Sony Announces ‘Smurfs’ Mixed Reality HoloLens Game


The latest Smurfs film gets it’s own mixed reality children’s game for Microsoft’s HoloLens. Of course it’s difficult to say how many children will actually get to experience this neat little game. Games News AR Augmented Reality HoloLens Microsoft Mixed Reality Smurfs Sony Unit 9

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Crytek’s ‘The Climb’ is The Best Selling Rift Game To Date

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Oculus has confirmed that Crytek’s The Climb is the platform’s best selling Rift game to date, and among a handful of titles that have grossed more than $1 million on the company’s VR storefront. News Oculus Rift Games VR Games crytek the climbc

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‘Echelon’ Mixed-Reality Board Game is Like Star Wars ‘HoloChess’ for HoloLens

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“When I saw the HoloChess game in Star Wars,” says Helios developer Kristafer Vale, “I immediately wanted to play that game, and I had to wait until now for us to have the technology like Unity and HoloLens to be able to realize that dream.”

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Disney Invests in VR Arcade The VOID, Epic Games in 2017 Accelerator

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Among the 11 picked for the company’s 2017 Accelerator is location-based VR arcade The Void and Unreal Engine creator Epic Games. Its not certain exactly what Disney’s Accelerator will accomplish for Epic Games at this time however.

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Valve Confirms Development on “three full [VR] games, not experiments”

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The company behind some of the greatest games ever made— Half-Life , Portal , Counter Strike , Team Fortress , to name a few—is far from done with VR. He’s had the ability to think about what the input device is and design a system while he designs games.

Top 10 Most Downloaded PlayStation VR Games So Far

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PlayStation VR launched just last month, and now Sony has shared which games players have downloaded the most so far. Gunjack is the visually stunning best-selling VR game built from the ground up for virtual reality.

The Machines Is A Tabletop War Game Powered By Apple’s ARKit


I know I can’t be the only person that loves playing tabletop games but hates the setup, cleanup, and organizational headache they often cause. The Machines is an upcoming concept from Directive Games that was made using Apple’s ARKit and Unreal Engine 4.

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The 9 Best VR Games Of 2017 So Far


Before we get into the holiday rush, though, we wanted to recap on some of the games that have wowed us in the first seven and a half months of 2017. As a package, this makes a great case for VR’s best game yet. What are some of your favorite VR games so far in 2017?

Game Cooks Are Using Their Mobile Experience To Create ‘HOVR’ And Other VR Games


Game Cooks is an independent games studio founded in Beirut by two Lebanese brothers – Arz and Lebnan Nader. Since 2011, they’ve released over a dozen successful mobile games on iTunes and Google Play, but HOVR for Gear VR is their first foray into virtual reality.

VR Health Group Is Rating How Many Calories Games Burn


As well as delivering immersive experiences, VR gaming has another welcome, if unintended side-effect: getting players fit. The problem is it’s hard to know just how much exercise you’ll get playing a game until you try it. In some cases, games are observed twice.

Mind-Controlled VR Game Coming to Arcades 2018


Once considered nothing more than farfetched science fiction, neuroscientists have since taken a much more optimistic stance on the potentially game-changing tech thanks to advances in brain-computer interfaces. The post Mind-Controlled VR Game Coming to Arcades 2018 appeared first on VRScout.

How Will VR Gaming Change Us?


Despite advances across many industry verticals such as healthcare, training, and retail, the most widely understood application of VR so far has been games. Here are the things VR gaming, as well as future applications of immersive media, will change the way we interact. News Gaming

Two Ways to Play Non-VR Games With the Oculus Rift or HTC Vive

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Games that are specifically developed for VR are always going to look and play the best in a VR headset, but let’s face it, most of us probably have huge libraries of traditional games, and you may be wondering “Can I play regular games on the Oculus Rift or HTC Vive?”—the

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This $99 AR Headset Is A Game Changer


Experiences range from solo challenges to multiplayer games, including mind-bending mixed-reality puzzles, holographic chess and digital warship battles, which make gaming in AR as dynamic as it is social. The post This $99 AR Headset Is A Game Changer appeared first on VRScout.

Racing Game “Sprint Vector” is an Intense Workout with VR Locomotion that Just Works

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Sprint Vector is an “adrenaline platformer” racing game that relies upon a unique locomotion technique of swinging your arms in order to run through an obstacle course. Racing game #SprintVector is an INTENSE workout with VR locomotion that just works.

Studio Behind VR Music Videos ‘Surge’ & ‘Apex’ Teases First VR Game, ‘KIN’

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House of Secrets , the Amsterdam-based studio behind acclaimed real-time VR music videos Surge (2015) and Apex (2017) is developing their first full VR game, a puzzle platformer titled KIN. Catch the teaser trailer below: From the looks of it, Kin is likely to be a third-person game.

First Ever Steam Awards Finalists Include Two VR-enabled Games

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Tabletop Simulator (2015) and Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes (2015) are the two virtual reality-enabled games nominated for the very first Steam Awards. Neither are VR-only games, but both support the HTC Vive, while Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes also lists Oculus Rift and OSVR support.

PlayStation Pro Launch Brings 13 Confirmed PSVR Enhanced Games

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Hot on the heels of Sony’s recent PlayStation 4 powered PSVR VR headset Launch, the next, more powerful iteration of the PS4 console will launch on November 10th and Sony have announced the games set to feature ‘Pro’ enhancements, including X for PlayStation VR.

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Man Loses More Than 50 Pounds Playing A VR Game


” Stauffer works in the video game business and decided that perhaps the industry he loved could provide an answer to his weight loss dilemma. “It also had an immediacy and simplicity that the other gaming weight loss platforms lacked. “I was unhealthy.

