Colorado State University Has Deployed a 100 Headset VR Lab for Biomedical Education

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The so-called Immersive Reality Training Lab lab is part of a new CSU facility called the Health Education Outreach Center, says Jordan Nelson, a member the school’s Dept.

Hands-On: ‘The Big Table’ – A Quirky Educational App That Encourages Experimentation

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Successfully combining educational value with an entertaining, playful presentation, The Big Table is a VR laboratory that teaches many fundamental chemistry concepts, aimed at students aged 13 to 17.

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‘Titanic VR’ Dives Deep into the History of the Fateful Sinking in Educational VR Experience

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Enter Titanic VR, a new educational experience by Immersive VR Education that brings the sunken wreckage of the RMS Titanic to life once more. Increasingly, educators are realising that simulated learning can make a real difference in learning outcomes.

Language Education Enters The 21st Century With MondlyAR Learning App


Originally released as a standard educational smartphone app, Mondly is an accomplished language learning service. This new AR rendition brings back that same valuable educational service, but this time with a variety of engaging AR scenarios that turn your living room into a classroom.

The Virtual Arena: Educators Learn Their VR

Peter Graham

Moving from entertainment, he now covers the major developments VR is having in shaping the future Education Technology scene. Yet again, the biggest presence of VR at the show was from Avantis – the company had powered into VR and was one of the first to offer educators a dedicated package.

Where is VR/AR and Education Now?


While the public largely scoffed at the awkward goggles, industry pundits proclaimed VR/AR would one day replace our 2D screens, and highlighted education as one of the top applications in the years to come. Some analysts projected that education would be the 4th largest sector for VR/AR investment. So three years and several months later, halfway to 2020, how has adoption of VR/AR in education progressed? Image Credit: Samsung.

U.S. Department of Education Embraces VR/AR With $680K EdSim Challenge


government wants you to do just that with its new education competition. Department of Education this week announced the EdSim Challenge , looking for new educational simulations that use virtual and augmented reality technology, created by the VR, AR and videogame development communities.

‘Invisible’ From ‘Edge of Tomorrow’ Director Arrives On Samsung VR


360-degree videos are being used for product promotion, education, live events, and more in an effort to give a more involved perspective compared to our usual rectangular videos. Invisible is available today on Samsung VR and will be available on Jaunt VR on October 27th.

The XR Week Peek (2020.01.27): Samsung may be working on a new headset, Half-Life: Alyx will ship on time and much more!

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Image by Samsung, taken from Upload VR). Samsung may launch a next-gen Samsung Odyssey. A recent filing at the Chinese IP offices makes us speculate on a new PC VR headset in the works by Samsung. Hello everyone!

‘Invsible’ From ‘Edge of Tomorrow’ Director Arrives On Samsung VR


360-degree videos are being used for product promotion, education, live events, and more in an effort to give a more involved perspective compared to our usual rectangular videos. Invisible is available today on Samsung VR and will be available on Jaunt VR on October 27th.

On the Hunt for VR’s Killer App with Samsung’s VP of Immersive Products & VR, Nick DiCarlo

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From healthcare, education, social, training, cinema, gaming, and more, VR has a lot of Killer Use-cases. Samsung’s Nick DiCarlo weighs in on how we might come to find it. Today we hear from Nick DiCarlo, VP of Immersive Products & VR at Samsung.

Unimersiv launches new virtual education platform

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Unimersiv has launched a new virtual reality platform for educational experiences, joining Google Expeditions, Nearpod VR, and Fieldscapes VR. It is currently available for the Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear VR, with support for other mobile-based... News education Unimersiv

Three Reasons Higher Education Has Embraced Virtual Reality


Virtual Reality has always been of interest to higher education. Below, we’ll delve into three reasons for the explosive growth of Virtual Reality in education over the last year. If you’re an educator or student thinking of building VR, now is the time.

Ann Frank House VR Puts a New Spin on Education

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Chances are education was on that list. Anne Frank House VR is an education based experience made by Force Field Entertainment and The Anne Frank House Museum. Anne Frank House VR was originally released for the Oculus Go, Rift, and Samsung Gear VR back in 2018.

VR Surgical Training Platform Osso Wins US Dept. Of Education’s EdSim Prize


It was just under a year ago now that we reported that the US Department of Education was getting involved with VR and AR tech with the launch of its EdSim Challenge. The competition was designed to seek out new educational systems that could one day change the way we learn.

HP, Microsoft, Samsung, and Centro Computer Join EON Reality for Mixed Reality Partner Event

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EON Reality hosted an exciting Mixed Reality partner event, based on future tech with Centro Computer and in collaboration with HP, Microsoft, and Samsung, including a full tour around EON Reality’s immersive showroom and AVR Platform demonstration.

Sony, Facebook, Google, and Samsung Dominate VR, With Over 50% Market Share


Samsung follows with another mobile headset (Gear VR). Towards the bottom of the top 20 list, we also see vendors positioned in the “VR for work” segment, with VR applications in collaboration, education, industry, military and defense, science and medical, and other research fields. VR is hot! But is it permanent?

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Weekly Funding Roundup: Samsung Acquires VRB for $5.5M, Academy.


Weekly Funding Roundup: Samsung Acquires VRB for $5.5M, Academy Xi Raises $2.25M, Osso VR Raises $2M 1) Samsung has been bullish on virtual reality hardware, hoping that its early moves in headsets and devices to shoot content will give it a stronger position in the space as (and if !)

Explain VR Is Like An Encyclopedia Brought To Life


It remains to be seen just how large a part education will play in the VR industry, but there have been interesting developments recently. For example, an entire facility has been fitted out for AR and VR education in Oklahoma. The facility takes advantage of VR’s ability to immerse students in their education, excite them with interactive experiences they control, and also bring a curriculum to students not able to make it into the facility.

