How VR Brings Real Benefits To The Real Estate Industry


One of the first steps for a prospective real estate buyer or tenant is to get an accurate sense of the unbuilt property they are interested in. And this is essentially how all unbuilt real estate developments are showcased today.

How Virtual Reality Could Revolutionize The Real Estate Industry


Real estate, in a general sense, only affects the vast majority of the population when it comes time to move, at which point it suddenly becomes incredibly important. As far as a fully immersive, interactive experience, we are the leader in Real Estate,” says Alden.

IrisVR Opens Up VR Real Estate With Two New Apps


The real estate industry is one of the most immediately applicable to VR, letting potential home owners view spaces without actually having to travel to them. Tagged with: IrisVR , IrisVR Prospect , IrisVR Scope , real estate.

iStaging Raises $5 Million For VR Real Estate And Home Decor Experiences


Investments VR Industry News design home interior investments iStaging kevin basset million real estate series a

5 Ways VR Is Making The Real Estate Business Better For Everyone


For real estate, however, the potential of VR is becoming a reality quickly. VR is a newcomer to a real estate industry heavily focused on customer experience and ease of access. There exist many pain points in real estate that VR solves for renters and investors. In short, VR is changing the real estate world. The biggest positive impact on real estate investors is the use of VR for touring homes. VR real estate

‘Decentraland’ – Using Ethereum Blockchain ICO to Sell Virtual Real Estate

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Decentraland is a virtual world that is using the Ethereum Blockchain to sell plots of virtual reality real estate. The post ‘Decentraland’ – Using Ethereum Blockchain ICO to Sell Virtual Real Estate appeared first on Road to VR.

Real estate and VR


the real. The post Real estate and VR appeared first on Infinityleap - Technology stops for no one. Virtual Reality 3d plans future of business real estate virtual reality

Q&A With Matt Bell: How Matterport Started Capturing The Real Estate Market In VR


Anyone involved at the intersection of real estate and Virtual Reality has probably experienced a immersive walkthrough made with Matterport technology. That provides the real time display and alignment as you’re scanning the space. Is your core focus Real Estate?

Nashville Real Estate Mogul Debuts Skyscraper Via A VR Planetarium


VR 505 Giarratana nashville planetarium tower

How Virtual Reality App May Revolutionize the Real Estate Industry


That being said, another industry that can be truly revolutionized with the integration of VR is real estate. Let us compare the general scenario that often occurs in real estate market: Scenario 1: Without VR: A real estate agent travels all day. After showing all the property only real estate agents finally know that clients aren’t ready to pick even one among them. With VR, a more interactive and real view of the property can be given.

Peter Diamandis: The Future Of Real Estate Shopping Is Here via @futurism [link]


Peter Diamandis: The Future Of Real Estate Shopping Is Here via @futurism [link] [link] — allthingsvr (@allthingsvr) June 26, 2017. virtual reality augmented reality vr ar

Realtors Capitalising on the Virtual Reality TechnologyIn the.


One rather, interesting development has been the slow but steady adoption of VR in the Real Estate Sector. VR is fast becoming the need for the real estate market and developers are adopting to this disruptive technology to yield better business outcomes.

The Rise Of Virtual Reality In Real EstateOpen house visits are.


The Rise Of Virtual Reality In Real Estate Open house visits are a fun way to explore a property, but when you go for a visit, you have to imagine what it might look like with your own furniture, setup and style. With new technology from Matterport , real estate listings are livelier.

How Virtual Reality is Changing the Real Estate Industry


Take the tour of what is coming when it comes to how virtual reality is changing the real estate game today. Real-Time Options can let potential buyers personalize the space, as well as gain additional information about the property. The Future of Virtual Reality in Real Estate.

Drake’s Extravagant New Mansion Is Now A VR Experience


Rendered 100% in real-time using the Unreal Engine 4, this VR experience takes users on a stroll through a 3D model of the rappers new palace, giving you a small taste of how the better half live. . News 6 God Drake Manor Drake VR Drizzy Manor Drizzy VR OPIATS Real Estate

VR Real Estate Tours – You Can Do It Too! [Examples & Tutorial]


VR Real Estate Tours! Where to upload your VR/360° real estate content? Fancy, fancy. Are you picturing something like the video below? -

Decorilla interior designs now in VR

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The company is also planning to extend coverage... News Decorilla interior design real estate

The Pacific Rolls Out Silicon Valley’s Latest VR Tech


Featured VR Industry and Technology real estate The PacificOn Friday, the team at Trumark Urban announced the rollout of the “largest and most advanced application” of virtual reality in residential. The post The Pacific Rolls Out Silicon Valley’s Latest VR Tech appeared first on VRJournal.

Google Debuts an ARCore Exclusive with Curate App from Sotheby's International Realty

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Unlike its predecessors, the app is aimed at the real estate market, allowing sales.

Fire Investigators Are Now Using VR Photogrammetry Tech to Assess Damage to Homes

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Since its founding in 2010, Matterport’s tech has mostly found a home in the real estate industry, providing their Pro2 3D camera series to real estate agents around the world so they can more accurately capture and show off properties to potential clients.

The Pro2 Adds 2D Print Images To Matterport’s Robust 3D Camera


Matterport has positioned itself as one of the most prominent VR companies, growing the company on a foundation of a large library of real places scanned into 3D that are being made available for VR as well.

iStaging raises $5M to bring VR & AR to furniture-makers and.


iStaging raises $5M to bring VR & AR to furniture-makers and real estate Asian augmented reality (AR) / virtual reality (VR) startup iStaging has raised $5 million in a pre-series A funding round led by WI Harper, a VC firm specializing in cross-border investments between the U.S.

