VR Rhythm Game Immerses You In A Violent Crime Drama


Slice, stab, and shoot your way through the streets of 1930s NYC in this ultra-violent take on the VR rhythm game genre. Moscow-based developer Joy Way ( STRIDE, Time Hacker ) today revealed the first trailer for its upcoming VR rhythm game AGAINST.

The Best VR Games Of 2020 (So Far)


Looking for the best VR games in 2020? We’re six months into 2020 and there’s already been a lot of great VR games. To recognize as many games as possible we’re splitting our current list of best VR games in 2020 into two parts.

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Vertigo Games Acquires VR Arcade Game Distribution Platform SpringboardVR

Road to VR

Vertigo Games, the studio behind Arizona Sunshine (2017) and upcoming VR shooter After the Fall , today announced that it has acquired SpringboardVR, creators of the eponymous location-based VR content distribution platform.

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Road to VR’s 2020 Game of the Year Awards

Road to VR

It’s the time of the season again for reflection, when we look back at this year’s greatest achievements in VR gaming and remind ourselves just how far we’ve come in the four years since consumers first delved head-first into truly immersive worlds.

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Arcade Classic ‘Space Invaders’ Returning As Augmented Reality Mobile Game


Square Enix Montreal and TAITO have announced an upcoming Space Invaders mobile game featuring proprietary augmented reality (AR) technology that takes the legendary arcade classic in a bold new direction.

‘Space Slurpies’ Reimagines The Classic Game Of ‘Snake’ For VR


Slurp your way to victory in this cosmic VR space game. T he latest multiplayer VR game from the kooky minds over at Starcade Arcade , Space Slurpies will have you and your friends slithering around like interstellar snakes while filling your bellies with polygonal snacks.

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Facebook Acquires ‘Beat Saber’ Studio Beat Games

Road to VR

Facebook today announced it has acquired Beat Games, the studio behind the hit VR rhythm game Beat Saber (2018). Beat Games is joining Oculus Studios as an independently operated team based out of Prague.

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Story-Driven VR Fitness Game ‘Gym Masters’ Announces Kickstarter


Developer ViFit this week launched an official Kickstarter for Gym Masters , a narrative-driven VR fitness game that looks as radical as it does exhausting. Completing mini-games earns you a variety of objects and trophies you can use to decorate your gym.

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New VR Game Releases For April 2020


Every month we aim to round up each and every VR game release for you in one single place — this is April’s list for 2020. And don’t forget to watch VRecap every Friday to stay on top of the top news stories, top new releases, and our weekly VR game giveaway.

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OpenBCI: games using brain-interfaces are coming in 3 years

The Ghost Howls

We’ve also talked a lot around the office about zombie or horror games that react to your heart rate, building on the kind of thing companies like Flying Mollusk demonstrated. NeverMind, a game by Flying Mollusk.

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June VR Games 2020: The Biggest Releases This Month


But with the new June VR games, it’ll be hard to stay away. June VR Games 2020. Carbon Games’ popular spell-casting series returns with an all-new campaign. The game was designed specifically for VR, so let’s hope it offers some real scares.

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‘Catan VR’ On Oculus Quest Is Proof We Need More VR Board Games


VR breathes new life into the legendary 90’s board game. Catan VR , a modern adaptation of the original 1995 board game Settlers of Catan is finally available on Oculus Quest and Oculus Quest 2 headsets.

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VR Gaming for Adults


Development of immersive technology is happening at a rapid pace and increasing numbers of adults previously unfamiliar with gaming are using virtual reality headsets for fun, fitness, and social interaction. Who Is Playing Games? See Also: The Best Upcoming VR Games in 2021.

Road to VR’s 2019 Game of the Year Awards

Road to VR

Now, a little under four years since the big names in hardware released their first generation consumer headsets, we live in a time when a number of VR games have actually approached the best that any gaming platform has to offer. Developer : Sanzaru Games.

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New VR Game Releases For May 2020


Every month we aim to round up each and every VR game release for you in one single place — this is May’s list for 2020. So far 2020 has not been a disappointment at all in terms of new VR games to play, even after the dust settled from Half-Life: Alyx.

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Facebook Adds Over A Dozen New Quest Games To App Lab


Facebook this week added over a dozen new VR games and apps to its experimental App Lab channel, offering Oculus Quest and Oculus Quest 2 players an easier way of accessing a generous selection of popular indie titles like Gorilla Tag, OceanCraft, and Warplanes: WW1 Fighters just to name a few.

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Create A Digital Human In Less Than An Hour With Epic Games’ MetaHuman Creator


Back in 2016, we saw our first look at Epic Gamesgame-chaning digital human technology with its Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice preview at the Game Developers Conference. HD stubble // Image Credit: Epic Games. Image Credit: Epic Games.

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Insanely Popular Rhythm Game ‘Osu!’ Now Playable In VR


to AUDICA converter, a free tool that allows fans of the uber popular 2007 rhythm game to easily transport millions of user-created maps to Harmonix Music System’s VR rhythm experience AUDICA. The post Insanely Popular Rhythm Game ‘Osu!’ VR Modding VR Rhythm Games

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How to gift a game on the Oculus Store

The Ghost Howls

One of the best gifts that you can make to a virtual reality gamer is a VR game , and finally, after years that we have awaited for this feature , it is possible to gift a game to a friend of yours in the Oculus Store. How can you give a game as a gift for a Quest 2 user?

