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Lenovo Reveals AR Headset DaystAR

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Google’s Expeditions Educational VR Platform Is Now Available To All


Much of Google’s work in VR has been consumer-facing, but one of the first initiatives the company launched with the tech was education-focused. Expeditions was a platform to take entire classes on virtual field trips using Google Cardboard.

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This $99 AR Headset Is A Game Changer


You can pre-order the Prism headset today. Fresh out of stealth-mode, Mira is looking to bring augmented reality (AR) to the masses. Dubbed Prism, this untethered AR headset is powered by an iPhone and comes in at an accessible price of $99.

Does Your Channel Run In A Silo?

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I have spent my entire career in the channel. With 75% of world trade flowing through indirect channels according to the World Trade Organization, I’m always interested in seeing how businesses organize, manage, and execute their partner and alliance programs.

Unity is taking a shot at creating the standard for VR advertising starting with SAW!

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Game Engine powerhouse Unity Technologies is taking a shot at figuring out VR advertising. This week Unity Technologies revelaed key components of its plan which detailed a customizable VR native ad format for brands to create their own integrated experiences.

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Get Ready For The Self-Driving Economy

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Autonomous transportation. If you’re reading this, you have an internet connection, so you’ve heard all about how autonomous vehicles (AVs) are coming to take our jobs, eliminate traffic and give machines the power to make moral choices.

Intel Dismisses IoT for Augmented and Virtual Reality


The IoT community recently looked in disbelief as Intel started to dismantle its IoT efforts – the amount of emails we received is quite surprising, as we’re not exactly a logical place to go for IoT information. However, Intel terminated the business division that was developing wearable devices such as fitness trackers, digital clothing, baby monitors, etc. It also EOL-ed (End-of-Life) numerous IoT products with the notable exception of Curie , which is quite popular.

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Crytek’s ‘The Climb’ is The Best Selling Rift Game To Date

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Oculus has confirmed that Crytek’s The Climb is the platform’s best selling Rift game to date, and among a handful of titles that have grossed more than $1 million on the company’s VR storefront. When it comes to VR platforms today, data is hard to come by.

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SDCC 2017: Warner Brothers Debuts Ready Player One Movie Trailer


Warner Brothers arrives at San Diego Comic-Con with arguably one of their largest lineups, with eyes on them for news on Blade Runner 2049, Justice League, and news for the individual DC comic book heroes. The VR industry and fans have another reason to be excited with the film adaptation of Ernest Cline’s book Ready Player One set to be shown for the first time.

What Will Advertisements Look Like in VR?


As VR entertainment and experiences continue to grow each year, the growth of VR advertisements seems inevitable—but will they be immersive or interruptive?

Review: Superhot VR for the Playstation VR is a Masterpiece of overcoming hardware issues while playing an Octodad John Wick Kill Death Simulator.

Cats and VR

First of all Superhot VR is an excellent game and perhaps my second favorite Playstation VR title right behind Resident Evil 7. According to the interwebs it is currently the top game for Playstation VR owners who also have cats.

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Accommodation and Vergence in Head-mounted Displays


Why do virtual objects close to my face appear blurry when wearing a VR headset? My vision is fine! And why does the real world look strange immediately after a long VR session?

The 10 Coolest Things Being Built with Apple’s ARKit Right Now

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Apple’s ARKit has been out for developers since it was announced last month. Because of the mind-boggling number of iPhones and iPads capable of running ARKit, the new tool is already spreading its augmented reality wings across the Internet thanks to a diverse set of developers.

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Hands-On: The Mira Prism Headset Wants To Be The Google Daydream Of AR


When Ben Taft and Matt Stern, two of the co-founders of Mira, opened up the box of the Prism AR headset for me for the first time I’ll be honest: I wasn’t that impressed.

The Creepy VR School Bus at Comic-Con


Warner Bros. is taking attendees for a ride.

Holy Crap the SDCC Ready Player One trailer has Freddy Krueger in it! Ah What A Rush.

Cats and VR

The Ready Player One San Diego Comic Con trailer gave us a look at the movie’s pop culture filled virtual world. I love the book and feel it is responsible for much of the push into VR that is going on.

Study shows VR Could Improve Eyesight in Children


China is spearheading the research on health, and one such study caught our attention as estimates show that over a million VR headsets are being shipped each month (in China alone).

