Distance Underestimation in Virtual Environments

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Academic VR researchers have shown that “people typically underestimate egocentric distances in immersive virtual environments,” sometimes up to 20%. The post Distance Underestimation in Virtual Environments appeared first on Road to VR.

Mimesys Leverages ARKit as a Mobile Viewer into Collaborative Virtual Environments

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VR remote collaboration company Mimesys has dreamt up an experiment which envisions mobile AR as a portal into remote virtual environments, allowing for quick spatial collaboration on-the-go, without putting on a VR headset.

Master of Shapes Combines VR Racing With Real Go Karts


Virtual environments. Last month we had the opportunity to check out Master of Shapes’ VR go-kart experience, a bold new location-based venture that blends virtual reality racetracks with real-world racing. Real-world racing.

Studying Social Presence in VR

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New research by the University of British Columbia highlights both similarities and differences in the way people interact in virtual environments and the real world. Subjects yawned at the same rate, even while being watched by a virtual human avatar or a virtual webcam.

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Training AI & Robots in VR with NVIDIA’s Project Holodeck

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At SIGGRAPH 2017, NVIDIA was showing off their Isaac Robot that had been trained to play dominos within a virtual world environment of NVIDIA’s Project Holodeck.

Manus VR Launches VR Training Development Studio


With our experience in virtual reality we feel like we can make a difference. By combining our own hardware with high detail virtual environments and top notch interactions, we can bring VR training to the next level.”. Virtual reality is here to stay.

Canetrollers Could Change VR for Visually Impaired


Whole experiences are built around immersing the eyes in headsets to explore virtual environments. The Canetroller will then vibrate when it hits a virtual object and can also detect changes in environment texture.

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Report: Kids and VR

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As more children start using virtual reality, it will be critical for parents and teachers to understand the effect it can have. This is what a new report Virtual Reality 101: What You Need to Know About Kids and VR is hoping to contribute towards.

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Queen’s University Announces Dedicated VR Medical Training Center


Using HTC VIVE headsets and software created by SimforHealth, medical students will be able to engage in emergency situations, conduct consultations with virtual patients, as well as familiarize themselves with various medical operations.

Virtual Reality music sandbox SoundStage hits Steam Early Access on 7/7

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SoundStage attempts to capture the feel of those epic music machines then take it to the next level with tools only possible in a virtual environment. Available 7/7 on Steam Early Access: [link] SoundStage is a virtual reality music sandbox built specifically for room-scale VR.

Virtually Celebrate New Year’s Eve in Every Timezone with the ‘VRChat’ Community

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VRChat , a social VR experience supporting major PC VR headsets via Steam , is celebrating New Year’s Eve virtually in every timezone, every hour, on the hour. You can use this link to join the virtual location , with the app installed.

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FundamentalVR Partners With HaptX On VR Surgeon Education


Referred to as a ‘flight simulator’ for both trainees and professional surgeons, the Fundamental Surgery platform immerses users in a hyper-realistic medical environment in which they experience the exact same visuals, audio, and emotions they would during an actual surgery.

NVIDIA Turing Propels VR Toward Full Immersion

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These processors are dedicated to accelerating the computation of where rays of light intersect objects in the environment, enabling — for the first time — real-time ray tracing in games and applications. AI for More Realistic VR Environments.

AltspaceVR zeros in on social virtual reality

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The social virtual reality platform AltspaceVR is doubling down on the social aspect, with interface changes designed to make it easier for people to get together. Previously, AltspaceVR — like many virtual environments —... News VR & AR AltspaceVR

Target Eating Disorders with NeuroVR


This treatment enhances traditional cognitive behavioral therapy with the use of a virtual environment using the cost-free NeuroVR platform. Hardware Virtual Reality Virtual Reality News VR News

Google Is Exploring VR Shoes With Tiny Motorized Wheels


The approach is an extension of earlier ideas of “infinite redirected walking”, which used purely visual distortions in scale of the virtual environment to try and achieve the same effect through tricking the user’s eyes. The issue with those approaches however is that they still required a very large playspace of around 20×20 feet to be effective, and may only be effective in indoor virtual environments.

