Data Dive: How is AR Boosting eCommerce?

AR Insider

The real proof is in the figures and performance data. Now it’s time to revisit this exercise with the latest data. Though some of the above data indicate usage increases and social sharing, the AR-driven conversion lifts that make up the bulk of the list are proof positive.

Data 158

Where to Change Quest 2 Privacy Settings and See Your VR Data Collected by Facebook

Road to VR

That means it’s worth knowing what privacy settings are offered to you and what data Facebook collects on your VR usage. How to See What Data Facebook Has Collected About Your VR Usage. Supplemental Oculus Data Policy.

Data 185

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Data Dive: Wearables’ Hot Streak Continues

AR Insider

More from AR Insider… The post Data Dive: Wearables’ Hot Streak Continues appeared first on AR Insider. W earables continue to be one of the fastest-growing product categories in consumer tech.

Data Dive: VR Starts 2021 Strong

AR Insider

Now just a month later, there’s already a critical mass of milestones for another VR data roundup. So here we go again… Data Dive: Signs of VR Rebound Emerge. Jumping right in, we’ve aggregated several VR data points and milestones for this week’s Data Dive.

Data 99

Data Dive: Are Commercial Spaces Primed for AR?

AR Insider

Below are a handful that we pulled for this week’s Data Dive. — This primes AR adoption, given that IoT-derived data is source material for informational AR overlays. Data Layers. More from AR Insider… The post Data Dive: Are Commercial Spaces Primed for AR?

Data 95

Data Dive: Signs of VR Rebound Emerge

AR Insider

Here are the recent demand signals and data points we’ve captured. Meanwhile, we continue to see evidence that things are moving in that direction, including the sampling of data points above.

Data 116

Data Dive: Can VR Elevate High Finance?

AR Insider

We’re already seeing that in areas like design and data visualization. As we’ve examined, and as shown by innovators like Flow Immersive , VR has native applicability to data visualization by stepping into immersive 3D data fields.

Data 103

How to minimize your data usage at home

Digital Trends

Internet data caps can apply even at home! Here's how to effectively manage your home internet usage and devices to avoid reaching data caps or throttling.

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Data Dive: Google Lens Recognizes 15 Billion Products

AR Insider

Always see chart date for context, and refer to newer data if applicable. More from AR Insider… The post Data Dive: Google Lens Recognizes 15 Billion Products appeared first on AR Insider. B uried deep in Google’s recent Search On 2020 event was a notable nugget.

Data 139

Data Dive: Snapchat Lenses Keep Rolling

AR Insider

Always see chart date for context, and refer to newer data if applicable. More from AR Insider… The post Data Dive: Snapchat Lenses Keep Rolling appeared first on AR Insider. S napchat is the engagement and revenue leader in consumer AR.

Data 99

Data Dive: Can Virtual Events Bring in the Big Bucks?

AR Insider

More from AR Insider… The post Data Dive: Can Virtual Events Bring in the Big Bucks? Data FeaturesO ne of the many ways that the worlds of tech and media have pivoted in 2020 is virtual events.

Data 123

Comcast Graciously Drops Data Caps, but Only for Northeast Customers, Until 2022

GizModo VR

Comcast has once again decided to cut some of its customers a break with their data caps, Ars Technica reports. Facing ever-increasing pressure from customers and lawmakers, the internet service provider has decided to not enforce data cap overage fees on its Northeast customers until 2022.

Data 91

Personalizing Learning with Data

Tech Trends VR

Data is arguably one of the most powerful tools we have in modern education. There is building evidence and compelling case studies demonstrating how data management can be leveraged to help schools achieve better results for students by customizing the learning experience. Schools around the world will benefit greatly from capabilities across data integration, interoperability, and provisioning.” The post Personalizing Learning with Data appeared first on Tech Trends.

Data 220

Data Dive: ARCore Joins the 3-Comma Club

AR Insider

More from AR Insider… The post Data Dive: ARCore Joins the 3-Comma Club appeared first on AR Insider. A fter launching in 2017, Google’s ARCore has been relatively quiet.

Data 95

Data Dive: Pokémon Go’s Win Streak Continues

AR Insider

To be clear, this isn’t first-party data from Niantic, but Sensor Tower’s extrapolated figures (and our run-rate calculation). IAP is likewise supported by consumer survey data from our research arm ARtillery Intelligence (see chart above), and recent report on top AR business models.

Data 126

Stanford Research Shows VR Users Can Be Identified Using Only 5 Minutes of Motion Data

Road to VR

Using a pool of 511 participants, their system is said to be capable of identifying 95% of users correctly “when trained on less than 5 min of tracking data per person.” “With the rise of virtual reality, body tracking data has never been more accurate and more plentiful.

Data 285

Everything You Need To Know: Facebook Login, User Data And Privacy On Oculus Headsets

Upload VR

Here’s our outline of what you’re committing to when using a Facebook headset — including what logging in with Facebook means, how your personal data and information is being used and what access Facebook has to the real time data of your headset.

Data 96

Data Dive: Home Depot Boosts Conversions with AR

AR Insider

More from AR Insider… The post Data Dive: Home Depot Boosts Conversions with AR appeared first on AR Insider. W e continue to see metrics that validate AR’s ability to boost product sales. This can be in both eCommerce and in-aisle retail contexts.

Data 122

Tesla’s data advantage. Can Apple, or others, keep up?

Robert Scoble

I’ve listened to EVERY analyst and NONE except for Wood’s talks about the data the car is collecting. She says that the data leads Tesla to doing Robotaxis, which will be highly profitable. Why would this data be valuable? No data. Tesla has all the data.

