Nreal currently focusing on Asia, shipping to the West is coming next year

The Ghost Howls

Nreal answers it is focusing on Asia. The post Nreal currently focusing on Asia, shipping to the West is coming next year appeared first on The Ghost Howls. I have said it multiple times: Nreal is one of the most intriguing AR startups out there.

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A Look Ahead to AWE Asia 2021


We’re based in the US, as are most of our readers, so that’s the AWE event that we cover, but there are other AWE events worldwide and we can’t contain our excitement anymore for AWE Asia 2021. The Long Road to AWE Asia.

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‘Feedback Loop’ in Central East Asia Threatens Disturbing Changes to Mongolia's Climate

GizModo VR

A review of weather patterns in inner East Asia over the past 260 years suggests the region is currently caught in a dangerous cycle of heatwaves and droughts that could forever reshape the area, and possibly turn the Mongolian Plateau into an arid wasteland.

Unity Technologies Hosting Vision VR/AR Summit Asia in Beijing

UploadVR Between Realities podcast

Building on the momentum set into motion by the inaugural event, Unity Technologies is hosting Vision VR/AR Summit Asia in Beijing. This second Vision Summit will be the debut of the official Vision VR/AR Awards – Asia. 5 finalists from the Awards will represent Asia in competition for the global awards in these categories: Best Game. Vision VR/AR Summit Asia will take place in Beijing, China at the NUO Hotel on December 14th and 15th.

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Sony Announces 4 Asia-Developed PSVR Titles Are Coming West

Road to VR

The games come as a result of a partnership between Sony Interactive Entertainment and what they call “some of Asia’s most exciting developers.” The post Sony Announces 4 Asia-Developed PSVR Titles Are Coming West appeared first on Road to VR. Sony today announced four new titles for PlayStation VR at the annual ChinaJoy Expo in Shanghai—all of which have been confirmed to make it over to Western audiences.

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Cannabis Genomes Suggest the Plant Originated in East Asia

GizModo VR

A team of researchers just examined 110 different marijuana genomes to figure out the origin of the plant. Their findings put the genesis of Cannabis sativa in northwest China. Read more.

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Twitter Launches Pro-Democracy Emoji for 'Milk Tea Alliance' in Asia

GizModo VR

The so-called Milk Tea Alliance refers to the pro-democracy movement in Asia that has been organized, at least in part, through actions online. Twitter launched a new emoji early Thursday that will appear anytime a user tweets the hashtag #MilkTeaAlliance.

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PlayStation Awards Honors 3 Top Titles for Helping Sell PSVR in Asia

Road to VR

The PlayStation Awards took place in Tokyo last night, Sony’s annual award show that rewards PlayStation format titles based on sales in Asia. While two of the three titles below were featured in heavily promoted hardware bundles in North America and Europe, interestingly enough none of the games awarded last night were bundled in Asia as far as we can tell. The post PlayStation Awards Honors 3 Top Titles for Helping Sell PSVR in Asia appeared first on Road to VR.

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Giant Spiders From Asia Are Poised to Invade the U.S. East Coast

GizModo VR

Joro spiders have inhabited parts of the U.S. southeast for the past nine years, but new research suggests these impressive arachnids will soon establish a presence along most of the eastern seaboard. Perhaps surprisingly, scientists aren’t too concerned, as these spiders are actually kinda awesome.

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Intel's Tiger Lake NUC11: Panther Canyon for Asia Alone

Anand Tech

Yesterday, Intel provided some updates with the rather disappointing news that the Panther Canyon NUC family will only be distributed in the Asia-Pacific region. The electronics industry supply chain is facing a number of issues due to the ongoing pandemic.

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StarVR One Resurfaces, Goes on Sale in Asia With US & Europe to Come

Peter Graham

After that, it all went quiet until today when YouTube channel MRTV reported that sales had now begun in Asia. Isn’t this year full of surprises, from global lockdowns to Half-Life coming back, the rollercoaster that is 2020 keeps ongoing.

