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NVIDIA Shows ‘Project Holodeck’, a Collaborative VR Viewer for High Quality CAD Models

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At this month’s GPU Technology Conference 2017, Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang opened with a live demonstration of ‘Project Holodeck’, a VR collaboration tool with rich visuals, partnering with Swedish car manufacturer Koenigsegg to show off a detailed CAD model of one of their vehicles.

Report: Samsung To Reveal UHD Display Primed For VR Today


It’s going to be years until display resolutions are clear enough for VR to look like real life, but we’re inching ever forward. It looks like Samsung might be announcing the next step in that journey today. Reports from Yonhap News and The Korean Herald state that Samsung is expected to reveal a new 1.96 inch UHD 3840×2160 display at the Society for Information Display 2017 event in Los Angeles. The screen reportedly featured 2250 pixels-per-inch and is designed for VR.

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Google Confirms Glass Team is Not Working With AR/VR Team

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‘Breaking Bad’ Show Creator Teases Upcoming VR Experience


Loose lips at the Data Matters conference reveal plans for VR content based on the hit show. It’s hard to believe it’s been almost four years since Breaking Bad concluded its fifth and final season, disappointing rabid fans across the globe.

Occipital Bridge hands-on: The room-mapping AR rival to Google WorldSense


Where are you in the bold new world of virtual and augmented reality?

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See the HTC Link, a semi-secret Japanese VR headset with LIGHTS


The headset that’s appeared today, made by HTC, won’t necessarily be available to everyone in the world. In fact it’s slated – for now – to be available only inside Japan.

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Average OpenSim region price falls to $19

Hypergrid Business

(Image courtesy Island Oasis.). Last September , I looked at the land prices on all the public OpenSim grids, and the average price was $20.39 per standard region. Today, I reviewed the prices of all 55 grids that I know of that post their prices , and the average has fallen slightly to $19.22.

Preview: ILM Uses ‘Star Wars’ Assets to Show Potential of Google’s ‘Seurat’ VR Rendering Technology

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Google’s newly announced Seurat rendering tech purportedly makes use of ‘surface light-fields’ to turn high-quality CGI film assets into detailed virtual environments that can run on mobile VR hardware.

Hands-On: Brass Tactics Is Basically Age Of Empires VR


My first words after demoing Hidden Path Entertainment’s Brass Tactics were, “This feels a lot like Age of Empires.”. Then from behind me come the happy words of Hidden Path’s Founder and Chief Creative Officer Mark Terrano, “Good, because I made Age of Empires II.”.

Björk VR Art Exhibit Comes to LA


Björk Digital runs from May 19 to June 4 in downtown LA. Since kicking off her digital exhibition tour in Sydney over a year ago , Björk is bringing her traveling immersive exhibit closer to home.

This Saturday Magik Gallery will curate some of the most innovative art in VR and AR at its SF event.

Cats and VR

Virtual reality has changed how we create. From games and movies, to experiences and tools—we’re just beginning to see what’s possible. But what happens when you take traditional artistic methods and transfer them to VR?

Top five business models for successful grids

Hypergrid Business

I occasionally get emails from people starting new OpenSim grids, and wondering how they’re going to pay for them. Here are the top five ways that OpenSim grids find success. Commercial grids.

For Google, the Future of VR Is on the Open Web with WebVR & WebAR

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Google’s mission is to organize the world’s information, and so they’ve been long-time advocates for the open web.

Unity Gets $400 Million Investment From Silver Lake


Unity Technologies’ Unity Engine is playing an increasingly important role in the VR industry, and new funds announced today should help it grow further still. Unity Technologies is getting $400 million from private equity firm Silver Lake. That is if regulators approve the deal, taking its valuation to $2.6 billion. Company CEO Riccitello explained to Bloomberg that a “big chunk” of the money would allow employees and some shareholders to cash out.

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Transformers VR Experience Centers Coming To China


The VR experience centers will let you climb behind the wheel of Bumblebee. Virtual reality centers based on the blockbuster “Transformers” series are set to open in China this Summer.

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Beat Movie and OTT Content Piracy with VR

RealVision VR Filmmaking

NETFLIX WON’T PAY RANSOM – STREAM AWAY! …is the bold stance and headline that made news recently when Orange is the new Black got pirated, and a ransom demand made. That, was indeed a bold move by Netflix to not give in and as streaming media analyst Dan Rayburn of Frost & Sullivan stated on Wired: The joy of binge-worthy TV hinges on knowing that other people also binge. A water cooler that only the Pirate Bay gathers around defeats the purpose. “It’s

The fastest-selling game for Oculus Touch, SUPERHOT VR, Comes to HTC VIVE

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Winner of the D.I.C.E. award for Immersive Reality Game of the Year and the fastest-selling game for Oculus Touch, SUPERHOT VR is available today for VIVE.

Oculus: Rift Won’t Be Superseded by New Version for ‘at least two years’

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During an interview at the Game Developers Conference at the end of March, head of Oculus’ PC VR division Brendan Iribe stated that the Rift will remain the company’s flagship VR headset for “at least the next two years”.