AR+VR Weekly: Netflix AR Hack, Vive goes to work & Samsung’s AR Cloud

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In addition to keeping you up-to-date on the top AR+VR news, funding activity, and launch announcements, here are there three stories you need to know: Netflix AR Hack, Vive goes to work and Samsung’s AR Cloud.

Your feedback speaks volume: Shape the future of education!

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The Winner of the Samsung Gear VR will be announced in January 2017. The post Your feedback speaks volume: Shape the future of education! We have received a lot of feedback from you, but we still want more! You have until December 31st to submit any feedback on our app, EON Experience AVR , for your chance to win. Our team takes your thoughts, ideas, and criticisms very seriously.

Kids Bike Through Their Own Artwork In This VR Workshop


As part of their commitment to mixing new media with conventional education while simultaneously making the 12 year old me insanely jealous, Play Lab’s If I Ride VR workshop uses virtual reality technology to give kids the opportunity to explore artwork they create themselves.

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Visit the Ancient Rome in VR with Rome Reborn

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” Smarthistory’s educational documentary on Rome is the single most popular program produced by this website. At the moment, this means solutions such as the Samsung Gear VR and the Oculus GO. Is this how we will educate our children?

VR Association Formed To Get ‘Ahead of Challenges With Developing and Deploying The Technology Responsibly’


The collective includes Google, HTC Vive, Acer Starbreeze, Oculus, Samsung, and Sony Interactive Entertainment. Tagged with: acer , Collective , google , htc vive , industry , oculus , samsung , sony , virtual reality.

Casey Neistat Shows Karlie Kloss the Possibilities of 360 Video


Now only a day before Neistat called it quits on vlogging, Samsung has shared a promo video for the Gear 360 camera that has Neistat showing American supermodel Karlie Kloss the ropes when shooting 360° video with the consumer camera. Image Credit: Samsung YouTube.

Altair Digital Are Bringing the Planetarium Experience to Your Face Using VR

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One of the earliest forms of immersive education and perhaps a pre-cursor to virtual reality, planetariums have engaged audiences with their panoramic representation of the night sky and, latterly, many other natural wonders besides.

Google Expeditions Will Be Bringing VR To A Million Students In The UK


The Google Cardboard platform has been an accessible and inexpensive option for skeptics and the Google Daydream is shaping up to be a worthy contender across from the Samsung Gear VR, which is healthy competition needed if the mobile VR industry is to thrive.

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VR Comedy ‘Door No. 1’ Available Now On Hulu


1 puts you in the shoes of Alex, a high school graduate returning to his old stomping grounds at what may easily be the most dysfunctional educational facility on the planet. 1 is available now on Hulu VR for the Oculus Go, Oculus Rift , Samsung Gear VR , Google Daydream , and PSVR.

UploadVR’s Best Of 2018 VR Award Winners


Samsung Odyssey+. ‘Immersive VR Education’ continues to prove itself as the leading company in, well, VR education with this amazing exploration of the legendary vessel. This is a remarkable experience that is part educational, taking you through the explosive life of a black hole, but also part pure wonder as the colors and sounds engulf you. We’ve finally reached the very end of 2018 and it’s been quite the eventful year for the VR industry.

Archaeology Team Receives $900k to Recreate Historical Sites in VR


Hamdi Kan, uses a combination of photogrammetry, texturing and mesh modelling to create 360-degree scenes of famous historical sites for viewing in VR headsets like the Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR, Google Cardboard and many others. News Education History

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HTC’s Alvin Graylin on What’s Happening in China & VR

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On average, the VR hardware from China tends to be no where near the quality of the major VR players of the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Sony PSVR, or Samsung GearVR, but there were some standout Chinese companies who are leading innovation in specific area.

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How a bunch of high school students are using VR to help kids with autism


It's far from a finished product, but was polished enough to make it to the final round of Samsung's nationwide Solve for Tomorrow invention competition last month. More about Education , Virtual Reality , Vr , Autism , and Tech. Education Virtual Reality Vr Autism Tech

With LiveSYNC You Control 360-Video Playback of Multiple Devices


The portability and affordability of mobile VR is inspiring developers from all walks to create games, educational apps, or even productivity software for the platform. Tagged with: 360 degree , 360 video , gear vr , LiveSYNC , samsung.

Building Empathy: ‘Under the Net’ Malaria Documentary Shows the Art and Power of VR


Working with Samsung, the team at NBN returned last summer to Tanzania, with Perkinson, to capture the reality there in a way that couldn’t be done when the charity began. 360 education Experiences africa documentary malaria nothing but nets under the net

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MIT Launches Play Labs VR Accelerator For Students and Alumni


So although the focus of the program is certainly on Virtual and Augmented Reality and their related applications, they will also be considering start-ups looking to develop relevant technologies in areas such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Vision and 3d Modeling, with potential applications across Gaming, Healthcare, Education, Manufacturing, Data Visualization, eSports and many others. education mit game lab

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New Oculus Rift and Gear VR Releases For Week Of 07/02/17


Apollo 11 VR Mobile, from Immersive VR Education. Entertainment Experiences Gaming Oculus Rift Samsung Gear VR new releases Oculus Home steam

Sony’s PSVR Nearly Quadrupled Vive Sales in Q1 2017 According to Superdata


Very rarely do we get a completely candid look into the exact sale and download numbers, typically having to collect scatterings of information to create an educated estimate. Understanding that, the data they accumulate can paint an interesting picture and Superdata Research ‘s newly released information paints a telling picture: the PlayStation VR (PSVR) and Samsung Gear outsold the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive by a large margin in Q1 of 2017.

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