Best of TAB 2017 part 1: the top case studies


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Top 8 First-Person POV VR/360 Experiences


Case StudiesOne of the biggest advantages virtual reality boasts is how it transports you to vicarious experiences while preserving as much immersion and realness as possible, through POV (point of view, in this context specifically refers to first-person perspective) experiences. These experience could be viable in real life such as skydiving and windsuit racing, or only achievable through CGI, like parkouring in an animated realm or boarding a psychedelic trip.

Top 6 First-Person 360 Experiences


Case StudiesDeStefano Dream. DeStefano Dream is a compilation of psychedelic art created by VeeR's top content producers, including QG3D , J-Walt , TAS , Schizo and Vinyl Williams. By VeeR VR Downtown Ziplining in Montréal. By VR2GO Aerobatic Jet Flight. By kind360. Teleport Me. By Adrift Pictures. The Drop. By inside360. Mont Blanc Region Paragliding. By Project360.

Top 8 First-Person 360 Experiences


Case StudiesOne of the biggest advantages virtual reality boasts is how it transports you to vicarious experiences while preserving as much immersion and realness as possible. These experience could be viable in real life such as skydiving and windsuit racing, or only achievable through CGI, like parkouring in an animated realm or boarding a psychedelic trip.

Personalizing Learning with Data

Tech Trends VR

There is building evidence and compelling case studies demonstrating how data management can be leveraged to help schools achieve better results for students by customizing the learning experience.

Data 229

Bell Says Latest Helicopter was Designed 10 Times Faster With VR

Road to VR

Typically it takes five to seven years to design a helicopter, according to a case study published by Bell and HTC. Bell Helicopter challenged its Innovation Team to accelerate its aircraft design process.

Tickets Still Available For Next Week’s ‘VR On The Lot’ Conference


The event will host demos with panels and in-depth case studies along two tracks. ” Case studies will be examined for the VR series Halcyon and Gone as well as the VR short Henry from Oculus Story Studios. A two-day summit on Oct.

UNAIDS Launches Educational 360-Degree Series Ahead Of World AIDS Day


The data coming back from the study we have commissioned are very positive,” says case study researcher and Makhulu Media co-producer Sydelle Willow Smith. UNAIDS partners with Google & Makhulu Media for a series of VR films about HIV testing.

Cornerstone Partnership Uses VR As An Intervention Tool


Close to half of all participants believed CVR can help prevent adoption breakdown, while over 90% expected CVR to have a positive impact on their case study. UK Social enterprise pilots the use of immersive technology in social care.

Tools 193

How Mixed Reality Will Bring Us Industry 4.0

Tech Trends VR

Microsoft in particular has secured an enviable position in the Mixed Reality enterprise space, mainly due to a consistent strategy that recognized this wasn’t a consumer-ready product yet, but instead focused on building partnerships and solid case studies for building industry 4.0

Facebook to Focus on WebVR and Social VR with 7 Sessions at F8 Conference

Road to VR

We will share some of the roadblocks that engineers will encounter as they ramp up in VR development with practical lessons and case studies to overcome them. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg | Photo courtesy Facebook.

Google’s Daydream Impact Project Aims to Bolster Philanthropic Efforts With VR

Road to VR

The equipment list includes: a Jump Camera , an Expeditions kit (including, a tablet [for a teacher], mobile phones, VR viewers, a router, chargers, and a storage case), a Google Daydream View headset, and a Daydream-ready phone.

Congo 227

HP Partnership Expands Advanced VR Training


use cases for immersive technologies, and companies like Microsoft have partnered with various developers to launch collaborative and remote assistance applications.

Google’s ‘Bohemian Rhapsody Experience’ Proves That VR Music Videos Are the Future

Road to VR

The music video genre has always been about spectacle and pushing creative boundaries ; in some cases, music videos transcend their role as a marketing vehicle and push into the territory of art.

Google 280

Google Launches Social Awareness VR Initiative ‘Daydream Impact’


The World Wildlife Fund & Condition One, UNAIDS, the International Committee of the Red Cross, Starlight Children’s Foundation, Protect our Winters, and Novo Media will be sharing their upcoming projects and case studies in 2018.

