Yaw2 Motion Simulator Surpasses $1M On Kickstarter


With 34 days left to go in the campaign, Yaw VR’s next-gen motion simulator/smart chair, the Yaw2, this week reached over $1M in funding on Kickstarter, absolutely demolishing its original goal of $100,000.

Reality Might Be a Simulation, Scientists Think It’s Possible to Find out for Sure

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If you’re interested in VR, you’ve probably thought at least once or twice about the simulation hypothesis—the idea that we might actually already be living in a virtual reality world. Several papers have hypothesized ways of actually testing if our reality is a simulation.


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VR Go-Kart Rig Features Haptic Feedback And Wind Simulation


CXC’s haptic rig simulates “the violence, the vibration, the physical effort” of a real race. Earlier this week, the company revealed the latest addition to its lineup, a full-motion kart racing simulator complete with vibrating haptics and realistic wind simulation.

Haptic 359

VR Simulator Lets You Experience Life As A Dolphin And Shark


Help protect the ocean while exploring a growing catalog of marine species in this VR ocean simulator. The post VR Simulator Lets You Experience Life As A Dolphin And Shark appeared first on VRScout.

AR/VR Simulations for Sustainable, Regenerative, Circular Cities

Speaker: Nik Gowing, Brenda Laurel, Sheridan Tatsuno, Archie Kasnet, and Bruce Armstrong Taylor

Join our amazing panelists, Nik Gowing, Founder at Thinking the Unthinkable and International Broadcaster; Brenda Laurel, PhD, Principal, Neogaian Interactive; Sheridan Tatsuno, Principal, Dreamscape Global; Archie Kasnet, CEO, Regenerative; and Bruce Armstrong Taylor, The Climate 4.0 Project, to discuss how today's AR/VR and related AI-enabled technologies can be effectively applied, using data from such sources as NASA and NOAA, to both improve and accelerate urban sustainability planning and design.

‘Microsoft Flight Simulator’ is Finally Getting VR Controller Support, Coming in Mid-November

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Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020) features PC VR headset support, although it’s notably missing the ability to use VR motion controllers. The post ‘Microsoft Flight Simulator’ is Finally Getting VR Controller Support, Coming in Mid-November appeared first on Road to VR.

VR Now ‘Very High’ On Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 Priorities


In an interview with Austrian newspaper Der Standard, the head of Microsoft’s upcoming Flight Simulator 2020 revealed that VR is now “very high” on the list of priorities. A Truly Next-Gen Simulator.

‘Horror Bar VR’ Is A Grotesque Zombie Bar Simulator Perfect For Halloween


This also happens to be the premise for Horror Bar VR , and brand new zombie bar simulator that has you playing bartender to an endless number of terrifying undead patrons. Developed by VR Factory, Horror Bar VR launches on the heels of Bar Simulator VR , a realistic VR bartending course.

‘Microsoft Flight Simulator’ VR Support Heading into Closed Beta Soon, Sign-ups Now Live

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Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020) for PC is getting VR headset support sometime around the launch of HP’s upcoming PC VR headset, the HP Reverb G2. The post ‘Microsoft Flight Simulator’ VR Support Heading into Closed Beta Soon, Sign-ups Now Live appeared first on Road to VR.

Yaw2 Motion Simulator Chair Attracts $1M in First Week on Kickstarter

Road to VR

In its initial Kickstarter campaign back in 2018, the original Yaw motion simulator chair was one of the first out of the gate to promise a compact, 3DOF motion simulator chair for VR and traditional monitors. Project Cars 2, MS Flight Simulator, and Fly Inside to name a few.

‘Microsoft Flight Simulator’ Update 5 to Bring VR Performance Improvements

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Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020) includes support for SteamVR headsets, however playing via VR requires some of the most modern (and consequently least available) PC components due to its demanding spec requirement. News Bits VR Game flight sim Microsoft flight simulator vr flight sim

Track & Hunt Big Trophy Animals In This VR Hunting Simulator


The post Track & Hunt Big Trophy Animals In This VR Hunting Simulator appeared first on VRScout. Explore an open hunting ground filled with various wildlife using a variety of real-world weapons and essential equipment.