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Family Gaming: VR Experiences Transforming Together Time Under Lockdown


Below is a selection of VR experiences rated “Everyone” or “Everyone 10+” perfect for keeping grandparents, parents, and the kids entertained with action-packed arcade-like experiences, multiplayer party games, and adrenaline-powered fitness apps. VR Gaming Fun for Everyone.

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10 Highly-Anticipated VR Games We’re Excited To Play In 2021


This is shaping up to be one hell of a year for VR gaming. Whether you’re on the Oculus Quest, Oculus Rift, or a SteamVR headset, you’ll find there’s plenty of VR gaming to look forward to over the next 12 months.

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How To Listen To Spotify In-Game On The Oculus Quest


It’s quick, easy, and an absolute game-changer for certain games and apps. Open your desired Oculus Quest game or app (this will cause the music to pause). You can now access a massive catalog of music while simultaneously enjoying your favorite Oculus Quest games and apps.

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11 VR Games We’re Looking Forward to in 2021

Road to VR

Despite the world grinding to a halt due to the COVID-19 pandemic, indie game studios and ‘AAA’ studios alike continued their work from afar and set new bars for VR gaming. Developer : Fast Travel Games. Delayed Games. Developer : Vertigo Games.

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Learn How A Virus Spreads With VR Algebra Game ‘Pandemic’ On Quest


Available now in beta on Oculus Quest/Quest 2 headsets via the Oculus App Lab, Pandemic by Prisms is an engaging and thought-provoking educational game experience designed to illustrate the mathematics of a global viral outbreak.

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‘Pokémon Go’ Team Working On ‘Pikmin’ AR Mobile Game


Location-based augmented reality (AR) specialists Niantic today announced an exciting partnership with Nintendo to jointly develop “real-world” mobile games that will bring legendary Nintendo characters to life in AR, beginning with the Pikmin franchise.

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Wraith: The Oblivion ? Aftermath Is A World Of Darkness VR Horror From Fast Travel Games, Exclusive Look At The VR Showcase


Wraith: The Oblivion – Aftermath is the first VR game set in the World of Darkness universe, and it’s being made by Fast Travel Games. Fast Travel says the game was inspired by the likes of Amnesia: The Dark Descent and Alien: Isolation.

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‘STRIDE’ Studio Reveals Work on Gritty Rhythm Game Prototype

Road to VR

Joy Way, the developers behind high-flying parkour shooter STRIDE (2020) , released a new look at a game prototype that aims to fuse rhythm, shooting and slicing. There are 2 different teams working on the games.” News VR Game joy way joy way vr stride stride vr

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Three Ways VR And Gaming Are Driving Modern Edutainment


Edutainment experiences have been around for a while and will continue to evolve as the gaming industry grows. While some experiences might skew educational – those that blend entertainment and elements of gaming will win. . Newzoo states, the games market will reach $200.8

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Shadow Promises High-End VR Gaming Without An Expensive Computer


And although revolutionary hardware such as the Oculus Quest is slowly lowering the entry-price, the most visually-impressive and technologically-advanced VR games still require the power of a high-end gaming PC.

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Niantic’s Latest AR Game Turns The Entire Earth Into One Giant Game Of Catan


First released in 1995 to a small, but passionate group of fans, award-winning strategy game Settlers of Catan would eventually go on to become one of the most influential board games ever released. Martin’s A Game of Thrones.

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17 Great VR Games for Relaxation & Meditation

Road to VR

Here we’ve gathered VR games and experiences focused on relaxation and meditation. Tetris Effect is classic Tetris gameplay wrapped in an audio-visual experience which uniquely accompanies each of the game’s levels. via Epic Games Store.

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Niantic Previews the Future of AR Gaming with Codename: Urban Legends Demo

Next Reality AR

As if teasing its own smartglasses weren't enough, augmented reality gaming developer Niantic gave gamers a glimpse of how 5G speeds can revolutionize how they play mobile games in the near future.

‘AAA Open-World’ VR Game In Development At Rockstar Says LA Noire VR Team


Video Game Deluxe is looking for help on a new project for GTA and Read Dead developer Rockstar Games. As stated in the posting, Video Game Deluxe is the developer behind Rockstar’s L.A. Image Credit: Rockstar Games, Video Games Deluxe.

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The Top 5 VR Games to Keep You Active

Road to VR

So here’s our top five VR games to not only keep you your heart rate up, but have a blast while doing it. Inspired by Japanese game show N?kabe What’s your favorite VR game that gets you sweating?

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PlayStation VR Game Creator ‘Dreams VR’ Now Available, Here’s How To Get Started


PlayStation 4 game creator Dreams received its highly-anticipated VR Update earlier today, introducing a variety of game creation tools designed specifically for PlayStation VR. Start building your own console VR experiences today, no headset required.

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Jungle Survival Horror Game Green Hell Is Getting VR Support


Get ready to sweat; gruelling jungle survival game Green Hell is getting VR support at some point in the future. Since its full launch last year Creepy Jar has been keeping the game up-to-date with new modes like the recent addition of co-op support.

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The 20 Best Rated & Most Rated Quest Games & Apps – December 2020

Road to VR

Here’s a snapshot of the top 20 Oculus Quest games and apps as of December 2020. The post The 20 Best Rated & Most Rated Quest Games & Apps – December 2020 appeared first on Road to VR.

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