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GridRaster Raises $2 Million for AR/VR Cloud Rendering Solution

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Palo Alto-based VR/AR startup GridRaster recently announced a nearly $2 million seed funding round to strengthen and develop their mobile VR/AR rendering infrastructure.

Former Crytek Devs Announce Shaman: Spirithunter For Oculus Rift


Former members of The Climb and Robinson: The Journey developer Crytek have an intriguing new VR game to announce today. Shaman: Spirithunter from Berlin-based Playsnak is coming to the Oculus Rift in 2018.

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China’s Billion Dollar VR Theme Park Is Nothing Short Of Colossal


If the enormous selection of various VR experiences and attractions don’t get you, the $15 million Transformers statue will. If there was any doubt that the VR boom in China was all hype, then it’s probably starting to fade now.

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HTC Vive standalone Daydream headset for the US canceled


HTC just made a big splash in China, announcing its much-anticipated standalone Vive VR headset for the market. The company, however, had a few unexpected surprises. It announced a new “half platform”, the Vive Wave, for the new headset, the Vive Focus.

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New VR game helps advance dementia research

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Sea Hero Quest. Image courtesy Glitchers Ltd.). Millions of people have already played Sea Hero Quest on the mobile phones — and helped scientists learn how people find their way around in order to better treat dementia patients.

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Intel Extreme Masters Oakland to showcase intense sci-fi multiplayer FPS Evasion

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The Bay Area’s top eSports event, Intel ® Extreme Masters event is this weekend in Oakland, California and Intel is using the event to also push some of the VR content it has been promoting.

Data Engineers Will Be More Important Than Data Scientists

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Does it seem like the ability to find, hire and retain data scientists is a losing battle? Is spending $500K+ per year for a Data Scientist worth it? What is a data scientist anyway? Those a real questions and are the markers that how you are supporting your insight strategies might be at odds with […]. big data data management data quality & data governance analytics chief data officer data development data engineer data governance data lake data scientist

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‘HotStepper’ Gives You Directions in AR with the Help of an Infectious Half-naked Man

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Thanks to augmented reality, the world is about to get weird. Real weird.

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Rebuilding Tamriel: How Bethesda Reimagined Skyrim for VR


The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR is right around the corner with a release date of November 17th, 2017 — that’s only mere days away. With its launch this Friday it will easily rank as the largest, most detailed, and most elaborate game available in VR to date.

VR Helped This Man Feel What It’s Like To Walk Again


VR gave this man the ability to walk, explore Burning Man and ski all from his wheelchair. Evan W. Gadda said he had dreamed of traveling to Burning Man. As an artist himself he said the opportunity would be unreal.

Using VR to create understanding and empathy with victims of sexual harassment and assault. My Interview with Morgan Mercer, CEO of Vantage Point.

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Morgan Mercer and the team at Vantage Point are looking to eradicate sexual assault and sexual harassment, with the help of virtual reality. The team says that existing educational programs fail in several way to truly help victims of sexual assault and sexual harassment.

Places to visit in-world this holiday season

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Grids are getting an early start on the holidays this year, with a number of winter-themed regions already up and ready to visit, and a full calendar of events planned across the hypergrid. Skiing and Winter Expo in Tangle Grid. Isle Expo region is ready for the Winter Expo event.

Pixar’s First VR Experience ‘Coco VR’ is Astounding, Raising the Bar on VR Movie Tie-ins

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Coco VR , Pixar’s first-ever VR experience, has a pretty specific goal in mind; getting you to see the film in theaters when it opens next week.

Unboxing The New Skyrim VR PSVR Bundle


You don’t have to wait much longer before finally getting your hands on The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR. Tomorrow, on November 17th, 2017, you’ll finally be able to step foot into the world of Tamriel like never before. Sony is also commemorating the launch with a brand new PSVR bundle that includes the new headset with slight changes, Skyrim VR on a disc, the new demo disc, the new processor unit, a PS camera, and two PS Move controllers.

Training Robots Tedious Tasks With VR


Robots learn new skills from your virtual puppeteering. The amount of work involved to program a robot to take on any type of task, no matter how small, can be incredibly tedious. Tasks that likely require expert levels of development and programming. . Embodied Intelligence Inc.,

The HTC VIVE Developer Conference brings a new platform and wireless HMD to the ecosystem.

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HTC held its VIVE™ Developer Conference 2017 (VDC2017), where it announced VIVE WAVE™ ( ), a VR open platform and toolset that will open up the path to easy mobile VR content development and high-performance device optimization for third-party partners.

