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How to record 360 videos of your VR experiences

The Ghost Howls

In the best-case scenario, you are the developer of the VR experience, and you want to shoot a 360° video of your own game for promotional purposes. If you are a Unity developer like me, you can use the awesome Unity Recorder package to shoot videos of your experience, both 2D videos and 360 videos.

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How to Direct 360° Video


Google’s YouTube Creator Academy shows us the finer points in 360° video production. Last year Google’s YouTube Creator Academy gave us the low-down on some of the biggest mistakes made while shooting in 360° with the video How Not To Shoot 360° Video.

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Facebook Adds 4K 360 Video Streaming Support


Facebook announced a slew of new updates to its 360 live platform today, stepping up the features available to both creators and viewers. Since bringing live 360 video to pages and profiles back in March , we’ve seen a few VR videos pop up in our feed, but were always unsatisfied with the resolution.

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HTC’s ‘6DOF Lite’ Mode Adds Volumetric Depth To 360 Video


.” The company has instead focused its efforts on VR180, favoring its ability for longer form work at higher resolutions than 360-degree content. . The post HTC’s ‘6DOF Lite’ Mode Adds Volumetric Depth To 360 Video appeared first on VRScout.

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#1250: Translating 1:1 Experimental Theatre Encounters into 360 Video to Transcend Expectations with Craig Quintero

Voices of VR

Over The Rainbow is the second episode of a 360 video trilogy by Craig Quintero (see my interview about All That Remains from Venice 2022). Quintero is the artistic director of Riverbed Theatre, a Taipei-based performance group that has been doing 1-on-1 experimental theatre shows.

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YouTube Bringing 360 Videos To Your TV


Sarah Ali, head of living room products, took the stage to announce that 360 video is making its way to your YouTube app in home devices. When it comes to watching 360° videos, you can either watch on your laptop or mobile device. But not everyone wants to watch 360° videos on their mobile device or have a headset handy.

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New Unity Tools Bring Interactivity and Real-time CGI to 360 Video, Now in Beta

Road to VR

360 video combined with real-time CG and interactive elements was demonstrated on stage at today’s Vision VR/AR Summit 2017 keynote. Using two layers of video with 3D elements in between, it is a simple way of enhancing standard 360 video footage to make it interactive. Looking up, birds animate in the sky.

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