EON Reality’s Global Emergency Initiative Expands to Italy with New Partners and 2,400 Students

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partnership in Bologna, Italy. The post EON Reality’s Global Emergency Initiative Expands to Italy with New Partners and 2,400 Students appeared first on EON Reality. education EON Reality ima Industry italy marchesini group reality virtual VR

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Merged XR – Guided Tour in Pesaro, Italy


In this application example, we’ll delve into the history and construction category to take a look at Pesaro in Italy. The post Merged XR – Guided Tour in Pesaro, Italy appeared first on EON Reality.

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Italy Becomes First Country to Actually Block Covid-19 Vaccine Exports

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Italy consulted with the European Commission before halting the shipment of 250,000 vaccine doses,… Read more.

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Inaugural European Immersive Computing Summit Puts Italy On The Map For VR & AR


An event that put Italy on the map for immersive technology. Italy is known for great food and design, but chances are it’s not the first place that comes to mind when you think of VR, AR, or immersive technology in general. But this isn’t a full representation of what Italy has to offer in 2018. Since then, he’s been fighting against the perception that Italy is only a place of the past. “We Yes, it’s an event that singlehandedly put Italy on the VR/AR map.

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'The Situation Is Very Serious': Ransomware Hackers Hobble Covid-19 Vaccinations in Italy

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A series of cyberattacks has disrupted COVID-19 vaccinations in Italy’s Lazio region—a large area that encompasses the nation’s capital, Rome. Read more.

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Italy cracks down on TikTok following child's tragic death

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Italian regulators turned their eyes toward TikTok this week following the tragic death of a 10-year-old girl.

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Il Nuovo Calcio, the first sports magazine in Italy to embrace AR


link] Il Nuovo Calcio, the first sports magazine in Italy to embrace AR was originally published in AR/VR Journey: Augmented & Virtual Reality Magazine on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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The Tour of Italy with EPYC Milan: Interview with AMD's Forrest Norrod

Anand Tech

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EON Reality Announces New “EASI” Platform at Immersive Learning Summit in Italy

EON Reality

BOLOGNA, ITALY, September 25, 2019 — EON Reality is excited to announce some big changes coming to the AVR Platform and its associated products. As announced at the Immersive Learning Summit in Italy on September 25, “EASI” stands for Effortless, Affordable, Self-Service, and Interconnected, which are the four driving principles behind every product decision EON Reality is making.

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EON Reality and Regione Emilia Romagna Inaugurate IDC in Bologna Italy

EON Reality

the world leader in Augmented and Virtual Reality based knowledge transfer for industry and education, in partnership with Regione Emilia-Romagna today inaugurated EON Reality Italy, EON Reality’s Interactive Digital Center (IDC) and VR Innovation Academy (VRIA) in Italy.[link] For more information, please continue to check the EON Reality Italy webpage. The post EON Reality and Regione Emilia Romagna Inaugurate IDC in Bologna Italy appeared first on EON Reality.

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Police Arrest 106 People Tied to Mafia-Connected Cybercrime Group

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mafia cybercrime organized crime transnational organized crime europol organized crime in italy crime money laundering identity theft sicilian mafia phishing camorra

Cuba Becomes First Country to Vaccinate Young Kids Against Covid-19

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moderna anthony fauci health medical pharma health sciences pfizer covid 19 vaccine clinical research covid 19 vaccination in italy johnson johnson rna vaccines medicine clinical trials medical research covid 19 vaccine articles

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Archaeologists Find Ancient Roman Road in the Venetian Lagoon

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venetian lagoon lagoon madricardo geography of italy pellestrina venice veneto chioggia nomenclature of territorial units for statistics geography of venice barrier islands 7 most endangered programme fantina madricardo physical geography ernesto canal maddalena bassani hospitality recreation

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2 million real-life photos were turned into AI cities.but the cities don't exist — Future Blink

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More about Artificial Intelligence , Italy , Strolling , Mit Researchers , and Future Blink. Artificial Intelligence Italy Strolling Mit Researchers Future Blink

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Over 17 Million Cubic Feet of Ice Threaten Italian Tourist Town

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ice ice maybe planpincieux glacier italy alpsAnything is possible when it comes to ice these warming days: disappearing ice caps , newly discovered penguin colonies , and now, crumbling glaciers threatening the lives of dozens of people. Read more.

