HoloLens Optics Chief Joins Google Amid Reported Push for Upcoming Google AR Headset

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Bernard Kress, principal optical architect on Microsoft’s HoloLens team, has left the company to take on the role of Director of XR Engineering at the recently formed Google Labs. Now Kress is back at Mountain View working on Google’s next AR headset.

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Google Adds 50 New AR Animals To Google App & Chrome


Google has expanded its lineup of 3D animals available via Google Search with 50 new creatures. In a video released on Twitter, the company showcases just a handful of the augmented reality animals now accessible via the Google app and compatible Chrome browsers.

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Google Acquires MicroLED Startup Raxium to Bolster AR Ambitions

Road to VR

Google is adding to its portfolio of XR microdisplay designs and talent, as the company announced it’s acquired microLED (µLED) designer Raxium. The Information’s report held Raxium was sold to Google for $1 billion, however official details of the acquisition are still murky.

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Google Wants To Deliver World-Scale AR Using Google Maps


Google Maps is getting a major upgrade. During Google’s 2-hour long 2022 I/O event last week, the company made a number of exciting announcements, including the reveal of a new mid-tier phone as well as a pair of AR glasses capable of translating multiple languages in real-time. .

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Google Poly Is Shutting Down


Google has instructed users to download their personal libraries before June 30, 2021. VR content creators woke up today with a shocking email from Google stating that the company would be shutting down their 3D model sharing platform Google Poly. Google Poly is shutting down!!

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Google Reportedly Working On Its Own Mixed Reality Glasses


According to The Verge , Google is currently in development of its own AR device capable of blending virtual graphics over the real world, citing “two people familiar with the project.” The original Google Glass / Image Credit: Robert Couto Photography.

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Google just enabled an awesome new feature in Google Docs

Digital Trends

Google Docs now has a few features that will allow users to highlight multiple pieces of text for easier formatting. Computing News formatting Google Docs Google Workspace

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Google Hangouts is Done, Long Live Google Hangouts

GizModo VR

Google is officially urging Hangouts holdouts to migrate over to the new messaging suite, called Chat. Starting today, if you’re still using Hangouts on your mobile device, you’ll see an in-app screen urging you to move to Chat in Gmail or the separate Chat app.

Google’s The Mandalorian AR Experience Lets You Kick It With Virtual Mando


” Earlier today, Google and Lucasfilm launched a brand new AR experience that “puts you in the shoes of a bounty hunter following the trail of Mando himself, Din Djarin and the Child.” Image Credit: Google/Lucasfilm.

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New Google Stadia Job Listings Suggest VR Cloud-gaming Ambitions

Road to VR

Stadia, Google’s cloud-gaming company, is looking for new hires with a preference for virtual reality development experience. Stadia is Google’s cloud-gaming service which runs games on powerful computers in the cloud and then streams them to your PC, laptop, or even smartphone.

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Google Meet will officially combine with Google Duo in late 2022

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Google has confirmed its plans to combine Google Duo and Google Meet into a single video conferencing app later this year. Computing News Google google duo goole meet

NVIDIA CloudXR Now Publicly Available on Google Cloud

Road to VR

CloudXR, NVIDIA’s real-time XR cloud streaming technology, is now publicly available through the Google Cloud Marketplace with Nvidia RTX Virtual Workstations as a Virtual. The post NVIDIA CloudXR Now Publicly Available on Google Cloud appeared first on Road to VR.

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Google Ends Support Of ‘Tilt Brush,’ Software Now Open Source


Google this week announced that it will be ending its support for its genre-defining VR painting app, Tilt Brush by Google , marking the end of a historic era for the immersive art & design scene. News GitHub Google Open-Source Tilt Brush Tilt Brush VR Art VR Painting

Google’s New ‘Labs’ Team Brings AR/VR, Project Starline & Area 120 Under a Single Roof

Road to VR

Before taking the reigns of Google Labs, Bavor led the company’s AR/VR team where he oversaw the 2016 launch of its Android-based Daydream VR platform. News clay bavor google google ar google starline google vr

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Bixby vs. Google Assistant

Digital Trends

Bixby vs. Google Assistant: Which virtual assistant is better? Android Mobile Bixby Google Google Assistant Samsung

Google I/O 2020 Has Been Cancelled Due To Coronavirus


Fears over a potential outbreak of COVID-19 has forced Google to postpone its annual I/O developer conference, normally held in May at the Shoreline Amphitheater just across the street from Googleplex headquarters in Mountain View, California. We’ll continue to update the Google I/O website.”.

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Google & Red Bull Launch AR-Enhanced On-Demand Video Experience


Those watching on a Chromecast with Google TV or an Android TV OS device can immerse themselves even further in the thought-provoking documentary with a captivating AR experience powered via your smartphone. Computer vision and AR technology bring Mount Kilimanjaro to life in your living room.

