3 Impressive WebVR Examples Worth Checking Out With Firefox’s New Support for Vive and Rift

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Here’s three examples worth checking out. Since WebVR is new (and free), much of what’s out there is still very much demo and experimental content, but several exceptional examples demonstrate why we should all be excited for the possibilities of VR on the web.

Watch: Tobii Reveals Vive VR Eye Tracking Examples, Including ‘Rec Room’

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After hyping everyone up recently with a short teaser video, eye-tracking specialists Tobii have revealed more details and video examples their eye tracking in action at GDC, including integration with social VR application Rec Room.

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‘VR Noir’ Is A Great Example Of How Virtual Reality Will Change Television


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‘VR Noir’ Is A Great Example Of How Virtual Reality.


‘VR Noir’ Is A Great Example Of How Virtual Reality Will Change Television VR Noir is a 360-degree film with interactive elements created by the Australian studio Start VR.

Obsidian Artist Recreated An Infamous ‘Star Wars’ Hub In Unreal 4


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‘SculptrVR’ Multiplayer World Creation Is An Absolute Blast


The latter two have been offered as examples of what’s possible with Oculus Touch, the forthcoming tracked hand controllers from Facebook. SculptrVR , Oculus Medium and Oculus Toybox are the three most enjoyable experiences I’ve had the chance to try in VR.

Oracle is Bringing AR and VR Visualization to Its Enterprise IoT Platform

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Wifi-connected smart fridges, smart speakers, and even robot vacuum cleaners are all examples of IoT in the consumer space. In one example, the Oracle Cloud platform showed a manufacturing manager the status of three factories across the globe.

Neon Is A Social AR App For Friend Finding And Sign Posting


In the video below you can see it being used to find friends at a festival, for example. We all know the scene; you’re meeting friends outside a busy train station, or in a bar, but you can’t find them for the life of you.

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VR Design Best Practices with Google VR’s Alex Faaborg

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There’s a DIY dev kit that you can start using today to start developing Daydream-ready apps, and Google has also released a Google VR Unity SDK that includes a number of DaydreamLabs Controller Playground examples to demonstrate different user interactions with the 3DOF controller.

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Clay Brings Gesture Tracking To Apple’s ARKit With No Extra Hardware


You can see those examples in action below. One of the amazing things about Apple’s new ARKit developer platform is that there’s no extra hardware required.

Hololens Brings Multiplayer Yu-Gi-Oh to Life with Fan-Made AR Demo


Created by California-based Hololens developer MicrowaveSam, the latest example of the classic anime brought to life features full on multiplayer monster battles, animations, hit points, voice commands, and more.

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Racing Game “Sprint Vector” is an Intense Workout with VR Locomotion that Just Works

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It’s a super fun experience to watch other people play either in a tournament competition in mixed reality or just as a quirky form of VR performance art (examples down below). Here’s a number of examples of different styles of people playing Sprint Vector.

Berlin Company Is Using AR With HoloLens To Improve Surgical Procedures


VR and AR technologies are poised to impact many industries beyond gaming and entertainment and there are scatterings of examples already out in the wild. Educational platforms are immersing users into the human physiology with VR and now we have a new example of AR being used in a similarly invasive manner. In neurosurgery, for example, brain tumors could be located faster and with higher accuracy,” said Bartosz Kosmecki, CEO and Founder of Scopis.

Sonic The Hedgehog In VR Looks As Dizzying As It Sounds


Spike pits have gaps that you can run through, for example, and rings are spread out across an area rather than in a straight line. Of all the many platforming heroes we’d love to bring to VR, we have to admit Sonic the Hedgehog wasn’t one we’d previously considered.

VR Shopping Comes To Vera Bradley Brand


A set of bed sheets, for example, can be changed over with the click of a button. Want the in-store shopping experience but don’t want to leave the comfort of your own home? From this week you’ll be able to easily visit a Vera Bradley store virtually thanks to Google Daydream.

OC4: Facebook Wants To Get 1 Billion People Into VR


The CEO’s opening speech spent a lot of time covering the wide audience that VR will one day cover, highlighting examples of apps that educate, games that entertain and even unexpected customers that have embraced the platform already. Zuckerberg next introduced Oculus Go, an affordable, accessible standalone VR headset that will be launching early next year, for example, while the Oculus Rift’s price was again dropped to $399.

Watch A Smartphone Turn Into A Controller For HoloLens


This most recent example turns your phone into a controller for the mixed reality headset. ” He gave examples including a sort of mixed reality Tilt Brush, where users might begin a line on the phone and then pull it through real space to make 3D images.

Valve Releases ‘Destinations’, a Free VR Creation Tool

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a rendered example using the ‘Destinations’ tool suite. Several example Destinations created with photogrammetry. An example map that users can copy and modify which highlights how to use Source 2 tools to add interactivity to a Destination.

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Sony Announces Powerful PlayStation 4 Pro with Enhanced PSVR Support

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On stage Sony’s Mark Cerny, gave examples of developers choosing what to boost once running on a PS4 Pro console.

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Do you remember your first VR?


For example. It is the weekend, so time for something fun. You probably remember your first VR experience. Mine, was simply the Oculus Demo in the DK2, nothing too exciting but still memorable. With some people, their first time is just down right scary.

US Legislators Form VR-centric “Reality Caucus” to Guide Immersive Technology Policy

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For example, heat mapping analytics and biometric data technologies present novel ways for consumers to engage and interact with these emerging technologies.

