Tim Sweeney Warns VR Could Make Tech Companies ‘More Powerful Than Any Government’


” During his address on stage, Sweeney urged the audience to consider that, “if we ever allow one company to own the meta-verse, then that company would have more power than any government that has ever existed.”

Recapping the Data Governance Winter Conference and looking ahead to 2018 governance trends

Road to VR

The 2017 Data Governance Winter Conference on 4 - 8 December covered topics ranging from how to start a data governance program to attaining data governance maturity to how to improve your organization’s information quality.

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How Government Agencies Use Virtual Reality


Government agencies have seen a large uptick in use of virtual reality over the last 3+ years. Once used more out of curiosity or for testing purposes, government divisions are utilizing VR for practical everyday purposes.

HTC & Shenzhen Government Team Up for $160 Million Investment Fund

Road to VR

But today the company announced a brand new investment fund of some $160 million in a joint venture between HTC and the Shenzhen Municipal People’s Government. The post HTC & Shenzhen Government Team Up for $160 Million Investment Fund appeared first on Road to VR.

Niantic Partners with City Governments to Turn Pokémon GO into a Tool for Community Engagement

Next Reality AR

A new study published by American University demonstrates how Pokémon GO and other augmented reality games can help city governments bring communities closer together.

TikTok sees increase in government requests for user data

Digital Trends

The U.S. made 100 legal requests about TikTok content. News Social Media Mobile App tiktok

Watch the U.S. government blow up some mannequins in the name of firework safety

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government agency that researches product safety and educates the public, does important work. The CPSC is a government agency after all. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission is weird. Well, not in general. The CPSC, the U.S.

Improving The Reality Of Government: AR And VR Use Cases

Forrester VR

Since Mobile World Congress, where the reality on the show floor was often either virtual or augmented, I’ve been thinking quite a bit about the practical uses of AR and VR – particularly in government and a smart city context.

Bird says it didn't apply for a PPP loan. The government's response is.confusing.

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Pretty nice of the government to so generously support electric scooters, right?! A trove of juicy financial data just became public, but it could have some major errors.

Experts set to meet with fed government about need for VR.


Experts set to meet with fed government about need for VR ethics, more research Virtual worlds are coming for humanity and a group of researchers and technologists wants to make sure we’re ready when they arrive. experts government regulation vr mr lab future

EON Reality Releases New Remote AR and VR Packages for Education, Government, and Industry

EON Reality

For those who want the complete freedom of the advanced premium features, EON Reality will also co-invest in large-scale packages as a means to assist as many businesses, schools, and governments as possible throughout the current pandemic. The post EON Reality Releases New Remote AR and VR Packages for Education, Government, and Industry appeared first on EON Reality.

Oculus Go + Open Questions Around Facebook, Privacy, Free Speech, & Virtual Governance

Road to VR

The Oculus Venues will be treated as public spaces that will be governed by Oculus’ updated Terms of Service that has a code of conduct to ensure safe online spaces. What is their plan for virtual governance?

Delivering Safe and Secure AR/VR Knowledge Transfer Solutions for Schools, Governments, and Enterprises

EON Reality

The post Delivering Safe and Secure AR/VR Knowledge Transfer Solutions for Schools, Governments, and Enterprises appeared first on EON Reality.

HTC Partners on $1.5 Billion VR Investment Fund with Shenzhen Municipal Government

Road to VR

HTC and the Shenzhen Municipal Government announced plans to set up a joint China VR Research Institute, creating a 10 billion RMB (~$1.45 This groundwork lead to the recent announcement, that HTC has signed a strategic partnership agreement with the Shenzhen Municipal Government. Cher Wang, Chairwoman of HTC, said in the announcement “It is a great honor for us to enter into the Strategic Partnership Agreement with the Shenzhen Municipal Government.

U.S. government requests for Google user data up 510% since 2010, report says

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Read more. More about Google , Privacy , Tech , Cybersecurity , and Big Tech Companies. Google Privacy Tech Cybersecurity Big Tech Companies

Canadian government invests in VR training technology


The Government of Canada announced this week that it has awarded a $1.1 The contract comes as part of the Canadian government’s Build in Canada Innovation Program, which has seen over $126 million invested in 285 contracts since 2010. The post Canadian government invests in VR training technology appeared first on VR World. million contract to Halifax, Nova Scotia-based IT firm Bluedrop Training and Simulation Inc.

Government Divisions to Use VR for Training, Hiring, & More via @ReadWrite.


Government Divisions to Use VR for Training, Hiring, & More via @ReadWrite [link] [link] — allthingsvr (@allthingsvr) October 26, 2017. virtual reality augmented reality vr ar

Chinese Government Using Forced Abortion and Sterilization to Suppress Muslim Population: Report

GizModo VR

The Chinese government is spending millions of dollars each year implementing population control measures against the Uighurs, the country’s largest Muslim ethnic group, including mandatory IUDs, sterilization, and forced abortions, according to a story published Monday by the Associated Press.

