SuperWorld Virtual Real Estate


among 64 billion NFTs SuperWorld Virtual Real Estate takes the form of 64.8 Ether, and corresponds to a rectangular plot of land in the real world, measuring 100m x 100m, or about two acres. Search the globe for places to purchase your own Virtual Real Estate 7.

Real-Estate XR Session with Avatars

EON Reality

Spatial meetings Real-Estate XR Session with Avatars in a real home. The post Real-Estate XR Session with Avatars appeared first on EON Reality. This XR Session was created in seconds from EON’s XR library with over 1.3 million XR Experiences.


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How Virtual Reality Could Revolutionize The Real Estate Industry


Real estate, in a general sense, only affects the vast majority of the population when it comes time to move, at which point it suddenly becomes incredibly important. As far as a fully immersive, interactive experience, we are the leader in Real Estate,” says Alden. Alden tells me that Floored’s approach appeals to early adopters within the Real Estate field who have an eye for innovation. Tagged with: floored , real estate.



Augmented Reality Changing the Real State Landscape In recent years we have heard a lot about Augmented Reality (AR) as an example of a very innovative technology that is being adopted by many businesses operating in different fields. AR overlays images or text on the real world view.

How iBuying Could Be Screwing You Out of Buying a Home

GizModo VR

The real estate industry was thrust into the spotlight last week, when Zillow , the digital property listing company, announced that it would be shuttering “Zillow Offers,” its “iBuying” division.

How VR Brings Real Benefits To The Real Estate Industry


One of the first steps for a prospective real estate buyer or tenant is to get an accurate sense of the unbuilt property they are interested in. And this is essentially how all unbuilt real estate developments are showcased today. Everything in the real world is understood from that first-person, human perspective. To explore Outer Realm’s suite of VR services for the real estate industry, visit the official company website.

For just $30, this online training can help you enter the world of real estate

Mashable VR

TL;DR: Elevate your knowledge of real estate with the Ultimate Property and Real Estate Management Training Bundle for $29.99, a 97% savings as of Jan. The world of real estate is certainly appealing to those of us looking to switch careers in 2021.

IrisVR Opens Up VR Real Estate With Two New Apps


The real estate industry is one of the most immediately applicable to VR, letting potential home owners view spaces without actually having to travel to them. Tagged with: IrisVR , IrisVR Prospect , IrisVR Scope , real estate. Experiences IrisVR IrisVR Prospect IrisVR Scope real estateNew York-based IrisVR is looking to capitalize on this with the launch of two new apps.

The transformative power of AR in Real Estate: the take of an industry expert


Bruce felt the need of enhancing the selling experience in his industry, transforming it into something more efficient for both the seller and the buyer by using AR in Real Estate. Well, as you noted, I started my career in commercial real estate in 1996.

Dive into the real estate world with a $40 course bundle

Mashable VR

TL;DR: Learn more about real estate with the Complete Real Estate Investing: Learn to Fix and Flip, Step-by-Step Bundle , on sale for $39.99 You don't have to be on Selling Sunset to get real estate investment guidance from actual pros.

Someone Spent $450K To Be Snoop Dogg’s Neighbor In The Metaverse


Much like the actual real estate market, location is everything. That’s a whopping $458,038 in real-world cash; not the most expensive NFT ever sold, but definitely one of the largest purchases made in Sandbox. News Cryptocurrency Metaverse NFT Sandbox VR Real Estate

Can AR Help Real Estate Agents Socially Distance?

AR Insider

And as part of this move, it’s expanding into real estate. Just as Streem’s application to home services lets remote experts make spatially anchored annotations, it can serve real-estate in native ways. The post Can AR Help Real Estate Agents Socially Distance?

iStaging Raises $5 Million For VR Real Estate And Home Decor Experiences


Investments VR Industry News design home interior investments iStaging kevin basset million real estate series a

Netflix's 'Marriage or Mortgage' perfectly weds real estate and romance

Mashable VR

Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to witness the joining of reality TV’s wedding obsession and the internet’s luxury real estate obsession across ten episodes of binge-worthy bliss.

5 Ways VR Is Making The Real Estate Business Better For Everyone


For real estate, however, the potential of VR is becoming a reality quickly. VR is a newcomer to a real estate industry heavily focused on customer experience and ease of access. There exist many pain points in real estate that VR solves for renters and investors. In short, VR is changing the real estate world. The biggest positive impact on real estate investors is the use of VR for touring homes. VR real estate

Real estate and VR


the real. The post Real estate and VR appeared first on Infinityleap - Technology stops for no one. Virtual Reality 3d plans future of business real estate virtual reality

Break into the world of real estate investing with this $25 primer

Mashable VR

TL;DR: Before jumping into investing, take the time to learn more about the business with The Fundamentals of Real Estate Investment Bundle for $25, a 97% savings as of July 24. If Animal Crossing isn't your thing and you'd rather play in the real world, then keep reading.

This Week In XR: Virtual Real Estate Commands Real Money In Metaverse

Charlie Fink

Hard to find your footing with frothy metaverse all over the floor. Consumer Tech /consumer-tech Innovation /innovation Consumer Tech /consumer-tech Business /business Media /media technology

How AR/VR Are Transforming the Real Estate Industry


But this immersive technology also has major tangible benefits in the real world, outside of the realm of social media and video games. The real estate industry is a prime example of how AR/VR are rebuilding the foundations of a sizable industry. From virtual property staging to property showcasing, this technology is taking over the entire spectrum of transactions taking place within the real estate sphere. augmented-reality vr virtual-reality real-estate ar

‘Decentraland’ – Using Ethereum Blockchain ICO to Sell Virtual Real Estate

Road to VR

Decentraland is a virtual world that is using the Ethereum Blockchain to sell plots of virtual reality real estate. The post ‘Decentraland’ – Using Ethereum Blockchain ICO to Sell Virtual Real Estate appeared first on Road to VR. They’re selling an initial offering of the currency they call ‘MANA’, from August 8 to August 16, 2017, and they’ll have up to 2 million plots of virtual land that will be sold for 1000 MANA.