Microsoft Flight Simulator VR Controller Support Coming Mid-November

Upload VR

A developer roadmap from Asobo indicates that support for VR controllers is planned to launch with Simulator Update VII , currently set for a mid-November release. Are you looking forward to VR controller support in Microsoft Flight Simulator?

Researchers Simulate Walking In VR Using Foot Vibrations


When it comes to simulating movement in VR, you have two primary options: teleportation or free locomotion. According to a recently published paper, Japanese researchers have come up with yet another method for VR locomotion that uses foot vibrations to simulate movement, even while seated.

Vacation Simulator Now Available On Oculus Quest


Time to take a holiday – after working hard in Job Simulator, you can now take some much-needed time off with Vacation Simulator on Oculus Quest. ” Vacation Simulator is available to purchase for the Quest on the Oculus Store now.

‘Thief Simulator VR’ Launches Out of Early Access Tomorrow, Trailer Here

Road to VR

After a year in Steam Early Access, Thief Simulator VR is officially slated to launch tomorrow, November 5th. Developed by GameBoom VR and published by PlayGames, a prolific publisher of simulator genre titles, Thief Simulator VR is set to launch its 1.0

VR Mind Surgical treatment Simulator


VR Brain Surgery Simulator Subscribe if you take pleasure in the material [link] bit.ly/cheruYT cheruYT Look at much more Digital Fact here: [link] bit.ly/2liISca 2liISca In this movie we will … Source.

The WORST Worker Problem – Career Simulator (VR)


Let’s screw up every thing in the Occupation Simulator worst worker … Source. If im pressured to get the job done in this haunted corner retail outlet, you can wager im heading to do the worst career attainable.

‘Microsoft Flight Simulator’ Will Receive VR Support This Fall, But There’s A Catch


Yesterday, Microsoft confirmed via a joint press briefing with developer Asobo Studio that Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 will in fact be receiving official VR support, beginning with the upcoming HP Reverb G2 later this year. Microsoft Flight Simulator launches August 18th on Windows PC.

Helicopters Coming To Microsoft Flight Simulator In 2022

Upload VR

A new development update on Microsoft Flight Simulator revealed that helicopters are a planned feature, set for a prospective 2022 release. At the beginning of this month, Flight Simulator announced an update that should drastically improve performance across the board.

VR Gladiator Simulator ‘GORN’ Now Available On Oculus Quest


Originally released on PC VR headsets back in 2017, Free Lives’ over-the-top gladiator simulator pits you against wave after wave of wobbly muscle men in a blood-soaked free-for-all using a variety of brutal melee weapons, from axes and nunchucks to throwing knives and war hammers.

‘Spacefolk City’ is a Funky City Simulator Coming to Quest & PC VR This Fall

Road to VR

Spacefolk City is a city building simulator for Quest and PC VR that aims to get you plonking down a dense city landscape in free-floating space. “There are very few casual, accessible city simulators in VR at the moment,” Moon Mode says.

New ‘Vacation Simulator’ Destinations, Launch Date Announced


Ever since our brief interaction with Vacation Simulator during last years Tribeca Film Festival, we’ve been clawing at the chance to get our hands on the endlessly-charming follow-up to Owlchemy Labs 2016 smash hit, Job Simulator. According to Owlchemy’s latest ‘Destination Reveal’ trailer however, it appears as though we’ll be exploring much more than a sun-soaked beach during our virtual R & R simulation. .

Cooking Simulator VR Arrives On PC This Week

Upload VR

Just over a year since we first wrote about it, Cooking Simulator VR is finally seasoning itself up for launch. The port of the original Cooking Simulator lands on SteamVR on July 29. Are you going to be serving up some Cooking Simulator VR later this week?

Creators Of ‘Job Simulator’ Announce Follow-Up ‘Vacation Simulator’


Austin, Texas-based video game developer Owlchemy Labs struck gold with their 2016 smash hit, Job Simulator. Now, two years later, Owlchemy Labs is back with Vacation Simulator , a brand new VR “simulation” that kicks players out of the office and onto the beach for an afternoon of virtual fun in the sun. True to its predecessor, Vacation Simulator is chock full of secrets and was clearly crafted with love.

