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Google Brings WebVR to Chrome, All Major PC VR Headsets Supported

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Google recently pushed out Chrome 66, the latest update to the company’s web browser. Unbeknownst to the VR community, Google also quietly included WebVR integration for OpenVR-compatible headsets including Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and Windows “Mixed Reality” VR headsets.

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Earth Day: Now You Can Surf With a Legend in VR


It was 1978 when John Ritter became the first known surfer ride the now-legendary wave dubbed “Cloudbreak” off the tiny heart-shaped Fijian island Tavarua.

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Google’s Augmented Reality Microscope Quickly Highlights Cancer Cells


Discovering and diagnosing cancer may have just become much easier thanks to augmented reality. Google Research this week revealed an AR microscope (ARM) capable of detecting cancerous cells in real-time with the help of machine learning.

The WaveVR closes $6 million Series A round led by RRE Ventures and includes strategic investors from General Assembly and OK GO.

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The WaveVR today announced it has closed a $6 million Series A funding round led by RRE Ventures.

AWE USA 2018

AWE USA, the world’s #1 AR+VR conference and expo, is back for it’s 9th year on May 30-June 1, 2018 in Santa Clara, CA. Use code VRPUL200 for $200 off all three All Access Passes (1-day, 2-day and 3-day) as well as the 2-day Expo Only Pass.

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‘Alien: Descent’ Location-Based VR Experience Coming to Southern California Mall


The sci-fi movie franchise has a multiplayer location-based VR experience. The Colonial Marines are recruiting warriors and thrill seekers at a shopping mall in Southern California.

V of War Is A Battle Royale Game With VR Mechs Vs Soldiers


Well it was only a matter of time before someone tried to shoehorn the emergent battle royale genre into VR, but V of War does at least have an interesting concept behind it. In this upcoming multiplayer game, a team of 40 soldiers is pitted against 10 mechs.

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Snail Games updates ARK Park to bring players a better dinosaur VR expereience.

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Snail Games, the developers of the VR dinosaur theme park simulation have been hard at work on movement systems – and the game has now been updated with free locomotion that will be in a upcoming patch this month.

Mark Metry teaches us the right attitude to become successful in AR and VR

The Ghost Howls

Hello all, after the crazy two last weeks in which I had too little time to blog, today I come out with a new cool article in which I interview Mark Metry. Who is Mark? Well, he’s a VR startupper, influencer , podcast host, blogger, enthusiast , etc… he is a lot of cool things.

‘Serenity VR’ Fan Project Lets You Step Aboard The Most Famous Firefly-class Ship

Road to VR

Serenity, the firefly-class spaceship from cult TV show Firefly (2002) and film Serenity (2005), is now full explorable in VR. With many years in the making, Unity developer and 3D environmental artist Kaveh Tabar’s Serenity VR fan project is finally here.

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How Steven Spielberg Used VR to Shoot ‘Ready Player One’


The HTC Vive was used to frame shots in VR. Virtual reality took center stage in Steven Spielberg’s Ready Player One blockbuster film when it was released March 29th. But we are also learning how immersive technology played a role during the actual production of the movie too.

Arden’s Wake: Tide’s Fall Sees Penrose’s Grip On VR Storytelling Tighten


The fourth production from VR studio Penrose, Arden’s Wake: Tide’s Fall, is debuting at Tribeca and it touches upon well worn territory for this team. Namely, it’s a story about the relationship between parent and child, coping with loss and, ultimately, moving on.

Ganbatte is a VR game in which you’re a cat competing to become the best sushi eater of the galaxy.

Cats and VR

Ganbatte is a competitive multiplayer game for VR, about cats, in space, eating sushi. Players try to eat as much valuable sushi as they can to reach the highest score. The game is family-friendly and brings together hungry sushi cats from across the galaxy.

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How to ask Android Permissions in Unity for a Vive Focus app (Vive Wave SDK)

The Ghost Howls

Since the time I have the Vive Focus of Mr. President on my desk, I’ve started doing experiments with it and its Vive Wave SDK.

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‘Ready Player One’ Behind-the-scenes Shows How Spielberg Used VR in Production

Road to VR

As an official partner of Ready Player One , HTC has been using the film to highlight its VR wares. In addition to releasing several VR experiences inspired by the movie , the company has released a behind-the-scenes short showing how immersive virtual reality was used in the production process.

Zara AR Brings Fashionable Looks to Life in Stores


Your local Zara may be looking a little bit different these days. The uber popular fashion retailer has temporarily ditched traditional mannequins and window displays for an augmented reality fashion show , featuring the fast fashion brand’s best looks on top international models.

