3 Impressive WebVR Examples Worth Checking Out With Firefox’s New Support for Vive and Rift

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Here’s three examples worth checking out. Since WebVR is new (and free), much of what’s out there is still very much demo and experimental content, but several exceptional examples demonstrate why we should all be excited for the possibilities of VR on the web.

Watch: Tobii Reveals Vive VR Eye Tracking Examples, Including ‘Rec Room’

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After hyping everyone up recently with a short teaser video, eye-tracking specialists Tobii have revealed more details and video examples their eye tracking in action at GDC, including integration with social VR application Rec Room.

‘VR Noir’ Is A Great Example Of How Virtual Reality.


‘VR Noir’ Is A Great Example Of How Virtual Reality Will Change Television VR Noir is a 360-degree film with interactive elements created by the Australian studio Start VR.

8 Ways to Annotate Readings, Websites and Online Articles with Examples


Below are examples from my students using the free Grackle Marks add-on for Google Docs and the paid pro version of Newsela. “Reading furnishes the mind only with materials of knowledge; it is thinking that makes what we read ours.” ” – John Locke.

‘VR Noir’ Is A Great Example Of How Virtual Reality Will Change Television


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What are MicroLED or OLED Microdisplays?


OLED on Silicon, as shown in the diagram above is an example of a MicroLED from eMagin. Example of a MicroLED screen. MicroLEDs are similar to OLED but better. Like OLED, Micro LED consists of extremely tiny LEDs, each of which comprises a red, green, and blue sub-pixel that can provide its light. MicroLEDs can provide higher brightness than OLEDs and typically have longer lifetimes, and can be directly applied onto a TFT or CMOS backplane similarly as OLED.

Volkswagen Group to Train 10,000 Employees in VR This Year

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The company showed off one such example of a VR training simulation at MWC 2018 which places the user in an industrial workspace using an HTC Vive Pro.

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Do you remember your first VR?


For example. It is the weekend, so time for something fun. You probably remember your first VR experience. Mine, was simply the Oculus Demo in the DK2, nothing too exciting but still memorable. With some people, their first time is just down right scary.

Why Playing God, Creating Worlds, and Bombarding Planets in VR is the Best Thing Ever


One of the best examples of this premise is Universe Sandbox 2. The reason why I love VR is because I can do things that I wouldn’t be able to in real life. The post Why Playing God, Creating Worlds, and Bombarding Planets in VR is the Best Thing Ever appeared first on UploadVR.

Vive Tracker Used to Create Pressure Sensitive Photoshop Stylus for VR

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It’s easy to see where the motivation to start this project came from, as Gray is also an artist, with a few examples of his 3D sketch work in Tilt Brush on his YouTube channel.

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Neon Is A Social AR App For Friend Finding And Sign Posting


In the video below you can see it being used to find friends at a festival, for example. We all know the scene; you’re meeting friends outside a busy train station, or in a bar, but you can’t find them for the life of you.

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This New VR Game Is Literally About Murdering Adorable Kittens


The urge to travel, for example, can be vented much more easily and cheaply through VR than it could by planning an actual trip. There are many urges that virtual reality can help mankind vent.

Tethered is an Adorable Launch Title for PlayStation VR


Take UK-based studio Secret Sorcery, for example. We’re hoping to see some new PlayStation VR games at E3 next week, but some developers aren’t waiting that long. The post Tethered is an Adorable Launch Title for PlayStation VR appeared first on UploadVR.

Hololens Brings Multiplayer Yu-Gi-Oh to Life with Fan-Made AR Demo


Created by California-based Hololens developer MicrowaveSam, the latest example of the classic anime brought to life features full on multiplayer monster battles, animations, hit points, voice commands, and more.

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The Warsaw Uprising Museum Is Using VR To Put People In WWII


It looks like a pretty intense experience and a great example of how VR can be used to teleport us back to historical moments. One of the world’s most comprehensive World War II museums is using VR to bring its visitors a bit closer to its subject matter.

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PS4’s 5.50 Update Out Now With New PSVR Icons


You can now add custom wallpapers to your PC via a USB stick, for example, and even manage play time for children (or overly addicted Monster Hunter World players). Most of the updates we want for PSVR, for example, concern the hardware side, and we’re likely a few years away from seeing anything on that front. The PS4’s latest system software update is out now, though it doesn’t seem to be a big one for PSVR owners.

Don’t Miss Your Last Chance to Get ‘Echo Arena’ For Free

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Much like the single player experience, Echo Arena is a brilliant example of comfortable VR locomotion and hand presence, offering a compelling multiplayer sport that is only possible through using VR technology.

‘Tribe VR DJ School’ Trains You to Mix Music on Real Equipment

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It was recently showcased on the official Oculus blog alongside live performance platform NOYS VR (Early Access, 2017) and interactive music video Show It 2 Me (2017) as three examples of immersive music experiences created for VR.

Artist Fuses Real and Virtual Art with ‘Tilt Brush’ Mixed Reality

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The ‘Anna’s dream brush’ channel contains several other examples of interesting artwork in VR, mainly using Tilt Brush , but also some experimentation with animation using ANIMVR , an upcoming VR app currently in a closed beta.

Exclusive: Scaffolding in VR – Interaction Design for Easy & Intuitive Building

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Stacking in particular is a good example. Even in VR we see early examples like the very nice implementation in Google Blocks. There’s something magical about building in VR.

