How to record 360 videos of your VR experiences

The Ghost Howls

But since we are in virtual reality, that happens all around us, it would be cool if there was a way to perform some recording also in 360° , to be able to re-live our experience from inside how many times we want, even after we had done that. How to Record 360 videos.

How to Direct 360° Video


Google’s YouTube Creator Academy shows us the finer points in 360° video production. Last year Google’s YouTube Creator Academy gave us the low-down on some of the biggest mistakes made while shooting in 360° with the video How Not To Shoot 360° Video. Now the Creator Academy is showing amateurs and professionals alike what they SHOULD be doing to create the best 360° content possible. for the rest of the video.


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360 Video Picks for Halloween


Featured 360 Videos from the VRScout Haunted Mansion. This time we’re featuring some of the spooky 360 videos we’ll be showcasing at the VRScout Haunted Mansion tomorrow. This experience is part of YouTube RED’s 8-episode 360 series, MatPat’s Game Lab. A 3D printed 360 stop-motion animated VR film series. The post 360 Video Picks for Halloween appeared first on VRScout.

VLC Media Player Now Supports 360° Video


The popular open source media player that practically plays any video format on any platform has now added support for 360° videos. The latest support comes to its desktop versions with a plan to rollout 360° support to its mobile apps in the near future as well. The company behind VLC, VideoLan , teamed up with 360° camera company Giroptic to develop the new features, which lets you display photos, panoramas and videos. News 360 Video Giroptic VLC

Facebook Adds 4K 360 Video Streaming Support


Facebook announced a slew of new updates to its 360 live platform today, stepping up the features available to both creators and viewers. Since bringing live 360 video to pages and profiles back in March , we’ve seen a few VR videos pop up in our feed, but were always unsatisfied with the resolution. You can now view live streamed 360 video on Facebook in up to 4K resolution, letting you enjoy Live 360 streams in much higher fidelity.

Facebook Instant Articles Now Support 360 Videos and Photos


Over a year ago Facebook launched 360 videos in the Newsfeed. And this past June, they finally launched 360 photos as well, rounding out the options creators and publishers have when it comes to sharing 360 content. Now Facebook is also letting publishers post 360 videos and photos to Instant Articles. Each Instant Article can contain multiple 360 photos and videos that you can explore, share, and comment on in the context of a story.

Haunted Rooms 360 video

VR Bites

A 360 video of real in game footage that wil make your blood run cold. Android 360 video horror games mobile thriller escape rooms VR virtual realityWe dare you to watch!

YouTube Bringing 360 Videos To Your TV


Now you can watch immersive video from the biggest screen in your house. Sarah Ali, head of living room products, took the stage to announce that 360 video is making its way to your YouTube app in home devices. When it comes to watching 360° videos, you can either watch on your laptop or mobile device. But not everyone wants to watch 360° videos on their mobile device or have a headset handy. News 360 Video Google Google I/O YouTube

Steam to Get High Quality Adaptive 360 Video Streaming Service

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360 video is coming to Steam and it looks as if Valve are aiming high in terms of the quality they’re aiming to deliver to consumer VR headsets. There’s an op-ed piece I’ve been meaning to write for some time around the current technical state of play with regards to 360 video. At last week’s Steam Dev Days event, Valve revealed that it was to bring its own solution for the delivery of immersive video content to its content portal Steam.

Casey Neistat Shows Karlie Kloss the Possibilities of 360 Video


Exactly what is still unknown, but if we had it our way, we hope he takes a serious look at 360° video and VR storytelling. Neistat shared one of the first 360 videos shot with the Gear 360 back in March from the Oscar’s and kicked off the U.S. launch of the 360 camera at VidCon. Filmed back in September , the duo chats about the different features of the Gear 360 in-between fashion shoots. News 360 Video Casey Neistat Gear 360 Samsung

The New York Times Now Publishing Daily 360° Videos


Journalists around the world will be armed with Samsung Gear 360 cameras. The New York Times and Samsung have partnered up to launch The Daily 360 , delivering at least one 360° video every day on the publisher’s properties. Samsung is providing Gear 360 cameras and equipment to Times journalists to use in the field when reporting from around the world. The debut 360° video took you to Sana, Yemen to see the first-hand effects of the ongoing conflict there.

VLC Media Player Enables 360 Videos And Photos

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One major exception to this used to be 360 videos and images, but now that restriction is becoming a thing of the past. Last week, VLC revealed that it is now 360 enabled for both images and videos. The nonprofit organization Video Lan released an experimental new technical preview called VLC 360 that can be downloaded for free. VLC 360 was created through a partnership between VideoLan and the hardware company Giroptic.