Job Simulator, Vacation Simulator Get Enhanced For Oculus Quest 2

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Two more enhanced Oculus Quest 2 games to add to the list – Owlchemy Labs’ Vacation Simulator and Job Simulator now run better on the headset. Job Simulator Quest 2 Enhancements Confirmed (Vacation Sim Too!). Its sequel, Vacation Simulator expanded on the concept.

VRChat, Rec Room, Vacation Simulator Confirmed For Oculus Quest


During the 1-minute 36-second teaser, gameplay of both Owlchemy’s Labs’ Vacation Simulator and Creed: Rise to Glory are featured prominently, alongside brief flashes of popular titles such as Angry Birds VR, Drop Dead, Eleven Table Tennis, Fruit Ninja, Job Simulator, Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes, Rush VR, and Ultrawings. The post VRChat, Rec Room, Vacation Simulator Confirmed For Oculus Quest appeared first on VRScout.

VR Music Game ‘Unplugged’ Simulates The Rockstar Lifestyle Using Oculus Quest Hand-Tracking


The post VR Music Game ‘Unplugged’ Simulates The Rockstar Lifestyle Using Oculus Quest Hand-Tracking appeared first on VRScout. News Arizona Sunshine Hand-Tracking Oculus Oculus Quest Oculus Quest 2 Rockstar Simulator Unplugged Vertigo Games VR Air Guitar VR Music VR Rockstar

Microsoft Flight Simulator World Update 3 Due Tomorrow

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Microsoft Flight Simulator World Update 3 should be touching down tomorrow, developer Asobo confirmed. The latest update to the ultra-realistic simulator (which now has optional VR support) will revisit the UK, adding in much more detailed renditions of popular cities and landmarks.

Flight Simulator Shows Gorgeous UK Landmarks In Update Teaser Trailer

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The Flight Simulator UK update looks gorgeous in this new teaser trailer. Flight Simulator UK Update Trailer. Will you be checking out the sights in the Flight Simulator UK update?

The XR Week Peek (2020.12.28): Flight Simulator VR released, a new hack lets you use Quest without Facebook, and more!

The Ghost Howls

Microsoft Flight Simulator releases VR patch. Microsoft Flight Simulator is now compatible with VR headsets : not only the HP Reverb G2 as initially teased but all the headsets that are compatible with OpenXR , so basically all the most famous devices.

RPG NPC Simulator VR Is A Simple But Surprisingly Fun Fantasy Management Game


Play the role of an NPC shop owner in this fantasy trading simulator. It’s a slow start at first, but once business starts picking up the game quickly turns into a Black Friday simulator as your growing reputation begins to draw more powerful players.

Microsoft Flight Simulator Won’t Support VR At Launch, ‘Maybe’ Later On


Microsoft’s upcoming next generation flight simulator will not support VR at launch, according to a YouTuber who was given hands-on access at a Microsoft hosted event. However, Microsoft did apparently tell the YouTuber, Pete Wright, that it would “maybe” come later on, as “perhaps a longer term goal” Microsoft Flight Simulator was announced at E3 2019, for Windows 10 and Xbox One.

Microsoft Flight Simulator VR Support Lands Next Month

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In a new Q&A video, developers from the Microsoft Flight Simulator studio Asobo confirmed that VR support is coming to the game in December. We do know the minimum requirements for the VR in Flight Simulator, which are as follows: OS: Windows 10 (November 2019 Update – 1909).

Turtle Beach Reveals Elaborate Microsoft Flight Simulator Controller

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Turtle Beach just announced a new PC and Xbox controller designed to be used with Microsoft Flight Simulator, and it looks incredibly detailed, even if some of its features won’t be very meaningful to VR players.

Researchers have simulated a virtual universe, and you can download it for free

Digital Trends

News simulation space uchuu universeIf you've ever wanted to explore the entire universe from the comfort of your computer, now's your chance.

‘Vacation Simulator’ Launches Today on PSVR

Road to VR

Job Simulator (2016), the popular simulator parody game from Owlchemy Labs, served up a sequel on PC VR headsets back in April—its more laid-back cousin Vacation Simulator (2019). In case you haven’t heard, Vacation Simulator is a bit different from its whimsical, career-minded predecessor. If you’re looking for an in-depth look at Vacation Simulator, check out our (spoiler free) review and find out why we gave it an extremely solid [8.8/10].