VR Game Lets You Create & Play Your Own Board Games?


The future of tabletop gaming is looking bright thanks to VR. All On Board is a mod-based VR platform currently in development for Meta Quest and PC VR headsets that allows you to play an ever-expanding catalog of multiplayer board games built by the community for the community in VR. .

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Best VR Survival Games

VR Game Critic

Fortunately, more and more developers venture into the realm of virtual reality to bring us made-for-VR survival games across the various platforms. Best Quest Games Meta Quest Games Top Quest Games Must-Have VR Games Meta Quest Oculus Quest

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Every VR Game Announcement From The Meta Gaming Showcase 2022


The 2022 Meta Gaming Showcase is officially in the books. Originally teased last month, NFL Pro Era is the first NFL-sanctioned game for VR headsets. We first caught wind of a VR remake of developer Innersloth’s social deduction game last year.

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5 VR Games Perfect For Beginner Players


You can’t go wrong with the following games and apps! Whether you’re on a standalone VR device such as the Meta Quest 2 or one of the many PC VR headsets currently available, you’ll find no shortage of incredible games and apps to immerse yourself in.

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Everyone Wins! How Games Can Improve Learning Outcomes Across Multiple Generations

Speaker: Stephen Baer, Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer of The Game Agency

Nearly 70% of American adults play video games. Stephen Baer, Chief Creative Officer at The Game Agency, will discuss each generation’s unique learning styles and identify game types that appeal to each one and improve your learning outcomes.

How To Play 2D Games Inside Your Favorite VR Games


“Yo dog, we heard you like video games…” We’ve all been there. Instead of twiddling your virtual thumbs in anticipation of their return, why not take advantage of your newfound downtime with some 2D retro gaming, all without having to remove your headset?

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Report: Meta Actively Testing PC VR Cloud Gaming for Quest

Road to VR

Meta may be ramping up internal testing for its own first-party cloud gaming service which could let its latest standalone VR headset, Quest 2, play PC VR games without needing your own VR-ready computer.

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Rumored Canceled Halo VR Game Revealed


” Information has surfaced online regarding 343’s rumored canceled Halo VR game. In a recent Twitter post, video game informer Rebs Gaming shared supposed concept art from the canceled project, codenamed ‘Reverie.’ Image Credit: Rebs Gaming.

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Aliens VR Game Currently In The Works From Survios


Game over, man. Game over!” ” Survios, the same team behind popular VR games such as Sprint Vector and Creed: Rise to Glory , has partnered with 20th Century Studios to bring the legendary film studio’s iconic Aliens franchise to VR. News VR Games

Ubisoft’s Splinter Cell VR Game Is Officially Canceled


Still no word on the status of the highly-anticipated Assassin’s Creed VR game. It was back in 2019 that rumors began circulating about a Splinter Cell VR game potentially in development at Ubisoft’s Red Storm studio with support from Reflections. News VR Games

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Gorilla Tag Is Adding A New VR Paintball Game Mode


This week developer Another Axiom announced a new game mode for its smash-hit multiplayer game Gorilla Tag. new game mode in gorilla tag: battle! Once all of their balloons have been popped, the player is eliminated from the game.

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Holographic Tabletop Games On The Way From Catan Creators


Are holograms the future of board games? While it’s unclear which games will receive holographic adaptations, there’s a good chance the team will use a recognizable IP to draw attention to this ambitious new venture. The game, Air New Zealand Fact or Fantasy? ,

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The PlayStation VR2 Will Have Over 20 Launch Games


Earlier today, Sony offered additional information regarding the headsets launch game catalog. Developer Vankrupt Games has already confirmed that its popular PvP shooter Pavlov VR will be heading to the headset, as will Innersloth’s highly-anticipated Among Us VR.

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Boneworks Creators To Reveal Next VR Game At Meta Gaming Showcase


Earlier today, Stress Level Zero developer Brandon J Laatsch ( Boneworks, Hover Junkers, Duck Season ) offered a small update on the team’s next VR game, codenamed ‘Project 4.’ News Meta Quest Meta Quest 2 PC VR VR GamesMore physics-driven fun is on the way.

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Best VR City-Building Games

VR Game Critic

VR has seen quite a few successful takes on classic strategy and simulation games, so it was only a matter of time before City Builders would rise to popularity in the medium. Games covered in this article include: Cities: VR Little Cities Townsmen VR Mall Town Spacefolk City.

Tennis League VR For Quest Could Help Improve Your Game


Developed by AnotherReality along with their funding partner Health Improvement Solutions , a free early access demo of the game is available now on Meta Quest headsets. The game offers multiple modes for tennis fanatics of every skill level. . News Meta Quest Meta Quest 2 VR Games

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The New Formula 1 Game Will Be Playable In VR


Video game publisher EA Sports today announced that F1 22 will be arriving on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation platforms on July 1st, 2022. We could be looking at full-fledged VR support or a dedicated game mode separate from the rest of the game. News PC VR VR Games

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Netflix’s Squid Game Gets A ‘Life-Sized’ Immersive Experience


This week, Immersive Gamebox announced yet another major partnership, this time with Netflix’s Squid Game. Squid Game – Participate in the final game. Immersive Gamebox’s Squid Game experience will be available beginning September 21st, 2022.

