Inaugural European Immersive Computing Summit Puts Italy On The Map For VR & AR


An event that put Italy on the map for immersive technology. Italy is known for great food and design, but chances are it’s not the first place that comes to mind when you think of VR, AR, or immersive technology in general.

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#30DaysInVR: how a guy is living 30 days in VR to make virtual reality better

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actually, he was in my city (Turin, Italy) because here there is an epic guy that is living 30 days inside virtual reality! interviews virtual reality 30 days 30 days in vr enea le fons experiment htc vive italy turin vr

Immersive Architecture is the event all architects were waiting for

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In a week here in Italy will start a very interesting VR-related event called Immersive Architecture. You are organizing a very important XR-related event here in Italy called Im-Arch, can you tell us what gave you the idea to start it?

Oculus Go Launches At Canadian And European Retailers


Italy: Amazon. Though Canadian and European VR fans have been able to pick up an Oculus Go standalone headset directly from the company since launch last month, more purchasing options have arrived today. Go launched in over 300 stores across the two regions today, starting at £199/€219.

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Psychological VR Thriller ‘Blind’ Coming to Rift, Vive and PSVR – Teaser Trailer Here

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Blind was inspired by Tiny Bull Studios’ prototype PC game Come to See My House, which won The Best Game award at the Turin, Italy jam site for the 2014 Global Game Jam. Blind is an upcoming psychological thriller that puts you in a world of darkness.

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‘Alvo’ Wants to Be ‘CS:GO’ for VR, Launching with Cross-play for PSVR, Rift & Vive in 2018

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2017), is dialing in on CS:GO territory with its recently released trailer which shows all of the trappings of the popular PC shooter, replete with Italy-inspired map, AWPs, and bomb planting galore. Indie studio Mardonpol , makers of Quiz Night Tonight!

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You Can Buy an Oculus Rift + Touch Bundle in Germany for €450

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The sale is only available on the company’s German site , and doesn’t appear on other international branches MediaMarkt including Switzerland, Austria, Netherlands, Belgium, or Italy-based MediaWorld.

HTC Vive Pro headset to be priced at $800 / €879, preorders starting today

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And you’ve read everything in the title of this article: $800 (€879 here in Italy) for having only the new headset , the “upgrade-kit” that you can use with your existing base stations and controllers.

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‘Lantern’ Is VR’s Beautiful Answer to ‘Flower’ Launching Next Week


No, Flower isn’t coming to Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, but Italy-based developer Storm in a Teacup’s Lantern is. We’ve often wondered what thatgamecompany’s incredible experience, Journey , might look like in VR.

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Google Earth VR Adds Search and Oculus Rift Support


Some new locations include Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany, Table Mountain in South Africa, Perito Moreno Glacier in Argentina, Mt Lassen in California, Palermo in Italy, and more. VR’s killer app just got a major update.

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Pre-orders for TPCast Wireless VR Add-on Now Available in Europe

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TPCast pre-orders are available in the following countries: Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and UK.

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Oculus Introduces $299 Go for Business Bundle


Currently, the bundle is scheduled to release in the US, Canada, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Iceland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and the UK. Facebook’s affordable standalone VR headset, Oculus Go, is looking to finally make the platform a mainstream hit with consumers. But it appears Go forms a big part of the Oculus for Business strategy, too.

Oculus And Here Be Dragons Debut VR Miniseries Dispatch


This new VR miniseries, created by Here Be Dragons, made its debut at the Venice Film Festival in Italy yesterday. Oculus may have closed down its filmmaking division earlier in the year, but it’s still working with other creators to produce interesting VR experiences. Dispatch is an example of that.

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Gran Turismo Sports’ New Cars And Tracks Work With PSVR


Included in the update is GT Sport’s first brand new track, the Autodromo Nazionale Monza in Italy. Gran Turismo Sport is getting a big update today, and you’ll be pleased to know that its new content works in VR.

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Microsoft to Expand HoloLens Availability to 29 More European Markets in December

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Microsoft announced at their at Future Decoded conference in London that HoloLens, the company’s augmented reality headset, will be expanding its international availability to include all of the European Union in December.

Developer Creates Scan of Apartment to Work Inside of VR for 30 Days

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Lenqiy aims at fostering creativity in Chinese kids with virtual reality

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He asked me about Virtual Reality in schools in Italy and I was like. When I was in China, the last company I visited in Shanghai has been Lenqiy.

Virtuix Omni Starts Shipping to US Customers


When I first checked out the Virtuix Omni at CES 2015 , I was intrigued, but my wallet stayed firmly in my pocket. The Virtuix Omni is just not practical for the average gamer or even like myself, a self-confessed gadget freak.

HTC Vive reveals Vive Pro 2.0-bundle price and Vive Enterprise advantage

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Of course, these are US prices : here in Italy, the headset only costs €879 and all other bundles are more expensive because of taxes (damn taxes). Do you remember my first impressions review of the Vive Pro ?

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Langzou VR give us very interesting insights on XR education in China

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We have this even in Italy and I guess that there is one in all parts of the world. And this can also show you how things here in the East are completely different: in Italy, for instance, schools do not encourage learning things by memory at all.

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Oculus & ESL Return For VR League: Season Two


Canada, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and United Kingdom. Five new titles, generous prizes, and a more flexible tournament system could take VR eSports to new heights.

