Microsoft Word vs. Google Docs

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Microsoft and Google both offer word processing programs but are quite different. Computing Web comparison Google Google Docs Microsoft Microsoft Word versus WordWhich one is best for you?

3 reasons why Microsoft Edge is better than Google Chrome

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Microsoft's Edge browser is based on the same engine as Google Chrome, but these three features make the browser the better option. Computing Google Google Chrome Microsoft Microsoft Edge Windows Windows 10 Windows 11


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HoloLens Optics Chief Joins Google Amid Reported Push for Upcoming Google AR Headset

Road to VR

Bernard Kress, principal optical architect on Microsoft’s HoloLens team, has left the company to take on the role of Director of XR Engineering at the recently formed Google Labs. Now Kress is back at Mountain View working on Google’s next AR headset.

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Google Acquires MicroLED Startup Raxium to Bolster AR Ambitions

Road to VR

Google is adding to its portfolio of XR microdisplay designs and talent, as the company announced it’s acquired microLED (µLED) designer Raxium. The Information’s report held Raxium was sold to Google for $1 billion, however official details of the acquisition are still murky.

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NVIDIA CloudXR is Launching on Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, and AWS

Road to VR

NVIDIA is continuing the rollout of its CloudXR technology on the three leading cloud computing platforms: AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud. The post NVIDIA CloudXR is Launching on Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, and AWS appeared first on Road to VR.

Spatial Beats: Microsoft, Apple & Google

AR Insider

This week, we look at Microoft's big deal, Apple's Metaverse shun and Google jumps back into AR. Welcome back to Spatial Beats, AR Insider's weekly series that features observations and insights of author and futurist Charlie Fink.

Is Google Stadia Working On VR Support?


New job listings recently posted by Google point towards potential VR streaming for the cloud gaming service. It’s been a rough year or so for Google Stadia. Despite these setbacks, however, Google has expressed zero interest in shuttering its cloud gaming platform.

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Microsoft Edge vs. Google Chrome: Performance, design, security, and more

Digital Trends

Microsoft has completely revamped its Edge browser. Computing Browsers Chrome edge Google Microsoft webCan the new kid on the block compete against Chrome?

Microsoft Edge’s free VPN may become its must-have feature

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Microsoft's Edge browser may soon get a built-in VPN service to make it a more appealing choice over Google's popular Chrome. Computing News browser Browsers Chrome edge edge browser Google Google Chrome Microsoft Microsoft Edge VPN

Microsoft Edge Vs. Google Chrome: Which Should You Use?


One of the biggest browser debates right now is whether to use Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge. Here are the details on each, and which is better for what. Technology

How to delete Google Chrome

Digital Trends

If you no longer want to use Google Chrome, here's a look at how to delete it from your system in a few simple steps. Computing Google Chrome How-tos Microsoft Windows 10 uninstall Windows 11

Report Casts Doubt on HoloLens 3, Microsoft Says AR Headset is “doing great”

Road to VR

Microsoft’s enterprise-focused HoloLens 3 may be dead in the water, as a recent report maintains that internal divisions have hobbled the company’s efforts to release its next AR headset as planned. Alex Kipman wearing HoloLens 2, Image courtesy Microsoft.

Why You Should Ditch Google Chrome For Microsoft Edge

GizModo VR

The odds are good that you’re reading this right now in Google’s web browser, Chrome, which has become hugely popular since it made its debut in 2008.

Microsoft Wants U.S. to Adopt Internet Rules From Australia That Google Hates

GizModo VR

Microsoft would like the U.S. government to adopt media rules that would force big tech companies to share profits with newspapers when they link to news content, according to a new blog post by Microsoft president Brad Smith.

NVIDIA CloudXR Now Publicly Available on Google Cloud

Road to VR

CloudXR, NVIDIA’s real-time XR cloud streaming technology, is now publicly available through the Google Cloud Marketplace with Nvidia RTX Virtual Workstations as a Virtual. The post NVIDIA CloudXR Now Publicly Available on Google Cloud appeared first on Road to VR.

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3 reasons why a Google Store in New York could succeed where Microsoft failed

Digital Trends

Microsoft ultimately shuttered its physical stores, but the Google Store in New York City could succeed where Microsoft failed. Android Computing Health & Fitness Home Theater Mobile Opinion Smart Home Wearables google store Google Store New York City Google Store NYC

Seriously, What Is Going On With Microsoft Edge?

GizModo VR

Microsoft Edge was once a good alternative to Google Chrome, and now it seems the browser is spiraling. Read more.

Our First Look At Microsoft HoloLens 2


Microsoft debuts their latest mixed reality device at Mobile World Conference 2019. Over these past three and a half years, Microsoft has been listening to their customers, claims HoloLens inventor and Microsoft Technical Fellow Alex Kipman as he took his turn on stage. With the HoloLens 2, Microsoft has made what appears to be a more consumer-friendly device than its original predecessor – although the company themselves dare not utter the “c-word” just yet.

The XR Week Peek (2021.03.08): Microsoft launches Mesh, HTC and Pico tease new hardware, and more!