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Google is officially killing yet another chat app

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Google Hangouts is finally, really going away for everyone in November of 2022, and Google Chat is ready to step in as a full-featured replacement. Computing Mobile News Google google chat Google Hangouts Messaging app messaging service

Back To The Moon Is The First Google Doodle Available In All Realities


Back to the Moon was first released in 2018 as a first-of-its-kind collaboration between Nexus Studios , Google Spotlight Stories , Google Arts & Culture , Cinématèque Française , and Google Doodles. Image Credit: Google.

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Google kills semi-hidden assistant feature, Snapshot

Digital Trends

The Google Assistant Snapshot feature wasn't used by many, but it certainly was helpful before Google recently ended its service. Mobile News Google google assisant google assistant snapshot google snapshot

How to search in Google Sheets

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If you’re working on spreadsheets via Google Sheets, then knowing how to search in Google Sheets can make your work a lot easier. Computing Google Google Sheets Google Sheets how to Google Sheets tutorial Spreadsheet

Google finally makes sharing easier in Docs and Drive

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A minor update to the share UI in Google Docs and Drive has a surprisingly big impact. Computing News Google Google Docs Google DriveNow sharing links with co-workers and friends is easier than ever.

You can now collaborate on emails directly in Google Docs

Digital Trends

Collaborating on emails using Google Docs may seem strange, but it’s actually genius. Computing News Gmail Google Google Docs Google Suite Google Workspace

Hey Google, make up your mind

Digital Trends

Google has been going back and forth with many of its products and it's time for the company to make up its mind. Feature Mobile Google Google Pay google wallet

10 years on, Google Glass is still a Google I/O high point

Digital Trends

Google Glass remains the pinnacle of exciting hardware announcements at Google I/O, and 10 years on we look back at what made it so special. Features Mobile google glass Google I/O 2012 Google I/O 2022 retrospective

Google Meet adds picture-in-picture mode, live emoji reactions

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Google is making big updates to Meet, Spaces, and Voice to improve collaboration in preparation for hybrid work. Computing News Google google chat google meet google spaces google voice Google Workspaces hybrid work video chat video conferencing

Google announces Google Wallet for Android

Mashable VR

Google would quite literally like to replace your physical wallet. At Google I/O 2022 on Wednesday, the company's annual developer's conference, Google announced a brand new feature for Android devices: Google Wallet. The new Google Wallet interface.

RIP: Google Has Abandoned Its Daydream VR Platform


RIP Google Daydream (November 2016 – October 2019). Sad news out of New York this morning as Google confirms it has discontinued the production of its Daydream View VR headset and will not be providing VR support for its upcoming Pixel 4, effectively killing the Daydream platform in the process. Image Credit: Google Inc. “We We are no longer certifying new devices,” a Google spokesperson confirmed to VentureBeat. Image Credit: Google Inc.

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Google Docs will auto-generate TL;DR summaries for you

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At I/O 2022, Google announced some updates for Google Docs powered by machine learning modules. Computing News Google Google Docs Google IO 2022

How to remove personal info from Google search

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Google's new privacy policy allows users to request the removal of personal info from Google search results. Here we explain how you can do that.

Google Wallet is back and it has some new tricks

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The new Google Wallet has been introduced at Google I/O 2022. Mobile News Android Google Google IO 2022 google walletFrom credit cards to digital driver's licenses, the app will soon replace the physical wallet.

Google Acquires North, the Startup Behind ‘Focals’ Smartglasses

Road to VR

Google today confirmed in a blog post that it’s acquired North, the Canada-based smartglasses maker behind Focals. “Over the last while, it became clear that aligning with Google would significantly advance our shared vision,” North said in a news brief.

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‘Wooorld’ is a Multiplayer Version of ‘Google Earth VR’ for Quest, Releasing Soon

Road to VR

Google Earth VR is a fun and useful way of seeing the world—it’s easy to lose yourself visiting your home town, or mapping out new adventures thanks to the company’s extensive 3D building scans. News VR Game google earth vr wooorld wooorld vr Woorld world world vr

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Google Makes ‘Tilt Brush’ Open Source as Active Development Comes to a Halt

Road to VR

Google announced it has stopped active development on Tilt Brush (2016), the company’s VR paint app. At Google I/O earlier that year, Daydream headsets were nowhere to be seen , revealing the company’s rapidly decreasing enthusiasm for the medium.

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3 things you didn’t know you could do with Google Drive

Digital Trends

Look at these Google Drive features you didn’t know existed but are super useful. Computing Features files Google Chrome Google Drive google meet shortcutsWondering if there’s something new or a feature that’s somewhat hidden?

Google’s Project Starline is a Light-field Display System for Immersive Video Calls

Road to VR

This week Google revealed Project Starline, a booth-sized experimental system for immersive video chatting, purportedly using a bevy of sensors, a light-field display, spatial audio, and novel compression to make the whole experience possible over the web. Image courtesy Google.

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Google just made it easier to change your breached passwords

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Google Assistant's new password update has streamlined the process of replacing breached passwords, making web security feel safer and easier than ever. Mobile News Chrome Google Google Assistant Google Chrome passwords