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‘Project LUX’ Creators Announce New VR Visual Novel ‘Spice & Wolf VR’

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SpicyTails , the studio behind the popular VR visual novel experience Project LUX (2018) , today announced a new project dubbed Spice & Wolf VR. As first reported by Japanese VR publication MoguraVR , the project is based on the manga and anime series Spice and Wolf.

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Magic Leap One Passes Through FCC Certification, Setting the Stage for Imminent Release

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The rite of passage for every tech product, formally known as Federal Communications Commission (FCC) certification, has come for the Magic Leap One: Creator Edition.

Magic Leap Reveals Developer Demo, Confirms NVIDIA TX2 Hardware

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Today during Magic Leap’s developer livestream the company offered the first details on the compute hardware that’s built into the device, confirming that an NVIDIA CPU/GPU module, and also showed a brief developer sample demonstrating world meshing and gesture input.

Experiencing Art With Augmented Reality

Tech Trends VR

Artists and galleries are embracing immersive technology to create an emotional connection to their audiences.

Virtual Boy Emulator Brings The Cursed System To Oculus Rift


Nintendo’s awkward attempt at 90’s VR returns, minus the headaches and back pain. Discontinued less than a year after its initial release, 1995’s Nintendo Virtual Boy is a textbook example of how not to handle VR.

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VR Minecraft – But Not As You Know It

Tech Trends VR

From animal anatomy to digital twinning and mining simulations, this Canadian company is bringing game development know-how to immersive experiences.

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Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan Hyper-Reality Experience Heading To San Diego Comic-Con


Step into the shoes of a deadly black-ops spy in this 30-foot tall location-based VR experience. With San Diego Comic-Con International just around the corner, excitement surrounding this years crop of multi-genre entertainment and comic exhibits have once again begun to mount.


Cats and VR

ARVORE, the immersive storytelling VR/AR company today announced the final launch date and 20% pre-order discount for the long-awaited virtual reality game Pixel Ripped 1989. The game, which will be available on PlayStation VR, Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, will arrive for download on July 31st, 2018.

Shopify Rings Up AR Shopping for the Web via AR Quick Look on ARKit 2.0

Next Reality AR

Online shopping giant Shopify literally cannot wait for ARKit 2.0 to arrive via iOS 12 this fall to implement its latest augmented reality feature. This week, the company began giving users the opportunity to test out Apple's AR Quick Look tool, which displays 3D content in augmented reality.

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Magic Leap Headset Hits FCC Ahead of Confirmed Summer Launch

Road to VR

Magic Leap is soon to launch its first AR headset, the Magic Leap One. We don’t know exactly when or how much, but following the company’s confirmation that the headset is due to launch this Summer, the product has hit the FCC for certification.

Watch Amazon’s VR Kiosks Transform The Future Of Shopping


Amazon announced that it has opened virtual reality kiosks in 10 shopping malls to promote its Prime Day shopping event. Now you can see the Amazon VR experience for yourself.

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Brie Larson Narrates Latest ‘Space Explorers’ VR Series


Episode two now available on the Oculus Store. Before Academy Award winning actress Brie Larson blasts off in Marvel’s upcoming Captain Marvel feature film, she’ll take us on a VR journey into how us Earthlings are exploring and colonizing space.

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From the publisher of PSVR launch title Ace Banana comes another cute niche game, Animal Force.

Cats and VR

Oasis Games Ltd, a leading global game publisher, today announced the launch of Animal Force , a tower defense VR adventure that brings the furred and feathered friends together for a “party” against extraterrestrials.

Facebook Brings Augmented Reality Ads to Its News Feed

Next Reality AR

Facebook is preparing to make augmented reality experiences for brands more visible in its mobile app with Tuesday's introduction of augmented reality ads in its News Feed.

Seeking Dawn Review: Tedious Design Overshadows Gorgeous Setting


Seeking Dawn is, without a doubt, one of the most visually impressive VR games I’ve ever played. Each and every environment is bursting with not only color, but also imaginative alien life that moves with grace and subtly.

VR Experiments in Space are Exploring Gravity’s Affect on Hand-Eye Coordination


Orbiting 248 miles above the Earth in the International Space Station (ISS), Astronaut Alexander Gerst is using VR to participate in a scientific study examining how the brain draws information from sources like light, sound, and especially gravity to assist hand-eye coordination.

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My first taste of Virtual Reality in China

The Ghost Howls

Hello everyone from Qingdao, China! This is my first article written from China and I have to say that I’m very very excited. Here everything is so different from my own country and I’m doing a lot of new experiences. I love being here.

