The First 10 Games You Should Consider Buying on Quest

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Here’s our top 10 recommendations for Oculus Quest games (plus a few bonus suggestions for free games and apps you should definitely check out). Here’s our top 10 suggestions for paid games, followed by some free suggestions below. Image courtesy Schell Games.

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Here’s Every Game With Support for PSVR Aim

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Sony’s PSVR Aim controller launched back in 2017 with Farpoint , but has since grown to support nearly two dozen games in total. Here’s a handy list of every game with support for PSVR Aim. Every Game With PSVR Aim Support. Farpoint standalone game (digital) – $20.

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The 5 Best Games for PlayStation VR

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Here’s our breakdown of the best PSVR games that you should definitely check out. The 5 Best PSVR Games. The game encourages lots of movement and dodging, so you’ll want to maximize the size of your playspace and you’ll also want to play the game while standing.

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‘Cosmic Trip’ Studio Unveils Musical Gardening Game ‘Fujii’ for Quest & PC VR

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Funktronic Labs , the studio behind funky real-time strategy game Cosmic Trip (2017) , unveiled their next VR project that aims to let you explore fantastic worlds while doing what the team calls “creative gardening.”.

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Over 150 Global Game Jam 2019 Games Have VR Support


The world’s largest game jam, the Global Game Jam, had its 2019 session this past weekend from January 25th – 27th 2019. For 2019 the Global Game Jam theme was, “What home means to you,” and according to the official Twitter page over 8,000 games were submitted.

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Road to VR’s 2018 Game of the Year Awards

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There’s been plenty to talk about in VR gaming over the course of 2018, with even more ambitious indie studios and AAA game companies getting into the medium for the first time. Now for Road to VR’s 2018 Game of the Year Award winners. Developer : Beat Games.

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‘Superhot VR’ Has Now Generated More Revenue Than The Original PC Game

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Having sold more than 800,000 units across all supported platforms, developers Superhot Team say the VR title has now generated more revenue than their original hit PC game Superhot (2016). It’s no surprise the unique VR action game has done extremely well for itself.

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The Top 5 Games for Oculus Rift

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In our breakdown of the top 5 games for Oculus Touch and top 5 for the Xbox One gamepad, we take a look at some of the best games currently on the Oculus Store. Before we start, don’t forget that your Rift also works with compatible games purchased through Steam.

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Moving Beyond VR Games

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I love VR and I love gaming, but I have now got to the point where the mention of the two things in the same sentence – specially when people seem to imply they’re the same thing – makes me roll my eyes and sigh. Part of it is due to the fact I’m yet to get really hooked into a VR game.

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Magic Leap Drops Video Teaser for Game of Thrones Experience

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There are only three more episodes of Game of Thrones left before the saga is over, but Magic Leap is capitalizing on the series' popularity while it still can.

Survios & AMC Unveil ‘The Walking Dead’ VR Game, Launching Fall 2019

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Survios, the studio behind Creed: Rise to Glory (2018) and Raw Data (2017), today unveiled a new VR game based on AMC’s TV series The Walking Dead. The game is said to include detailed melee, ranged combat, player progression, and a full campaign mode.

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Insomniac Games Releases Seedling, the First Paid Augmented Reality Game for Magic Leap One

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One the leading game developers for the PlayStation 4 and Oculus Rift platforms, Insomniac Games, is finally releasing its first major augmented reality title: Seedling for the Magic Leap One. Back in November, we gave our impressions of the game after sampling it at the L.E.A.P.

‘Astro Bot’ Ranked 6th Best PS4 Game of 2018, #1 PSVR Game of All Time

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The game now ranks among PS4’s top titles—VR or otherwise. In both categories that marks the game as being ‘Universally Acclaimed’ by Metacritic’s standards. Looking into Metacritic rankings for all PS4 games (VR and non-VR) helps contextualize this achievement.

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Microsoft Turns Real World into Multiplayer Playground with Minecraft Earth Mobile AR Game

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The company published a new trailer for the game, which has a rather similar feel to the trailer Niantic originally produced for Pokémon GO. And, like the aforementioned classic, the video presents a somewhat embellished vision of what the game will offer.


Cats and VR

Today, Resolution Games - the studio behind Angry Birds VR: Isle of Pigs , the popular virtual reality (VR) fishing game, Bait! , and other hit titles - is revealing the first details for its new multiplayer party game that is set to be released this summer.

Minecraft Earth Is An All-New AR Game For Mobile


As last week’s tease basically confirmed , Microsoft has just announced a Minecraft AR game. It’s not an extension of the original game but instead an entirely new project. The game brings many of the core elements of the original into AR.

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Tilt Five Shows AR Tech Aimed at Revolutionizing Tabletop Gaming

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Tilt Five is creating a tabletop AR platform aimed at fusing traditional board games with the benefits of augmented reality. Tilt Five aims to use the tech as a platform for amped up board games which won’t be limited by cardboard cutouts, cards, and plastic figures.

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The Top 5 Games For HTC Vive

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Here we take a look at our top 5 games for Vive, and a little more information you might need to get you started. Valve’s The Lab (2016) is without a doubt among the best games, free or otherwise, so we just had to add it.

