HTC Vive Headset Nearing 100,000 Sales, Steam Data Suggests

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While between HTC/Valve and Oculus, the companies have been coy on official sales figures, Steam data suggests that the HTC Vive headset is approaching the 100,000 sales mark. See Also: HTC Vive – Review A Mesmerising VR Experience, if You Have the Space.

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‘Raw Data’ Early Access Review

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Raw Data , a first-person combat game from Survios currently in Early Access, is one of the most fast-paced and exciting games out for HTC Vive right now. Raw Data Details: Official Site. Available On: Steam (HTC Vive). Reviewed On: HTC Vive.

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‘Raw Data’ to Exit Early Access With Added Support for PSVR, PvP Mode, and a New Hero

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Survios’ stunning VR action game Raw Data , currently in Early Access for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, will launch in September on PlayStation VR. Our players have been clamoring for PvP ever since Raw Data ’s earliest demos,” said Mike McTyre, Survios Game Design Director. “

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HTC & Seagate to Produce External Battery+Data Storage Solution for Vive Focus

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HTC and Seagate have partnered to produce an external power & data storage accessory for Vive Focus, ideal for people using the headset for local media consumption. Image courtesy HTC. HTC claims Vive Focus’ internal battery allows up to 3 hours of active use time.

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‘Raw Data’ Developer Survios Raises $50 Million, Now Top Funded VR Dev Studio

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Survios , the VR development studio behind the Vive title Raw Data , has announced a whopping $50 million in funding to further expand its VR content offerings. SEE ALSO HTC Partners on $1.5

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‘Battlewake’ is a New Pirate Ship Battler from the Makers of ‘Creed’ & ‘Raw Data’

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Survios, the studio behind Raw Data (2017) and Creed: Rise to Glory (2018), today announced a new VR game that will put you at the helm of a pirate ship as you battle massive monsters, and of course your fellow seadogs.

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Valve Data Suggests Developers Should Seriously Consider Room-Scale VR


New statistics The post Valve Data Suggests Developers Should Seriously Consider Room-Scale VR appeared first on UploadVR. Valve data htc vive lighthouse rift room scale space tracking usage

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‘Sairento VR’ Mashes Up SUPERHOT & Raw Data for Something Even Cooler

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Sairento VR is a new made-for-VR first person action game which manages to distil everything that was cool about SUPERHOT VR , Raw Data and adds its own locomotion system for something which promises to be even cooler than either of them.

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‘Raw Data’ is Coming to Oculus Home with Reworked Touch Support & Cross-Platform Play

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Survios, the developers behind the impressive first person VR action title Raw Data, has announced that the game is coming to Oculus Rift with fully “re-engineered” Touch motion control support and the ability to play online with your HTC Vive owning friends.

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‘Raw Data’ Deep Dive: Alongside Early Access Launch, Devs Reveal Four Heroes, Weapons, and Abilities

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The long anticipated Raw Data by developer Survios launches for the HTC Vive on Steam today in Early Access. Heroes of Raw Data. Iliff shares the roster of Raw Data’s two Early Access heroes and their weapons & unlockable abilities.

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Free Raw Data Update Delivers New Multi-Level PvP Map


Raw Data is one of the year’s very best multiplayer VR games — that’s why we nominated it as such in our Best Of 2017 list. “At the center of Eden Tower are the Quantum OS Data Chambers,” reads the prepared statement. “Each Chamber stores and collates all of Eden’s vital data to ensure a better and safer future for humanity! Tagged with: Hostile Takeover , Intercept , raw data Facebook Twitter Reddit More.

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New Data Reveals Christmas VR Porn Boom


This Christmas, more people watched virtual reality porn than ever before, according to data provided to VRScout by and “It seems clear from the data that lots of people got new VR headsets for Christmas, and now they are looking for content.”

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The Top 5 Games For HTC Vive

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It was a hard decision, but you’ve decided to go with the HTC Vive as your first ‘serious’ VR headset, a room-scale device that released early 2016 as a result of a decisive collaboration with Valve. 1 – Raw Data. Check out our unscored review of Raw Data here.

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Raw Data Officially Launches This October On Rift, Vive, And PSVR


Finally, at long last, Raw Data is exiting Early Access. The fast-paced action game by Survios that’s become synonymous with intense action in virtual reality is officially releasing on HTC Vive and Oculus Rift this October 5th and PlayStation VR (PSVR) this October 10th.

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New Valve Data Gives Fresh Insight into Number of VR Headsets Used on Steam

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Mashing up the figures with Valve’s monthly Steam Survey data gives us fresh insight into the number of VR headsets currently in use on on the platform. HTC Vive. HTC Vive Pro.

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Super Data Report: 6.3 Million Virtual Reality Headsets Shipped in 2016


A new report from Super Data offers new estimates for the market size of virtual reality in 2016, suggesting 6.3 This leaves Oculus, Google and HTC to split about a million units. mobile gamers from July 2016, data collected from partners in the VR Data Network.”

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Raw Data Hostile Takeover PvP Update With New Class Now Live


Today Raw Data is receiving its latest update that includes a brand new class, brand new level, and brand new game mode, called Hostile Takeover, that introduces player-vs-player (PvP) gameplay. Tagged with: raw data , Survios Facebook Twitter Reddit More.

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Vive Pro Data Revealed in Steam Survey, Thins Gap Between Rift and Vive

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In the latest set of data from Vale’s monthly Steam Hardware & Software survey, the Vive Pro has finally made an official entrance and shows that the gap between Rift and Vive isn’t as wide as it appeared.

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HTC Planning Lip-tracking Module Dev Kit for Vive Pro

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Today at GDC, HTC announced plans to make available a lip-tracking module for the Vive Pro. The module could tap the Vive Pro’s hidden USB port for power and data transfer, or could have its own on-board power and communicate to the host PC wirelessly.

