Sony Announces ‘Smurfs’ Mixed Reality HoloLens Game


Sony’s latest edition to the Smurf reboot anthology, Smurfs: The Lost Village hits theaters today once again bringing the iconic 80’s characters back from the dead much to the delight of children and nostalgic adults everywhere.

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Sony CEO: PSVR’s Success ‘Lifts All The Sony Boats’


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Sony Releases ‘Passengers: Awakening’ VR Experience


Developed in collaboration with Sony Pictures VR, MPC , and Q Department , Passengers: Awakening is less of a game and more a movie set exploration experience. Sony Pictures has not been shy creating VR games for movie releases or adapting the experiences to different platforms.

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Apple AR/VR Product to Debut in 2017, Predicts Sony’s Head of Worldwide Studios

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To many, the question of an Apple AR or VR headset has become a “when” rather than an “if” The President of Sony’s Worldwide Studios thinks 2017 is the year that Apple introduces its first immersive device.

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Community Download: Will Sony Become The New King Of Virtual Reality?


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Community Download: Is Sony Pulling Away From PlayStation VR?


Last year, the Oculus Rift (Facebook), HTC Vive (HTC and Valve) and the PlayStation VR (Sony) all debuted, and Samsung just announced 5 million of its Gear VR headsets have shipped. And yet as 2017 begins, the question must be asked: is Sony already beginning to pull away from PS VR?

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Sony Announces 4 Asia-Developed PSVR Titles Are Coming West

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Sony today announced four new titles for PlayStation VR at the annual ChinaJoy Expo in Shanghai—all of which have been confirmed to make it over to Western audiences. The post Sony Announces 4 Asia-Developed PSVR Titles Are Coming West appeared first on Road to VR.

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Sony Q3 Report: PSVR Still Selling ‘In-Line With Expectations’


Sony still isn’t releasing sales figures for PlayStation VR (PSVR) yet, but it does insist that it’s performing as expected. No statistics were revealed for the headset but Sony did reiterate that “PS VR is selling in-line with expectations.” PSVR sales sony

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Sony’s Richard Marks Expects Natural Voice Input to Play Major Role in VR’s Future

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In a recent interview with Glixel , Dr. Richard Marks, head of Sony’s Magic Lab R&D team, talked about PSVR’s development history, social VR, and a possible holodeck-style future. Project Morpheus prototype | Photo courtesy Sony.

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Google, Sony And Oculus Unite To Establish VR Industry Standards


Google, Sony, Oculus, Samsung, Acer and HTC have combined their efforts in order to create a healthy and equal industry for virtual reality hardware and software to develop and expand. The post Google, Sony And Oculus Unite To Establish VR Industry Standards appeared first on VRScout.

Sony London Studio Head Forms New VR Studio ‘Dream Reality Interactive’

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Dave Ranyard, who headed up Sony’s London Studio throughout PlayStation VR’s development, has announced the formation of a new VR-focused game Dream Reality Interactive. And Ranyard won’t be the only Sony London alum.

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Sony Has Officially Sold Over One Million PSVR Headsets


Earlier this year Sony confirmed it was nearing one million units when it announced 915,000 PSVR headsets sold as of February 19th, 2017, but now, according to The Verge, the company has officially surpassed one million as their total. “We’ll We’ll have freer supply in the marketplace,” Shawn Layden, CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment America, tells The Verge. “We Are you one of the million consumers that have purchased Sony’s headset? PSVR Sony VR Headsets sony

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Sony’s Dropping the Price of PlayStation VR


On the heels of price drops for the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive this past month, Sony is also jumping into the price war game. Sony’s PlayStation VR will be sold bundled with the PlayStation Camera for $399 starting next month across the U.S.

Review: Sony PlayStation VR


In both price and performance, Sony's VR system splits the difference between high-end, PC-driven headsets and lightweight mobile solutions. The post Review: Sony PlayStation VR appeared first on WIRED. Gaming Gear Reviews consoles Playstation Sony virtual reality VR

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Sony Pictures Moves into VR, Appoints a VP of Virtual Reality


Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) is neck-deep in virtual reality with its PlayStation VR device, but what about other subsidiaries of the larger Sony Corp? The post Sony Pictures Moves into VR, Appoints a VP of Virtual Reality appeared first on UploadVR.