Data 102

How to check data usage on an iPhone or iPad

Digital Trends

Worried about extra data charges? Our guide on checking data usage on an iOS device helps you stay in control. Apple How-To Mobile check iPhone data usage iPhone data iPhone wireless data Tier 4

Data 83

California DMV Warns Millions of Records May Have Been Exposed in Worrisome Data Breach

GizModo VR

The California Department of Motor Vehicles has warned state residents that over a year’s worth of data—including customer addresses and license plate numbers—may have been compromised in a recent cyberattack on a third-party contractor.

Data Dive: Will SNAP Continue to Rally on AR Momentum?

AR Insider

Always see chart date for context, and refer to newer data if applicable. More from AR Insider… The post Data Dive: Will SNAP Continue to Rally on AR Momentum? Data FeaturesS napchat continues to be a model in the nascent consumer AR sector.

Data 102

The best data recovery software for 2020

Digital Trends

We rounded up the best data recovery software to help you recover what's lost. Computing Small Business backup Best of data recovery Security Tier 4Is your drive starting to fail? Are files suddenly missing? You need to act fast.

Data 97

HaptX Ready To Ship Enterprise Data Gloves

Charlie Fink

HaptX, makers of force-feedback VR gloves, announced today they are ready to ship their advanced force feedback gloves. Consumer Tech /consumer-tech Innovation /innovation Consumer Tech /consumer-tech Business /business technology

T-Mobile Has the First Good 5G Plan With Truly Unlimited Data

GizModo VR

Throttling is the not-so-secret way traditional “unlimited” cellular data plans keep you from tapping into all that data.

Data 87

‘Raw Data’ Early Access Review

Road to VR

Raw Data , a first-person combat game from Survios currently in Early Access, is one of the most fast-paced and exciting games out for HTC Vive right now. Far from being a simple shooting gallery, Raw Data gives you an impressive range of abilities and physical agency, making you feel like you’re in real danger. Raw Data Details: Official Site. There’s a real sense of immediate danger in Raw Data too. Get ‘Raw Data’ on Early Access.

Data 125

Comcast Prepares to Screw Over Millions With Data Caps in 2021

GizModo VR

Next year, Comcast will start charging Xfinity customers in northeastern US states overage fees for exceeding their monthly data cap. TB of data in a month will have to pay $10 for every 50 GB of data they go over, topping out at $100.

Data 114

Data Leak Shows Chinese Firm Compiled Data, Social Media Posts of Millions

GizModo VR

data breach leaks china shenzen zhenhua intelligence espionage technology privacy cybersecurityA Chinese intelligence firm’s database on 2.4 million people—including some 50,000 Americans—was recently leaked, exposing it to researchers. Read more.

Data 108

What Would Happen If All Personal Data Leaked at Once?

GizModo VR

data security leaks hacking personal dataSubconsciously, on some level, we’re all waiting for it: the leak that wrecks society and confirms what we all know already, namely that the mass transfer of our inmost secrets/shames to Facebook, Google, et. was never not going to end in flames.

Data 105

Data Dive: Pinterest Visual Searches Triple

AR Insider

Data Dive is AR Insider’s weekly dive into the latest spatial computing figures. Running Mondays, it includes data points, narrative insights and takeaways. For an indexed collection of data and reports, subscribe to ARtillery Pro. While launching the Shop feature in Lens results last week, Pinterest gave us some fresh data including the fact that year-over-year visual searches have tripled. Data transfer

Data 82

Andrew Yang’s Data Dividend Project wants you to get paid for your data

Digital Trends

Yang's Data Dividend Project wants to pay you for your personal data. Digital Trends Live News Andrew Yang dt live online data personal data

Data 76

NASA & Caltech Leaders Aim to Revolutionise Big Data Visualization with VR

Road to VR

offering a new platform to leverage the immersive properties of virtual reality in order to better aid human comprehension and use of ‘Big Data’ You’ve likely heard the term ‘Big Data’ Despite the phrase being coined perhaps as early as the mid nineties , with information now collected on an ever increasing number of aspects in our daily lives and beyond you’ll likely have heard it mentioned a lot more in recent years.

Data 194

Ticketmaster Fined More Than $1.6 Million Following 2018 Data Breach

GizModo VR

millions) following an investigation into the company’s lackluster response to a massive 2018 data breach affecting more than nine million customers. whoops data breaches fraud ticketmasterTicketmaster’s UK wing has been fined £1.25 million pounds (roughly $1.6

Data 104

Free Raw Data Update Delivers New Multi-Level PvP Map


Raw Data is one of the year’s very best multiplayer VR games — that’s why we nominated it as such in our Best Of 2017 list. “At the center of Eden Tower are the Quantum OS Data Chambers,” reads the prepared statement. “Each Chamber stores and collates all of Eden’s vital data to ensure a better and safer future for humanity! Tagged with: Hostile Takeover , Intercept , raw data Facebook Twitter Reddit More.

Data 159

‘Raw Data’ and ‘The Gallery’ Developers on How They Each Made $1 Million Selling VR Games


VR Industry News call of the starseed cloudhead games raw data Survios the gallery

Data 219

Are old-school magnetic tapes the data storage medium of the future?

Digital Trends

Features data storage IBMIBM has been considering using digital magnetic tape, a storage medium that was first invented in 1952, as the method of the future.

Data 114

Virtualitics Closes $7M Series B Round to Further Develop VR/AR Data Visualization Platform

Road to VR

Virtualitics , a big data visualization and analytics company, announced the successful close of a $7 million Series B round of equity funding led by investment group Centricus , and participated by existing investor the Venture Reality Fund (‘ The VR Fund ’) and other private investors. Virtualitics is developing a platform, called Virtualitics Immersive Platform, that melds AI and big data in virtual and augmented reality environments.

Data 147