Magic Leap Expands to Switzerland with New Optics Center, Reveals More About Seattle Facility

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On Monday, in a bid to facilitate further innovation and spread its physical footprint, Magic Leap revealed a new Center of Excellence in Lausanne, Switzerland, which will expand the company's overall research and development capacity.

Oculus Go to Hit UK & European Retailers This Month, Pre-orders Now Available

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Come June 26th, residents of the UK, France, Germany, Netherlands, and Switzerland will be able to walk into a brick-and-mortar shop and snag one off the shelves. Switzerland – Digitec.

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New York Times App Lets You See a Higgs Particle Reaction from the Large Hadron Collider in Augmented Reality

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On Friday, the Times published "It's Intermission for the Large Hadron Collider," an interactive story that gives readers a virtual tour of the Large Hadron Collider at the European Center for Nuclear Research (CERN) in Switzerland and explores its most famous discovery, the Higgs boson.

TrueVR Reveals 10-Player, Full-Body VR Arcade App Tikal


Locations span from Switzerland to Chile. TrueVR will then bring it to a new VR center launching in Switzerland early on in the month. Location-based VR allows multiple people to jump into the same virtual space. That’s not something that’s really possible at home.

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These 12 Amazing Projects Are the Pinnacle of U.S. Brand.


Brazil, China, Colombia, India, Japan, Norway, Poland, Switzerland and the United Arab Emirates all have one entry on the shortlist.) These 12 Amazing Projects Are the Pinnacle of U.S. Brand Innovation Today See the U.S.

VR Flight Simulator for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive with Aerofly FS 2


F eaturing over 30 of the best-known airports of Switzerland, including Zürich, Grenchen , Samedan and Birrfeld. The DLC features high-resolution aerial images of Switzerland with a resolution of up to 1 meter. The DLC Switzerland content pack is $9.99

PSVR ‘Mega Pack’ Hardware Bundle for Europe to Arrive with 5 Top Games

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Sony maintains that retail pricing may vary from store to store, so we’re sure to find out soon enough as the bundle launches in the UK on December 3rd, and in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland a day later.

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AR Drone Technology That Can Help Save Lives


The San Diego-based start-up partnered with HCL Technologies to host a series of live demonstrations to world leaders at the recent World Economic Forum 2019 in Davos, Switzerland.

Oculus Announces $300 Commercial ‘Go for Business’ Bundle, Pre-orders Now Available

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The company is currently only shipping to the US, Canada, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Iceland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and the UK.

You Can Buy an Oculus Rift + Touch Bundle in Germany for €450

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The sale is only available on the company’s German site , and doesn’t appear on other international branches MediaMarkt including Switzerland, Austria, Netherlands, Belgium, or Italy-based MediaWorld.

Precision OS Secures $2.3M Series A to Further VR Orthopedic Surgical Software

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The funding round was led by Davos, Switzerland-based AO Invest , and includes other undisclosed investors. Precision OS, a Vancouver-based company creating VR surgery simulation software, announced that it has secured $2.3 million in Series A financing.

Witness The Discovery Of The God Particle In AR


NYT app simulates a Higgs particle reaction using AR technology. Since its initial development during the mid 1960’s, the Large Hadron Collider has remained one of the most impressive scientific and technological achievements in human history.

HTC Files Trademark For ‘Vive Cosmos’


According to reports by Dutch website Mobielkopen , Taiwanese consumer electronics company HTC has officially filed protection for the phrase “Vive Cosmos” at the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO), as well as several other agencies in both Switzerland and New Zealand.

Pre-orders for TPCast Wireless VR Add-on Now Available in Europe

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TPCast pre-orders are available in the following countries: Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and UK.

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The AR Drone That Can Help Save Lives

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The San Diego-based start-up partnered with HCL Technologies to host a series of live demonstrations to world leaders at the recent World Economic Forum 2019 in Davos, Switzerland.

A Chocolate Coated VR Experience


In 2015, Nestlé began selling Cailler chocolate beyond Switzerland as part of their movement into the super-premium chocolate market. What’s doper than; Beer, Whisky and VR? Chocolate and VR!

Oculus Go Launches At Canadian And European Retailers


Switzerland: Digitec. Though Canadian and European VR fans have been able to pick up an Oculus Go standalone headset directly from the company since launch last month, more purchasing options have arrived today.

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Microsoft to Expand HoloLens Availability to 29 More European Markets in December

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Microsoft announced at their at Future Decoded conference in London that HoloLens, the company’s augmented reality headset, will be expanding its international availability to include all of the European Union in December.

Virtuix Omni Starts Shipping to US Customers


When I first checked out the Virtuix Omni at CES 2015 , I was intrigued, but my wallet stayed firmly in my pocket. The Virtuix Omni is just not practical for the average gamer or even like myself, a self-confessed gadget freak.

HTC Vive Launches $10 Million VR Fund For Social Good


Unveiled at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, HTC announced the launch of a $10 million VR fund for content and technology that will create positive impact and change.

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Oculus Acquires Computer Vision Company Zurich EyeLate last week.


Oculus Acquires Computer Vision Company Zurich Eye Late last week German site Handeszeitung reported that Oculus parent company Facebook had acquired Zurich Eye, a Switzerland-based group formed of members of the University of Zurich and another university, EMT Zurich.

Foldaway Haptics is Making a Thumbstick for VR Controllers That Pushes Back

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Switzerland-based Foldaway Haptics is building a haptic joystick with force feedback. The impressive device, which can push back against your finger in any direction, could bring rich feedback to VR controllers at reasonable costs.

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World’s Largest Cinema Chain, AMC, Leads $30M Investment to Bring VR to Movie Theaters

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Dreamscape Immersive is creating VR attraction facilities which leverage full body tracking technology provided by Switzerland-based Artanim.