Matterport converting quarter million 3D spaces to VR

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Thanks to the CoreVR option on the Matterport 3D application, real estate and hospitality companies who have Matterport Pro 3D cameras can now capture 3D models of their locations, upload them, and convert them into... News VR & AR Google Street View Matterport

VR device options for architects

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What started as a curiosity has now become increasingly commonplace in architecture, real estate development, and construction. Virtual reality has experienced rapid growth within architecture, engineering and construction industries over the past three years.

CES 2019: Tpcast Air Wants To Turn Oculus Quest And Go Into Streaming PC VR Headsets


The kit supports SteamVR and is focused on enterprise and location-based customers, thus TPCast says this service would be best for “real estate, home decoration/interior design, education, and other industry applications.” TPCast’s second generation wireless VR solution wants to turn Oculus Quest into a streaming PC VR headset. TPCast Air was announced at CES 2019 in Las Vegas today.

Review: VR Sky all-in-one headset is unrealized potential

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I like the idea of using all-in-one headsets for things like real estate and auto show rooms, trade shows or roller coaster rides. Disclosure: This headset was provided free by GeekBuying.

Project Goa Will Bring Virtual Reality To Any Smartphone

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Nod, the tech startup developing Goa, hopes to tap into the enthusiasm around VR to expand past gaming into applications like real estate, medicine, museums, and tourism

InsiteVR grabs $1.5M in seed funding to bring 3D models to life.


There are plenty of existing startups tackling this issue when it comes to real estate, but said construction and architecture industries aren’t being catered to as directly when it comes to integrating virtual reality software into their workflows and presentations.

Funding Roundup: InstaVR Raises $2M & iStaging Raises $5M.


Founded out of Taiwan, iStaging caters specifically to the furniture and real estate industries, offering platform-specific apps for mobile devices and VR headsets to help end users visualize and experience an environment without physically being there.

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30 Years of Lost ‘Star Wars’ Production Art Showcased in Virtual Gallery Inside ‘Sansar’

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A virtual reality gallery showcasing 30 years of lost art from Star Wars film productions has launched inside of the social virtual platform, Sansar. Collector and exhibit curator Greg Aronwitz offered guided tours at the gallery’s debut.

Facebook Spent Over $88M This Year on Oculus’ Seattle Area Satellite HQ

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Now, a report from real estate analysis firm BuildZoom estimates parent company Facebook has spent over $88 million in Redmond-based labs and office space for Oculus this year alone.

The Void to Open New Location in Mall of America, ‘Star Wars’ VR Experience Coming at Launch

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The Void brings a new level of immersive experience and storytelling to Mall of American through its state-of-the-art technology,” said Heather Brechbill-Swilley, vice president of real estate and leasing. “We’re

The Women of AR+VR: Ones to Watch

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She makes our list for hitting the ground running in a hot market for virtual and augmented reality: Real Estate. In addition to being a VR/AR evangelist and consultant, Emily is a real estate and 3D/VR photographer and regular expert speaker on VR/AR in Real Estate.

VR Lands on the Floor in NAB Show New York Expansion


Too hot to ignore any longer, virtual reality will occupy ample real estate this fall at the NAB show in New York. The post VR Lands on the Floor in NAB Show New York Expansion appeared first on VRJournal. Featured VR Industry and Technology NAB New York NAB Show New York

Nominate Projects And Teams For The VR Awards 2018


VR Architecture & Real Estate of the Year. After the success of the VR Awards 2017 , nominations have reopened again for 2018.

Meta Forced to Furlough After Chinese Lead Backs Out of New Investment

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According to Bloomberg the company had secured a lead investor for its next funding round, a Chinese private-equity firm and real estate entity which agreed to bring $20 million to the deal, with additional funding to be filled out likely in lesser increments from other investors.

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‘Envelop’ Launches Open Beta of Immersive Windows Desktop Platform for Vive and Rift

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In the future, Envelop VR’s SDK will allow developers to extend existing applications out into the Envelop virtual environment, enabling a wide range of uses like on-the-fly data visualization, 3D product views, or even virtual real-estate tours loaded from a web listing.

This Company Is Giving the World a Look Into the Future of.


We realized some of the most under-utilized, ‘immersive’ real-estate is within browser tabs (a big, bright screen that takes up an entire view, that people spend most of their day staring at), so we thought ‘Why not put beautiful 360 content in every tab?’

HTC Vive Exec Makes Predictions for the Next 2 Years of Virtual.


Here’s Your First Look At RED’s Upcoming ‘Holographic’ Smartphone


The phone is quite large even when compared to an iPhone 7+ and has a ton of screen real estate. Last month RED announced its $1,200 Hydrogen One Phone , which was described as the “world’s first holographic media machine.” ” Today, we’re finally getting an early look at the device itself beyond the previous teaser mock-up image thanks to a video from tech-focused YouTuber Marques Brownlee, aka MKBHD.

Matterport Creates the “World’s Largest Library” of.


Matterport specialise in the capture of real-world places via photogrammetry for use in immersive applications. The company claims to have some 300,000 real-world ‘spaces’ captured and banked to date, having focused on pushing the next generation of real-estate applications for some time.

HTC Launches ‘Vive Studios’ for First-party VR Game Development and Publishing

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HTC today announced that they’ve spun up an internal development and publishing group called Vive Studios. Mirroring Oculus’ own ‘Oculus Studios’ effort, HTC has formed an internal VR game studio and publishing group called Vive Studios.

HTC 237

‘Second Life’ Successor ‘Sansar’ Launches Open Beta Today, Pricing Revealed

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That’s a major shift from Second Life’s business model where users rented virtual real estate in the virtual world, allowing them to build in that area of the map.