Mysterious Bethesda VR Title Appears on Australian Government Rating Site

Road to VR

Evidence that a new VR game published by Bethesda Softworks, the studio behind The Elder Scrolls and Fallout series, has appeared in an online listing by the Australian government’s media classification board.

Interactive VR Comedy Has You Staging A Fake Moon Landing For The Taiwanese Government


This includes Serendipity’s Great Hoax: The Moon Landing , a satirical VR comedy that has players faking a moon landing for the Taiwanese government in the hopes of “making the country rich again.”


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HTC Vive Pro Secure Offers Security-Focused VR For Government Agencies


The post HTC Vive Pro Secure Offers Security-Focused VR For Government Agencies appeared first on VRScout. Security-focused VR designed specifically for classified environments.

Hackers target U.S. government agencies as FBI investigates

Digital Trends

government departments in which some reports suggest internal emails may have been accessed. Computing News Web breaking twitter cybersecurity government hackers online securityThe FBI is investigating cyberattacks on at least two U.S.

Joe Biden Is Throwing the Weight of the Government Behind Electric Vehicles

GizModo VR

President Joe Biden is using one of the most powerful tools at his disposal to speed up the electric vehicle transition: the purchasing power of the federal government.

Tim Sweeney Warns VR Could Make Tech Companies ‘More Powerful Than Any Government’


” During his address on stage, Sweeney urged the audience to consider that, “if we ever allow one company to own the meta-verse, then that company would have more power than any government that has ever existed.” ” Tagged with: exclusives , government , Oculus Home , open , platform , Tim Sweeney. Interviews exclusives government Oculus Home open platform Tim SweeneyTim Sweeney has some stern words for some of VR’s biggest players.

Turns Out This Sophisticated Hacker Campaign Was Actually the Work of 'Western Government Operatives'

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A sophisticated hacking campaign that was previously witnessed targeting security flaws in Android, Windows and iOS devices is actually the work of “Western government operatives” conducting a “counterterrorism operation,” according to a new report from MIT Technology Review.

Days After Blocking Facebook, Myanmar’s Military Government Has Now Blocked Instagram and Twitter

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Myanmar’s new military-led government has blocked Instagram and Twitter in the country in an attempt to squash citizen resistance to the coup it staged earlier this week that ousted the country’s democratically elected government.

The Fossil Fuel Industry Would Be Screwed Without the U.S. Government Propping It Up

GizModo VR

A new study shows that’s a total fairy tale because the invisible hand isn’t responsible for dirty fuels’ market dominance—implicit government subsidies… Read more.

How Government Agencies Use Virtual Reality


Government agencies have seen a large uptick in use of virtual reality over the last 3+ years. Once used more out of curiosity or for testing purposes, government divisions are utilizing VR for practical everyday purposes. So what are these government divisions using virtual reality specifically for? Below, we’ll go through a few of these examples and explain specifically why these government agencies chose virtual reality.

The Wild Ways Local Governments Are Blocking Renewable Energy

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“Shadow flicker” from wind turbines, concerns about sparrow habitat on landfills, and worries about “toxic chemicals” from solar panels are just some of the ways municipalities are slowing down renewables installation. Read more.

Governments Allege Facebook Practices ‘Illegal Monopolization’, Take Legal Action

Upload VR

Facebook is facing legal action from the governments of the United States and Germany, with allegations of “unlawful conduct” and an inquiry into the practice of linking Facebook accounts to the use of an Oculus headset.

U.S. Government Officially Blames Russia for SolarWinds Hack

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government appears to be officially blaming Russia for the expansive and damaging SolarWinds hack , which it says was “likely” an “intelligence gathering” effort on the part of a hacker group connected to the Kremlin. The U.S.

Facebook to Restrict Content From Myanmar's Military Government Following Coup

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Facebook has pledged to restrict the widespread distribution of content from Myanmar’s military regime following a successful coup that toppled the democratically elected government on Feb.

Apple Caves to Russia and Begins Showing Russian Government-Approved Apps During iPhone Setup

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After reportedly calling the requirements of a new Russian law a security threat and threatening to pull out of the country, Apple caved and decided to let Russia have its way, saying it would allow users to install government-approved Russian apps during iPhone setup.

Myanmar's New Government Blocks Facebook After Military Coup

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Myanmar’s new government has ordered internet providers in the country to block Facebook in an attempt to quell dissent following a successful military coup earlier this week, according to internet-monitoring service NetBlocks and internet company Telenor Myanmar.

Xiaomi Sues U.S. Government for Putting It on a Blacklist

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government and cut off from American investments. Popular Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi is suing the Department of Defense, the U.S. Treasury, and both agencies’ top officials, after having been deemed a security threat by the U.S. Read more.

Can you name the 3 branches of government? This meme offers up some, uh, creative answers.

Mashable VR

When kindergarten teacher Jans asked Twitter on Wednesday to name the three branches of federal government, the response was memes by the bucketload. More about Memes , Us Government , 2020 Election , Entertainment , and Politics.

Nevada Wants to Let Tech Companies Form Their Own Governments

GizModo VR

Steve Sisolak, the Democratic governor of Nevada, wants to incentivize technology companies to move to his state, and he’s got some wild ideas about how to make that happen.