UploadVR’s 2016 Game of the Year Winners


Last week we announced a comprehensive list of nominees for our 2016 Game of the Year Awards. There were over 20 categories selected with approximately 4-8 different games and experiences nominated for each category. Best Online Game Winner: Werewolves Within.

Oasis Games’ ‘Weeping Doll’ Brings Creepy Horror Tropes To VR


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Unity’s In-VR Game Editor Launches Tomorrow, This Is What It’s Like

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Tomorrow Unity plans to launch the first experimental build of EditorVR, a component of the Unity game engine which will let developers build games within virtual reality. One such tool is Tvori, which brings in-game camera and animation recording into EditorVR.

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NOLO VR Promises $99 Positional Tracking and SteamVR Gaming on Any Mobile VR Headset

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Therefore, the company is planning to ship an SDK to enable developers to integrate support for Nolo VR into their apps and games. The post NOLO VR Promises $99 Positional Tracking and SteamVR Gaming on Any Mobile VR Headset appeared first on Road to VR.

Report: 39% of Game Developers Working on AR/VR Headsets

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A survey of game developers attending the annual GDC conference suggests major growth in the number of developers building games for AR and VR headsets. The post Report: 39% of Game Developers Working on AR/VR Headsets appeared first on Road to VR.

HTC Sweetens Viveport Subscription Deal with 75 More VR Games

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HTC launched its interesting Viveport Subscription service back in April; for $7/month, the program lets users choose five VR games from a pool of available apps, and grants them unlimited access.

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‘Rick and Morty’ Co-Creator Justin Roiland Launches New VR Game Studio, Squanchtendo


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Hands-on: ‘Sprint Vector’s’ Breakthrough Locomotion Could Inspire an Entirely New Genre of VR Games

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The core of the game is what the company is calling the Fluid Locomotion System, a synthesis of VR movement techniques seen elsewhere that together add up to a supremely satisfying way to move around VR worlds at high speed without getting dizzy.

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The Tantalizing Promise Of Augmented Reality Games


They promise us wonderful connections between the digital and physical worlds, and games where we can chase cartoon characters through our own furniture. Above: CastAR wants you to play tabletop games in mixed reality. Why did you choose AR as something to do with gaming?

Sweetarts Brings Chewy Sours VR Game to Vidcon


The candy-obsessed brand known for their chewy sour gummy treats has added their own twist on a VR game. Powered by two HTC Vive VR headsets, the Sweetarts VR game placed you in an alternate candy universe where you’re transformed into a giant Sweetarts Chewy Sours bag.

Epic Games CEO: “HTC Vive is outselling Oculus Rift 2-to-1 worldwide”

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Tim Sweeney, founder of Epic Games and creator of Unreal Engine, has a unique position in the virtual reality industry. As an active supporter of VR and head of one of gaming’s most important VR-compatible game engines, when Sweeney speaks, we tend to listen.

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How To Make Money As A VR Game Developer


As we start to move out of the novelty phase of the VR boom and into a real industry, every game developer is asking the big question: How do I make a business out of this? So how can a game developer find ways to make money from all of their hard work? Free Game With Ads.

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Grab Games is Coming Out Swinging with Knockout League


Los Angeles game developer Grab Games is coming out of stealth mode. Grab’s new VR game, Knockout League, is coming to Steam, Oculus, and Viveport in January. Grab Games Q&A. What is the Grab Games origin story? How will the game evolve in 2017?

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VR Games Are Now Ranked By the Workout You Get


Can virtual reality gaming be a way to work out? ” A website launched today by the new VR Institute of Health and Exercise ranks VR games’ fitness potential by comparing them to exercises like running and biking. You can also submit a game to be ranked.

PSVR Game Listings Hit PlayStation Store Ahead of Launch

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On the lead up to PlayStation VR’s October 13th launch, the first wave of PSVR games have been listed in the PlayStation Store. Eager soon-to-be-owners of PSVR can now get an eye on the first set of games they’ll be able to purchase when headsets begin arriving on October 13th.

11 Of The Most Promising Game Developers To Emerge From VR


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The 9 Best Oculus Rift Games That You Can Play Right Now


Experiences gaming 7 Airmech best blaze rush defense grid Games list oculus project cars rift seven Technolust top video games windlands

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Epic Games Busts ‘Robo Recall’s’ $10 Million Myth

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Robo Recall , one of the best looking games available on a VR headset today, actually cost a lot less to produce than the rumored $10 million. SEE ALSO 'Robo Recall' Behind-the-scenes: Insights and Artwork from Epic Games. Good news.

HoloLens ‘Final Fantasy XIV’ Concept Video Shows AR as a Perfect ‘Second Screen’ for Today’s Games

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A concept video using HoloLens and Final Fantasy XIV , shows how AR could be incredibly useful as a ‘Second Screen’ companion for gaming and more. Now one might ask ‘Well then, why not just play the game on an AR screen too?’

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Game Industry Job Postings Are Decreasing, But VR Jobs Are Up 400% Since 2014


The number of jobs posted for game developers has declined 65 percent since 2014, according to an analysis by the job search site Indeed. The global game industry has grown to $91 billion across multiple platforms, but the number of jobs in the U.S.

Resolution Games Announces ‘Wonderglade’ for Daydream VR


One of the first videogame developers to reveal its work on the headset is Solitaire Jester creator Resolution Games. Details released on the videogame so far refer to Wonderglade as family friendly, where players a put in a carnival themed world featuring new and familiar games. “We We think Wonderglade will be an ideal component in helping Google reach mass market as a game everyone can enjoy and the perfect door-opener for those new to VR,” said Resolution Games’ CEO Tommy Palm.