All Hell Is Breaking Loose in Chicago's Skies

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weather is happening derecho storms chicagoThe third-largest city in the U.S. is being absolutely pummeled by a powerful storm that brought 100 mph winds to other parts of the Midwest earlier on Monday. Read more.

Netflix's 'The Trial of the Chicago 7' can't resist a glossy Hollywood ending

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More about Sacha Baron Cohen , Aaron Sorkin , Movie Review , Jeremy Strong , and The Trial Of The Chicago 7. Sacha Baron Cohen Aaron Sorkin Movie Review Jeremy Strong The Trial Of The Chicago 7Read more.


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'USA Today' Turns to Augmented Reality to Tell the Story of Corruption in Chicago

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To punch up the launch of its new podcast, USA Today has created an augmented reality experience to introduce listeners to the story of corruption in Chicago. The podcast's first episode focuses on how municipal government, organized crime, and federal authorities conspired to dump trash in a vacant lot of Chicago's North Lawndale neighborhood.

Separating fact from fiction in Netflix's 'The Trial of the Chicago 7'

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Sorkin's latest, The Trial of the Chicago 7 on Netflix, is similarly rooted in real events. More about Netflix , Aaron Sorkin , The Trial Of The Chicago 7 , Entertainment , and Streaming Services. Netflix Aaron Sorkin The Trial Of The Chicago 7 Entertainment Streaming Services

Magic Leap & AT&T Team Up to Bring Fans 'Fantastic Beasts' AR Movie Experience in Chicago

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Don't Miss: The 5 Most Innovative Augmented Reality Products of 2018 The special experience, which is only available to the public at AT&T's Michigan Avenue store in Chicago, was revealed by Magic Leap on Sunday via Twitter. Despite less than glowing reviews from critics, the latest installment from the Harry Potter spinoff movie series, Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald, is winning at the box office.

The chilling relevance of 'The Trial of the Chicago 7'

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Aaron Sorkin, Jeremy Strong and Mark Rylance discuss how "The Trial of The Chicago 7" tells a story from 1968 America that is still relevant in 2020 America.

Chicago Bar Now Serves A VR Cocktail Using A Gear VR


This Chicago-based bar and restaurant is known for its ambitious and unusual menu in which nothing is too elaborate.That’s certainly true of its latest invention, The Macallan Rare Journey, revealed by Forbes. If it all sounds a little too up market then that’s because it kind of is; the cocktail is $95 and the bar is based in the Conrad Chicago luxury hotel.

'Chicago 10' tells the electric true story behind Aaron Sorkin's Netflix drama

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The Trial of the Chicago 7 is good drama , but I have to wonder at some of the choices writer/director Aaron Sorkin made. That's why you need to go watch Chicago 10. The movie is based on a true story but it gets an awful lot of the facts wrong.

Netflix's 'The Trial of the Chicago 7' trailer puts injustice in the spotlight

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The first full trailer for Netflix's The Trial of the Chicago 7 is, in short, enraging.

Jeremy Strong on how he approached is roles for 'Succession' and 'The Trial of the Chicago 7'

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Emmy winner Jeremy Strong lets us in on his acting process playing Kendall Roy in "Succession" and Jerry Rubin in "The Trial of the Chicago 7." Read more. More about Netflix , Mashable Video , Hbo , Emmys , and Succession. Netflix Mashable Video Hbo Emmys Succession

University Project Shows Hot And Cold Temperature Change VR Research


The device is the work of of Jas Brooks, Steven Nagels and Pedro Lopes from the University of Chicago. VR VR Industry News thermal display university of chicago virtual reality virtual reality university vr cold vr device vr heat vr reasearch vr temperature vr temperature change vr thermal display vr warm vr warmth

How to watch MLB: Chicago Cubs vs. St. Louis Cardinals online

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The three-game series between the Cubs and the Cardinals starts tonight. Here's how to stream it live online. Deals How-To Movies & TV Commerce How-To ESPN how to watch MLB

You obviously need to watch Bill Murray sing with a giant stuffed bear

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Noted Chicago Cubs fan Bill Murray wasn't able to see his favorite team in person for Friday's opening night Major League Baseball game, but he brightened everyone's evening all the same. More about Baseball , Bill Murray , Chicago Cubs , Entertainment , and Sports.

The whole world is watching in the trailer for Netflix's 'The Trial Of The Chicago 7'

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Netflix just dropped the trailer for The Trial Of The Chicago 7 , the second film Sorkin has both directed and written (2017's Molly's Game was the first). More about Netflix , Aaron Sorkin , Trial Of The Chicago 7 , Entertainment , and Movies Tv Shows.