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Sony Working on Minority Report Style VR Glove


In the film Tom Cruise’s character John Anderton wears a glove to interact with a massive augmented reality environment. Playstation VR Virtual Reality Virtual Reality NewsMany people would love to be Tom Cruise.

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Making Noise in VR

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New BBC Virtual Reality experience invites you to find your voice and make a difference by walking a mile in the shoes of the suffragettes. This day and age, one could be forgiven for being somewhat disillusioned with democracy, but still, come election time, I always vote Click To Tweet.

Kosmos Looks To Establish K-12 School That Exists Entirely In VR


Students taking classes with Kosmos School can design and launch rockets in VR as a way to study physics and chemistry, but the school hopes that students will soon be able to study all of their coursework in a virtual environment. Relax, it’s just rocket science.

Oculus Patents VR Movement System with Phone-Based HMD


Today, Oculus was granted a patent for a new method of moving around in a virtual environment that is more “natural and intuitive” to the user than teleporting – which has been an industry standard until now.

Disney’s PoseVR Tool Lets Animators Create In VR


Referred to as PoseVR, the unique application lets you animate characters in a VR environment similar to how a stop-motion animator would manipulate a physical puppet, frame-by-frame, to create the scene — only now you are working with a poseable rig inside of VR.

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Why is Gyroscope Important for Virtual Reality?


What are its implications for virtual reality? The amalgamation of the gyroscope, the accelerator, and the magnetometer have further enriched the viewing experiences from within a virtual environment. The freedom of movement that can be achieved in 3D space is important for virtual reality, enabling greater ease in tracking the movement of users and levels of interactivity within the environment. The post Why is Gyroscope Important for Virtual Reality?

WarDucks announces Christmas launch of RollerCoaster Legends for PSVR, Oculus Rift, and HTC Vive

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WarDucks, the Irish based Virtual Reality studio have announced the launch of their next title, RollerCoaster Legends. Many of the rollercoasters available are not focused on your virtual environment and are simply a badly built replica of what is available in real life.

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CES 2019: Audi Dreams Of VR In The Backseat Of Every Car


As players progress through the experience, gunning down enemy aircraft on the hunt for Thanos’ personal ship, their virtual environment will change and react to the real-world motions of the car. Holoride technology turns your everyday commute into a location-based VR theme park.

NVIDIA Shows How Physically-based Audio Can Greatly Enhance VR Immersion

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Getting that directional audio to interact in realistic ways with the virtual environment itself is the next challenge, and getting it right came make VR spaces feel far more real.

Auto VR Sound Generation via Physics Simulations and Machine Learning

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Rather than recording or generating sounds that are then simulated within a virtual environment, Dr. Ming and her students are pioneering methods for “coupling sound synthesis with sound propagation to automatically generate realistic aural content for virtual environments.”

Jump Into Tilt Brush With Vreal And Revisit Creations Together


Vreal’s recorder maps player movements onto an animal avatar while also capturing the entire changing virtual environment. Vreal records the entire virtual environment in a linear way with voices and body movements mapped onto avatars.

New mobile VR headset to have built-in positional tracking

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Dacuda, a 3D scanning and room-scale virtual reality company is partnering with brain technology company MindMaze on a new headset that will offer positional tracing and improve social interactions in virtual environments.

A VR-based Approach to ADHD


By creating specially designed virtual environments for the detection, assessment and treatment of this disorder, Virtual Reality can serve both as a diagnostic tool and an effective therapeutic strategy in the rehabilitation of children with ADHD. Virtual Reality Technology.