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5 Minutes of Blistering ‘Raw Data’ Gameplay, Steam Early Access July 14th

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Survios, the developers behind the multiplayer action game Raw Data , have released a of new gameplay from their upcoming HTC Vive powered hack and slacking, dual-wielding, slow-mo VR bullet-fest – here is in all its glory. Raw Data – Steam Early Access.

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Survios To Release VR Arcade Version of ‘Raw Data’ Following Game’s Sales Success


The young studio has created one of the best-selling VR experiences available today, in Raw Data. This experience is available only through Steam for the HTC Vive (with unofficial Oculus Rift with Touch support) and it has eclipsed the elusive $1 million benchmark in sales.

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GDC 2017: Raw Data Studio Announces Sprint Vector – Blazing Fast VR


Since the launch of the HTC Vive headset last year, the team has announced sales exceeding $1 million and a $50 million round of venture capital funding. “Sprint Vector is completely different from Raw Data,” a Survios representative told us over the phone.

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‘Raw Data’ Studio Survios Announces ‘Electronauts’ for Jamming Out in VR

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This is the third VR project from California-based developer Survios, creators of VR action games Raw Data (2017) and the upcoming Sprint Vector. ” The title is planned to support SteamVR, HTC Vive, PSVR, and Oculus Rift.

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Data Suggests Oculus Rift S IPD Range ‘Best’ For Around Half Of Adults


Some VR headsets like the original Rift and HTC Vive allow you to mechanically adjust the distance between the lenses so they match (at least roughly) the distance between your eyes. We downloaded the data and used it to show the “best” IPD fit of the Oculus headsets based on the percentage of the people in the dataset they cover. Oculus Rift S uses a single display panel and fixed lenses.

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Steam VR Anniversary Sale: ‘Raw Data’ & ‘Tilt Brush’ Free-play, Deep Discounts on 224 VR Titles

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With the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive shipping one year ago this month, Valve is getting in on the ‘VR Anniversary’ action with deep discounts on more than 200 VR titles and free-play access to Raw Data (2016) and Tilt Brush (2016). Free-play Raw Data and Tilt Brush All Weekend.

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GDC 2019: HTC Announces Lip-Tracking Dev Kit For Vive Pro


This week HTC Vive America’s Vice President of Product and Operations–Vinay Narayan–revealed plans for a developer kit that adds lip-tracking capabilities to the HTC Vive Pro & Vive Pro Eye. Image Credit: HTC.

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HTC Confirms Each Vive is Sold at Profit, “Much More” Than 140,000 Units in Sales

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In the company’s most recent earnings call, HTC confirmed it’s making a profit on each Vive headset sold, and that the company has sold “much more” than a widely reported 140,000 units. HTC’s Chia-lin Chang, President of Smartphone and Connected Devices.

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HTC Invests in 17 AR/VR Startups in Latest Vive X Accelerator Program

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HTC is now on its fourth batch in its $100 million accelerator program, which offers education, investment and mentorship to startups doing unique and and interesting things around VR and AR. HTC News htc vive htc vive x vive x

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Raw Data Is Finally On Its Way To Oculus Rift And Touch


Seven months after its initial Steam debut and Survios’ Raw Data remains one of our favorite co-op action games on the HTC Vive, even while its still in Early Access. Raw Data is one of the few high-profile Vive games that didn’t head straight over to Oculus Home when Touch launched back at the start of December 2016. In Raw Data, you take control of an agent with extraordinary abilities as you fight off impending hordes of robotic enemies.

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2017 VR Industry Report to Bring Data-driven Insights & Forecasts That Cut Through the Hype

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With history and data points, one can extend trend lines to gain a sense for where something is headed,” said Clifton Dawson, CEO of Greenlight Insights. “We This year’s report will feature historical data on headset shipments and global forecasts through 2026.

HTC announces Vive Pro Eye and Vive Cosmos at CES 2019

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The CES is going to start tomorrow, but today HTC has already made its great announcements, showing to the world the upcoming new hardware Vive Pro Eye, Vive Cosmos and software solutions Viveport Infinity and Vive Reality system. The Vive Pro Eye, in all its splendor (Image by HTC).

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HTC Announces Vive Pro Eye Headset With Integrated Eye-tracking

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Today at CES HTC made a slew of announcements about the Vive ecosystem, including a new, upcoming version of the Vive Pro called the Vive Pro Eye. HTC says that the Vive Pro Eye will launch in Q2 of 2019. CES 2019 HTC Vive News ces 2019 htc vive htc vive pro eye vive pro eye

New HTC Vive Releases for the Week of 07/10/16


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Oculus Rift Growth Spurt Has Halted HTC Vive Market Share Growth

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There’s been a lot of talk about the latest data from Valve’s latest Steam Hardware & Software survey , most of it drawing erroneous conclusions about overall market share of VR headsets while missing out on a very interesting data point. HTC Vive.

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HTC Teases Smartphone Capability With Vive Cosmos

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Vive Cosmos is HTC’s newly unveiled PC VR headset that’s slated to release sometime this year. While it’s a tethered device meant to support PCs at launch, HTC teased that it could also be driven by a smartphone.

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HTC Files Trademark For ‘Vive Cosmos’


According to reports by Dutch website Mobielkopen , Taiwanese consumer electronics company HTC has officially filed protection for the phrase “Vive Cosmos” at the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO), as well as several other agencies in both Switzerland and New Zealand.

Vive Pro Gets AR Capabilities Thanks to HTC’s New Tools for Front-facing Cameras

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HTC has announced a new set of tools allowing developers to build applications which take advantage of the Vive Pro’s stereo front-facing cameras, effectively turning the device into an AR headset dev kit.

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