‘SculptrVR’ Multiplayer World Creation Is An Absolute Blast


The latter two have been offered as examples of what’s possible with Oculus Touch, the forthcoming tracked hand controllers from Facebook. SculptrVR , Oculus Medium and Oculus Toybox are the three most enjoyable experiences I’ve had the chance to try in VR.

Oracle is Bringing AR and VR Visualization to Its Enterprise IoT Platform

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Wifi-connected smart fridges, smart speakers, and even robot vacuum cleaners are all examples of IoT in the consumer space. In one example, the Oracle Cloud platform showed a manufacturing manager the status of three factories across the globe.

IBM and Unity partner for easy access to AI tools for VR/AR developers.

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One recent example of the power of IBM Watson in gaming is the recent VR game, Star Trek: Bridge Crew. IBM and Unity partner to bring the IBM Watson Unity SDK to the Unity Asset Store to make AI integration easier than ever.

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Writing The End Is Further Proof That Making Stories With VR Has Never Been Easier


That said, it also has some examples of what not to do when making VR stories. Writing the End might not have the production values of a Dear Angelica, but it is an optimistic, encouraging example of how storytellers can jump into VR and start bringing their ideas to life.

Racing Game “Sprint Vector” is an Intense Workout with VR Locomotion that Just Works

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It’s a super fun experience to watch other people play either in a tournament competition in mixed reality or just as a quirky form of VR performance art (examples down below). Here’s a number of examples of different styles of people playing Sprint Vector.

‘Oculus Start’ Program Aims to Help Indies Jump into VR Development

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Providing “access, support, and savings” to qualifying indie developers, the new Oculus Start program hopes to encourage and enable the development of great apps from those just getting started in VR.

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‘HoloLems’ Makes Your Room into a ‘Lemmings’ Level with HoloLens

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This gameplay video (heading this article) shows Globacore have managed to reproduce the basics of Lemmings within a real environment—one of the more impressive examples of HoloLens technology being applied to gaming.

Valve Is Adding Custom Button Mapping For All VR Controllers To OpenVR


Touch has more buttons than that others, for example, while Vive has two grip buttons instead of one. When using Touch controllers for a Vive-optimized title, for example, you can sometimes find inconsistencies in the control schemes that are annoying at best and make games unplayable at worst. Valve is about to make OpenVR a lot more open.

How Thrustmaster is Helping to Make VR Sims Even More Immersive


Simulation titles are arguably the best examples of this; seated experiences, often in a cockpit, that don’t offend the golden rules of the technology. There are some genres of games that are already perfect for VR.

Microsoft Research Shows Haptic VR Add-On That Links Motion Controllers


Using a rifle, for example, often asks the player to imitate holding the trigger of the gun with one hand and the barrel with the other, which doesn’t feel very immersive.

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CEO Conviction In CX – Why You Overestimate It And How To Get It @CXEurope 2017

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A successful CX transformation needs a CEO who leads by example and rallies the organization around CX. Seems like it’s good news when only 5% of CX pros say lack of support by the CEO is among their top 3 challenges. When committed CEOs leave, CX efforts die. But is this really good news? No. […]. age of the customer business value customer experience customer experience measurement Uncategorized

Google is Adding ‘AR Stickers’ to Pixel 2 Camera App

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For example, a cute, animated coffee cup can be placed on your desk, or you can shoot a birthday video with lots of AR balloons.

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Oculus Gets Down to Business With New Rift Bundle Aimed at Commercial Use

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A new commercial-focused hardware bundle including Rift headset, Touch controllers, three Sensors, and three facial interfaces was revealed at Oculus Connect 4 this week.

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BBC’s First AR App Will Let You Explore Ancient Artifacts With Your Phone


This could be a great example of the educational benefits of AR. The BBC is already heavily involved with VR, having created and backed several projects from 360 videos to full experiences like Home: A VR Spacewalk. Soon, though, the organization will make its first foray into AR. This morning the BBC announced that it will be launching an AR companion app to its upcoming Civilisations series, set to air this spring on BBC2.

‘Pokémon GO’ Makers Announce Harry Potter AR Game, Releasing 2018

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You can’t, for example, run around a Pokémon while in the middle of the fight or run closer to it to get a better shot.

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‘OpenVR Recorder’ is a Powerful Tool for Capturing Tracking and Input Data

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As described in the video, the software can record to the FBX file format used in industry standard 3D apps, with support for up to 16 simultaneous devices, for example the headset, two hand controllers, two Vive base stations and eleven Vive Trackers.

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Kite & Lightning’s ‘Bebylon Battle Royale’ Nabs Unreal Dev Grant

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“These projects show what is possible when you combine passion with creative technology, and stand as examples of why we do what we do.”

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Crisis On The Planet Of The Apes Coming To PSVR, Rift And Vive Very Soon


You’ll be able to clamber up and along pipes using your hands for example, and execute huge jumps to cover ground. Having stormed the cinema with its latest trilogy, the apes are setting their sights on a new platform – VR.

And the Duopoly Strikes Again

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The acquisition of Rocket Fuel by Sizmek is not so much an example of ad tech consolidation as it is one of the power of the Facebook/Google duopoly to quash competitors, this time on the buy side. Now, it’s not as though Rocket Fuel didn’t make mistakes. To start with, they are part of an […

Road Trippin’

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So I thought I’d take the time to tell you all one example I had from this weekend as a consumer out in the wild. I took a trip this past weekend and realized that part of my travel was a good reminder of how to think of the overall customer journey. My fiance and […