Coca-Cola Creates Virtual Environments and Assets in Ongoing Campaign


The result has been a series of immersive experiences including AR games, virtual concerts, and more. The concerts involved volumetric captures of the recording artist in a virtual environment complete with digital effects and backup dancers.

Distance Underestimation in Virtual Environments

Road to VR

Academic VR researchers have shown that “people typically underestimate egocentric distances in immersive virtual environments,” sometimes up to 20%. This could have huge implications for architectural visualizations, but also for anyone making aesthetic judgments based upon the proportion and scale represented within a virtual environment. The post Distance Underestimation in Virtual Environments appeared first on Road to VR.


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Mimesys Leverages ARKit as a Mobile Viewer into Collaborative Virtual Environments

Road to VR

VR remote collaboration company Mimesys has dreamt up an experiment which envisions mobile AR as a portal into remote virtual environments, allowing for quick spatial collaboration on-the-go, without putting on a VR headset. Mimesys has employed Apple’s ARKit to turn an iPhone or iPad into a mobile viewer that acts as a window into the company’s virtual collaborative environments.

Holotron And The Pursuit Of The Perfect VR Exoskeleton


Despite the considerable advances in immersive technology these past few years, simulating physical locomotion in a virtual environment remains one of the most difficult aspects of developing interactive VR content.

Serpent statue


Explore a virtual environment with EON Spatial Meeting where ever you are with your friends and colleagues. XR Experience with Serpent statue in an airport. The post Serpent statue appeared first on EON Reality. Education2 History

Hands-on with Microsoft Mesh: I handed someone a whale shark, and it was awesome

Digital Trends

Microsoft has unveiled Mesh, a cross-technology platform that lets app developers build persistent virtual environments. Computing News Virtual Reality Wearables Augmented Reality holograms HoloLens 2 HP Microsoft Microsoft Ignite mixed reality

Hands-On with Magic Leap's Undersea, an AR Experience That Delivers on the Promise to Transport You to Another World

Next Reality AR

It's called Undersea, and its goal is to submerge you in a virtual environment that makes it seem as though your surroundings have been suddenly sunken to the bottom of the ocean. The latest immersive production from Magic Leap Studios finally got its debut on Monday at Siggraph, during which the company also released the app to the general public, so we took it for a spin.

Virtuix Omni One is a 360-degree VR treadmill to bring the Holodeck home


A new home virtual reality treadmill could help turn your living room into a Holodeck, with the Virtuix Omni One offering a consumer version of the infinite-walk tech. Omni Pro made waves for its ability to unlock virtual environments for limitless exploration – regardless of the size of the room you’re in – thanks to its omni-directional treadmill system. Archive virtual reality VR

‘Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time’ Now Fully Playable In VR


In order to move, BrianMp16 uses an omnidirectional treadmill to physically shuffle throughout his virtual environment. A new mod brings the classic Nintendo 64 action-adventure game to PC VR headsets for the first time.

How VR/AR Technology Is Being Used To Treat Autism


This includes one-on-one meet-ups with XRHealth therapists as well as virtual group sessions, all of which accessible remotely using modern VR headsets. These virtual sessions tackle everything from physical occupational therapy to behavioral health.

Hands-On: Hands-On with Magic Leap's Undersea, an AR Experience That Transports You to Another World

Next Reality AR

It's called Undersea, and its goal is to submerge you in a virtual environment that makes it seem as though your surroundings have been suddenly sunken to the bottom of the ocean. The latest immersive production from Magic Leap Studios finally got its debut on Monday at Siggraph, during which the company also released the app to the general public, so we took it for a spin.

Taking Action Against Serious Crimes In The Metaverse


We’ve already seen several reports of women coming forward to report that they were virtually groped while visiting a VR social platform. It’s possible to feel threatened by other people in a virtual experience.

NASA Needs Your Help Building A VR Mars Simulator


Built using Epic Games’ Unreal Engine 5, the Mars XR Operations Support System is a virtual environment developed by NASA in collaboration with Buendea that simulates life on the planet Mars. Earn money helping NASA build a next-gen simulator for researchers and astronauts.

WalkinVR Looks To Make PC VR More Accessible To Disabled Users


He studied how each player interacted with their virtual environment in order to identify where their respective conditions came into play the most. Disabled users can play SteamVR games using a new tool that offers four types of assistance.

Enhancing Immersive Experiences With Spatial Audio


After all, it is nearly impossible to recreate real environments into digital formats without satisfying one of the primary senses—the sense of hearing. The sounds we hear are crucial to the multisensory environment needed for compelling immersive worlds.

Grandpa Creates Hologram Twin For Future Grandkids Using VR


While explaining his creation of the Carpet Bag handbag in the 1960s, for example, we see some of the original promotional material for the item displayed throughout his virtual environment. Not even death will stop this tech-savvy grandfather from meeting his great-grandchildren.

This Technology Can Turn The Real-World Into Living Art


Researchers can take an image and use it as a reference point to create a virtual world, object, or person. This process allows the team to not only create virtual objects quickly but utilize their real-world environment as part of the virtual world with 3D object detection. .

Train Safely on the Virtual Lathe Machine


EON XR is now revolutionising technical training, allowing students to train safely on the lathe machine directly from their phones in a virtual environment. Click here to learn how you can train safely on the lathe machine in a virtual environment on EON XR. .

