Best of TAB 2017 part 1: the top case studies


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Top 8 First-Person POV VR/360 Experiences


Case StudiesOne of the biggest advantages virtual reality boasts is how it transports you to vicarious experiences while preserving as much immersion and realness as possible, through POV (point of view, in this context specifically refers to first-person perspective) experiences. These experience could be viable in real life such as skydiving and windsuit racing, or only achievable through CGI, like parkouring in an animated realm or boarding a psychedelic trip.

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Top 6 First-Person 360 Experiences


Case StudiesDeStefano Dream. DeStefano Dream is a compilation of psychedelic art created by VeeR's top content producers, including QG3D , J-Walt , TAS , Schizo and Vinyl Williams. By VeeR VR Downtown Ziplining in Montréal. By VR2GO Aerobatic Jet Flight. By kind360. Teleport Me. By Adrift Pictures. The Drop. By inside360. Mont Blanc Region Paragliding. By Project360.

Top 8 First-Person 360 Experiences


Case StudiesOne of the biggest advantages virtual reality boasts is how it transports you to vicarious experiences while preserving as much immersion and realness as possible. These experience could be viable in real life such as skydiving and windsuit racing, or only achievable through CGI, like parkouring in an animated realm or boarding a psychedelic trip.

Tickets Still Available For Next Week’s ‘VR On The Lot’ Conference


The event will host demos with panels and in-depth case studies along two tracks. ” Case studies will be examined for the VR series Halcyon and Gone as well as the VR short Henry from Oculus Story Studios. A two-day summit on Oct.

Personalizing Learning with Data

Tech Trends VR

There is building evidence and compelling case studies demonstrating how data management can be leveraged to help schools achieve better results for students by customizing the learning experience.

Data 246

22-Year-Old VR Developer Lands $1M Contract With US Air Force


You can learn more about VINCI VR’s aircraft maintenance training solution by checking out Eagle’s official case-study. A college undergrad’s VR start-up will provide VR maintenance training to the military.

Bell Says Latest Helicopter was Designed 10 Times Faster With VR

Road to VR

Typically it takes five to seven years to design a helicopter, according to a case study published by Bell and HTC. Bell Helicopter challenged its Innovation Team to accelerate its aircraft design process.

Immersive Innovation Forum Wraps up in Irvine

EON Reality

Case Study of Healthcare Project Utilizing VR for Interprofessional Healthcare Education. Use of Artificial Intelligence in VR and AR – Case Study using VR for PTSD.

Tech Trends at #VRX2019

Tech Trends VR

According to one study , the extended reality (XR) market is forecast to grow to more than $209 billion in the next four years, an 800% increase from their 2018 prediction of $27 billion. The World’s Premier Extended Reality Event will take place in December in San Francisco.

Trends 238

Report: Immersive Experiences in Education

Tech Trends VR

A newly published white paper investigates the pedagogical theory and use cases for deploying mixed reality in the classroom. The paper cross-referenced pedagogical theory with case studies of teachers, students, researchers, and technologists who have deployed such technology Click To Tweet.

Valve VR Dev is “Dying to share all the exciting things” in Development

Road to VR

While Davis did offer an interesting case-study focusing on the process of VR interaction design, he made it clear up front that he wasn’t going to be sharing any specifics about the upcoming VR game.

Free Report: The Rise Of VR/AR/MR In Enterprise And The Workplace


The report also features interviews with industry experts, currently using the technology to change the way they work, train, sell and communicate; with first-hand case studies from Intel, plus UK companies McLaren Automotive and Heatherwick Studio, brought together by the UK Department of International Trade. In the lead up to VRX 2017, VR Intelligence has provided insights on the future of VR, AR and MR in enterprise, in a free white paper report.

Editorial: Foveated Rendering Is Essential To Consumer VR’s 2nd Generation


Pimax: A Case Study. The Pimax 8K and 5K headsets offer a case study on the need for foveated rendering. Three years into consumer virtual reality, the technology is still in its first generation.

Unity Technologies Hosting Vision VR/AR Summit Asia in Beijing


The “VR Game Dev” track will tackle platform-specific development, case studies, and tool/service demos.

Asia 215

Busch Gardens Aims To Perfect VR Thrill Rides With Latest Immersive Attraction


We understood the need to keep people moving through the experience to enhance their time spent there—we call that ride capacity,” explained Larry Giles, VP of Design & Engineering at SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment, parent company of Busch Gardens, in an official case study. “We

VR Production Studio Virtual Reality Associates Announces 3 New IP


If you want an idea of just how varied VR experiences can be, just-launched production studio Virtual Reality Associates (VRA) is a good case study. The company this week announced that it working on three new IP for headsets, and each sounds dramatically different from the last. For gamers, VRA is working on what it hopes will be a competitor in the coming VR eSports scene.

Dual-Folding Fan Controller Brings The Sensation Of Weight To VR


Data collected from different case studies showed that individuals who tried the Drag:on VR controllers report a genuine sensation of weight and resistance when handling digital objects. Worst case scenario, the parts are easily obtainable on the internet.