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See you at WCVRI and View Conference!

The Ghost Howls

I love going to China, but I love more my Italy. I still can’t believe to see my face in the same group of so many important people… View Conference will take place from October 20th to October, 25th in Turin, Italy. Either in China or in Italy, this would be overly cool! announcements italy view conferenceIt’s time for me to head to new adventures! In this month, I will participate both at the WCVRI in Nanchang and the View Conference in Turin!

Japan Halts Moderna Vaccinations After Foreign Substances Found in 39 Vials

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moderna disaster accident health medical pharma vaccine deployment of covid 19 vaccines vaccine batches moderna covid 19 vaccine health sciences covid 19 vaccine covid 19 vaccination in italy rna vaccines takeda pharmaceutical co health medicine clinical trials medical research

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Tightrope walking robot has some serious potential

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More about Robot , Italy , Balance , Tightrope , and Tech. Robot Italy Balance Tightrope TechHyQ, a quadruped robot created at the Italian Institute of Technology, is now able to balance on just two legs and walk across 6-centimeter-wide beams using a balance controller. Read more.

Distinct Species of Adorable Weasels Have Been Hiding in Plain Sight

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weasels mink environment mammals stoat haida gwaii mammals of asia m haidarum mammals of new zealand fauna of italy organisms animals jocelyn colellaArguably the cutest member of the weasel family, ermines can be found throughout the northern regions of North America and Eurasia.

VIEW Conference 2018 will host amazing XR talks and workshops

The Ghost Howls

I’m very happy to talk about a very important event that will take place very soon in my city of Turin (Italy): the VIEW Conference. augmented reality virtual reality AR cgi italy turin view view conference vrThe VIEW Conference is an annual conference focused on Computer Graphics that is held in my city and that has now arrived at its 19th edition.

Bologna IDC: Destination for International Filmmaking Academy

EON Reality

It was an honour and a pleasure to host the IFA’s 2019 masterclasses at our premises here at EON Reality Italy. Nicola Poleschi , Managing Director, EON Reality Italy. 3D simulation Bologna Education News Virtual Reality Augmented Reality bologna IFA summer school collaboration EON Reality in Bologna IFA International filmmaking academy italy Knowledge Transfer virtual reality masterclass VR filmmaking italy

Pink Snow in the Italian Alps Is a Cute Sign of Environmental Catastrophe

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watermelon snow glaciers alps italy science algaeI live for all things pink, and there’s something beautiful about pink glacial ice. However, the dusty pink layer atop the Presena Glacier in the Italian Alps is more sinister than it looks. Algae has dyed the snow a bizarre color.

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EON Reality and GARC Unveil Strengthened AEC XR Partnership


Featured Press Release eon xr garc italyThe continued synergy will enable the AEC sector to use existing XR solutions.

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Bologna IDC Celebrates 200 years of US Embassy in Firenze

EON Reality

The US Embassy in Firenze (Florence), Italy, opened its doors for an incredible double-centenary celebration, and EON Reality Italia was asked to represent the high-technology presence in the region of Emilia-Romagna at the forum titled ‘United States of Bologna.’. Alongside local government figures from all of the main civil and political authorities of the City of Bologna, EON Reality was delighted to be invited to the event commemorating the first 200 years of the US Consulate in Italy.

How VR and AR Can Help in a Pandemic

EON Reality

News AR china coronavirus covid-19 italy quarantine school university VR workWith reported cases of COVID-19 in over 80 countries around the world, there’s currently a real cause for concern amid school closures, quarantined towns, and global economic slowdown.