‘Hallelujah’ Experience Bridges Gap Between 360 Video And VR


One of my favorite things to do while rocking a VR headset is binge watch various 360-degree videos from platforms such as YouTube, Jaunt or Within. The post ‘Hallelujah’ Experience Bridges Gap Between 360 Video And VR appeared first on VRScout. News 360 Degree Video 360 Video Hallelujah Light Field Lytro Lytro Immerge Tribeca Tribeca Film Fest Virtual Reality VR Within

NASA 360 video puts you directly beneath its SLS ‘megarocket’

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NASA has posted a 360-degree video of its awesome SLS rocket that could be on its way to the moon by the end of this year. News 360 video moon rocket NASA Rockets sls sls rocket space

YouTube Now Offering Heatmaps for 360 Video Analytics

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Spherical YouTube videos with over 1,000 views now include ‘360° Heatmaps’ within the Analytics section of the Creator Studio. The new feature provides a visual representation of low to high attention areas of the video, helping to inform content creators of what aspects of a 360-degree scene are engaging viewers the most. As the feature applies to any 360-degree video, heatmap data is generated from all views, regardless of what device is being used.

Native 360 Video Capture Comes to First Oculus Rift Game


The latest update to Dead and Buried brings in-game 360° image and video capture among other new features. As part of the “Summer of Bullets” update released Monday for the Rift game Dead and Buried , the company announced a slew of new features now available for the game, including a native in-game recording system that allows you to capture and share 360° images and footage. The update also includes support for mixed reality video capture as well.

New Unity Tools Bring Interactivity and Real-time CGI to 360 Video, Now in Beta

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360 video combined with real-time CG and interactive elements was demonstrated on stage at today’s Vision VR/AR Summit 2017 keynote. Using two layers of video with 3D elements in between, it is a simple way of enhancing standard 360 video footage to make it interactive. Captured by a 360 camera placed under a gazebo, an animated dinosaur appears in the park outside.

CollegeHumor Releases 360 Video Series Highlighting Best of Presidential History


The infamous comedy website has begun releasing a series of comedic 360 videos on YouTube centered around pivotal moments in U.S. The 1600 In 360 series will feature 6 short-form episodes, each highlighting a different president and a comedically-skewed interpretation of their biggest hurdles while in office. The videos will have you laughing, learning and yes at a few points cringing (a few jokes fall further than flat).

Chess World Championships to Broadcast Live in 360 Video

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One of the worlds oldest sport is to get the immersive video treatment as this November’s World Championship is to be streamed live in 360 video. The 2016 Chess World Championships are to set to be beamed to VR headsets everywhere in 360 degree video when they get underway this November. The post Chess World Championships to Broadcast Live in 360 Video appeared first on Road to VR.

Experience The Toughest Mudder Endurance Event Via 360 Video

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In the segment called “Dirty Work”, USA Today’s video shows runners crawling through mud under barbed wire, climbing wood boards, walking through chest-high muddy water, swimming, and much more. Tagged with: 360 video , CBS , Tough Mudder , Toughest Mudder , usa today. 360 360 video CBS Tough Mudder Toughest Mudder usa todayObstacle courses, marathons, and similar events have become increasingly popular and intricate over the years.

AMC Channel Launches 360 Video App Featuring ‘Walking Dead’ 360 Shorts

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Popular American cable TV channel AMC has launched the AMC VR app for Gear VR and Daydream featuring 360 video content, movie trailers, and more. The ‘Screening Room’ in the app grants a look at recent AMC original series trailers and behind the scenes videos. The post AMC Channel Launches 360 Video App Featuring ‘Walking Dead’ 360 Shorts appeared first on Road to VR.

HTC’s ‘6DOF Lite’ Mode Adds Volumetric Depth To 360 Video


HTC brings flat 360-degree video to life with 6DOF functionality. As captivating as conventional 360-degree video can be, it pales in comparison to the level of immersion offered by volumetric content featuring 3D depth and 6DOF capabilities. During this years HTC Vive Ecosystem Conference, HTC unveiled a new service that injects 6DOF functionality into a conventional monoscopic 360-degree video, allowing users to move their heads in any direction up to one meter.

This Insanely Trippy 360 Video Will Pair Well With Your ‘Anxiety Medication’

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360 360 Video Experiences 360 video anxiety maxwell powers medicine treatment trippy visuals

Red Bull TV Releases Lollapalooza 360° Video Performances


Catch some of the best performances at the festival with these killer 360° videos. You can of course relive the magic of those incredible couple of days by checking out standard 2D video, or you could step it up and immerse yourself with a series of 360° VR music performances. Thanks to the fine folks over at Red Bull TV, you can now dive head-first into some of the Chicago festival’s best live performances via a series of 360° VR videos.