Elon Musk’s OpenAI Is Training Robots In VR


Another day, another fascinatingly futuristic project with Elon Musk’s name attached to it. But we’re not talking about SpaceX or the Hyper Tube this time, we’re talking about teaching robots to do tasks with VR. OpenAI, Musk’s artificial intelligence research company, this week revealed a look at its new system that teaches robots how to perform actions using the HTC Vive.

GMA Takes Us Swimming With Sharks Live in 360°


Good Morning America had viewers swimming with the sharks in the Bahamas this morning along with Meteorologist Ginger Zee in a first-ever live 360 VR shark dive broadcast. At one point, the broadcast had well over 1/2 a million viewers participating live through GMA’s Facebook page.

UploadVR lawsuit is a warning for nascent VR industry

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Last week’s lawsuit against UploadVR is a reminder to the emerging virtual reality industry that it needs to pay more attention to being more inclusive and welcoming to women.

Open-world 2D RPG Cat Quest launching on PlayStation 4 and Steam this summer.

Cats and VR

Well here comes a game that would make me take a break from VR! Since you guys and gals asked for more cat content check this out.

‘Audio Factory’ is a Compelling Showcase of Google’s Spatial Audio Engine for VR

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Google has released a Daydream VR app called Audio Factory , a polished and even entertaining demonstrating their Spatial Audio Engine for VR.

Microsoft Research Reveals New, Slimmed Down AR Glasses


The Microsoft Research Team revealed a new pair of augmented reality glasses today that offer an exciting form factor, even if their performance isn’t up to snuff. The new lenses were made known to the world in a research paper titled Holographic Near-Eye Displays for Virtual and Augmented Reality penned by Microsoft’s Andrew Maimone , Andreas Georgio and Joel Kollin. Their findings were published in the ACM Transactions on Graphics journal.

Mummy Day Celebration Gets VR Motion Chair Treatment


Those eerie looking VR motion chairs we took for a spin during Sundance are back again, this time for a Mummy Day celebration in Hollywood over the weekend. Inspired by the upcoming action-adventure movie, Universal Pictures hosted The Mummy Day event at Hollywood & Highland.

Great Canadian Grid

Hypergrid Business

US $11.45 (CAD $15) with no setup fee for a 15,000-prim region on the hypergrid-enabled Great Canadian Grid. Includes Vivox voice, local currency and Gloebit, mesh, daily region backups and monthly asset backups.


YouTube Realizes VR is The Future


As a part of a broader push, YouTube is now working on making its virtual reality app a more social experience. During Google’s annual I/O developer conference, the video site announced that the VR users will be able to watch VR videos together while in its VR app. Not far away from a movie theater experience, the goal is that a viewer is put together with a small group of friends that can sync up videos to watch together simultaneously and talk to each other about what’s going on.

Valve’s New ‘SteamVR Home’ Beta May Mean You Never Leave VR

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Valve’s new SteamVR Home Beta just launched and it represents a vast improvement on what has gone before with fully 3D, customisable environments, a glut of new social features and a fully featured Steam interface. Will you ever want to leave VR?

Antilatency Raises $2.1 Million For Mobile Positional Tracking Solution


A startup named Antilatency with a positional tracking solution that recently impressed us has raised $2.1 million and is opening an office in the United States next month. According to the company, the seed investment comes from the Europe-based IIDF venture capital fund and will be used to accelerate the release of its “anti-latency tracker” which goes by the name ALT.

These Six Artists Just Remixed a Tilt Brush Hot Dog and It Was Beautiful


Hot dogs are so hot right now. Just last month, Tilt Brush launched its own 3D art gallery. Dubbed Tilt Brush Sketches, the platform allows you to upload sketches and let anyone view your work in 3D from within a browser.

Levi’s Created A Smart Jacket In Collaboration With Google

Infinityleap Wearables

Levi’s smart jacket that’s encapsulated with Google’s Jacquard technology has the goal to provide practical purpose to wearables. Together they make up to take the innovation of the product and widen its potential in the market. The partnership envisions that the future for wearable technology in the fashion industry is going to be more about smart clothing. Google said that Jacquard can make it to blend touch and gesture interactions into any textile that uses standard and industrial approaches.

Rev World

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US $28 (25 Euros) on the Rev World grid. No hypergrid. Other region sizes also available, including 5 Euro for 5,000-prim residential region and 12 Euro for a 7,500-prim residential region. Full price list here. Grids Renting Land Vendors Rev World


Palmer’s Post-Oculus Interview, Part 3: Neural Links, Recorded Memories, & Revolutionizing VR, Again

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Having founded Oculus in 2012 and been an important face for the company throughout its growth from fledgling startup to $2 billion acquisition by Facebook and beyond, it was a shock to see Palmer Luckey leave the company just two months ago.

You Have To See Rocket League Played With HoloLens


After becoming basically the most successful game of all time ever and making its creators a mountain of cash, it doesn’t look like there’s anywhere else for Rocket League to go, apart from HoloLens.