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ROSE and Mastercard® Augment the Miami Design District in a New Immersive Experience


This iconic destination provides enthusiasts with special access to the vibrant arts scene in Miami, as well as the multi-sensory dimensions of the Mastercard brand through our sonic music and immersive visual branding,” said Mastercard Executive VP of Consumer Marketing and Revenue, Monica Biagiotti. How to Experience Miami From Anywhere.

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SuperWorld Brings the Metaverse to Miami Art Week


SuperWorld and SuperRare partner up for a groundbreaking NFT Takeover in Augmented Reality RAREWORLD This past week, SuperWorld spent time at Miami Art Week, and we’ve got lots to report. First and foremost, RAREWORLD , our collaboration with NFT platform SuperRare at the Miami Convention Center, was a resounding success.

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Unity Reflects on Industrial Metaverse at IGS 2022 Miami

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Dave Rhodes, SVP & GM, Unity Digital Twins gives his speech at the Immerse Global Summit (IGS) 2022 in Miami, Florida. ” The IGS 2022 Miami Evolves the Industrial Metaverse. The IGS 2022 Miami is currently taking place at the Fontainebleu Hotel in Miami, Florida from 5 to 7 December. PHOTO: XR Today.

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Miami to Host Immerse Global Summit 2022

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See you in Miami, Dec 5-7 [link] #IGS Miami Dice? Miami, a rising tech hub for the United States, has seen its rankings across the Dice Tech Job Report jump to some of the top spots on the list for tech jobs growth in the first half of 2022. Immerse Global Summit (@ImmerseSummit) October 13, 2022.

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The Legendary Ferrari Daytona From Miami Vice Wasn't A Ferrari At All


Ferraris are rare and expensive, so Universal Studios had to improvise while filming its iconic 80's show, "Miami Vice.".

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AEXLAB Hosts tournament for Vail VR with LAN Finals held in Miami

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The event ran for six weeks, with over 200 teams battling it out online to secure their spot in the LAN Finals held in Miami. Superblue Miami , an illustrious digital art gallery, partnered with the event to allow attendees to enjoy a full day of activities, with all the live matches showcased alongside several world-renowned artists’ work.

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VRARA CEO Points to Miami for Next IGS Gathering

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3) Looking forward to IGS Miami. In this session, we discuss the following: 1) Highlights from IGS Europe. 2) The value of community in XR. If you’re looking for more information on this topic, visit [link]. Thanks for watching, and if you’d like more like this, don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE to our channel.

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