Google 194

Free Report: The Rise Of VR/AR/MR In Enterprise And The Workplace


The report also features interviews with industry experts, currently using the technology to change the way they work, train, sell and communicate; with first-hand case studies from Intel, plus UK companies McLaren Automotive and Heatherwick Studio, brought together by the UK Department of International Trade. In the lead up to VRX 2017, VR Intelligence has provided insights on the future of VR, AR and MR in enterprise, in a free white paper report.

Is VR the Future of News?

Tech Trends VR

This is an interesting case study for VR content because it’s a crossover of several genres, bridging news reporting, documentary filmmaking, historical narrative and adventure. Marvin is the BBC’s newest foreign correspondent, and you can get inside his head.

Sudan 181

LA Hospital Using VR Simulation For Trauma Training


Based off actual case studies conducted and provided by the doctors of Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, the virtual scenarios are extremely authentic. The next generation of professional healthcare training has arrived. The healthcare sector has seen better days.

Samsung Funds Episodic VR Videos, Filmmakers Use Company’s $10K ‘Round 360’ Camera

Road to VR

Samsung today launched ‘Pilot Season’, a new initiative aimed at putting original episodic VR video content into the Samsung VR Video service.

Hollywood Is Throwing A Big VR Conference Next Month


More than 20 other sessions will share case studies and address topics including VR best practices, writing, producing, directing, cameras, audio, stitching, theatrical, broadcast and cable, education and gaming. The two-day summit takes place at Paramount Studios October 13-14.

Unity Technologies Hosting Vision VR/AR Summit Asia in Beijing


The “VR Game Dev” track will tackle platform-specific development, case studies, and tool/service demos.

Asia 162

Take A Walk On The Wild Side Of VR With Cybershoes


One of the biggest problems with motion in modern VR experiences are the numerous reported cases of VR sickness, which is caused by conflicting signals between what your eyes and mind experience, and what your inner ear and physical body experience.

VR Production Studio Virtual Reality Associates Announces 3 New IP


If you want an idea of just how varied VR experiences can be, just-launched production studio Virtual Reality Associates (VRA) is a good case study. The company this week announced that it working on three new IP for headsets, and each sounds dramatically different from the last. For gamers, VRA is working on what it hopes will be a competitor in the coming VR eSports scene.

Patent Pending: Progressive Reality Eyewear for Mixed Reality.

RealVision VR

Progressive Reality: Case Study. ProgressiveReality™. Progressive Reality could be defined as an experience that segues between Virtual and Augmented Reality worlds on-demand.

ResearchVR Episode 28: 100 Hours in VR with Chris Miranda


The initial idea for Miranda was to run a full blown scientific case study, with a wide range of measurements. Motivated by personal curiosity, Chris Miranda put himself through 100 straight hours of virtual reality. During that time he did everything in VR, including constant movement, sleeping, and even showering.

InstaVR 2018 Year in Review: New Publishing Platforms, Funding, Feature Clients, and More


It remains one of our most widely read and distributed case studies. Our first major UK government use case was launched in March 2018, with the Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport using InstaVR as part of their “Culture is Digital” campaign.

VR Trauma and 3D Design @ LA Hacks 2015


Here were just a couple of the highlights from the weekend: Patient[n]: A Case Study in Autonomy. This weekend, Team Leap Motion made the trip from San Francisco to join over 1500 students at the Pauley Pavilion for LA Hacks.

ASTEROIDS! is a Playful Act of Intergalactic Compassion


This wasn’t the case, but it lit a lightbulb over Eric’s head to include “mirroring” in ASTEROIDS! There is scientific evidence that viewers become more invested in a story if the characters are mimicking them, even if they aren’t aware of it—and this is a case study in that potential. “In

Big Ideas in VR: The Space is the Story


Next Nature Habitat VR – A Case Study. Ontology is: “ the philosophical study of the nature of being, becoming, existence or reality as well as the basic categories of being and their relations.

Apex Construct Review: A Fitting Showcase Of VR’s Triumphs and Turmoils


But, just much as it demonstrates how far we’ve come, Apex Construct is also a great case study for how much further we have to go, too.