PIXO VR releases gas meter inspection training system


Their newly-announced gas meter inspection training system is already in use by Chicago’s Peoples Gas and in vocational training within the Chicago Public School system. VR safety training company PIXO VR today announced the release of its Gas Meter Safety Inspection VR Training system , marking the first time a VR training module has been made commercially available for utility companies.

Judge Rules Trump's Chicago Hotel Is Putting Fish in Danger

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Donald Trump is a real jack of all noxious trades. It turns out that as he was rolling back environmental policies and overseeing an endless stream of noxious climate misinformation as president, one of our dear former leader’s hotels has also been ignoring clean water protections.

Snapchat Turns Wrigley Field into the Upside Down for 'Stranger Things' Promotion

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For its latest promotion, Netflix has summoned the AR powers of Snapchat to bring "the upside down," the alternate dimension from the show, to Chicago's Wrigley Field for "Stranger Things Night". The AR experience launches on Monday, which coincides with the start of the series between the two first-place MLB teams, the hometown Chicago Cubs and the Atlanta Braves (#chopon).

Location-based virtual reality goes to the mall as The Void plans a rollout in 25 more locations

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The companies also intend to take the show on the road with openings planned for Paris, London, Amsterdam, Chicago, Cophenhagen, Oberhausen, San Jose, Calif., ” TC amsterdam animation california chicago Companies e-commerce London lucasfilm New York paris real estate san diego san jose shopping malls stockholm The Void United States utah vienna Virtual reality walt disney westfield

Tune In for Chi-Town Christmas, a Virtual Concert Film By Chance the Rapper


Born in Chicago, Chance the Rapper has been entertaining fans since the debut of his first mixtape in 2012. And tomorrow, December 18, he’s bringing

VR Wearables Set to Steal the Show in Chi-Town


Featured VR Industry and Technology Chicago VR WearablesThe hottest in VR wearables is about to blow into the Windy City. Uproar PR, in partnership with We Are Wearables and. The post VR Wearables Set to Steal the Show in Chi-Town appeared first on VRJournal.

USA Today Deepens Story on Afghanistan War with AR Experience

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Don't Miss: USA Today Turns to Augmented Reality to Tell the Story of Corruption in Chicago Meanwhile, on the USA Today app for iOS and Android, the Show of Force augmented reality experience. The augmented reality team at USA Today closed out a prolific year of immersive storytelling with a hard-hitting companion piece exploring the controversial conflict in Afghanistan.

Snapchat AR Filter Turns Wrigley Field Into The Upside Down From Stranger Things


Netflix is launching the third season of the massively popular show on July 4th and to help celebrate they’ve released a new Snapchat AR filter that opens a door to the creepy world of the “Upside Down” right in the middle of Chicago’s historic Wrigley Field. — Chicago Cubs (@Cubs) June 20, 2019. The AR experience is part of Wrigley Fields “ Stranger Things Night ” taking place during this evenings game between the Chicago Cubs and the visiting Atlanta Braves.

Pepsi Celebrates Summer with Hundreds of Instagram Camera Effects for Soda Drinkers

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This week, Pepsi kicked off its #Summergram (yes, with the hashtag symbol) campaign with launch events in New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Miami, with each event featuring a different six-story tall inflatable in nearby bodies of water. With the upcoming Memorial Day weekend serving as the unofficial start of summer, Pepsi is turning to Instagram to help sell its soft drinks to quench the thirst of beachgoers and BBQers.

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VR-Inspired Cocktails Come Served With Their Own Immersive Experiences


Earlier this year Redline VR — a virtual reality arcade located in Ravenswood, Chicago — opened its doors to the public, offering visitors a curated lineup of immersive experiences in which to lose themselves. Image Credit: Barry Brecheisen, Eater Chicago. Then there’s the “Chicago Handshake,” which is a shot of Jeppson’s Malört accompanied by any classic midwestern beer. Image Credit: Barry Brecheisen, Eater Chicago.

USA Today's Latest Augmented Reality Story Takes Readers on Sobering Trip Aboard Slave Ship

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Don't Miss: 'USA Today' Turns to Augmented Reality to Tell Story of Corruption in Chicago The series includes an augmented reality experience on the USA Today app for iOS and Android that opens a portal to a 3D recreation of the San Juan. Augmented reality as a storytelling medium can do some extraordinary things words and images alone can't convey -- such as transporting readers 400 years into the past.