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Sony: PlayStation VR Sales In The “many hundreds of thousands”


We’re going to be playing guessing games when it comes to VR headset sales for a long time yet, but Sony has at least given us a ballpark to play with when it comes to PlayStation VR. PSVR VR Industry News Jim Ryan PlayStation VR sony VR sales

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Sony to Show Procedural Animation System at GDC, Making NPCs More Believable in VR

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Sony’s Magic Lab are set to demonstrate a new procedural animation system which it says allows VR characters found in VR to “imbue a sense of shared space with the player” with realistic eye, head and body movements.

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Sony Sells Nearly 1 Million PSVR Headsets


Sony revealed official sales figures for the PlayStation 4-powered VR headset, PSVR. 19 the company sold 915,000 headsets, Sony revealed in an interview with the New York Times. Through Feb. The figure joins the previously revealed number of 5 million Samsung Gear VR headsets sold so far as the only solid data we have about the size of the VR market.

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Sony Announce PlayStation VR Gamescom Lineup

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To that end, Sony have revealed the titles which will be either playable or at least present on the show floor. The post Sony Announce PlayStation VR Gamescom Lineup appeared first on Road to VR. These are the PlayStation VR games making their way to Gamescom 2016 in Cologne next week.

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Sony Announces Powerful PlayStation 4 Pro with Enhanced PSVR Support

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We’re just a few weeks away from Sony’s release of its first virtual reality headset, the PSVR, on October 13th. And now, Sony have announced that their much rumoured upgraded PlayStation 4 model is on it’s way but that it has enhanced support for PSVR.

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Sony’s Streaming Service Crackle Jumps Into VR


Announced last week by Crackle, Sony’s free streaming TV network, original drama series Snatch will be getting an exclusive VR bonus experience on PlayStation VR this summer. The post Sony’s Streaming Service Crackle Jumps Into VR appeared first on VRScout.

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Report: Sony Expanding PSVR To Location-Based Experiences In Japan


With around one million units sold , Sony’s PlayStation VR (PSVR) is one of the more popular headsets on the market right now, but the company may already be looking to other ways to monetize its device. The Wall Street Journal cites sources “familiar with the matter” in saying that Sony is planning to roll out PSVR to location-based units in Japan after slower than expected sales. Tagged with: japan , PlayStation VR , PSVR , sony Facebook Twitter Reddit More.

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Sony and Reality One Team Up For New Virtual Reality Content


360 360 Video Experiences deal partnership reality one Sony Pictures

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E3 2017: Sony Will Show ‘A Number Of’ New VR Games At The Show


For the VR industry one of the most important press conferences happens Monday, June 12th, at 6PM PT; that’s Sony’s press conference and the PlayStation VR (PSVR) is expected to be a big part of that show. Of course The Persistence will likely be shown since we previewed that at a Sony event not long ago and the game isn’t out yet. E3 Gaming PSVR Sony E3 2017The 2017 Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) is right around the corner.

Sony Boosts Sales Projections in Anticipation of PlayStation VR


That’s reflected in Sony’s latest sales targets. The post Sony Boosts Sales Projections in Anticipation of PlayStation VR appeared first on UploadVR. hardware Sony VR Headsets VR Industry News Kazuo Hirai PlayStation 4 PlayStation VR sony Sony Corp vr cameras

Sony, Fox, Disney And More Gather For ‘VR On The Lot’ At Paramount In October


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Sony Warns of Supply Shortages for PlayStation VR


The post Sony Warns of Supply Shortages for PlayStation VR appeared first on UploadVR. gaming PSVR Sony VR Headsets VR Industry News andrew house PlayStation VR sony Sony Interactive Entertainment

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Launching Tomorrow, Sony Reveals How Farpoint’s PS VR Aim Controller Came to Life

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Sony has published details of the design decisions that drove development of one of the oddest looking gaming peripherals ever built. Farpoint, Image Courtesy Sony. Image courtesy Sony.