EON Reality invited to showcase VR at Houses of Parliament

EON Reality

Read more in our Public Safety VR case study. Promoting authentic public safety engagement with young people is a huge challenge – for governments, for NGOs and for the emergency services. Virtual reality is being explored as the ultimate medium for public communications – and EON Reality is paving the way in demonstrating how this can be perfectly achieved with immersive technology for the transport, infrastructure, and safety sectors.

Why is Google Cardboard Still Dominating the VR HMD Sales


There’s a lot of hype and excitement, yet real case studies that have been revealed and swept the nation haven’t arrived. VR marketing campaign with VR cardboard goggles is easy to execute and if you’re doubtful about how 360-degree video is performing, check out the Google’s experiment with Columbia sportswear or Sarah Hill’s case study comparison here. 360-degree vs Flat video Study by Susan Hill from StoryUp. Virtual Reality industry is funny.

Here Are All The 2017 VR Sessions At F8, Facebook’s Developer Conference


Description: We will share some of the road blocks that engineers will encounter as they ramp up in VR development with practical lessons and case studies to overcome them.

Augmented World Expo (AWE 2016)

Super Reality

On June 1 st , our CTO, Dr. Yue Fei, was one of the speakers at AWE 2016 and he presented a case study on Inside-Out tracking and he demonstrated our Fingo technology, which tracks the hand skeleton using infrared stereo cameras on a mobile head mounted display.

Your VR and AR Event Guide to Comic-Con 2017


Power Rangers VR – Case Study. San Diego Comic-Con kicks off this week, and if last year is any indicator, we can again expect VR to make a major showing during the four-day conference.

Enterprise Wearable & Immersive Tech 2018: Magic Leap, Exosuits and VR Training, Training, Training


AMA and Proceedix partnered to deliver a comprehensive solution for industrial sites with multiple use cases for smart glasses. Interesting research: A number of reports and studies circulated in 2018. This year was going to be the year of augmented reality, but by the end of 2018 market analysts were pointing to 2020 or 2021 as the “golden year” of AR.

Interview with Sam Murley, EHS Digital Acceleration Leader at General Electric


Sam has been an inspiring thought leader at several Enterprise Wearable Technology Summits–don’t miss his case study “EHS 2.0 How can robots increase safety and productivity and for what types of use cases and tasks?

Raw Data Review: The Ultimate VR Wave Shooter?


That said, the game never shatters the ominous glass ceiling of this restrictive genre; it’s an absolute masterclass in what makes wave-based combat tick, but just as much a case study for its limitations.

Data 136

VR Waibao explains us the importance of VR remote collaboration tools

The Ghost Howls

I made this to simulate the case study that Sam was talking about: using VR Waibao to make people in a company discuss a 3D prototype without having to print it.

Tools 141

Studio 216 and GLY talk VR at SMPS Breakfast

Studio 216

He followed with some case studies that explained 'go to market' strategies using different headsets and platforms. On January 24th at the Society for Marketing Professional Services (SMPS) monthly breakfast program, Boaz Ashkenazy , Founding Partner at Studio 216 , and Heather Skeehan, Design Manager at GLY Construction had a chance to present on the future of Virtual Reality.

How VR Could Change Courtrooms (And Why There Might Be Resistance)


While at the moment, judges, police state attorneys and everyone else involved in such a case visits the scene, in the future this could be done virtually – maybe even without leaving the office. In this case, the police tried to arrest a suspected drug dealer in an Internet café but since they didn’t secure that suspect properly, he could get up, draw a gun and fire seven times, hitting an officer once in the arm.

Oregon 217

EHS 2.0 with Digital Advancement: How General Electric is Digitizing Safety


Plenty of GE-league companies are, at the very least, piloting wearable solutions—enough so that for the first time the EWTS 2018 program will devote an entire afternoon track to safety and training case studies. In the case of the dangerous and dirty job of inspecting a dark chemical storage tank, GE has been testing a 4-foot-long, snake-like robot made by Sarcos Robotics. Improving worker safety is a mission that never seems to end.

Data 43

The Future of VR - Ep 2: Interview with Will Adams of Mortenson Construction and Rene Fresquez of Hewitt Architects

Studio 216

Depending on our use case, we continue to develop the environment. DOWNLOAD A VR HOTEL CASE STUDY. 2016 was supposed to be the year of virtual reality but thanks to hardware limitations and compelling use cases, that did not happen in a substantial way.