UNAIDS Launches Educational 360-Degree Series Ahead Of World AIDS Day


The data coming back from the study we have commissioned are very positive,” says case study researcher and Makhulu Media co-producer Sydelle Willow Smith. UNAIDS partners with Google & Makhulu Media for a series of VR films about HIV testing.

Bill V Bowie: How (not) to sell a tech idea

Tech Trends VR

Tipping points in tech only come when true vision — the type exemplified here by Bowie or by Isaac Asimov in one of my favorite interviews of all time below — meets real case studies that add value to the lives of real people in the real world.

Tips 211

U.S. Air Force Eliminates Maintenance Errors with AR

AR Insider

“ The Incredible Impact of Enterprise AR and VR* ,” examines case studies of AR’s impact in automotive and other industries. See the full report from Unity, including more data points and case studies.

Editorial: For A Shot At Survival HTC Vive May Have To Leave Consumers Behind


Granted, HTC likely loans devices out as part Vive Arts and similar initiatives but touted case studies from names like BMW indicate at least some degree of success in this field.

HTC 207

VR startup to help train US Air Force

Hypergrid Business

Wu released a case study in September which offers more information about Vinci VR’s aircraft maintenance training. (Image courtesy Vinci VR.). The United States Air Force had a problem.

AWE USA 2020 is Back in May

AR Insider

— Topics covered: Enterprise case studies, latest developer/creator tools, Sales, Marketing and branded experiences, AR Cloud, WebXR, 5G , AI, haptics, privacy and ethics, Entertainment, Education, and more.

Google Launches Social Awareness VR Initiative ‘Daydream Impact’


The World Wildlife Fund & Condition One, UNAIDS, the International Committee of the Red Cross, Starlight Children’s Foundation, Protect our Winters, and Novo Media will be sharing their upcoming projects and case studies in 2018.

Google 246

Google’s Daydream Impact Project Aims to Bolster Philanthropic Efforts With VR

Road to VR

The equipment list includes: a Jump Camera , an Expeditions kit (including, a tablet [for a teacher], mobile phones, VR viewers, a router, chargers, and a storage case), a Google Daydream View headset, and a Daydream-ready phone.

Google 244

Facebook to Focus on WebVR and Social VR with 7 Sessions at F8 Conference

Road to VR

We will share some of the roadblocks that engineers will encounter as they ramp up in VR development with practical lessons and case studies to overcome them. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg | Photo courtesy Facebook.

2020 Spatial Predictions: Industrial AR Makes Incremental Gains

AR Insider

Though the successful case studies get disproportionate attention, panning back to the larger market’s resistance is required for a full view. This post is adapted from ARtillery Intelligence’s report, Spatial Computing: 2019 Lessons, 2020 Outlook.

ResearchVR Episode 28: 100 Hours in VR with Chris Miranda


The initial idea for Miranda was to run a full blown scientific case study, with a wide range of measurements. Motivated by personal curiosity, Chris Miranda put himself through 100 straight hours of virtual reality. During that time he did everything in VR, including constant movement, sleeping, and even showering.

HP Partnership Expands Advanced VR Training


use cases for immersive technologies, and companies like Microsoft have partnered with various developers to launch collaborative and remote assistance applications.

Drive value from technology clusters at the Immersive Learning Summit

EON Reality

Join thought leaders from across the world at The Immersive Learning Summit 2019 in Bologna, Italy — with thought-leading discussion, workshops, leadership strategies, case studies, and one-on-one investment meetings to help leaders made the most from their innovation centres and budgets.

Google’s ‘Bohemian Rhapsody Experience’ Proves That VR Music Videos Are the Future

Road to VR

The music video genre has always been about spectacle and pushing creative boundaries ; in some cases, music videos transcend their role as a marketing vehicle and push into the territory of art.

Google 284

AR Lens Sessions Last 75 Seconds on Average

AR Insider

The above assertion may seem strange when all we hear about in AR industry rhetoric and conference presentations are glowing case studies and happy clients. Data Point of the Week is AR Insider’s dive into the latest spatial computing figures.

Industrial VR/AR Forum Examines Enterprise XR Execution

AR Insider

This will cut across industrial verticals as well as horizontal XR use cases. The latter includes impactful use cases such as remote assistance, visualization support and training — all of which have bottom-line impact. — Real-World Use Case studies.

Hollywood Is Throwing A Big VR Conference Next Month


More than 20 other sessions will share case studies and address topics including VR best practices, writing, producing, directing, cameras, audio, stitching, theatrical, broadcast and cable, education and gaming. The two-day summit takes place at Paramount Studios October 13-14.

Cornerstone Partnership Uses VR As An Intervention Tool


Close to half of all participants believed CVR can help prevent adoption breakdown, while over 90% expected CVR to have a positive impact on their case study. UK Social enterprise pilots the use of immersive technology in social care.

Tools 234

In Valve’s Upcoming VR Game Even The Doors Are Simulated In Detail


Davis used doors as a case study for how VR game design is different from traditional games. Valve programmer Kerry Davis spoke in detail about VR interaction design for the company’s “flagship VR title” this weekend at DigiPen Institute of Technology. Davis spoke about a range of VR development topics, but most of the talk focused on the specific issue of designing interactable virtual doors. link].