Japanese Instrument Manufacturer Korg Teases VR Music-Making App


A short video shows VR music production on the Oculus Quest 2.

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Behind the scenes of the VR concert Welcome To The Other Side

The Ghost Howls

This New Year’s Eve, together with the team of VRrOOm, I worked on the virtual reality concert Welcome To The Other Side , starring the electronic music legend Jean-Michel Jarre playing inside a virtual Notre-Dame Cathedral. The concert was a huge success (with more than 75M total views!),

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VR Fencing Trainer Combines a Real Sword with Virtual Instruction

Road to VR

Easily joining my list of ‘things I didn’t foresee VR being used for’, Fencer is a virtual reality fencing trainer which uses a real fencing sword attached to an Oculus Quest controller to help would-be fencers learn the underlying strategies and movements.

Magic Leap CEO Teases Secret New AR Virtual Meetings App Called 'C3' Being Used Internally

Next Reality AR

The past year has revealed a gaping hole of opportunity in the world of business called virtual meetings.

Data Dive: How is AR Boosting eCommerce?

AR Insider

O ne of AR’s bright spots is its ability to boost sales by demonstrating products with greater dimension. Product attributes can be exposed more effectively through 3D and AR interfaces than traditional 2D images in e-commerce. That engenders a more informed buyer.

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Apple VR headset – Ongoing developments and things to know


Apple has been chasing after augmented reality and virtual reality for almost a decade now, hoping to come up with a commercially feasible product that changes the way we interact with our devices and the world around us in more ways than one.

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CES: The Online Experience

Tech Trends VR

Trend Forecasting with CTE at a Socially Distanced CES. By Laura Kobylecky. CES is a yearly technology trade show and conference, owned and operated by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA).

AMD Oculus Link Update Should Fix Long-Standing Crashes

Upload VR

A new AMD software update should finally fix some long-standing issues with Oculus Link. A recent Radeon Software Adrenalin update claims to fix “intermittent crashes on Polaris and Vega series graphics products.” ” AMD Oculus Link Update Released.

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Lenovo announces lightweight ThinkReality A3 smart glasses at CES 2021

Hypergrid Business

(Image courtesy Lenovo.). Electronics giant Lenovo introduced a new set of augmented reality glasses this morning at the Consumer Electronics Show , held virtually this year.

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New Intel CEO Making Waves: Rehiring Retired CPU Architects

Anand Tech

We’re following the state of play with Intel’s new CEO, Pat Gelsinger, very closely.


Atari Bets On Blockchain & NFT Gaming With ZED RUN’s AR Horses


Atari lends its IP to ZED RUN’s digital horses, the up-and-coming Tamagothchi of AR. What if you could combine virtual worlds, blockchain, and digital ownership to create a Tamagotchi 10.0?

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My predictions for virtual reality in 2021

The Ghost Howls

Let’s be honest: no one made correct predictions for 2020. The global pandemic has changed the rules for everything, and the situation is so confusing and so rapidly evolving that any prediction for 2021 is completely unreliable, too.

‘Rec Room’ Now Has Over 1 Million Monthly Active VR Users

Road to VR

It was only a month ago when social VR platform Rec Room reported it crossed the two million annual VR user mark , an important milestone worth celebrating along the app’s five-year journey.

AR Snapshots: Anime Makeovers, Mandalorian Helmets, Twerking Muppets, & More on Snapchat

Next Reality AR

In the three years since Snapchat launched Lens Studio, developers and artists have created more than 1.5 million AR camera effects with the desktop tool.

Case Study: Panera Drives ‘Craveability’ with AR

AR Insider

A R continues to evolve and take shape as an industry. Prominent sectors include industrial AR , social , gaming , and shopping. But existing alongside them is AR advertising. This includes paid/sponsored AR lenses that let consumers visualize products on “spaces & faces.”.

Apple said to be creating beastly VR headset in its quest for AR dominance


Throughout the years, we’ve heard a lot of rumors about Apple’s VR and AR ambitions, but today, a new report is revealing a ton of new information.