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Snapchat Preparing to Upgrade Camera with Visual Search for Amazon, Report Says

Next Reality AR

A peek inside the code of the Snapchat app has revealed that the company is expanding the search capabilities of its augmented reality camera to include visual search that may link to items within Amazon's massive online store.

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‘Seeking Dawn’ to See “huge” Content Update Closer to Launch on PSVR

Road to VR

Multiverse Entertainment, the studio behind VR sci-fi shooter Seeking Dawn (2018) , recently announced their 10+ hour title is due for a “huge content” update, which is said to arrive sometime before the game makes its way to PSVR.

Tiny Tank Is An Action-Packed 360 Video From SoKrispyMedia


There’s still a lot to figure out about 360 video, which means filmmakers tend to stick to slower-paced experiences. Tiny Tank is no such experience.

Facebook Begins Testing AR Ads In The News Feed


Facebook wants to prepare you for the upcoming holiday shopping by introducing AR advertisements into your news feed. Facebook is rolling out a brand-new feature that will let you to try on new clothes, check out a new accessories, or place furniture in your home, all through the power of AR.

How to remove safety boundaries on Lenovo Mirage Solo and Vive Focus

The Ghost Howls

6 DOF Virtual reality standalone headsets are cool, but of course introduce some safety problems : how can you be sure that moving you aren’t going to stumble on a wall, on a cat or on your girlfriend?

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Magic Leap Shows Off New Software Demo, Teases Release This Summer

Next Reality AR

After weeks of teasing what many hoped might be a live, on-device demo of Magic Leap software to go along with the hardware glimpse we got last month, it turns out that all we got was a bit of new demonstration video footage.

‘Sword Art Online’ Producer Takes Lead in New VR Manga Game ‘TOKYO CHRONOS’, Kickstarter Launches Today

Road to VR

Japanese VR studio MyDearest and Los Angeles-based Sekai Project are launching a Kickstarter campaign today to fund the development of a new VR manga game. Dubbed TOKYO CHRONOS , the VR visual novel game is targeting HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and PSVR.

Watch Steven Spielberg Use An HTC Vive To Direct Ready Player One


Behind-the-scenes footage of this year’s Ready Player One shows director Steven Spielberg using an HTC Vive to bring the film to life.

Hotel Transylvania 3 Receives Augmented Playground Experience


Biba partners with Sony Picture Animation to bring Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation to smart playgrounds across the US.

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HTC demonstrates multi-room VR with Vive Pro and SteamVR 2.0


The current big challenge for virtual reality technology is to work in large rooms. The next dream for the future, however, is likely to be multi-room experiences, where users can wander between rooms or other connected spaces without issue.

Apple AR: Room Racer Revs Its Augmented Reality Engines on iPhones

Next Reality AR

The old school staple of many US homes with children, the remote control race track, has been given new life in augmented reality thanks to the Room Racer app for iPhones and iPads. Using ARKit, the app places a miniature race track on a floor or tabletop.

Samsung “Anti SDE” Trademark Suggests New VR Display Tech Coming to Market

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Samsung filed an interesting trademark with the European Union Intellectual Property Office recently which suggests the company is working on a new AMOLED display for VR that specifically addresses the screen door effect (SDE).

Blood And Truth Aim Controller Support Not Happening ‘At The Moment’


One of PSVR’s most promising upcoming games may not get support for the headset’s excellent Aim controller, but hope is not lost. VentureBeat recently spoke to Sony London’s Director of VR Product Development, Stuart Whyte, about the studio’s newest game, Blood And Truth. The PSVR exclusive is a first-person shooter (FPS) set in London’s gritty streets in which you take on gangsters.

Leap Motion Looks To Combine AR & VR With ‘Mirrorworlds’


Leap Motion dreams big with an ambitious new project that could open ‘alternative dimensions of reality, layered over the physical world.’.



Virtual reality. Augmented reality. Mixed, hyper, modulated, mediated, diminished reality. All of these flavours are really just entry points into a vast world of possibilities where we can navigate between our physical world and limitless virtual spaces.

Snapchat's Lens Explorer Guides You Through a Land of Augmented Reality Creations

Next Reality AR

Augmented reality experiences created in Lens Studio now have a permanent home in the Snapchat app. On Tuesday, Lens Explorer will begin giving users access to a scrollable screen full of a variety of new Lens Studio creations.

Echoing Apple’s iPhone Launch, Magic Leap Taps AT&T for Exclusive US Distribution

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Magic Leap today announced that AT&T, one of the leading cellular carriers in the US, has invested in the company and solidified a partnership making AT&T the “exclusive wireless distributor of Magic Leap products for consumers in the U.S.”