Sony Celebrates PSVR’s Birthday With New Trailer, Promises 60 New Games


Yes Sony’s headset really turns one today, and the company is ready to celebrate. First up, Sony released this new trailer for the kit, which highlights some of the best games to embrace the platform so far and provides a hint of what’s to come.

How Sony Is Kickstarting Mainstream Virtual Reality Adoption With the Launch of PS VR


Sony is about to bring the third weapon to the high-end VR fight, and it could have a major impact on the market. The combination of content, pricing, and simplicity may mean that Sony could take a dominant position in the market over competition like HTC and Oculus. Sony’s Risks.

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Top Gartner Analyst: “No Doubt About It” Google’s Daydream is a Winner


Daydream Brian Blau Gartner google daydream PSVR sony Sony PSVR

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Sony Releases List Of Non-Gaming PSVR Launch Titles


Virtual reality isn’t just for gaming, and Sony wants to make that perfectly clear to potential owners of their brand new VR headset. Below is a list of the 10 titles including the official descriptions from Sony. News Playstation VR Sony Vrideo Within

Sony, Facebook, Google, and Samsung Dominate VR, With Over 50% Market Share


Sony (PSVR) is clearly leading and is taking one third of the whole market. Sony is followed by Facebook (the Oculus platform) and Google (Day Dream, Card Board, Tilt Brush, etc.); neither company has a VR user base anywhere close to Sony’s, and their products are either at the low end or a bit too expensive. Tagged with: facebook , market share , oculus , sony htc. VR Industry News facebook market share oculus sony htcVR is hot! But is it permanent?

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Sony Reveals Slate Of New PSVR Games


PlayStation VR (PSVR) is set to have a busy few months with big releases like Farpoint and Starblood Arena, but Sony is also looking ahead, today revealing a new slate of VR titles coming from Chinese developers.

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New Sony Patent Points To Inside-Out Tracking For VR Headsets


We’ve seen prototypes from Oculus with Santa Cruz and Intel’s Project Alloy-powered devices and now Sony is dipping their toes into the inside-out tracking race. Today we caught wind of a new Utility Patent Application from Sony Interactive Entertainment that would allow for inside-out tracking of interactive VR devices. Tagged with: PSVR , Sony Interactive Entertainment. PSVR Sony VR Industry News Sony Interactive Entertainment

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Nokia and Sony Pictures Team Up For 360-Degree Content


It’s designed to be an end to end tool that simplifies the process and, via press release, Nokia has announced a content partnership with Sony Pictures. “VR Tagged with: 360 degree , content , google play , nokia , Privilege Plus , sony , video , VR.

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E3 2017: Sony Pledges To ‘Restart Promoting’ PSVR Soon


Sony’s PlayStation VR (PSVR) has had an unexpectedly big E3, debuting Bethesda’s Skyrim VR , revealing a port of Superhot VR, and announcing several other intriguing games. Shuhei Yoshida, Head of Worldwide Studios at Sony, said as much to Gamespot at this year’s show. With the event nearly over, though, the company is pledging to make more of an effort promoting the headset.

30 Million Americans Plan To Buy Sony’s PSVR According To Nielsen Report


Unsurprisingly, Sony’s PlayStation VR (PSVR) headset is continuing to grow in popularity. The PSVR is manufactured by Sony and is powered by its wildly popular PlayStation 4 video game home console. Sony isn’t the only VR company that should feel encouraged by this year’s Games 360 Report. Tagged with: data , Nielsen , sony Facebook Twitter Reddit More. Sony VR Industry News data Nielsen sony

Sony Announces 5 Brand New Games Heading to PSVR

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At Sony’s E3 2017 presentation the company announced a slew of brand new titles heading to PSVR. Though Skyrim is coming to PSVR, Sony’s E3 presentation also featured a section dedicated to brand new PSVR games not seen anywhere else yet.

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Sony Music Showcases Multiplayer VR Experience Using Vive, Not PSVR


You’d think if a division of Sony was making a VR experience they’d be using the company’s own headset, PlayStation VR (PSVR). It’s surprising to learn, then, Sony Music Entertainment is working with a rival headset, the HTC Vive.