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Explore Belgrade’s Street Art and Graffiti Exhibition in Virtual Reality


The Take III: Loving Street Art Belgrade exhibition brings street art and graffiti to life in a virtual reality experience. No matter where you are in the world, you can watch the exhibit using VR equipment.

What’s Next After Zoom?

Charlie Fink

Remote Collaboration Grows As Pandemic Persists. Consumer Tech /consumer-tech Innovation /innovation Consumer Tech /consumer-tech Business /business technology

Beat Saber 90Hz Support Hits Quest 2 In New Update

Upload VR

The long-awaited Beat Saber 90Hz patch for Oculus Quest 2 is here, and there are other updates too. Beat Games today revealed the latest update for its VR smash hit.

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Startups at CES showed how tech can help elderly people and their caregivers


The COVID-19 pandemic shined a harsh spotlight on the challenges many elderly people face. Older adults are among the highest-risk groups for developing cases that need hospitalization and nursing homes were especially vulnerable to outbreaks.

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Qualcomm to Acquire NUVIA: A CPU Magnitude Shift

Anand Tech

Today Qualcomm has announced they will be acquiring NUVIA for $1.4bn – acquiring the start-up company consisting of industry veterans which originally were behind the creation of Apple’s high-performance CPU cores.

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SenseGlove Nova VR Haptic Gloves Are Straight Out Of ‘Ready Player One’


CES 2021 continues to deliver with the reveal of SenseGlove’s motion tracking haptic gloves.

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How I got started with virtual reality (and you can, too)

The Ghost Howls

If I had to choose the most common question I’ve received in these 4 years on the blog, social media, and Quora, I would surely pick “How do I get started with virtual reality?”

The Future is Now: Live Breakdance Battles in VR Are Connecting People Across the Globe

Road to VR

If you aren’t paying close attention to VR, you’d have no idea that some insanely futuristic stuff is already happening today. Case in point: VRChat is host to a growing community of people strapping on motion-trackers to have live dance battles in virtual reality.

Samsung Beats Apple to the Punch with SmartTags+ & AR Finder

Next Reality AR

Over the past two product cycles, Apple has been rumored to be preparing to reveal its Apple AirTags tracking devices that can help iPhone owners find their possessions with augmented reality. Now, it's 2021, and AppleTags are nowhere to be found.

Unsung Augmentation: 3 AR Formats You May Not Know About

AR Insider

3 AR Systems that Only Hardcore AR Fans Know About. by Dr. Sirilsilp Kongsilp. A R is becoming part of everyday life, especially during COVID-19-inflicted lockdowns. Mobile AR is one of the most commonly recognized AR systems and many consumer brands are already applying the technology.

Oculus Quest 2 secondary accounts, app sharing have lots of caveats


Oculus fans’ fears finally came true when Facebook announced that the Oculus Quest 2 would require a Facebook account to even use. That hard requirement had very significant and mostly negative implications and it seems that those will continue despite the mounting criticism and backlash.

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Glossary of the Most Popular AR Terms


As augmented reality plays an increasingly bigger part in our lives, we have to become familiar with its specific language. AR terms are no longer restricted to specialized publications. You will find them in consumer electronics magazines, on game forums, and in specifications for AR glasses.

2021 Immersive Tech Trends

Tech Trends VR

How Immersive Technologies are helping us reimagine personal interactions in a post-COVID world. . At the start of 2020 (remember those giddy, carefree times before the pandemic struck?)

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Bigscreen Now Has Free Moves (With Ads), YouTube Coming Soon

Upload VR

The latest addition to Bigscreen’s burgeoning roster of video content to share in VR? Free movies. Today the social hub is launching a new series of movies that can be enjoyed with friends on the app’s virtual screens.

Now that my career is over…

Robert Scoble

Reading “The Scarlet Letter: A Romance,” back in high school in the early 1980s I never imagined I’d have to wear a letter of shame on my chest while moving around Silicon Valley (don’t understand? Just Google my name and you’ll see my “Letter A.”). ”).

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