Five Ways VR Can Be Used In Modern Education


How immersive technology is changing education for the better. VR and AR are far from new educational technologie s. Nevertheless, the prospects for using VR and AR in education are huge, and expert predictions are quite optimistic.

Education’s Next Big Leap: Immersive VR Education For Better Learning


Immersive education presents a safer, more effective alternative to conventional learning. Training and education barriers exist at all levels of education—from primary to post-secondary students and on through these student’s careers into Enterprise and business training programs.


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8 Inventive Examples Of Immersive Technology In Education


The use of VR in education can make learning more entertaining, encourage STEM programs, and help with distance education. In this educational VR experience, students investigate a teenager named John. Credit: Luis Enrique Ascui/AP for Education Week. Special Education.

Lenovo VR Classroom 2 Updates Aim To Simplify VR Education


Looking at the future of immersive education in a post COVID-19 world. It not quite up to par with other standalone devices, such as the Oculus Quest , the Classroom 2 still manages to deliver engaging educational experiences perfect for the classroom.

Educational Studio Kuato Raises $6M to Build Asymmetric VR Games

Road to VR

Kuato Studios , a UK-based creator of educational games, announced it has raised £4.5M (~$6.1M The post Educational Studio Kuato Raises $6M to Build Asymmetric VR Games appeared first on Road to VR. Investment News VR Investment educational vr games kuato kuato games panic room

Report: Immersive Experiences in Education

Tech Trends VR

It is easy to get excited about the possibilities the Mixed Reality spectrum brings to education. And exploring a few of those possibilities is what I had the chance to do when I collaborated with Microsoft Education to write the Immersive Experiences in Education white paper we’ve published at the ISTE 2019 conference a few weeks ago. I’ve been called a futurist, evangelist, influencer, all those really annoying trendy buzzwords… But at heart I am also an educator.

2020 Trends in XR Technology Education


Here, we’ll be exploring how all of this disruption has potentially led to lasting and positive change in education. To start, it is important to point out that XR technology in education isn’t a new concept. VR in Primary and Secondary Education. VR in Post-Secondary Education.

AR Apps Changing Education


They can’t imagine life without Apple, Google, and apps, so education must adapt to their new perception patterns. This AR system isn’t just a game with educational potential. Each of these AR apps already has its place in the educational system. Developers report the highly positive feedback from educators, so the massive integration seems to be just a question of time. Guest Post.

‘Apollo 11 VR’ Studio Secures $3.3M Funding from HTC for VR Education Platform ‘Engage’

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Immersive VR Education , the studio behind Apollo 11 VR , Titanic VR , and social VR education platform ENGAGE , today announced that it’s secured a €3 million (~$3.3 Immersive VR Education says in a press statement that the investment will be used to further develop and enhance Engage , build its sales and marketing capability, and fund the production of additional showcase experiences for Engage. News Social VR VR Education htc immersive vr education vr education

U.S. Olympic And Paralympic Committee’s Launch VR Concussion Education Series ‘CrashCourse’


In an effort to help better educate the public on this invisible epidemic, Standford University nonprofit social venture TeachAids launched CrashCourse Football in 2018, a VR education module designed to serve as a free resource for athletes, parents, coaches looking to learn more about the prevention and treatment of concussion-related injuries. Stanford Program on International and Cross-Cultural Education as well as over a dozen CrashCourse partners, such as the ?

Where is VR/AR and Education Now?


While the public largely scoffed at the awkward goggles, industry pundits proclaimed VR/AR would one day replace our 2D screens, and highlighted education as one of the top applications in the years to come. Some analysts projected that education would be the 4th largest sector for VR/AR investment. So three years and several months later, halfway to 2020, how has adoption of VR/AR in education progressed? The post Where is VR/AR and Education Now?

How VR, AR, & AI Can Change Education Forever – Part 1, Today’s Problems

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Education is an odd bird: we all know it could be better, while at the same time it is the best it has ever been in human history. For the last two centuries the world went through a great expansion in learning : our literacy rate skyrocketed from 12% to 88% worldwide, and Primary, Secondary and Tertiary education have all seen drastic growth (in schools and students), breaking records on almost a yearly basis. What could make education more exciting, fun and practical?

Virus Popper Is An Educational VR Game About Personal Hygiene To Help Combat COVID-19


Virus Popper is a free educational VR game about personal hygiene that teaches players the value of hand washing, social distancing, and the danger of viral infections. Even though Virus Popper is positioned as an educational game it should be stated that this is not officially endorsed by the CDC, WHO, or any other official organization as a means of accurate education for hygiene and cleanliness to combat COVID-19.