Report: Apple Recruits Hollywood Directors For VR/AR Headset


Back in 2019, we talked about how the star director used VR technology to create and preview virtual environments for his 2019 remake of The Lion King. Director Jon Favreau and his team immersed within their virtual set.

Apple 373

How To Attend Zoom, Skype, Hangouts Meetings In VR With SPACES


Whereas some apps, such as Immersed , Glue , and Spatial , offer those with VR headsets the chance to coordinate within virtual co-working environments, SPACES allows VR users to connect with those out-of-headset using a handful of popular video messaging apps.

How To 391

‘Bigscreen VR’ Green Screen Room Is Perfect For VR Podcasts, Zoom Meetings


Spice up your live stream with this customizable virtual environment. Add a VR avatar to your next Twitch stream, direct a short film, record your own virtual talk show; it’s your virtual studio, do whatever you’d like.

Master of Shapes Combines VR Racing With Real Go Karts


Virtual environments. Last month we had the opportunity to check out Master of Shapes’ VR go-kart experience, a bold new location-based venture that blends virtual reality racetracks with real-world racing. Developed in partnership with Intel , K1 Speed , and Black Trax , the one-of-a-kind experience allows participants to race against the clock as they navigate a virtual environment mapped to a real-world track. Real-world racing.

Hoame Wants To Be The Future Of VR Meditation On Quest


Apps such as Guided Meditation VR , TRIPP , and Supernatural offer users a way to escape the chaos of the real world by immersing them in soothing virtual environments where they can participate in guided meditations designed to combat anxiety and depression.

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Ride Your Real Bike In The Virtual World With The Blync VR Controller


Pedal your way through a variety of virtual terrain or create your own. According to the official Kickstarter page, the platform will feature numerous virtual environments, games and stunts, multiplayer functionality, and the ability to design custom terrain.

This is the Ray Tracing We've Been Waiting For

GizModo VR

Today, Nvidia showed us the true promise and vision of ray tracing —making virtual environments look as real as possible based on how light is cast and reflected off surfaces and objects.

Samsung's Galaxy S22 Could Get a Graphics Boost From a New AMD-Fueled Chip

GizModo VR

More specifically, the chip uses AMD’s RDNA 2 architecture which enables variable-rate shading and hardware-accelerated ray tracing , a technique used to make lighting effects in virtual environments appear more realistic.

5 VR Games Perfect For Beginner Players


The app features a number of different colors and brush strokes to employ, allowing you to craft everything from stylish self-portraits to complex virtual environments you can actually explore. You can’t go wrong with the following games and apps!

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Virtual Reality and Team Building: An Outlook


These days, most folks have experienced virtual reality in some shape or form: it could be a Google cardboard, VR kiosk at a local mall, or an at-home VR headset from HTC or Oculus. VR headsets create interactive environments that anyone can have access to. Sponsored content.

Webex Meetings Gains Metaverse Tools

XR Today - Virtual Reality

Vection is introducing “3D Frame” to the Webex application by Cisco, a service for conducting business meetings in an immersive virtual reality (VR) environment. Virtual Reality Collaboration Immersive Experience Metaverse

Tools 109

Pimax Unveils VR 3.0 Standalone/PC VR Headset


I love the idea of “Naturalist”, constantly getting fooled into thinking that you’re really there, inside the virtual environment.”.

What is the Metaverse


XR refers to Augmented Reality (AR), Mixed Reality (MR) and Virtual Reality (VR). A metaverse is a persistent online virtual environment that incorporates a broad range of Internet functions. It is a ‘mix’ of Virtual and Augmented Reality technologies.

HaptX Secures $1.5M Grant to Build Full-body Haptics for VR & Telepresence Robots

Road to VR

ForceBot will advance knowledge at the convergence of virtual reality, robotic control, sensory feedback, ergonomics, and human factor fields,” said Dr. Alexander Leonessa, Principal Investigator, Virginia Tech. “We’re

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US Air Force Experiments With VR Suicide Prevention Training


Airmen and their spouses are taught how to comfort distressed individuals in a virtual environment.

These Futuristic ‘Moon Boots’ Let You Walk Forever In VR


The wearer is allowed to take several steps forward before the boots are activated so they can better acclimate to their virtual environment. “As They are immersed in the environment to the point that they are uncertain they are still within the room that they started.”.

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Disney’s Upcoming Lion King Remake Pushes The Boundaries Of VR Filmmaking


Director Jon Favreau ditches physical sets in favor of 360-degree virtual environments. However, whereas his The Jungle Book remake featured a live human throughout most of the film, the upcoming Lion King remake is 100% CGI, a move that has allowed the ambitious filmmaker to abandon the complex and uncontrollable difficulties presented by physical sets in favor of 360-degree virtual environments he and his team can immerse themselves in via VR headsets.

Feel the Heat! Construct A Water Heater in AR/VR


Created by the University for Business and Technology in Kosovo, the lesson provides an overview of the key components of a virtual heater. In this hands on lesson, students can also learn how to put together a water heater in a virtual environment.

Researchers Simulate Walking In VR Using Foot Vibrations


New technology, however—such as Cybershoes and omnidirectional treadmills like the Virtuix Omni One —are taking VR locomotion to the next level by allowing players to physically move throughout their VR environments while remaining stationary.