How You Can Explore Nefertari’s Tomb in Hyper-Realistic VR

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To continue documenting heritage sites an digitally preserving them for years to come, Che de Boer recently formed a strategic relationship with Professor Sarah Kenderdine at EPFL , a prestigious research university in Lausanne Switzerland.

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Send HTC Your Idea for a Vive Accessory and Win a Free HTC Vive

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The Vive’s Lighthouse tracking system is an impressive piece of tech, considering it boasts sub-millimeter, 3D room-scale positional tracking for a VR headset and hand controllers using lasers.

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WayRay Launches True AR SDK & Reality Virtually Hackathon Sponsorship


Switzerland-based company WayRay doesn’t see Tony Starks futuristic AR display as just fantasy, however. The Swiss based company announces a partnership alongside Reality Virtually Hackathon with prizes up to $5,000.

I Invest In VR Companies–Here’s How To Get Hired By.


VR’s global hub is Silicon Valley at the moment, but centers of VR development are popping up rapidly in China, Japan, Switzerland, the U.K., I Invest In VR Companies–Here’s How To Get Hired By One It’s impossible to walk 10 feet in Silicon Valley and not run into a VR/AR enthusiast.

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Packaging the Future

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Tech Trends went to Sweden to see how Tetra Pak is moving into Industry 4.0 by using technologies such as Mixed Reality. Tetra Pak is one of the largest companies that most people never heard of.

Oculus & ESL Return For VR League: Season Two


Canada, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and United Kingdom. Five new titles, generous prizes, and a more flexible tournament system could take VR eSports to new heights.

‘Aerofly FS2? Brings Ultra Realistic Flight Simulation to Rift and Vive

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Currently 16 aircraft come as part of the base package with further paid DLC adding additional high resolution terrain packs for Switzerland.

Review: ‘ProjectM: Daydream’

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Her most memorable bits: a skydiving trip to Switzerland and a day at the beach in Spain. ProjectM: Daydream is a VR dating experience from Korean studio EVR Studio.

Here’s How VR is Reshaping the Criminal Justice System


Researchers at the Institute of Forensic Medicine at the University of Zurich, Switzerland used the Oculus Rift to reconstruct crime scenes for jurors to be presented with at trials for the opportunity to walk through crime scenes similar to how lawyers will present photographs and video evidence.

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Oculus Introduces $299 Go for Business Bundle


Currently, the bundle is scheduled to release in the US, Canada, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Iceland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and the UK. Facebook’s affordable standalone VR headset, Oculus Go, is looking to finally make the platform a mainstream hit with consumers. But it appears Go forms a big part of the Oculus for Business strategy, too.

Founded by CERN Engineers, CREAL3D’s Light-field Display is the Real Deal

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Co-founded by former CERN engineers who contributed to the ATLAS project at the Large Hadron Collider, CREAL3D is a Switzerland-based startup that’s created an impressive light-field display that’s unlike anything in an AR or VR headset on the market today.

Parisian Hospital Begins Testing VR As A Pain Relief Alternative


Healthy Mind is testing out both methods at Saint-Joseph and other hospitals in the APHP (Paris’s largest hospital group), and the young company is also in talks with hospitals across France, Switzerland and the U.S.

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HTC Vive Partners With World Economic Forum To Push VR/AR For Impact


As such, six VR experiences are being shown off at the World Economic Forum at the UN’s Sustainable Impact Hub in Switzerland today. HTC Vive is looking to push the positive uses of VR further with a new partnership with the World Economic Forum (WEF).

EON Reality Presents at Nordic VR Forum

EON Reality

At the 2018 edition of the Nordic VR Forum, EON Reality Norway didn’t just attend Hamar’s distinguished virtual reality conference but also presented the “ Jesper on Wheels ” project to an eager crowd. With hundreds of attendees from 10 different nations and even more viewers following along with the event’s livestreams online, the annual event proved successful in every way.

FOVE Launches Pre-Orders For Eye-Tracking VR Headset FOVE 0, Starting at $549

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It’s been a long road for FOVE , the creators of the eye-tracking VR headset that hit Kickstarter last summer, but today the company launches pre-orders for their first commercially available product, the FOVE 0.

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Mindmaze Collaborates With Dacuda For Room Scale VR Initiative


Mindmaze, a spin off from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, has taken a proficiency in VR and neuroscience that makes them one of the top startups in Switzerland and charged forward into consumer healthcare applications.

Microsoft Expands HoloLens To 29 New European Markets


Now, HoloLens is effectively available across the entire European Union, as well as in a handful of non-EU European countries, including Turkey and Switzerland. Microsoft announced its HoloLens mixed reality headset is coming to 29 new markets across Europe. Last year, the company launched HoloLens, serving up a spellbinding digital experience via a headset that combines virtual and physical worlds through a rich set of sensors. The headset first started shipping to developers in the U.S.

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Hands-on: VR Goes Skydiving at iFLY – The Ultimate Haptic Simulation

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They can choose between several different skydiving locations—like Dubai, Hawaii, or Switzerland—where iFly has recorded real skydives specifically for use in the iFly VR experience.

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Sundance New Frontier Announces 2019 Line-Up


Walden / Switzerland (Director and screenwriter: Daniel Zimmermann, Producer: Aline Schmid) — A fir tree in an Austrian forest is felled and processed into wooden slats, which are then transported by train, boat and truck into the Brazilian rainforest.

Report: Oculus Acquires Computer Vision Company Zurich Eye


Late last week German site Handeszeitung reported that Oculus parent company Facebook had acquired Zurich Eye, a Switzerland-based group formed of members of the University of Zurich and another university, EMT Zurich. Oculus is going on a recruitment drive, with over 100 positions available , mainly in its US offices. But the company is making big moves across the globe.