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‘Myst’ Creators Launch Kickstarter for New VR Puzzle Game ‘Firmament’

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Cyan, the studio behind genre-defining puzzle classics Myst (1993) and Riven (1997), have launched a Kickstarter campaign for their upcoming VR puzzle game Firmament. Backers at all funding tiers are said to receive the completed game by July 2020.

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AR Gaming Robot ‘MekaMon’ Adds Support For STEAM Education


Reach Robotics, the creators of the world’s first AR gaming robot, MekaMon launched the next generation of EdTech with a new coding platform – Reach EDU. He quickly learned that robotics and gaming captured students’ attention, making learning infinitely more engaging.

VR Game Releases For April 2019


Every month we aim to round up each and every VR game release for you in one single place — this is April’s list. And if you’re a VR game developer planning to release a game soon — let us know! Rift, Vive, and Windows VR Game Releases For April 2019.

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‘Trash Rage’ Blends VR Gaming With Environmental Education


Trash Rage brings together gaming, education, and environmental awareness in a way that complies with real-world recycling laws, and addresses the impact of how the oceans, forests, and mountains are being destroyed by synthetic plastics to the point where even wildlife has been impacted.

Magic Leap Releases Game of Thrones Experience for All Magic Leap One Users

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It turns out that the video Magic Leap released earlier today was indeed a teaser for the public release of the Game of thrones experience for meant for all Magic Leap One users.

Index Specs Were Driven by Valve’s VR Game Dev Teams

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The company said that its internal game developers working on “AAA VR content” pushed to VR hardware team to reach the fidelity they wanted. And that certainly makes sense, as Valve says that its VR game teams were pushing for greater capabilities from the hardware.

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Vive Studios & Vertigo Games Announce VR Card Battle Game ‘Skyworld: Kingdom Brawl’

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Vertigo Games, the studio behind Arizona Sunshine (2016) and Skyworld (2017), have teamed up with Vive Studios to create a new VR card-battler dubbed Skyworld: Kingdom Brawl. Check out the list of features mentioned on the game’s official website : Features.

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Valve Reveals Top Selling VR Games on Steam in 2018

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Among the charts is a list of the top 100 best selling VR games on Steam in 2018 , as measured by gross revenue. Interestingly, none of the platinum games are Early Access graduates (compared to 25% in the gold tier). This is the game’s second year in the gold tier.

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‘Astro Bot’ Wins The Game Awards’ Best VR/AR Game of 2018

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Astro Bot Rescue Mission (2018) , the VR platformer that’s still wowing PSVR users well after its October 2nd launch, took home the title of ‘Best VR/AR Game’ at last night’s Game Awards.

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‘Budget Cuts’ Review – Killer Robots Meet Killer VR Game Mechanics

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Budget Cuts, a first-person stealth VR game, has been eagerly awaited since Stockholm-based indie studio Neat Corporation first released a free demo in 2016. If you find yourself wishing for a silenced pistol, then you’re not playing the game right.

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Valve to Launch a “Flagship VR Game” Later This Year on Index and Other SteamVR Headsets

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In typical Valve fashion, the company is staying extremely tight-lipped about what they call their “flagship VR game.” There’s plenty of speculative material out there as to what VR games Valve is working on.

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The 25 Best PSVR Games: Day #1


PSVR is home to many of VR’s best games and is also arguably the most accessible mainstream headset available. It’s important to get a list of the best PSVR games right, then. Here are UploadVR’s 25 best PSVR games. That makes a zombie VR game a huge no-brainer.

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VR Game Releases For January 2019


Every month we aim to round up each and every VR game release for you in one single place — this is January’s list. And if you’re a VR game developer planning to release a game soon — let us know! Rift, Vive, and Windows VR Game Releases For January 2019.

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Five Highly-Anticipated VR Games Coming To Oculus Quest


Resolution Games, the same team behind Angry Birds VR: Isle of Pigs , has another title planned for release on the standalone VR headset, this time focusing their efforts on asymmetrical VR multiplayer. Resolution Games promises the arrival of ACRON on the Oculus Quest in the near future.

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Oculus Quest Game Library Preview Livestream: Launch Day Lineup


Last week we had a ton of fun showing off lots of new games we hadn’t played before and today we’re back with the same setup. And please let us know which games or discussions you want us to livestream next! Gaming Live Streams livestream Oculus Quest

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VR Game Releases For March 2019


Every month we aim to round up each and every VR game release for you in one single place — this is March’s list. And if you’re a VR game developer planning to release a game soon — let us know! Rift, Vive, and Windows VR Game Releases For March 2019.

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15 New PSVR Game Trailers From Paris Games Week

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Paris Games Week is here and Sony has revealed a slew of new trailers showing off their lineup of PSVR games coming in 2017 and 2018. Developer: Fast Travel Games. Developer: Disruptive Games. Developer: Gattai Games. Developer: Bit Planet Games.

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The 5 Best Free Games on HTC Vive

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Steam is chocked full of free games that support HTC Vive, but it may be difficult with all that choice to know exactly which games to start out with, especially if that shiny new HTC Vive or HTC Vive Pro blew out your remaining games budget. Free Games With Revive.

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PS Plus Sale Discounts 20 PSVR Games Until April 30th


Today Sony unveiled a huge sale on the PSN Store that discounts nearly 300 different digital games across PS4, PSVR, and PS3. If you filter the list down to just PSVR games it totals out to exactly 20. Gaming PSVR Borderlands 2 VR PS Plus PSN Store

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