Dubai, the soon-to-be largest Ferris wheel anywhere. Those looking for the VR OASIS of Ready Player One should head out to the deserts of the UAE.

Live Streaming 360 VR Video in Practice

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To give some examples of the sheiße we encountered: As mentioned before, there was no WiFi network where we had requested one, meaning we had to do some last-minute shopping. A while ago we wrote an article covering the basics of live streaming 360 degree video to VR headsets.

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Immersive Tech Transforming Learning

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For example, children who had been given a VR experience of swimming with whales often formed “false memories,” and came to believe and remember that they had physically been to SeaWorld to see an Orca.

Improving The Reality Of Government: AR And VR Use Cases

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The example of changing a roller […]. Since Mobile World Congress, where the reality on the show floor was often either virtual or augmented, I’ve been thinking quite a bit about the practical uses of AR and VR – particularly in government and a smart city context.

Facebook is Using Target Tracking to Unlock AR Experiences From Movie Posters and More

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The company has already integrated a few examples of its ‘AR Target Tracking’ tech into Facebook camera, letting smartphone users conjure up AR experiences for both Ready Player One (2018) and A Wrinkle in Time (2018) posters.

How VR and AI Will Supercharge Learning

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Wearers might look around an environment and find the spill, for example, then answer a multiple-choice question about what effect it could have on the store,” he explains.

Field of View for Virtual Reality Headsets Explained

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For example, a car that you are standing beside will appear larger than a car that is across the parking lot. For VR to be the best it can be, for it to be life-changing, there are a few key ingredients that need to be mixed just right.

Volkswagen Group to Train 10,000 Employees in VR This Year

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The company showed off one such example of a VR training simulation at MWC 2018 which places the user in an industrial workspace using an HTC Vive Pro.

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Tech Trends at #io18

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But it would also be great to get more of a sense from Google of a strategy around, for example, using this type of technology in Education. We’ll be dropping by Silicon Valley next month for Google I/O to check out the latest scoop from the Big G.