Exclusive: ‘Unearthed Inc: The Lost Temple’ Is A Sci-fi VR Take On An ‘Indiana Jones’ Style Puzzle Game


Before I saw Raiders of the Lost Ark , the first film in the venerable Indiana Jones franchise, I told myself I wasn’t interested in that genre. Tagged with: escape the room , glo , hidden object , indiana jones , puzzles , the lost temple , unearthed.

Gates of Nowhere Looks Like A Dark Indiana Jones For Vive In New Trailer


Last second ducks and near-miss steps really show the power of the presence that the best VR experiences provide and makes us feel a little like Indiana Jones. If room scale VR has taught me one thing, it’s that I love to dodge stuff.

Area Of Darkness: Sentinel Looks Like A Haunting VR Thriller


The trailer gives us some very Indiana Jones meets Tomb Raider vibes with a focus on archaeology and delving deep into ancient tombs. Upcoming psychological thriller Area of Darkness: Sentinel from Rematch Studios is looking really impressive for a first-time effort from a small indie studio.

Turtle Rock Studios, the developer of Left 4 Dead just released a FREE Stranger Things edition of Face Your Fears for Gear VR

Cats and VR

The latest Face Your Fears door takes you to the sleepy town of Hawkins, Indiana, where you'll encounter a series of spine-tingling events in the everyday world and its uncanny reflection, the Upside Down. Just another day in Hawkins, Indiana.

Here Is The NBA’s Full NextVR Live Broadcasting Schedule For This Season


1, 2016 – Los Angeles Lakers at Indiana Pacers – 7:00 p.m. If you signed up for the NBA League Pass VR trial, it has been extended to include the November 1st matchup between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Indiana Pacers.

‘Stranger Things’ Comes to Gear VR in Latest ‘Face Your Fears’ Update, Face the Demogorgan

Road to VR

Face Your Fears (2016) is a collection of horrifying experiences ripped straight from your nightmares; creepy clowns, monsters in the closet, dangerous heights, and now the world of Netflix’s hit show Stranger Things.

New Ready Player One Image Reveals Art3mis


“It was Willy Wonka, it was Indiana Jones. We got out first good look at Steven Speilberg’s anticipated adaptation of Ready Player One at Comic-Con last month, but we still have plenty of questions about the movie. Now we’ve got our first glimpse at one of the major characters. Empire has released a new image of the upcoming blockbuster that gives us our first look at Olivia Cooke as Samantha Evelyn Cook, better known by her VR persona of Art3mis.

NBA 2017-2018 VR Highlight Reel Arrives Free On NextVR


The massive broadcast came to a close this April as Indiana & Charlotte squared-off in the last scheduled live-stream, putting a cap on what one heck of an ambitious project. Go courtside for this season’s most incredible MVP moments in NextVR’s latest partnership with the NBA.

Eye Of The Temple Is A VR Game That Requires Room Scale Locomotion To Move Around


Eye of the Temple, an upcoming Indiana Jones-inspired VR adventure game from developer Sanctum Dreams, is taking a similar concept and expanding it into a full game for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift in late 2018.

NBA 2KVR Experience Mini-Game Collection Is Launching Tomorrow


Stepping onto one of the iconic courts (such as the Indiana Pacers, shown in the trailer above) from the actual NBA or donning the sneakers of your favorite sports star is something that could dramatically improve the marketability of VR as an industry.

NextVR to Broadcast Over 20 Live NBA Games This Season, Coverage Starts Tonight

Road to VR

1 game between the Los Angeles Lakers and Indiana Pacers. NextVR , the leader in live VR sports broadcasting, today released their full schedule for their live NBA coverage, including 25 games featuring 30 teams throughout the 2016-2017 season.

Microsoft Now Hosts Free HoloLens Demos Across US & Canada

Road to VR

Indiana. Haven’t been able to make it to any of the big gaming expos (or you don’t know anyone with the $3,000 AR headset)? Microsoft Stores across the US and Canada are now hosting free HoloLens demos, so you can finally see what the hubbub is all about.

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2K Announces NBA® 2KVR Experience Available on November 22

Cats and VR

In the NBA 2KVR Experience , players will join NBA 2K17 cover athlete and All-Star Paul George, as they step onto the court at the Indiana Pacers’ stadium, Bankers Life Fieldhouse.

Suns-Trail Blazers NBA Game Streaming Free Tonight Via NextVR


The free trial program with NBA League Pass originally included a matchup between the San Antonio Spurs and the Sacramento Kings and it was extended to include the November 1st matchup between the Los Angeles Lakers and Indiana Pacers. NextVR is a force in the live broadcast industry.

Scraper: First Strike looks like an interesting VR action game

The Ghost Howls

Ryder has over 80 books to his credit , mostly in the Star Wars, Transformers and Indiana Jones space. I had the pleasure to talk with Jim R. Ivon, the CEO of Labrodex , an indie game studio that is working an interesting action VR game called Scraper: First Strike.

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The Dazzling World of Firebird: La Peri for HTC Vive


The powerful voice of your guide is familiar – it is the acclaimed Welsh actor John Rhys-Davies of Indiana Jones and Lord of the Rings fame. Innerspace VR recruits actor John Rhys-Davies for this Walt Disney Fantasia inspired VR experience.

Hands-On: The ‘NBA 2KVR Experience’ Shoots An Air Ball Instead Of A Slam Dunk


Paul George of the Indiana Pacers is plastered over the introductory screen and the Pacers court is the only playing space in the experience.

The Future Group Raises $20 Million to Blend Real-world Video With Virtual Worlds


You could, theoretically, combine a game like Temple Run, with an animated landscape, with an Indiana Jones-like live video actor running from a giant rock rolling down a hill.

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Experience NBA All-Star Weekend in VR


of the Phoenix Suns and Glenn Robinson III of the Indiana Pacers. NextVR and NBA to will deliver free highlights of NBA All-Star Weekend.

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What Hollywood’s Biggest Directors Think Of VR


As far as making big budget blockbusters that are beloved by the world over go, you don’t get much bigger than Steven Spielberg’s Jaws, Indiana Jones, E.T.,

Understanding Foveated Rendering


Source: Indiana University A saccade is a rapid movement of the eye between fixation points. Foveated rendering is a rendering technique that takes advantage of the fact that that the resolution of the eye is highest in the fovea (the central vision area) and lower in the peripheral areas.

Marble Mountain released on Steam

The Rift Arcade

In addition to supporting the Oculus Rift, the Indiana Jones-style adventure is compatible with standard monitors for Windows, Mac and Linux. Navigate puzzle worlds as a marble in this fun and challenging VR game.

Why One Of Sony’s Biggest PSVR Advocates Risked It All On Going Indie


He’s well aware of the risks (“I joke, but there are moments where you’re on the edge of the chasm of despair with an Indiana Jones rope bridge about to snap and people running behind you and you’re like: “Help.””) Dave Ranyard used to head up one of Sony’s longest-running PlayStation developers, working on its most experimental tech, located in the heart of London.

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VRTO Reinvents the Tech Conference


One such application might be Globacore ’s Escape Tomb VR Experience, a conference favorite in the form of an Indiana Jones -style escape room, which shows the possible applications for room-scale social gameplay in virtual reality.