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What’s AR’s Role in Architecture & Engineering?

AR Insider

How can AR add value to large-scale architectural, engineering, and construction projects? We answer this question in our latest case study, featuring Nox Innovations' AR deployment. This post appeared first on AR Insider.

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VR Architecture & Design App Arkio Available Free On Quest


The post VR Architecture & Design App Arkio Available Free On Quest appeared first on VRScout. However, the company offers a subscription model for different features and is also available on other platforms such as Steam, Windows, and Mac, as well as iOS and Android mobile devices. Image Credit: Arkio.


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Reality Labs Chief Scientist Outlines a New Compute Architecture for True AR Glasses

Road to VR

Speaking at the IEDM conference late last year, Meta Reality Labs’ Chief Scientist Michael Abrash laid out the company’s analysis of how contemporary compute architectures will need to evolve to make possible the AR glasses of our sci-fi conceptualizations. Follow the Power. Compute Where You Least Expect It.

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NVIDIA Blackwell Architecture and B200/B100 Accelerators Announced: Going Bigger With Smaller Data

Anand Tech

So while NVIDIA’s ridiculously popular H100/H200/GH200 series of accelerators are already the hottest ticket in Silicon Valley, it’s already time to talk about the next generation accelerator architecture to feed NVIDIA’s AI ambitions: Blackwell.

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What’s AR’s Role in Architecture & Engineering?


But another field that’s aligned with AR’s spatial positioning and planning capabilities is architecture and engineering. By visualizing BIM models in their real-world locations, AR can assist architectural work in earlier phases; and construction in later phases. What’s AR’s Role in Architecture & Engineering?

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How Immersive Tech Continues to Find a Home in Architecture and Real Estate


Virtual reality has radically changed almost every creative field, and architecture is no exception. Since its inception in the industry a couple of years ago, immersive tech quickly found an appropriate home in real estate and architecture, and proved itself to be one of the most valuable tools to communicate a property design.

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Decentraland to Host Metaverse Architecture Biennale

XR Today - Mixed Reality tag

Decentraland and W3rlds are set to host the world’s inaugural Metaverse Architecture Biennale (MAB) 2023. Some of the world’s top architectural creators and firms will gather for the virtual event, highlighting the Metaverse as a prolific tool for digitally transforming businesses. Explore space, perception, and innovation.