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Ark Park Gets Free Locomotion, ‘Greatly Improved’ PSVR Visuals Coming


It’s dangerous to release a VR game with only teleportation-based locomotion, it seems. While this is widely seen as the most comfortable way to move in VR, many players that can handle free movement like in traditional games will let you know they’re not happy. Ark Park is the most recent game to fall victim to this trend. When Snail Games’ VR spin-off to Ark: Survival Evolved launched last month it only included a teleportation option.

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National Geographic partnered with Humaneyes Technologies to deploy the Vuze VR camera for the first-ever 3D 360 experience captured aboard the International Space Station

Cats and VR

National Geographic recently launched an extension to its critically acclaimed series ONE STRANGE ROCK, with the first-ever virtual reality (VR) 3D experience captured aboard the International Space Station (ISS).

Multi-passenger airplanes arrive on DigiWorldz

Hypergrid Business

Interested in taking a flight without worrying about the engine blowing out? You can now fly virtually, on an airplane filled with other passengers, on the Kea Nation enclave on the DigiWorldz grid. Kea Nation has brought in several airplanes recently, including the KNVV Douglas DC, which can carry up to 12 passengers.

42 Hours in ‘Skyrim VR’ – The Latest World Record Attempt for Longest VR Marathon

Road to VR

Andreas Hauber, a German VR enthusiast, claims to have just beat the Guinness World Record for longest VR marathon, a bar that was previously set by Australian Jack McNee last year at a grand total of 36 hours, two minutes and 16 seconds in VR painting program Tilt Brush (2016).

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Disney Brings Star Wars AR Holochess to iOS Devices


The hottest strategy game from a galaxy far, far away is available on iPhone & iPad now thanks to Apple’s ARKit. Do you find conventional chess matches monotonous and often times dull? Then perhaps I could interest you in a game of Holochess.

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Alien: Descent Is A Xenomorph-Slaying Four-Player Location-Based VR Experience


Calling all Colonial Marines, there’s a new VR experience that you won’t want to miss. Announced today, Alien: Descent, is the latest in a line of high-profile location-based VR experiences that aims to let fans fulfill their dreams. That is if their dreams are of being torn to pieces by a pack of Xenomorphs. The experience sees up to four friends sign up to become Colonial Marines and then sent off on a mission to investigate a distress signal from a Weyland-Yutani mining outpost.

Introducing VeeR 2.0 – Create beyond boundaries


We are excited to introduce the upgraded VeeR with a whole new logo, brand identity, and product experience. After a year of development, we have become one of the biggest 360/VR hub by both content and creator volume.

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GreekLife launches grid hosting service

Hypergrid Business

(Image courtesy GreekLife.). The GreekLife grid has been around for eight years, but it has really started to take off in the last two, now reporting thousands of regions and active users. Now the grid owners are turning their experience running their own successful commercial grid into a service for other would-be grid owners.

Oculus Offers Up Developer Quick-start Guide for Bringing Apps to Go

Road to VR

With the impending launch of Oculus Go, the company’s first standalone headset, Oculus has shared with developers a handy cheat sheet for bringing Gear VR applications to the Go.

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Developer Spends 30 Days Working, Dancing, Living In VR


An Italian developer tests the limits of VR comfort with a ’30 Days In VR’ challenge. Thanks to new more comfortable hardware releases like the HTC Vive Pro and tetherless HTC Vive Focus, people are spending more consecutive time in VR than ever before.

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God of War: Mimir’s Vision Is PlayStation’s First AR Tie-In App


As you may well know, Sony’s God of War series helped shape the company’s work in VR , and now it’s doing the same for AR too. The god-slaying series makes its long-awaited return on PS4 this week with the launch of the rebooted God of War. Sadly there’s no PlayStation VR (PSVR) support to speak of, but Sony has launched God of War: Mimir’s Vision on both iOS and Android.

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Vive Focus Hits the FCC, Suggesting Dev Kit Soon to Launch in US

Road to VR

After launching the Vive Focus standalone headset in China in late January, the company announced in March that the headset would be launching in the US, EU, and other Western markets later this year, beginning with the launch of a dev kit.

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This ‘Skyrim VR’ Mod Uses Voice Recognition So You Can Speak to NPCs

Road to VR

Talking to non-player characters (NPCs) in Skyrim VR may be easy—requiring a quick selection from the dialogue menu—but it isn’t exactly an immersive way of interacting with the world though. With a new speech recognition mod, called Dragonborn Speaks Naturally , all of that changes.

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