Vader Immortal Will Bring ‘Lightsaber Battle’ To The Oculus Quest


With this year’s official Star Wars Celebration set to kick off next week in Chicago, the rumor of possible announcements regarding both Star Wars Episode IX and The Mandalorian is in full swing as fans prepare for any new updates surrounding the highly-anticipated film and mysterious new series. The Vader Immortal panel will take place Friday, April 12th at 11:30am PST on the Celebration Stage at McCormick Place in Chicago, Illinois.

We spoke to the guy who turned Trump's cognitive test into a catchy tango

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Trump's blabbering of random words inspired many jokes and memes on Twitter, but they reminded Kravits of the "Cell Block Tango" song from Chicago , so he spliced together clips from Trump's interview and the 2001 movie and created a hilarious "Brain-cell Block Tango" remix.

This Kitchen Garden System Adds Microgreens (and Alexa) To Your Lockdown Diet

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Chicago-based Rise Gardens hopes to change that. When it comes to indoor gardening you basically have to go big or go home. Anyone who has started seedlings in the kitchen and hoped to get some basil or thyme out of the process knows that it’s easy to get a sprout but hard to get a plant.

Through the Magic Leap Looking Glass, First Look at What AR Looks Like on the Magic Leap One

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So if you're not in one of the current "Magicverse" cities (Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, New York City, the San Francisco Bay Area, and Seattle) and were. We've spent years waiting to see what all the secretive fuss was about, and now that the device is in our hands, we can finally begin showing you images of what the Magic Leap One experience looks like. This is especially important given the fact that the vast majority of the planet still can't buy one.

A Prime Suspect for Dark Matter Might Be Escaping From Neutron Stars

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After axions were first theorized by physicists in the suburbs of Chicago 45 years ago, they quickly became a robust candidate for explaining dark matter.

Google Makes Case for ARCore Apps to Educators & Marketers

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On Tuesday, at the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) Conference in Chicago, Google countered Apple's recent positioning of a cheaper iPad and AR apps for schools with its own ecosystem for educational augmented reality. When it comes to mass adoption, augmented reality is still primarily a mobile world, so Google is pitching its own ARCore flavor of mobile AR to the education and marketing segments.

Grand Prize Winner Richard Bernsee Talks about VR Fitness

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Exercise is also a nice compliment to his mostly sedentary occupation as senior IT analyst for the University of Illinois at Chicago. A lifelong, self-proclaimed “computer geek,” Richard Bernsee recognized in his late teens that he needed to make working out a priority if he wanted to be fit.

Aaron Sorkin and Jeremy Strong talk method acting and fart machines

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Filmmaker Aaron Sorkin and actor Jeremy Strong share stories of method acting behind the scenes on Netflix's "The Trial of the Chicago 7." Read more. More about Netflix , Mashable Video , Sacha Baron Cohen , Aaron Sorkin , and Jeremy Strong.

5 Pro Tips for Producing VR Events

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TL:DR – On April 1, 2020, VR/AR Chicago hosted our monthly event in VR. VR/AR Chicago hosts a monthly event that normally takes place at 1871, Chicago’s tech incubator. The stage portion of the event is live-streamed to the VR/AR Chicago Facebook page, where it is also archived. The purpose of VR/AR Chicago is to help our audience members take their next step forward with immersive technology.

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NFL Kicks Off 100th Season With Nostalgic Snapchat AR Lens


Next Thursday the Chicago Bears take on the Green Bay Packers in the first match-up of the NFL’s historic 100th season. Beginning September 5th, Snapchat users within the Greater Chicago area will have access to a new Snapchat Lens that uses Snap’s Marker technology to turn any 2D NFL 100 logo into an AR highlight reel featuring some of the best Bears vs. Packers clips from past seasons. Scan any NFL 100 logo to unlock Bears vs. Packers highlights.

Baobab Studios Rolls Out The Virtual Red Carpet For The Premier Of ‘Baba Yaga’


Both Hudson (who was in Chicago) and Ridley (who was London) addressed this during the Q&A, with Ridley saying, “I’ve been holed up for a year, so this is the first party I’ve been to in a year and it’s great.”. Jennifer Hudson and Daisy Ridley Jump into AltspaceVR to Promote Baba Yaga.

Samsung Rocks Lollapalooza With Gear VR Experiences


For the 25th anniversary of Lollapalooza, Samsung went all out bringing their latest in immersive VR experiences to the Chicago music festival. For fans not in Chicago, Samsung 837 hosted an immersive experience in New York City featuring a special performance from Years & Years, a band also performing at the festival. Watch live performances from the stage and skateboard through Malibu all in VR.