Tour Eire in Immersive Virtual Reality! ? (360 Video clip)


No guidebook. All Eire. See the Aran Islands, stand on the docks of Galway or dance in the pubs of Dublin for a working day in the lifetime of … resource.

MLB Expands VR Content With Original 360 Video Series


Dive deeper into the lives of baseball’s biggest up-and-comers in the new “On the Verge” 360° series. Now the organization is digging even deeper into VR with a brand new 360° video series that gives you a behind-the-scenes tour of some of MLB’s brightest young athletes. And these are just the subjects of the first four episodes, with more videos featuring other players planned to release during key moments of the MLB season. “We

Community Download: Should 360 Videos Be Considered “Real” VR?

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Discussion 360 videos community download debate discussion real

‘The Conjuring 2’ Might Be The Scariest 360 Video Yet

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One of the most popular things to do inside of a virtual reality headset is scare you – The post ‘The Conjuring 2’ Might Be The Scariest 360 Video Yet appeared first on UploadVR. 360 Video Experiences 360 video conjuring 2 fright horror james wan scare scared video

How Not to Shoot 360 Video


Making 360 videos can be tricky. After battling in the trenches of 360 video production for the past couple years, here are the pieces of advice they’d like to share. Virtual reality and 360-degree videos are designed to put the audience in the center of the video’s universe so really have to put yourself in their shoes. Since the viewer is at the center of the action, some of the things video creators are accustomed to don’t translate to 360.

Oculus’ New 360 Capture SDK Lets You Create and Share In-Game 360 Videos and Photos

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Facebook’s VR headset subsidiary Oculus is finally integrating a native tool that will let you capture and share your Rift experiences through 360 photos and videos—one that developers can integrate into Unity and Unreal Engines, and across NVIDIA and AMD GPUs— and it’s available today on GitHub. “We solved the problem by rethinking the way 360 content is created,” writes Lee and Gupta. Now, all that’s possible with the 360 Capture SDK.”

President Obama Makes His 360 Video Debut

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Felix & Paul Studios got together with Oculus Studios and National Geographic to shoot 360 video footage of President Barack Obama’s recent Father’s Day trip to Yosemite National Park, becoming the first official appearance by Obama in a VR presentation. You can can catch the new 12 minute video in a variety of ways. The post President Obama Makes His 360 Video Debut appeared first on Road to VR.

Felix & Paul’s ‘The People’s House’ 360 Video Wins an Emmy

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The second night of the 69th Emmy Awards saw a number of nominations for virtual reality content, including rendered experiences and 360 video spanning a diverse swath of genres. Felix & Paul Studios is known for creating highly polished VR videos covering everything from made-for-VR performances for Cirque du Soleil to a 40 minute-long 360 video that explores the life of a funny, but depressingly broken family through the eyes of a robot toy.

Valve Launches 360 Video Player For High-End PC’s


Steam VR expands its services with native 360-degree video support. . Now Valve is dipping their toes into VR video with its own custom 360 video player. Currently available via public beta, Steam 360 Video allows users to view 360-degree movies, shows and other non-linear VR formats within your headset instantaneously and without the need for a separate application. The post Valve Launches 360 Video Player For High-End PC’s appeared first on VRScout.

Nikon Turns Attention Toward 360 Video with Expert Panel

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Nikon’s foray into 360° video continued at the ‘Nikon Innovation Forum: The 360° Video Revolution’ event in NYC last week. There the company’s recently released KeyMission 360 action camera was the centerpiece among non-360° action cameras of the same series. Additionally, we did learn that 8ninths is finishing post-production on a 360° shoot of an Everest climb that’ll come out via Sports Illustrated next year.

30 Paralympians To Record 360 Video Blogs During 2016 Games Courtesy Of Samsung

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360 Video Experiences 360 video Paralympians Paralympics samsung

Vimeo Finally Adds 360 Video Support With Extensive Tutorials

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Vimeo didn’t pick the best timing to announce its support for 360 video streaming, but it’s finally here at least. The online video service yesterday announced Vimeo 360 , its new platform that allows any to upload panoramic content that can be hosted in up to 8K. Pro and Business members will also be able to sell their 360 content just like they can standard videos. You can see an example of 360 content running on its player below.

Apple Final Cut Pro X Update Adds a “Complete Toolset” for 360 Video Editing

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Alongside today’s launch of the new iMac Pro, which the company is pitching as an ideal machine for VR creators , Apple has updated its widely used video editing software, Final Cut Pro X, with what it calls a “complete toolset for importing, editing, and delivering both monoscopic and stereoscopic 360 video.” Among those announcements was that Final Cut Pro X would be getting support for 360 video editing.