EON Reality and the University of Siena Embark on Joint Agreement for Academic VR and AR Projects


The framework agreement with the university opens the door for academic VR possibilities throughout Italy. Press Release AR Augmented Reality italy university of siena Virtual Reality VR

#30DaysInVR: how a guy is living 30 days in VR to make virtual reality better

The Ghost Howls

actually, he was in my city (Turin, Italy) because here there is an epic guy that is living 30 days inside virtual reality! interviews virtual reality 30 days 30 days in vr enea le fons experiment htc vive italy turin vrWhen I told you the story of me meeting Mister President Alvin Wang Graylin , I didn’t tell you the whole story (sorry guys&gals, it was a secret!):

Pixar's Next Film, Luca, Will Be an Adventure in the Italian Riviera.With a Twist

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luca pixar disney enrico casaros animation italy sea monstersThough we’re still a ways out from the premiere of Pixar’s next movie Soul , the studio’s already hard at work on its next animated feature Luca , a sun-drenched, summertime adventure inspired by director Enrico Casarosa’s childhood.

Huge Sinkhole Opens Up in Italian Hospital Parking Lot After Heavy Rains

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sinkholes italy hospitals healthcare rainIn case you need more proof that we live in hell, a massive sinkhole opened in an Italian hospital’s parking lot on Friday.

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A journey in some interesting Italian VR startups at Milan Games Week 2018: AnotheReality, Beyond The Gate and many more!

The Ghost Howls

The first startup that I interviewed has been AnotheReality , that is an interesting VR company in Milan, Italy. WeArena is an interesting company focused on location-based gaming entertainment that has already opened a gaming center in the North-East of Italy and plans to open a lot of other ones in big Italian cities, like Rome and my city Turin. interviews virtual reality gamesweek indiedev italy milan startup vrThis Saturday I have been to the Milano Games Week.

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Immersive Architecture is the event all architects were waiting for

The Ghost Howls

In a week here in Italy will start a very interesting VR-related event called Immersive Architecture. You are organizing a very important XR-related event here in Italy called Im-Arch, can you tell us what gave you the idea to start it? augmented reality interviews virtual reality AR architecture event italy vr

GARC’s ‘New Reality’ Tech Strategy Starts with EON Reality

EON Reality

This agreement will make it possible to develop — exclusively for Italy — the use of advanced technologies in the private and environmental AEC * field. 3D simulation Bologna Education Featured News Press Release Virtual Reality Augmented Reality bologna IFA summer school collaboration EON Reality in Bologna IFA International filmmaking academy italy Knowledge Transfer virtual reality masterclass VR filmmaking italy

EON Reality and YouCo Announce Partnership to Bring XR Industry Solutions to Italian Businesses


With its more than 90 employees and collaborators in Italy, it ensures a quality and continuous service over time for its customers. The offices are divided between Italy and America: YouCo is located in Milan, Rome, Rovigo and Miami. Press Release eon xr Industry italy youcoYouCo clients will be able to leverage the benefits of EON-XR and its industry solutions for as many people as possible around the world.

Confidustria: Transforming Industries by Embracing New Technology

EON Reality

Last quarter, EON Reality’s office in Bologna , Italy collaborated with Confindustria to host a conference with multiple national and international manufacturing companies.

EON Experience Fest 2019 Wraps After 2 Full Days of AVR Technology

EON Reality

Bologna Featured AR Augmented Reality avr bologna eon experience fest EON Reality italy Virtual Reality VREON Experience Fest 2019 brought with it exciting news and updates from across the Augmented and Virtual Reality (AVR) industry. Wednesday held presentations from Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Toyota Industries, the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), IBM, Lenovo, and more.

Putting Technology First at Confidustria Emilia

EON Reality

EON Reality Italy’s Interactive Digital Center (IDC) at the Worklife Hub serves as an ideal meeting point for open innovation and events. The Interactive Digital Center of EON Reality Italy is an ideal meeting point for connecting to innovative networks all over the world, and we are honored to host these open events focused on local supply chains. Nicola Poleschi , Managing Director, EON Reality Italy.

Comcast’s new XiOne streaming boxes to hit U.S., parts of Europe

Digital Trends

Comcast has introduced new XiOne streaming boxes intended for Xfinity Flex in the United States and Sky Q in Germany and Italy. Home Theater Comcast Comcast Xfinity Comcast xione Sky sky q Xfinity Xfinity Flex

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