Nevada 114

Tesla asks fans to lobby the government on its behalf

Mashable VR

It is a hub where Tesla posts actions its users can take, like contacting government officials when there is a potential law that would affect the company. Tesla fans: Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to go to bat politically for the company.

HTC & Shenzhen Government Team Up for $160 Million Investment Fund

Road to VR

But today the company announced a brand new investment fund of some $160 million in a joint venture between HTC and the Shenzhen Municipal People’s Government. The post HTC & Shenzhen Government Team Up for $160 Million Investment Fund appeared first on Road to VR. Between HTC’s Vive X accelerator and the VRVCA investor consortium that it heads, the company is already very active in the VR investment space.

Clubhouse Will Strengthen Security After Researchers Find That Data Could Be Accessed by the Chinese Government

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A group of researchers at the Stanford Internet Observatory has determined that Clubhouse’s data protection practices allowed its users’ data, possibly including their raw audio, to potentially be accessed by the Chinese government.

Recapping the Data Governance Winter Conference and looking ahead to 2018 governance trends

IBM Big Data Hub

The 2017 Data Governance Winter Conference on 4 - 8 December covered topics ranging from how to start a data governance program to attaining data governance maturity to how to improve your organization’s information quality. After attending, Brian Mayer, business ready data practitioner, and Mark Lynch unified governance practice lead, discuss major data governance trends covered at the conference

Hackers are targeting kindergartens for profit, warns government

Mashable VR

government on Thursday issued a statement warning that criminals are specifically going after schools' distance-learning programs.

The House Votes to Ban TikTok from Government-Issued Devices, TikTok Threatens to Create Jobs

GizModo VR

Adding to TikTok’s litany of woes, the House voted overwhelmingly yesterday to prevent government employees from installing TikTok on government-issued devices—inching closer toward the transnational goal of eradicating the Chinese-owned company from the face of the earth.

‘Quantaar’ Brings Fast-Paced Third-Person Melee To VR In 2021


KOSMOS , the XR startup Incubator Platform supported by Kaohsiung City Government, under the Somatosensory Technology Park Project, promoting creative innovation, local manufacturing and exporting total solutions.

Innova’s Virtual Patients Offer Cost-Effective VR Medical Training


KOSMOS, the XR startup Incubator Platform supported by Kaohsiung City Government, under the Somatosensory Technology Park Project, promotes creative innovation, local manufacturing and exporting total solutions. Cost-effective VR healthcare education in a post-coronavirus world.

Senate Moves to Ban TikTok on Government Phones

GizModo VR

The U.S. Senate passed a bill on Thursday prohibiting federal workers from downloading TikTok, the Chinese-owned video app the White House has recently threatened to ban citing national security concerns. Read more. tiktok us senate bytedance china

Mini Nuclear Reactor at Government Lab Shut Down After Radiation Leak

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A small-scale nuclear reactor at a government neutron research facility was shut down last week after it began to spew elevated amounts of ionizing radiation.

Facebook Promises to Let Users Share News in Australia Again After Negotiations With Government

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Facebook will allow users in Australia to read and share news on the social media platform again following negotiations with the Australian government, according to Australia’s treasurer Josh Frydenberg and representatives from Facebook.

‘Quantaar’ Brings Fast-Paced Third-Person Melee To VR in 2021


KOSMOS , the XR startup Incubator Platform supported by Kaohsiung City Government, under the Somatosensory Technology Park Project, promoting creative innovation, local manufacturing and exporting total solutions.

Facebook's Australian news ban also blocked links to weather, government services, poetry, and Facebook itself

Mashable VR

Facebook followed through on its threat to ban the sharing of news links by and to Australian users, as the country's government moves closer to forcing big tech companies to pay to link media outlets' content.

Google Doodle recognizes Juneteenth, unlike the federal government

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Your Google homepage is ready for Juneteenth (even if the federal government somehow still doesn't acknowledge the long-celebrated holiday).

UK government bans telecoms from buying Huawei 5G equipment

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On Tuesday, the UK government announced it has banned mobile providers in the country from buying new Huawei 5G equipment after the end of 2020. The UK had a change of heart about Huawei.

Russian Government Claims TikTok Deleted Young People’s Protest Prep Videos at Its Behest

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The same week recently poisoned Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny was taken into police custody in Moscow, Russia’s youth and adults began preparing for unsanctioned protests that will take place across the country on Saturday, January 23.

Russia 111

Improving The Reality Of Government: AR And VR Use Cases

Forrester VR

Since Mobile World Congress, where the reality on the show floor was often either virtual or augmented, I’ve been thinking quite a bit about the practical uses of AR and VR – particularly in government and a smart city context. analyst relations planning & process application development & delivery augmented reality government virtual reality

Government Privacy Watchdog Asked to Investigate Surveillance of Black Lives Matter

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A group of Democratic lawmakers on Thursday urged the government’s privacy and civil liberties watchdog to launch an investigation into claims of government surveillance at protests against police violence and racial inequality spurred this year by the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis police custody.