Learn How To Build A Gaming PC In VR


Available now on PC VR headsets, PC Virtual LAB is an educational VR game that teaches you how to properly build your very own high-powered gaming PC while improving your knowledge of basic computer concepts. The post Learn How To Build A Gaming PC In VR appeared first on VRScout.

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VR Streetball Game Blacktop Hoops Coming Later This Month


In this upcoming game, you’ll go 1-on-1 against a variety of opponents in a way that would please even streetball luminary The Professor. You can pull off some sweet buttery smooth crossovers and break ankles using the game’s groundbreaking dribbling system.

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Rec Room’s Latest VR Game Is A Western-Themed Shoot-Out


This western-inspired game has you and other players taking a ride on the old Rec Express to Sarsaparilla Springs, a legendary ghost town that is now used as a battlefield. Rec Room members can play an early access version of the game today. Get your posse together for some 3v3 action.

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Our First Look At The Futuristic VR Sports Game Ultimechs


Ultimechs by Resolution Games is a fast-paced futuristic VR sports game that will have you buckling yourself into the pilot seat of a giant state-of-the-art mech and competing in front of a sold-out arena packed with rabid sports fans. Image Credit: Resolution Games.

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Snapchat’s New AR Game Let’s You Hunt Ghosts


Ghost Phone is a new in-game app from Snapchat that turns your smartphone into an augmented reality (AR)-powered ghost hunting device. The game has you searching for clues hidden in text messages and hunting supernatural entities with your smartphone’s camera. .

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VR Parkour Game Stride Is Getting Cross-Platform Multiplayer


The free update will introduce a dedicated player hub complete with mini-games and training grounds. Originally released back in 2020, Stride is a single-player action-adventure game that has you jumping from rooftops and battling nameless baddies across a futuristic city.

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Resolution Games Expands to Focus More Development on AR Games

Road to VR

Resolution Games, a leading developer of XR content, today revealed a new AR division of the company that will focus more directly on the creation of AR content. Resolution Games was an early mover in the VR space with games like Bait!

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Dogecoin Millionaire Launches Tamagotchi-Style AR Game


Earn exclusive NFTs and Dogecoin by taking care of an AR-powered ‘Dogeagotchi’ in this location-based mobile game. We have developed a Pokemon GO style, augmented reality game that is accessible from any smartphone, powered by the BLOCKv platform,” said Gary Lachance in an official release.

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Upcoming Peaky Blinders VR Game Is A ‘Gangster Drama’


VR developer Maze Theory ( Doctor Who: The Edge of Time ) today unveiled Peaky Blinders: The King’s Ransom , an original VR game based on the incredibly-popular British drama series of the same name. News Meta Quest Meta Quest 2 Oculus Quest VR Games

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VR Game Racket: Nx Is Now An Officially Sanctioned Sport


Everyone’s favorite VR racquetball game is one step closer to becoming an Olympic sport. According to the company, this marks the “first electronic game of any sort” to be recognized as a global sport in the eyes of the International Olympic Committee.

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Best VR Stealth Games

VR Game Critic

The stealth game genre is a fascinating one and that holds true in virtual reality as well. PlayStation VR PSVR Oculus Rift HTC Vive Meta Quest Valve Index PC VR Cooking Games Restaurant Simulation Kitchen Sim Cooking Sim Bartending Sim

Silent Hill Could Possibly Return As A VR Game


The past couple of years have been hard for fans of Konami’s horror game franchise Silent Hill. The post Silent Hill Could Possibly Return As A VR Game appeared first on VRScout. News PC VR Playstation VR VR Games

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Top 5 VR Sports Games On The Meta Quest 2


In addition to first-person shooter games and fitness apps, Meta’s Quest 2 VR headset features a growing catalog of sports games that take full advantage of the Touch motion controllers to immerse users in a variety of unique competitive environments. Be sure to stay hydrated!

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Best VR Bullet Hell Games

VR Game Critic

If you love frenetic gameplay and the satisfaction that comes from dodging and weaving your way through an onslaught of projectiles, then you’ll probably feel right at home with the shooter subgenre of bullet hell games.

This Star Wars Podracing VR Game Is A Must-Play


Inspired by the classic Nintendo 64 game Star Wars Episode I: Racer , Podracer VR is a fan-made game that brings the popular fictional sport from the Star Wars universe to life in VR, allowing you to compete in high-speed races against AI opponents across a dangerous backwater planet.

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Everything We Know About Boneworks Creators’ Next Game: Bonelab


During today’s Meta Gaming Showcase , developer Stress Level Zero, creator of the hit physics-driven VR game Boneworks , has returned with new information regarding its next project, Bonelab. No word yet on the extent of the games’ modding capabilities.

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Thief Simulator Is A VR Game That Teaches You How To Steal


Since then the game has received a number of significant improvements designed to further immerse you in your virtual thefts. Image Credit: 3R Games. The post Thief Simulator Is A VR Game That Teaches You How To Steal appeared first on VRScout.

New Deal Could Bring VR & Gaming To Netflix


Shonda Rhimes and Netflix ink a new deal that could VR and gaming content to the continually growing entertainment platform. This announcement marks the first time Netflix has identified VR and gaming as part of its roadmap.

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Ghostbusters VR Game Lets You Drive The Iconic Ectomobile


The experience is composed of two game modes powered by Hologate’s ARENA and BLITZ platforms respectively. The experience described sounds somewhat similar to Ghostbusters Dimensions , another location-based Ghostbusters VR game released by The VOID back in 2016.

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