Educational VR App ‘HistoryMaker VR’ Has Students Performing As Famous Figures From U.S. History


According to developer Schell Games ( I Expect you To Die, Until You Fall ), HistoryMaker VR is intended for middle school-aged students as an educational content creation tool designed to increase retention through VR-powered active learning. In an effort to expand VR’s presence in the classroom, the app will be available free to educators upon release. The post Educational VR App ‘HistoryMaker VR’ Has Students Performing As Famous Figures From U.S.

FundamentalVR Partners With HaptX On VR Surgeon Education


In a demonstration conducted during the annual general meeting of the American Association of Orthopedic Surgeons (AAOS), Fundamental Surgery–developers of a low-cost surgery simulation platform–showcased their FundamentalVR experience working in conjunction with HaptX’s haptic glove, delivering an unparalleled level of detail to the developers surgical education experience. The post FundamentalVR Partners With HaptX On VR Surgeon Education appeared first on VRScout.

Can Virtual Reality Improve Science Education?


Not too long ago, all educators needed to impart knowledge were a blackboard and some chalk. The education sector isn’t immune to the disruption of revolutionary innovations, including virtual reality. Let’s take a closer look at how virtual learning enhances science education. As the world continues to face challenges such as climate change , water shortages, poverty, and diseases , it’s imperative that we start educating the youth about them.

Lenovo Unveils New Standalone VR Headset for Education

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Undeterred by the death of Google Daydeam and the subsequent discontinuation of its consumer-focused standalone headset, Mirage Solo, Lenovo announced its building a new 3DOF standalone for educational purposes. With the so-called ‘Lenovo VR Classroom 2’, the company is offering up a complete package to educators, which includes hardware, content, device management, training, and support—all of it intended for middle and high school students.

RoboCo Is An Educational VR Sandbox About Designing Robots


” This is Filament Games first venture into the consumer arena as the studio has mostly worked with educational projects for higher learning. The post RoboCo Is An Educational VR Sandbox About Designing Robots appeared first on UploadVR. Education Experiences education Filament Games PAX pax west RoboCo Robotics simulation teaching training

Why VR Will Revolutionize Education


The post Why VR Will Revolutionize Education appeared first on UploadVR. education Apollo 11 Cerevrum distance learning Expeditions

‘Titans of Space PLUS’ Brings Planet-Hopping VR Education To Oculus Quest


An educational experience that pilots you around the solar system and some of the largest bodies in the observable universe, Titans of Space PLUS, is coming to Oculus Quest before the end of the year. The jaw-dropping educational experience takes you on a virtual tour around our solar system, providing facts about each planet and related moons or dwarf planets, along with visually demonstrating the relationship, size and position of the planets relative to each other.

Google, Udacity and Upload Join Forces For New VR Education Program


education google udacity Upload

Language Education Enters The 21st Century With MondlyAR Learning App


Originally released as a standard educational smartphone app, Mondly is an accomplished language learning service. This new AR rendition brings back that same valuable educational service, but this time with a variety of engaging AR scenarios that turn your living room into a classroom. The post Language Education Enters The 21st Century With MondlyAR Learning App appeared first on VRScout.

Exploring Immersive Technology in Training and Education

Tech Trends VR

An exclusive webinar will explore how VR & AR are Transforming Training, Education & Worker Guidance. To address these opportunities and more, VR Intelligence are hosting an exclusive webinar, ‘How VR & AR are Changing Training, Education & Worker Guidance’ , taking place Wednesday, July 31 , 2019, at 9:00am PT/12:00pm ET/5:00pm BST. How are education providers increasingly using immersive technologies and experiences to improve & accelerate learning?

How VR, AR, & AI Can Change Education Forever – Part 2, Tomorrow’s Solutions

Road to VR

Today’s educational system is static, generalized and puts less focus on individual self-development than it perhaps should. What could be done to fix these issues and take education to a new level? What could make education more exciting, fun and practical? In Part 1, Today’s Problems we talked about the challenges of implemented these education concepts (we recommend reading it before continuing with this piece). The Dawn of Immersive Education.

L’Oréal Launches VR Hair Education For Stylists


The virtual academy lets hairstylists learn the latest techniques to advance their education. Part of L’Oréal’s “Matrix Academy,” an educational beauty program for hairstylists, the VR education program will allow stylists to learn new techniques just by popping on a VR headset like the HTC Vive. The post L’Oréal Launches VR Hair Education For Stylists appeared first on VRScout. News 8i Beauty Education

Ed Games Expo Returns With A Full Day Dedicated To VR And AR Education


The annual conference brings together industry voices who are leading the way for playful, educational tech. The Educational Games Expo kicked-off this week in Washington, DC. Now in its seventh annual year, this free and public conference hosted by the US Department of Education showcases the best educational learning games and technologies to date. Department of Education (@usedgov) January 6, 2020.

