Google Adds 50 New AR Animals To Google App & Chrome


Google has expanded its lineup of 3D animals available via Google Search with 50 new creatures. In a video released on Twitter, the company showcases just a handful of the augmented reality animals now accessible via the Google app and compatible Chrome browsers.

Google 368

Google Poly Is Shutting Down


Google has instructed users to download their personal libraries before June 30, 2021. VR content creators woke up today with a shocking email from Google stating that the company would be shutting down their 3D model sharing platform Google Poly. Google Poly is shutting down!!

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Is Google Stadia Working On VR Support?


New job listings recently posted by Google point towards potential VR streaming for the cloud gaming service. It’s been a rough year or so for Google Stadia. Despite these setbacks, however, Google has expressed zero interest in shuttering its cloud gaming platform.

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New Google Stadia Job Listings Suggest VR Cloud-gaming Ambitions

Road to VR

Stadia, Google’s cloud-gaming company, is looking for new hires with a preference for virtual reality development experience. Stadia is Google’s cloud-gaming service which runs games on powerful computers in the cloud and then streams them to your PC, laptop, or even smartphone.

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Google’s The Mandalorian AR Experience Lets You Kick It With Virtual Mando


” Earlier today, Google and Lucasfilm launched a brand new AR experience that “puts you in the shoes of a bounty hunter following the trail of Mando himself, Din Djarin and the Child.” Image Credit: Google/Lucasfilm.

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Google’s New ‘Labs’ Team Brings AR/VR, Project Starline & Area 120 Under a Single Roof

Road to VR

Before taking the reigns of Google Labs, Bavor led the company’s AR/VR team where he oversaw the 2016 launch of its Android-based Daydream VR platform. News clay bavor google google ar google starline google vr

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‘Exploring fitness’ won’t get Google TV anywhere near Apple Fitness+

Digital Trends

Google has to do more than just "explore fitness" if it wants to get Google TV anywhere close to the exercise experience of Apple Fitness+. Android Apple Home Theater Apple Fitness Apple Fitness Plus Fitbit Google google fit Google Wear

Google Ends Support Of ‘Tilt Brush,’ Software Now Open Source


Google this week announced that it will be ending its support for its genre-defining VR painting app, Tilt Brush by Google , marking the end of a historic era for the immersive art & design scene. News GitHub Google Open-Source Tilt Brush Tilt Brush VR Art VR Painting

Google I/O 2020 Has Been Cancelled Due To Coronavirus


Fears over a potential outbreak of COVID-19 has forced Google to postpone its annual I/O developer conference, normally held in May at the Shoreline Amphitheater just across the street from Googleplex headquarters in Mountain View, California. We’ll continue to update the Google I/O website.”.

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Back To The Moon Is The First Google Doodle Available In All Realities


Back to the Moon was first released in 2018 as a first-of-its-kind collaboration between Nexus Studios , Google Spotlight Stories , Google Arts & Culture , Cinématèque Française , and Google Doodles. Image Credit: Google.

Google 353

Google Building An ‘Augmented Reality OS’ For A New AR Device

Upload VR

Google is hiring in several positions working on an ‘Augmented Reality OS’ for an AR device, as reported by 9 To 5 Google. As Google adds products to the AR portfolio, the OS Foundations team is the very first software team to work with new hardware.

Google & Red Bull Launch AR-Enhanced On-Demand Video Experience


Those watching on a Chromecast with Google TV or an Android TV OS device can immerse themselves even further in the thought-provoking documentary with a captivating AR experience powered via your smartphone. Computer vision and AR technology bring Mount Kilimanjaro to life in your living room.

Google 303

‘Realworld’ Aims to Bring a Multiplayer ‘Google Earth VR’ Alternative to Quest & More

Road to VR

Google Earth VR , which is available today on PC VR, is a breathtaking way to explore our fascinating planet. With Google unfortunately abandoning many of its VR initiatives, it’s unlikely that we’ll see a version of Google Earth VR with multiplayer, let alone Quest support.

Google 284

Google Acquires North, the Startup Behind ‘Focals’ Smartglasses

Road to VR

Google today confirmed in a blog post that it’s acquired North, the Canada-based smartglasses maker behind Focals. “Over the last while, it became clear that aligning with Google would significantly advance our shared vision,” North said in a news brief.

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RIP: Google Has Abandoned Its Daydream VR Platform


RIP Google Daydream (November 2016 – October 2019). Sad news out of New York this morning as Google confirms it has discontinued the production of its Daydream View VR headset and will not be providing VR support for its upcoming Pixel 4, effectively killing the Daydream platform in the process. Image Credit: Google Inc. “We We are no longer certifying new devices,” a Google spokesperson confirmed to VentureBeat. Image Credit: Google Inc.

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What is Google Home?

Digital Trends

Here's what you need to know about adopting the Google Home smart home ecosystem. Smart Home Google Home Google smart home Home Automation proactive evergreen Smart SpeakersConsidering making your home smart?

Google Nest Mini vs. Google Home Mini

Digital Trends

The Google Nest Mini 2nd gen and Google Home Mini may look alike, but they're two totally different speakers. Smart Home Google Home Google Home device comparison Google Home Mini Home vs. Home Mini

Google Launches Augmented Reality Filters on Meet App for Mobile

Next Reality AR

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, Google has packed new functionality into Google Meet to compete with Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and other video conferencing platforms.