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Zero Latency Partners With Microsoft And HP On New Platform


Zero Latency arenas offer large-scale free-roam multiplayer virtual environments available in 13 countries. Microsoft is excited by the transformational experiences virtual reality enables and by how Zero Latency is expanding VR’s footprint using location-based entertainment,” said Yancey Smith, Senior Director of Mixed Reality Commercial Solutions at Microsoft, in a prepared statement. “We

Moving Virtual Objects Like a Jedi

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In fact, I’m a bit surprised it took this long, but researchers at Virginia Tech have put their brains to good use and come up with a way for ordinary mortals to replicate the telekinetic powers of a Jedi in Virtual Reality. . These are definitely the VR powers you’re looking for….

GDC 2019: Dead and Buried 2 Coming To Oculus Quest And Rift S


Crucially, though, the sequel allows full freedom of movement through virtual environments. Oculus’ showcase VR shooter, Dead and Buried, is getting a sequel. Dead and Buried 2 is coming soon. The game was announced at the 2019 Game Developers Conference (GDC) this week. As with the first, it’s a western-themed multiplayer first-person shooter (FPS). Players brawl through saloons and streets in pursuit of becoming the fastest gun in VR.

‘Ralph Breaks VR’ Hyper-Reality Experience Is An All-Out Assault On Your Senses


The developers claim this first objective exists to assist users in acclimating to their new virtual environment by allowing them to perform a series of simple interactions using their own two hands.

Google’s VR Labs Provide STEM Students With Hands-On Experience


STEM students engaged in scientific disciplines, such as biochemistry and neuroscience, are often required by their respective degrees to spend a certain amount of time engaged in an official laboratory environment.

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Engage VR targets educators, businesses with free platform and content creation

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Engage, a free multi-user virtual reality social platform that allows educators to create and share virtual environments and take students on virtual field trips is now available in preview edition and will launch early next... News VR & AR Engage VR HTC Vive

Sony to Show Procedural Animation System at GDC, Making NPCs More Believable in VR

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Magic Lab, a division within Sony dedicated to researching future advancements in the field of entertainment, has understandably been somewhat pre-occupied with the conundrums surrounding virtual reality.

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Tribe XR Launches Their First Live DJ Classes In VR


Just log into the system, enter your information, choose an empty time slot, and before you know it you’ll find yourself in the virtual booth with a highly trained mentor ready to give you personalized instruction in real-time.

This VR Exhibit Lets the Visually Impaired Touch Art


Experience art by touch them in virtual reality. Gloveone is a haptic feedback glove that uses 10 strategically placed sensors within the wearable that vibrates at different frequencies to create the sensation of touch in a virtual environment.

‘Bigscreen’ Teams with Paramount Pictures on VR Cinema, Free Screenings of ‘Top Gun’ in 3D

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Social VR app Bigscreen is teaming up with Paramount Pictures to debut a new virtual cinema inside of Bigscreen. Bigscreen is a social VR app which lets users connect with friends in a virtual environment where everyone can use and share what’s on their own computer screen.

Voice-Activated BBC VR Experience Puts You In The Shoes Of A Suffragette


They’ll need to find their voice and use it to name the women that have inspired them, and to call out the objects that have oppressed women for centuries – changing the virtual environment around them as they do so,” she says.

Scientists Use Yawning To Study Social Presence In VR


To instigate contagious yawning in a VR environment, the team from UBC, along with Andrew Gallup from State University of New York Polytechnic Institute, had test subjects wear a VR headset and exposed them to videos of people yawning.

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You Can Now Demo Oculus Touch At Best Buy


The hand-held devices help bring your real hands into virtual environments by allowing you to make gestures and finger movements, providing you with an even greater sense of immersion. Best Buy is rolling out Touch controller demos in-store.

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MWC 2019: HTC CEO Cher Wang To Talk ‘Realizing Vive Reality’ At Keynote


The service will provide direct access to Viveport but also let users meet up with friends in virtual environments and launch core apps like Mozilla’s VR browser.

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