The Ghost Howls

Microsoft announces Mesh, an XR collaboration platform. Alex Kipman promised us a Microsoft Ignite conference with an amazing level of immersion , and he kept his word. But since Microsoft owns one of those studios (and using it costs around $100K/day if I remember well!),

Google, Microsoft, and Apple Say You’ll Soon Be Able to Use the Same Login on Any Browser

GizModo VR

google apple microsoft computer access control password managers software andrew shikiar passwordless authentication mark risher operating systems alex simons technology internet intel fido alliance access control google chrome amazon safari visa web browsers freeware password microsoft edge

Facebook, Google, Microsoft, and Twitter team up to fight election interference

Digital Trends

News Social Media breaking Facebook Google Microsoft TwitterBig Tech wants to make sure the election is secure this time.

Microsoft prompts to switch to the Edge browser are starting to get ridiculous

Digital Trends

Microsoft has incorporated new prompts into its Edge browser that attempt to dissuade users from downloading Google Chrome. Computing News Browsers Chrome edge Google Chrome Microsoft

Google Launches Augmented Reality Filters on Meet App for Mobile

Next Reality AR

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, Google has packed new functionality into Google Meet to compete with Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and other video conferencing platforms.

Xbox Error Message Refers to VR Headset, Microsoft Says VR Still Not a Focus for Console

Road to VR

Microsoft says however that the error message was inaccurate, and that VR for Xbox is still not a happening. Some prognosticated that Microsoft has mistakenly leaked VR support for Xbox, something it has repeatedly rebuked in the past.

Microsoft Patents Wand-Like Augmented Reality Controller

Road to VR

Microsoft’s HoloLens already has a physical input device, the HoloLens Clicker, but in a recently published patent, we may be getting a peek into what the company was initially planning before they decided to include each HoloLens with the tiny 3DoF device. image courtesy Microsoft. image courtesy Microsoft. image courtesy Microsoft. image courtesy Microsoft. image courtesy Microsoft.

Mixer was a pawn in the high-stakes game between Microsoft and Google

Digital Trends

Microsoft is readying for the real boss battle in the video game industry. Gaming Google Microsoft Stadia Xbox Series X xCloud

Skype lives on as Microsoft adds new features to take on Zoom and Google Meet

Digital Trends

Microsoft is updating Skype with a set of new features designed to make the app faster, reliable, and more modern. Computing Microsoft Skype teams Windows 10 Windows 11

Microsoft’s Edge browser gets 41% faster thanks to new Startup Boost feature

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Version 89 of Microsoft's Chromium-based Edge browser is taking aim at Google Chrome with Startup Boost, which can improve the browser's performance by 41%. Computing News Google Chrome Microsoft Microsoft Edge web browser Windows Windows 10

6 Best Browser Alternatives to Google Chrome

GizModo VR

google google chrome mozilla firefox fast chromium brave facebook jon stephenson von tetzchner software opera vivaldi portable software web browsers freeware embedded linux microsoft computing firefox cloud clients technology internet edgeo Read more.

Google Stadia vs. xCloud

Digital Trends

Google and Microsoft each have their own game-streaming service. But is Google Stadia better than xCloud? Buying Guides Gaming google stadia Project xCloud Tier 4 versus

Microsoft Adds Xbox Gaming Features to Edge to Get You to Switch From Chrome

GizModo VR

For Edge to steal market share from Chrome, Microsoft will need to find ways to differentiate the relative newcomer from Google’s ubiquitous option.

How to sync your Outlook Calendar with your Google Calendar

Digital Trends

If you enter appointments into Google Calendar, there's a way to sync that data to Outlook. Here's how, plus we provide steps to sync Outlook with Google. Computing How-To Mobile Web Android Google Calendar Microsoft Outlook Outlook calendar sync

Microsoft May Leapfrog Facebook and Google in VR With HoloLens Tracking

UploadVR Between Realities podcast

Microsoft’s play for command of next generation personal computing can be seen today with the announcement of a series of Windows-powered VR headsets starting at $300. The system is already used on the $3,000 HoloLens, an advanced augmented reality system, but with it employed on a low-cost VR headset Microsoft may have leapfrogged efforts by both Facebook and Google, powered by Windows. This is not the case with the headsets on the way from Microsoft’s partners.

Microsoft Edge Just Passed Apple Safari as the World's Second Most Popular Browser on Desktops

GizModo VR

Internet Explorer won’t be officially put out of its misery until next month, but its replacement, Microsoft Edge, is already gaining significant ground.

The best Google Docs alternatives for browser-based editing

Digital Trends

Google isn't the only company that offers an online suite of productivity apps. Here are our favorite alternatives to Google Docs including OnlyOffice and Zoho. Computing Web Best of Google Docs Google Drive microsoft office online OnlyOffice Tier 4

Windows 11 is blocking an app that lets you switch browsers to Google Chrome

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Microsoft has blocked an app providing users with a workaround to a URL scheme that forced them to use its Edge browser instead of others like Google Chrome. Computing News Browsers Google Chrome Microsoft Windows Windows 11

10 best Google Chrome extensions for productivity

Mashable VR

Google Chrome extensions are an example of tools that can help with productivity issues. We're taking a look at the best Google Chrome extensions for productivity. Ideal for anyone who regularly shares URLs: Google Tone. Google Tone is pure tech witchcraft.

Google 112