Blue Origin Wants In on Luxury Space Real Estate

GizModo VR

Blue Origin has big plans for its own space station, a project called Orbital Reef that would be “mixed use business park” and the “premier commercial destination in low Earth orbit.” Sort of like a cruise ship that fits 10 people and doesn’t travel to multiple destinations.

Q&A With Matt Bell: How Matterport Started Capturing The Real Estate Market In VR


Anyone involved at the intersection of real estate and Virtual Reality has probably experienced a immersive walkthrough made with Matterport technology. We built the software to capture the raw 3D capture that was created by this 3D sensor, so that we could have a real time 3D reconstruction system and actually get that to work reliably, so people could use it to build 3D models of buildings. That provides the real time display and alignment as you’re scanning the space.

Zillow's Flips Are Now Flops

GizModo VR

Digital real estate marketplace Zillow has been hemorrhaging cash in the home-buying arms race in certain markets, Bloomberg reported on Tuesday, after the company tweaked its algorithm to jack up the bids it offered on real estate.

Digital Real Estate in AR, with Darabase’s Dominic Collins

XR for Business Podcast

But as you say, it doesn’t really feel that the permission of the real-world physical property owner is taken into consideration. And Magic Leap’s got their Magicverse that they’re building, you know, multi-layer kind of universe of digital content on top of the real world.

Indie Rock Band Launches AR Concert Experience Complete With On-Stage Banter


American Indie Rock group Real Estate chose to take a different route with “ Quarantour ,” an AR concert experience accessible from any compatible iOS or Android smart device. On stage the five members of Real Estate perform a medley of their original songs.

How Virtual Reality App May Revolutionize the Real Estate Industry


That being said, another industry that can be truly revolutionized with the integration of VR is real estate. Let us compare the general scenario that often occurs in real estate market: Scenario 1: Without VR: A real estate agent travels all day. After showing all the property only real estate agents finally know that clients aren’t ready to pick even one among them. With VR, a more interactive and real view of the property can be given.

SuperWorld: At The Nexus of NFTs, Virtual Real Estate & Augmented Reality


8 billion individual plots of land, each measuring 100m x 100m of real world space. Developing an Original World-Traveling VR Experience 4.Enterprise AR: 7 real-world use cases for 2021 As you recall, the SuperWorld platform takes the form of 64.8

IrisVR Opens Up VR Real Estate With Two New AppsThe real estate.


IrisVR Opens Up VR Real Estate With Two New Apps The real estate industry is one of the most immediately applicable to VR, letting potential home owners view spaces without actually having to travel to them. New York-based IrisVR is looking to capitalize on this with the launch of two new apps. The company today announced the launch of Iris Prospect and Iris Scope to encompass a wide range of VR headsets. The former is designed for PC-based VR like Rift and Vive.

Zillow Quits Home-Flipping Business, Laying Off 25% of Its Staff in the Process

GizModo VR

zillow flipping business finance real estate rich barton instant buyer real estate valuation

16 best websites, apps, and accounts if you love looking at houses and real estate listings

Mashable VR

Trawling around real estate listing has long been an internet pastime, but my goodness, did it ever become a hobby for folks during the pandemic. zillowtastrophes Their bio really says it all: "unique, weird, wild real estate."

How Immersive Tech Continues to Find a Home in Architecture and Real Estate


Since its inception in the industry a couple of years ago, immersive tech quickly found an appropriate home in real estate and architecture, and proved itself to be one of the most valuable tools to communicate a property design. VR has proven itself to be a successful training tool in the medical and automotive industries; architecture and real estate can now be added to the list. Guest Post.

Nashville Real Estate Mogul Debuts Skyscraper Via A VR Planetarium


VR 505 Giarratana nashville planetarium tower

Digital Real Estate in AR, with Darabase's Dominic Collins

XR for Business Podcast

A lot of-- it's amazing how many big companies now are kind of what I call the immersive lasagna that kind of -- whether it be Magic Leap's Magicverse or the real world index and Facebook -- you kind of got these great slides with these, you know, loads of layers with the physical world, or the digital twin, and infrastructure, and all these things that sit on top. But it's only when there's regulation involved do we really start to see a maturity and real value created of an industry.

Get a look at your next home with these 3D real estate tours — Future Blink

Mashable VR

Users can take photos of the home with their camera then, using artificial intelligence, the Matterport app converts the photos into a VR-like experience. Read more. More about Tech , Mashable Video , 3d , Vr Experience , and Future Blink. Tech Mashable Video 3d Vr Experience Future Blink

SuperWorld Will Sell You a Share of the Brooklyn Bridge for 100 ETH


SuperWorld has divided the globe into billions of plots of land and is selling the “virtual real estate” associated with those physical locations. Usually, when we say “virtual real estate” at ARPost , we’re talking about entirely virtual spaces.

Peter Diamandis: The Future Of Real Estate Shopping Is Here via @futurism [link]


Peter Diamandis: The Future Of Real Estate Shopping Is Here via @futurism [link] [link] — allthingsvr (@allthingsvr) June 26, 2017. virtual reality augmented reality vr ar

How Will VR and AR Change Marketing In 2021 (And Beyond)?


If you’re looking for an example of an industry that has already had to change its marketing quite significantly, real estate is a perfect choice. See Also: How Immersive Tech Continues to Find a Home in Architecture and Real Estate.