UAE: Boosting Government Performance With AI


The UAE Artificial Intelligence strategy was launched to boost government performanc e, the rate of accomplishing achievements. This strategy represents the post-smart government phase, and it will be relied on by various future services, sectors and infrastructure projects.”. The UAE is one of the most prepared countries in the region to adopt AI technology because the government has already built a thorough technology infrastructure over the past two decades.

UAE 52

Augmented Reality App Turns The $1 Dollar Bill into Tour of The White House


The possibilities that come from mixing the virtual world with our own reality are endless and it’s beyond thrilling to see this budding industry get such massive support from entertainment properties and the federal government. News Augmented Reality Education Government White House

Social media platforms are finally acting like the mini-governments they are

Digital Trends

Is this burst of proactive community moderation just a temporary trend? Features Social Media Facebook Google Reddit trump Twitter YouTube

Smart Cities and Spatial Computing with AVR

EON Reality

Globally and across the UK, enterprise, academia and governments are reaching a tipping point where sustainable business practice is an objective within a results-led, saving-led strategy.

You can now take a virtual reality tour of the White House


Archive gear vr government oculus oculus rift President Obama virtual reality vrIf you’ve always wanted to tour the White House but never managed to make it out to Washington DC, then we’ve got some good news for you.

DC 111

Bologna IDC Celebrates 200 years of US Embassy in Firenze

EON Reality

Alongside local government figures from all of the main civil and political authorities of the City of Bologna, EON Reality was delighted to be invited to the event commemorating the first 200 years of the US Consulate in Italy.

The United States is “looking at” banning TikTok, says Secretary of State

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The government is taking it "very seriously", he added. News Social Media breaking China tiktok United States

Putting Technology First at Confidustria Emilia

EON Reality

Meanwhile, we are keen to work with local government to foster a local ecosystem for innovation and economic transformation using AVR. Bologna Education Events The AVR Platform VR learning environments 3D Learning 3D Technology Augmented Reality collaboration Confidustria Emilia confidustria italia EON Reality in Bologna italian government italy Knowledge Transfer Putting Technology First at Confidustria Emilia Virtual Reality

Undaunted by Government Warning, Drone Pilots Capture China in 360 Images


It seems that drone lovers don't care much about what the big government has to say. Fed up with drones causing flight incidents, the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) introduced a tighter drone regulation on May 16th, 2017.

Hundreds of Elephants Have Mysteriously Died in Botswana

GizModo VR

Over 350 elephants have died in Botswana since March, sparking a government probe to investigate the mysterious deaths. Read more. elephants poaching elephant deaths science

Democratic lawmakers propose nationwide facial recognition ban

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It would ban other types of surveillance by federal, state, and local governments. News breaking Congress facial recognition

UK government says it will ban the 'rough sex' defence. Here's why that needs to happen.

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Content warning: This article contains details of violence against women, sexual violence, and murder. On 2 Dec. 2018, Grace Millane's parents David and Gillian sent a message wishing their daughter a Happy 22nd Birthday from the other side of the world. They never received a reply.

VR used to educate on Australian bushfires


Education News Virtual Reality (VR) VR World 4K VR Australia Bushfires Government Vic Emergency VR VR Education VR SafetyIn Australia, authorities have released a VR experience designed to educate citizens about the dangers of bushfires. “Bushfires”, for the non-Aussies out there, are essentially just wildfires.

New Snapchat Lens Creates AR Safe Zone To Promote Social Distancing


Despite multiple warnings from government health officials around the world, a surprisingly large portion of the public seem unfazed by recent developments and committed to gathering in large groups with little to no protection.

Google Reportedly Now Facing Antitrust Probes in Every State but One

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Amid ongoing investigations by the federal government and almost every other state, California has reportedly launched its own antitrust probe into the world’s biggest advertising agency, Google, as it continues to face scrutiny by U.S.

Russian Space Advisor and Defense Journalist Arrested For Treason

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Longtime Russian defense journalist and more recent government advisor on space issues, Ivan Safronov has been arrested in Moscow and charged with treason, according to a new report from the Moscow Times.

Cotton Is Best for Homemade Masks, Study Suggests

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government-led study has found that common materials such as cotton can effectively filter particles as small as the coronavirus, especially when layered. A new U.S.

Study 87

New Magic Leap Images Appear as Saudi Prince Gets Demo from CEO Rony Abovitz

Next Reality AR

It turns out that the government of Saudi Arabia has managed to do something last month's Game Developers Conference couldn't — give us a few new glimpses of the Magic Leap One being worn by someone other than Shaq.

VR Simulation Puts You On The Frontline Of The Hong Kong Protests


Since anti-government demonstrations began, the streets of Hong Kong have devolved into a veritable warzone as Chinese police and riot control officers clash with non-violent protestors. The developers hope to educate gamers and help spread awareness of the protestors’ cause.