3 reasons why Microsoft Edge is better than Google Chrome

Digital Trends

Microsoft's Edge browser is based on the same engine as Google Chrome, but these three features make the browser the better option. Computing Google Google Chrome Microsoft Microsoft Edge Windows Windows 10 Windows 11

Google Adds Sports Athletes to AR Search, Includes Virtual Street Signs in Live View AR in Google Maps

Next Reality AR

Since bringing augmented reality features to Search and Maps, Google has made them arguably the most useful augmented reality products in its portfolio. On Tuesday, at Google I/O, Google unveiled some of its new AR capabilities for the pair of mobile apps.

Google 272

What is Google Home?

Mashable VR

Yeah, what is Google Home? Basically, Google Home is an app that acts as a hub for all of your Google devices. If you have connected home products like a Google Nest thermostat , lights, cameras, or speakers, you can manage them from the Google Home app as well.

Which Google One subscription is right for you? Google’s paid plans explained

Digital Trends

What is Google One, and which subscription is right for you? Android Mobile Google Google Drive google one Google One app Google One subscriptionWe'll take you through the basics and explain some of the perks you can get by signing up, too.

Save Your Google Poly Projects Before They Expire With Poly To Sketchfab Tool


In less than four months Google will be permanently shutting down its 3D model sharing platform Google Poly , marking the end of an era for the VR community. According to Sketchfab, the team worked directly with Google to develop a pain-free solution for its users.

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Google’s Project Starline is a Light-field Display System for Immersive Video Calls

Road to VR

This week Google revealed Project Starline, a booth-sized experimental system for immersive video chatting, purportedly using a bevy of sensors, a light-field display, spatial audio, and novel compression to make the whole experience possible over the web. Image courtesy Google.

Report: Google’s ‘Tilt Brush’ is Coming to PSVR Soon

Road to VR

Google has taken its sweet time bringing its VR creation app Tilt Brush (2016) to PSVR, although having recently slimmed down the app to fit on the modest mobile chipset of Oculus Quest may have given the company needed incentive to finally launch on PSVR.

Google 232

Google Makes ‘Tilt Brush’ Open Source as Active Development Comes to a Halt

Road to VR

Google announced it has stopped active development on Tilt Brush (2016), the company’s VR paint app. At Google I/O earlier that year, Daydream headsets were nowhere to be seen , revealing the company’s rapidly decreasing enthusiasm for the medium.

Google 201

Google Teases New AR Features Coming To Google Maps & Lens


Google VR becomes Google AR & VR as the company uses its annual I/O event to tease a new wave of augmented technology. Google wasted no time at this years Google I/O Developer Conference , diving head first into some truly jaw dropping projects that are making their way to our devices. So much so that that the company has officially changed its title of Google VR to Google AR & VR. Image Credit: VRScout / Google AR & VR.

Google 195

Google Is Shutting Down Its Jump VR Program


Sorry Google Jump users, but Google has made the decision to shut down their cloud-based video stitching service on June 28 th citing a decline in Jump Assembler users. If you happen to be a current Jump user, you have until June 26 th to upload your footage and squeeze out every last drop of Google’s stitching services before they suspend services at 11:59 PM Pacific Time. Image Credit: Google AR & VR. Google thinks so too.

Google 278

Google Has A Very Apple-like Plan For Google TV

GizModo VR

It’s no secret that Google’s been vying for a space in your living room for years. Google TV has undergone quite a few branding changes since it first launched in 2010, but it’s still managed to become one of the top streaming platforms.

Google Nest Cam (wired) review: Keeping watch with confidence

Digital Trends

You won't have to deal with frequent false alerts with the Google Nest Cam (wired). Smart Home Google Nest Cam Google Nest Cam (indoor) Google Nest Cam (wired) security cameraIt's just that smart.

Is Google TV replacing Android TV?

Digital Trends

Android TV is getting a new look, smarter features, and a new name -- Google TV. Home Theater How-To Movies & TV Android TV chromecast Google TV Google TV replacing Android TV what is Google TV

Google 100

Google Extends AR Search Lead Over Apple with Landmark Recognition for Google Lens

Next Reality AR

This week, Apple unveiled its own version of Google Lens in the form of Live Text.

Google 200

Google Rolls Out New AR Features For Its Lens App


While VR technology may have been absent at this year’s I/O Developer Conference in Mountain View, California, Google did reveal several AR and machine learning-based updates coming soon to Google Lens. For example, by activating Google Lens and aiming the camera at a written foreign language (Lens can detect 100 different dialects), the app will instantly detect the language presented and layer a translation directly on top of the original. Image Credit: Google.

Google 253

Google’s Pixel 6 issues are causing a crisis of trust

Digital Trends

Google's Pixel 6 is suffering from bad PR -- and the stakes are higher than ever. Android Mobile Google Pixel 6 Pixel

Apple Delivers Competitor to Google Lens & Google Maps AR Features in iOS 15

Next Reality AR

Mobile augmented reality for iOS via ARKit, but Apple is borrowing a few pages from Google's playbook and bringing AR directly to iOS 15.

Google 220

The best Google Home commands in 2021

Digital Trends

Ready to expand how you use your Google Home or Nest device? Here are the best Google Assistant voice commands to use if you have a smart speaker ready to help. Smart Home best Google voice commands Google Assistant Google Home Google Home commands proactive evergreen

5 easy ways to dramatically increase security in Google Chrome

Digital Trends

We have five easy ways that you can increase the security of your Google Chrome web browser without extra downloads or software. Computing Chrome Google Google Chrome online security web browser

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