Charlie Fink’s Metaverse book review: get to know XR at 360 degrees

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I’m back in Italy. My vacation in China has finished and I’m in my home country again. Being in China has been wonderful and I have really sweet memories of it… I’ll return there for sure, there are so many things I have still to discover.

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Developer Spends 30 Days Working, Dancing, Living In VR


Enea Le Fons, an immersive developer based out of Italy, has been eager to find out with his recent “30 Days In VR” challenge. An Italian developer tests the limits of VR comfort with a ’30 Days In VR’ challenge.

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This VR Game Wants To Get Stroke Patients Playing Using Pico Neo


Magic Moovr was developed as part of the EU Horizon 2020 and is expected to enter clinical testing in the UK and Italy in 2018/2019. UK-based healthcare company AppAttic is looking to make VR content that could play a pivotal role in stroke rehabilitation. AppAttic is debuting its new VR experience this week at the South by Southwest Festival (SXSW) in Austin, Texas.

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Judao is a well established company offering VR education in China

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This surprised me because, in Italy, the most important people of an IT startup must speak English, because they needs this language to connect with abroad customers and partners. During my trip to China, I’m visiting various VR startups in Shanghai and Beijing.

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Resolution Games’ ‘Bait!’ Passes Half a Million Downloads on.


Furthermore, the game has now been localized for Spain, Germany, Italy and France, with more localizations to be made in the coming months. Resolution Games’ ‘Bait!’

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Halloween Horror VR Picks for the HTC Vive


1680, Vicenza, Italy. Halloween is a time for VR. Depending on your tolerance for jump scares, haunting isolation, and Zombies, Halloween is either the best of times or the worst of times for virtual reality.

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Disney Puts Augmented Reality Star Destroyers over International Landmarks


Piazza del Duomo | Italy | 43.773,11.255. In a galaxy not so far from Central Park, the Golden Gate Bridge, and the Eiffel Tower, Star Wars comes to life through augmented reality. Disney has been making major moves in Augmented Reality in 2017.

Amazon UK Lists Oculus Touch Pre-Orders with Price and Release Date

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EU-based Amazon retailers including Amazon Germany, Italy, France, and Spain still haven’t published pricing or release information.

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My first taste of Virtual Reality in China

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” Again, situation is better than in Italy, but it is still not ideal. Hello everyone from Qingdao, China! This is my first article written from China and I have to say that I’m very very excited.

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Vive Focus enter version 2.0 at VEC 2018

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I’m happy that at least the ball about Italy is visible… (Image by HTC). “Hold my beer”: this is what the Vive Focus has told to all other standalone headsets yesterday at the Vive Ecosystem Conference in Shenzhen. The headset has taken a big step forward with the 2.0

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Oculus Rift US Pricing vs. Rest Of The World


Currently the Rift is available in the US and the following European countries: Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Spain, Sweden, and the United Kingdom. Now that the price has been announced for the Oculus Rift.

‘Jesus VR’ Claims First Ever Feature-length VR Film, to Preview at Venice Film Festival

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Like Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ (2004), Jesus VR was filmed in Matera, Italy under the direction of Passion executive producer Enzo Sisti.

Hulu Beats Netflix to Social Viewing in VR on Gear VR

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I was able to find and install it fine in the US, but colleagues in Canada and Italy both were barred from even finding the app on the Gear VR store. Finally, one of the two major video streaming services available in VR will let you watch with your friends.

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Argentina’s Crystalis VR Game Wins The 2018 Global WebXR Hackathon


In total, 21 concepts were received from teams hailing from the USA, Serbia, Germany, Argentina, Italy and Canada. The second edition of Virtuleap’s Global WebXR Hackathon has officially come to a close. This year’s event was sponsored by Mozilla, Samsung Internet, Supermedium, and VR First, and unlike last year, the competition theme was narrowed down to just two tracks: participants could either reinvent a classic game or give education a facelift using the immersive web as the medium.

A day with Mr President

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Today I’ve had the occasion to meet HTC China president Alvin Wang Graylin in my city, Turin (Italy). He had to be here to do some business, so two weeks ago he asked me if I was ok with the idea of meeting him for a chat.

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Interview to Enea Le Fons: from #30DaysInVR to #XDaysInXR and beyond

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The cybernaut Enea will begin his new adventure tomorrow and will be at the Immersive Architecture event on June, 1st-2nd in Venice (Italy).

FOVE Launches Pre-Orders For Eye-Tracking VR Headset FOVE 0, Starting at $549

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It’s been a long road for FOVE , the creators of the eye-tracking VR headset that hit Kickstarter last summer, but today the company launches pre-orders for their first commercially available product, the FOVE 0.

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Crytek-Incubated ‘VR First’ Program to Double Number of Academic VR/AR Labs in 2017

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VIGAMUS Academy, Italy. VR First , the global initiative to seed academic institutions with VR/AR hardware and software, today announced that it’s nearly doubling the number of its VR labs in universities and science parks across the globe by the end of 2017.

All the most important AR and VR news from Facebook F8

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I have preordered mine immediately : I have taken a 32GB model for 219€ (this is the price here in Italy… in the US it is $199). On May 1st-2nd, Facebook has had its annual F8 conference.

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