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Jaunt Bringing Original 360 Degree Video to Asia with Jaunt China

UploadVR Between Realities podcast

Earlier this week The post Jaunt Bringing Original 360 Degree Video to Asia with Jaunt China appeared first on UploadVR. 360 Video Experiences jaunt Jaunt China Jaunt VR

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The AVR Platform and Classroom 3.0 Showcased at EduTECH Asia 2018

EON Reality

At EduTECH Asia 2018 this week in Singapore, EON Reality spent two full days speaking, promoting, and demonstrating the latest updates to the AVR Platform to the thousands of education and technology professionals in attendance. After two full days of demonstrations, EON Reality introduced the AVR Platform to approximately 1500 teachers, school administration officials, and other decision-makers in Asia’s education industry.

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Netflix Yanks Two Spy Drama Episodes After Philippines Outcry Over China Map

GizModo VR

netflix demarcation line seas territorial disputes of china south china sea nine dash line geography of asia pine gap southeast asia department of foreign affairs maritime southeast asia chinese irredentism

EON Reality Wins Best AR/VR Education Solution at EduTECH Asia 2019

EON Reality

SINGAPORE, November 6, 2019 – EON Reality nabbed top honors for best AR/VR solution in education at the EduTECH Asia 2019 Awards in Singapore, beating several contenders from various global companies and shortlisted from the initial 300 submissions across various categories. The post EON Reality Wins Best AR/VR Education Solution at EduTECH Asia 2019 appeared first on EON Reality.

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EON Reality and DENSO International Asia Singapore Announce Continued Partnership Following Initial Success

EON Reality

IRVINE, CA, July 16, 2019 – EON Reality’s Augmented and Virtual Reality (AVR) solution for DENSO International Asia Singapore was such a success that the two parties announced today that they will expand the development of a series of innovative Augmented and Virtual Reality training solutions for DENSO International Asia Singapore employees. The major automotive component manufacturer saw tremendous improvements when using EON Reality’s Creator AVR application.

'Eco-Friendly' Fabric Is Destroying the Rainforest

GizModo VR

rainforest environmental issues in indonesia environment agriculture cellulose auriga pulp and paper industry deforestation in indonesia adidas earthrise rayon abercrombie fitch forestry asia pacific resources international holdings edward boyda articles deforestation palm oil asia pulp paper

Cross-Platform Event to Address Asia’s Booming Digital Entertainment Sector


To support the digital entertainment industry at this important moment in its development, Duxes will host the Asia Digital Entertainment Summit 2019 (ADES) from December 12-13, 2019 in Singapore. The ADES is Duxes ’ first event tackling the burgeoning digital entertainment market in Asia, and follows a series of events covering the tech and digital marketing sectors in China and across Asia, which have been acclaimed for their thorough content and interactive format.

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EON Reality showcases with HCT at the WorldSkills Asia event in Abu Dhabi

EON Reality

EON Reality’s Dubai team was invited to participate in the HCT booth at the WorldSkills Asia event in Abu Dhabi, at the end of November to showcase some of products such as the EON Icube, the HTC Vive, zSpace, and Creator AVR. The post EON Reality showcases with HCT at the WorldSkills Asia event in Abu Dhabi appeared first on EON Reality.

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Monday's Best Deals: HP Back-to-School Sale, Aukey 12-in-1 USB-C Hub, Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers, Gooloo 1500A Jump Starter, Taste of Asia Snack Mix, Reusable Face Shields, and More

GizModo VR

An HP back-to-school sale on laptops, desktops, and printers , an Aukey 12-in-1 USB-C hub , a discounted copy of Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers for PS4 , a Goooloo 1500A jump starter , a Taste of Asia snack mix package , and a reusable face shield five-pack lead Monday’s best deals.

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Asia Pacific Breweries and EON Reality to Brew Up Next-Generation Training Solutions

EON Reality

EON Reality’s Augmented and Virtual Reality solution for Asia Pacific Breweries (APB) Singapore was such a success that the two parties announced today that they will expand the development of a series of innovative Augmented and Virtual Reality training solutions for APB Singapore employees. The post Asia Pacific Breweries and EON Reality to Brew Up Next-Generation Training Solutions appeared first on EON Reality.