UNAIDS Launches Educational 360-Degree Series Ahead Of World AIDS Day


By selecting the theme of “Live Life Positively—Know Your HIV Status” for this year’s World AIDS Day campaign, UNAIDS hopes to educate young adults on the simple, yet extremely important process of HIV tests using a series of informative 360-degree VR films. The post UNAIDS Launches Educational 360-Degree Series Ahead Of World AIDS Day appeared first on VRScout. News 360-degree Film Google HIVE VR Makhulu Media UNAIDS VR Education VR For A Cause

How Augmented and Virtual Reality Can Help to Evolve Education


The entertainment factor remains, however, perhaps it is this which makes it so practical, in terms of education. Teachers are more commonly introducing AR and VR into education, as these technologies can make certain subjects, and learning as a whole, more stimulating and effective. So, let’s discuss how implementing more technology into classrooms, in particular, augmented and virtual reality, can evolve students’ learning in education. See Also: AR Apps Changing Education.

AR Gaming Robot ‘MekaMon’ Adds Support For STEAM Education


Now the company is adding even more educational value in the form of STEAM-based learning with Reach EDU. . For students further along in their studies, including those at degree and postgraduate level, third-party educational platforms are being developed to work MekaMon in addition to existing Swift Playground integration. The post AR Gaming Robot ‘MekaMon’ Adds Support For STEAM Education appeared first on VRScout.

Why AR/MR for Education?


augmented-reality design education ar technologyIntroduction: Best AR Learning Apps & AR Toys Continue reading on AR/VR Journey: Augmented & Virtual Reality Magazine ».

The best educational apps for Android and iOS

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Here are some great educational apps for Android and iOS. Android Apple Buying Guides Mobile Apps Best of education Education in isolation iOS Tier 4Looking to learn something new or fill in some gaps?

Non-Profit ‘Athar’ Is Developing VR Employment Education For Jordan Youth


Despite the various hardships and danger that surround children raised in conflict-prone countries, many youth still find themselves hoping for successful careers as doctors, educators, engineers, and various other influential positions. to gain an education and to become a leader in this community. The post Non-Profit ‘Athar’ Is Developing VR Employment Education For Jordan Youth appeared first on VRScout.

Jordan 275

The Global Skills and Education Forum in Dubai Showcases the Convergence of VR/AR and Education


An event that proved the importance of XR’s role in the future of education. This March, the Varkey Foundation’s Global Skills and Education Forum (GESF) again solidified its place as the world’s premier education event and conference, bringing together over 2,000 professionals to dream up what the future of education might look like in 2030. For more information on the Global Skills and Education Forum, visit the official website here.

Oculus Launches New Education Programs In Seattle, Japan and Taiwan


Oculus Education, a department of Facebook’s VR specialist dedicated to expanding the tech’s use as a tool for learning, is already bringing headsets to libraries in California and partnering with a number of other institutions. The company today announced Oculus Education pilot programmes for Taiwan, Seattle and Japan, all with different objectives. Oculus is also training educators in how to use VR via a partnership with the Technology Access Foundation (TAF).

Taiwan 173

AR Education Apps To Enhance Home-Learning


With schools scheduled to be shut at least till mid-June in most countries, teachers can use Augmented Reality in Education to tutor in virtual classrooms. The post AR Education Apps To Enhance Home-Learning appeared first on Virtual Reality Augmented Reality Technology Latest News. The Covid-19 pandemic has shut schools and colleges throughout the world and has teachers resort to novel and innovative ways to reach out to students.

WITHIN’s ‘Wonderscope’ App Provides Reading Education Through AR Storytelling


The post WITHIN’s ‘Wonderscope’ App Provides Reading Education Through AR Storytelling appeared first on VRScout. ‘Wonderscope’ is a magical window into an interactive world where kids learn to read using augmented reality. The Los Angeles based start-up Within has a released a new storytelling app called ‘Wonderscope’, and its creative approach to storytelling will make you feel a whole lot better about letting your child spend all day an iPad or iPhone.

This VR Game Doubles As A Clean Water Educational Tool


Pollutants become monsters in this HTC Vive clean water educational game. Water is Life teamed up with ad agency Deutsch, game developer Ntropic + Tactic, and VR studio m ss ng p eces to create a VR experience that is both educational and unforgettable. The game will continue to travel to schools around the world and additional educational information can be found on the Water is Life website. News Causes Charity Education HTC Vive