‘Echelon’ Mixed-Reality Board Game is Like Star Wars ‘HoloChess’ for HoloLens

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Hands-On: ViveNChill Fan Helps Fight Sweaty Faces and Foggy Lenses


I sweat a lot. If I’m standing outside with the sun up and a little breeze, it’s only a matter of time before I start sweating. Going for a jog? I’ll be pouring with sweat before most people are even breathing heavily.

How Will VR Gaming Change Us?


Virtual Reality appears to be the next step for mankind. 2017 has seen a host of major developments that enable a large section of the population to take advantage of this technology.

Deadpool added to the Marvel Powers United VR roster and you can play it at Comic-Con!

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To celebrate San Diego Comic-Con Oculus announced that Deadpool latest addition to the Marvel Powers United VR roster, joining Hulk, Captain Marvel, and Rocket Raccoon in the lineup for one of the most anticipated VR game of 2018. At Comic-Con this week?

BoboVR takes on Daydream

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BoboVR Z5. Image courtesy BoboVR.). The first set of Daydream View clones have hit the market, and I just got one of them in the mail – the BoboVR Z5. Disclosure : I received the BoboVR Z5 free from GeekBuying , where it currently sells for $60.

This Restaurant is Using Google Daydream to Train Employees

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If you’ve ever worked at a fast food or fast-casual restaurant, you know how the first day inevitably goes. The manager sits you down in some store room, wheels in a TV and makes you watch a training video that’s about as immersive as watching paint dry.

Oculus: Don’t Hold Your Breath For New Rift Tech Soon


Thinking that Oculus’ insane Rift sale is to clear out stock for something new? Think again: the company has no plans for new Rift tech anytime soon. Head of Content Jason Rubin said as much in a recent interview with Cnet , assuring people that just bought the headset — currently discounted to $399 with Oculus Touch — that they have years of content ahead of them.

Inside Look: Blade Runner 2049 Experience at Comic-Con


With Comic-Con in full swing this week, the amount of panels, previews, games, and brand activations to check out seem endless. But this year, there was one movie experience we weren’t going to miss.

Introducing Forrester’s New Brand Energy Framework – Emotions Fuel Your Brand’s Energy

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To most marketers, this is an age-old axiom: emotions drive brands. And emotional motivators, like pixie dust, are sprinkled by the likes of Apple, Harley, Lego, and Patagonia to create a frenzied devotion that, on a good day, can give the Star Trek fandom a run for its money. But how does one create pixie […]. B2B marketing B2C marketing brand experience branding chief marketing officer (CMO

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Steven Spielberg Pushes into VR with Ready Player One


During the Cannes Film Festival, Steven Spielberg expressed word of caution when it came to movie industry adopting the Virtual Reality as a medium.

Leap Motion Grabs $50M Investment for Class-leading Hand-tracking Tech

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Leap Motion, a veteran player in the virtual reality sector (having been founded two years ahead of Oculus), has announced the closure of a Series C investment round totaling $50 million.

Hands-On: The VRHero Is A 5K Resolution Headset From VRgineers


VR currently does a lot of different things well across a variety of devices. The Gear VR is a great mobile headset but it’s underpowered and lacks positional tracking. The HTC Vive and Oculus Rift have good content and roomscale capabilities, but they’re tethered and the resolution isn’t great. PSVR is affordable given its relative quality but it still has bad screen door and lackluster motion controllers.

Your VR and AR Event Guide to Comic-Con 2017


San Diego Comic-Con kicks off this week, and if last year is any indicator, we can again expect VR to make a major showing during the four-day conference.

Blade Runner 2049 Replicant Pursuit – launching at SDCC


Almost every other movie these days has a virtual reality tie in. It’s almost unavoidable considering how popular VR is. That’s especially true if the film in question is fantasy or, better yet, sci-fi.

An Interview: Lily Varon And The E-commerce Brasil Org On – you guessed it – eCommerce In Brazil

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An interview I did with E-commerce Brasil published online today in Portuguese. I’ve been getting requests for it in English so I thought I’d post it here. Happy reading! The State of Retail eCommerce in Brazil” series gave us an intereting look at eCommerce in Brazil during a difficult economic situation in the country. […]. ecommerce Latin America

WaveOptics Raises $16M to Create Optics For Small Form-Factor AR Headsets

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WaveOptics , a UK-based firm involved in designing and engineering optics for augmented reality, has today announced a successful series B funding round amounting to £12.0m ($15.7m).

JigSpace With ARKit Gives You AR Manuals For Just About Anything


We’ve seen how AR can thrive as an instructional platform before, but what if there was a singular AR app that could teach you how to work with practically anything? JigSpace wants to be that app.