The Void, Epic Games Join Disney’s Accelerator Initiative


Every year, for example, it selects a handful of companies to join its Disney Accelerator program. Previous accelerator member Sphero, for example, went on to release the remote controlled Star Wars BB-8 toy the year The Force Awakens was released. There are a lot of sides to Disney beyond the movies and merchandising. This annual initiative sees Disney open its doors to other businesses working on innovative products and services.

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Watch: How ‘Star Wars: Rogue One’ Used Steam VR Tracking to Shoot VFX Shots

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Later came example of directors who embraced realtime Animatics fused with motion capture in order to direct VFX shots using a form of augmented reality. Peter Jackson used such a technique to direct VFX heavy scenes from his Lord of the Rings trilogy for example.

Google Begins Experimenting with VR Ads

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However, there are countless examples of traditional mobile apps, particularly free-to-play, that are covered in obnoxious ads, and that kind of treatment simply isn’t acceptable in an immersive VR experience, so let’s hope developers tread much more carefully.

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Using HoloLens to Visualise Motion Capture Performances in Realtime

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Nuances of how the hips moved during balancing or how footwork looked for example became much more apparent and clear when walking around a live-size 3D character in motion than watching the same thing on a 2D screen.”

Google Brings Stable WebVR Support To Chrome on Daydream


You can jump into 360 YouTube videos with no need to access the Daydream app, for example. To celebrate the launch, Google provided a few examples of where to find the best WebVR content so far.

Possible Apple AR Headset Surfaces Once More In Patents


Through the screen of an iPhone, for example, you might be able to spot iconic landmarks in a city, similar to something we’ve already seen from one iOS developer. The patent goes on to describe these images as showcasing ‘semi-transparent’ screens for a head-mounted display as an example of a ‘state of the art’ application of its technology.

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Apple Patent Reveals Gesture Recognition System Using Depth Sensing


“For example, a subject may interact with a game by making various gestures with his hand, and depth mapping may be used to identify the gestures.” Apple’s new ARKit platform basically looks like HoloLens inside of an iPhone. All that’s missing is a controller-free interaction system. A new patent uncovered this week suggests that may be on the way, though.

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Gravity Sketch Is An Impressive VR 3D Modelling Tool Available Today


For example, I can use two hands to pull through the air, creating surfaces with curves in them, making it easy to create a bend in the front of a shoe, for example. Leap Motion support is included for example, allowing you to bring hand-tracking into the experience.

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VR Resumes Are Catching The Eyes of Industry Recruiters


A simple Google search reveals incredible examples of resumes iced into cakes, programmed into video games, hidden inside QR codes, the list goes on. A brand new market requires a brand new kind of CV.

KFC Has A VR Job Training Simulator For New Employees


Both powerful examples of employee training tools, VR can not only be be safer but also expedite the entire learning process in a fun way. The only way to escape this training room is learn how to fry chicken.

Leonardo DiCaprio Invests In VR Company MindMaze


This information can then be projected onto a virtual avatar to provide realistic, timely responses within social VR experiences, for example. Decades spent in Inception’s limbo clearly weren’t enough to street Leonardo DiCaprio away from virtual reality. The actor, known for roles in films like Titanic and The Wolf of Wall Street, recently announced that he had invested an undisclosed sum in Swiss startup MindMaze.

New Intel Core i7 Extreme Edition drives 10 cores like crazy


PCs are the favorite example of analysts, observers, and journalists of a dying breed. Ironcally, developments in the tech sector, even some in mobile, in the past year or so might be bringing the favorable spotlight back on PCs.

Daydream Elements Is A VR Development Guidebook From Google


It showcases six examples of tips and tricks for VR development, complete with the pros and cons for their use. Interestingly examples of all three of these types of experiences have hit Daydream in the past few months. If there’s one golden rule in the vast unknown that is VR development right now it’s this; give players choices. Not everything works for everyone, and people will likely need to tinker with your experience to get something that works for them.

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After Successful Pilot Testing Ford Is Expanding Its HoloLens Program


” It’s a good example of how AR will drastically effect industries as we know them today, just as much as it will revolutionize our own lifestyles.

‘OpenVR Recorder’ is a Powerful Tool for Capturing Tracking and Input Data

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As described in the video, the software can record to the FBX file format used in industry standard 3D apps, with support for up to 16 simultaneous devices, for example the headset, two hand controllers, two Vive base stations and eleven Vive Trackers.

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Google Is Looking To Bring Animation To Your Blocks Creations


For skeletal models, for example, it demonstrates using inverse kinematics, in which relevant limbs will realistically move in relation to the position of hands and feet. Put a foot forward, for example, and their leg will stretch out in the way you’d expect. It could be used to get objects to dance, for example.

UPS Is Using HTC Vive To Train Its Drivers In Hazard Perception


Based on the video below the experience itself looks a little janky (and we personally think we’d rather go on the holding a box while walking on an icey surface simulator), but it’s a great example of VR at use in the workplace.

How Thrustmaster is Helping to Make VR Sims Even More Immersive


Simulation titles are arguably the best examples of this; seated experiences, often in a cockpit, that don’t offend the golden rules of the technology. There are some genres of games that are already perfect for VR.

Watch: IKinema’s HTC Vive Powered Full Body Motion Capture System is Impressive

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We’ll be interested to see where IKinema take Project Orion in the future, whether it’ll be another licensee to Valve’s open Lighthouse tracking initiative with a hardware solution of its own for example.