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Turkmenistan Plans to Close its Blazing 'Gateway to Hell'

GizModo VR

turkmenistan geography of asia ahal region energy in turkmenistan karakum desert countries gates of hell asia agence france presse darvaza gurbanguly berdymukhamedov disaster accident environment darvaza gas crater karakum

Hezbollah-Linked Cyber Unit Has Been Hacking Into Internet Companies for Years

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technology_internet western asia regions asia anti western sentiment antisemitism in the arab world hezbollah islam and antisemitism march 8 alliance organizations designated as terrorist by canada lebanon funding of hezbollah

Netflix Pulls NSA-Themed Show in Vietnam Over Offensive Maps

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netflix software southeast asia chinese irredentism territorial disputes of china vietnams authority of broadcasting and electronic information dreamworks south china sea nine dash line geography of asia pine gap

Ancient City of Angkor Was Jam-Packed With People

GizModo VR

angkor southeast asia alison carter countries archaeology carters lidar cambodia khmer empire eileen lustig khmer people sarah klassen asiaAngkor, in what is now Cambodia, was one of the most populated cities in the world from the 9th to 15th centuries CE.

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Saudi Arabia Acquires $3.3 Billion Stake In EA, Take-Two, Activision Blizzard

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saudi arabia take two interactive western asia jamal khashoggi neom asia misk foundation public investment fund of saudi arabia countries electronic arts saudi vision economy of saudi arabia mohammed bin salman crown prince of saudi arabia

Saudi Police Arrest TikToker for ‘Sexually Suggestive’ Video With Another Woman

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politicsofsaudiarabia egyptianstreets talasafwan tiktok lawofsaudiarabia saudiarabia asia law2ccrime mohamadal bokari world humanrightsinsaudiarabia socialissues countries lgbtrightsinsaudiarabia

The Week In XR Part Deux: China Blocks Tok Sale, AWE Asia Wraps

Charlie Fink

China introduces new rules, which limit transfer of Tik Tok Tech. Consumer Tech /consumer-tech Innovation /innovation Consumer Tech /consumer-tech technology

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Researchers May Have Found True Identity of Ancient 'Hobbit' Species

GizModo VR

Anthropologists know of at least two ancient species of tiny humans that lived on the islands of southeast Asia over 50,000 years ago.

Frontier Airlines Attendants Put on Paid Leave After Duct-Taping Violent Passenger to Seat

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airlines association of asia pacific airlines aviation american airlines paul hartshorn us airways law crime association of flight attendants american airlines group flight attendant human activities republic airways maxwell berry low cost carriers sam sweeney malaysia airlines Read more.

H&M Purged From Chinese Maps and Online Stores for Criticizing Forced Labor in Xinjiang

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hm xinjiang nike xinjiang production and construction corps alibaba cultural assimilation separatism in china human rights abuses baidu human rights of ethnic minorities in china uyghur genocide linguistic discrimination social issues racism in china ethnic groups in asia hm group uyghurs asia

World’s Oldest Known Coin Mint Unearthed in China

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coin mint lydia qin 1 euro cent coin spade money kabul hoard hao zhao coinage of asia technology internet numismaticsArchaeologists in China have discovered a foundry that dates back to between 640 and 550 BCE.

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Hong Kong’s offline and virtual events platform EventX closes $18M Series B


But the virtual event space continues to attract investors, at least in Asia. So far, the company has helped organize events in over 100 cities, mostly across Asia, and its platform has served more than five million attendees.

Strange, Isolated Group of Polar Bears Discovered in Greenland

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mammals arctic mammals of asia abc islands bear animals kristin laidre marine mammals elizabeth peacock environment polar bear regions bear walrus pagophilyResearchers have identified a previously unknown population of polar bears living in isolation Southeast Greenland.

Scientists Have Discovered a Hotspot of Denisovan Ancestors

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The finding shows that the history of archaic and modern humans living on the islands of southeast Asia during the Pleistocene is more complex than we imagined.

Polar Bear-Grizzly Hybrids, Aka Pizzly Bears, May Be Growing More Common Due to Climate Crisis

GizModo VR

bear polar bear environment organisms vanderbilt university hybrid apex predators mammals of asia grizzly bears scavengers biology grizzlypolar bear hybrid branches of biology ursid hybrids larisa desantisWhat do you get when you cross a polar bear and a grizzly bear?

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Welp, That Didn't Last Long: Airlines Welcome Back Banned Anti-Maskers

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airlines welp association of asia pacific airlines national responses to the covid 19 pandemic spanish flu face masks during the covid 19 pandemic american airlines malaysia airlines united airlines mask aviation nate gatten anti mask sentiment gizmodoAt least three major U.S.