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Lacking Smart Third-Party Risk Regulation, JP Morgan Chase, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, And American Express Create Company, TruSight

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The third-party ecosystem continues to flummox risk managers. Regulators keep pushing for stronger oversight, but they fail to offer real standards or tools to make this possible. What’s worse, technology and service providers have only helped large companies become more efficient at asking their third parties hundreds of questions; which means these third parties […].

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HTC Announces ‘Vive Focus’ Standalone VR Headset

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Today during the Vive Developers Conference in Beijing, HTC revealed the Vive Focus, a standalone VR headset with inside-out positional tracking. The headset is positioned for the Chinese market.

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Black Friday Deals Drop Oculus Rift To $350, Acer Headset To $300


A pair of tempting discounts are being promoted for VR headsets heading into the busiest shopping week of the year. The Oculus Rift packaged with its Touch controllers will be just $350 at Best Buy from Nov. 23 to 25. Meanwhile, the Acer VR headset and controllers will be around $300 from Microsoft starting Nov.

HTC Cancels Google Daydream Standalone VR Headset


Vive is doubling down on the Chinese VR market. As we reported from Vive’s Beijing event late Monday, HTC unveiled a standalone VR headset that requires no PC or base stations. Dubbed the Vive Focus, the all-in-one-device was the darling of the event.

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VR app helps treat phantom limb pain

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WiseMind. Image courtesy Realiteer Corp.). Phantom limb pain can be debilitating but is often treatable with mirror therapy , which tricks the brain into thinking the amputated limb is still there.

VIVE Tracker bundles bring motion tracking to the masses


It’s been a big year for the VIVE Tracker. First shown at CES 2017 way back in January, HTC has been inching toward consumer release ever since then.

HTC Scraps Plans to Bring Daydream-based Vive Focus to Western Markets

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HTC revealed their new standalone Vive Focus headset today , poised to launch into the Asian market. Earlier this year the device was teased to be heading to Western markets as part of Google’s Daydream platform in 2017, but now HTC confirms they’ve canceled those plans.

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HTC Vive’s Google Daydream Headset Cancelled As 6DoF Vive Focus Announced


Google and HTC Vive are no longer working on the standalone VR headset announced earlier this year. In May, Google announced a new line of standalone devices running on its Daydream mobile VR ecosystem.

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Volkswagen Launches Custom VR Exhibit At Historic Brand Tower


VW celebrates the world premiere of T-Roc with a VR experience for first-time users. . Volkswagen Group is back again with yet another VR project that continues to prove just how much faith the German automaker truly has in the immersive medium.

Inside Infosec Teams

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Announcing Our New Security & Risk Staffing Survey! Information security is one of the hottest fields around. Data abounds about how awesome it is to work in infosec, how many jobs are available, and how much money can be made. That all sounds great, except it’s pretty hard to find great research on what it’s […]. security & risk cybersecurity endpoint detection and response S&R pros Security & Risk security optimization

Oncomfort is changing cancer care with VR

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The Aqua virtual reality experience is designed to ease pain and anxiety. Image courtesy Oncomfort.). Oncomfort , a startup based in Houston, Texas is helping patients diagnosed with cancer manage their anxiety through virtual reality.

‘Skyrim VR’ Review – The Other Side of the Immersion Equation

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Skyrim VR is the first to launch in a series of VR titles from legendary game-maker Bethesda (with Doom VR and Fallout 4 VR soon to follow). The title is effectively a port of the now six year-old open-world RPG Skyrim.

Star Wars: Droid Repair Bay VR App Coming To Nissan Dealerships


It’s just about a month until the world goes Star Wars crazy again and, sure enough, there’s going to be at least one new VR experience to look out for. Star Wars: Droid Repair Bay is coming to Nissan dealerships in promotion of the next film in the series, The Last Jedi. Automotive News reports that this experience will be a 10-minute piece that is connected to the film (though we doubt you’ll see any major plot revelations in a tie-in app for a car).

Pixar’s VR Debut Takes You Into The Stunning World of ‘Coco’


Explore new worlds with friends in this jaw dropping Pixar VR experience. Disney Pixar’s first ever VR experience, Coco VR , isn’t just a game or VR experience with a story unfolding around you as the observer.

Allocate Your Marketing Dollars More Efficiently

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Marketers are increasingly under pressure to show that their digital marketing investments are generating returns.


Cool AR apps to try with Apple’s new phones

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Apple has lagged behind in the virtual and augmented reality race so far. Their phones can be used for some low-end VR, via the Cardboard platform from Google, but they haven’t had anything of their own to match the higher-end Samsung Gear VR and Google Daydream View headsets.

HTC Announces Consumer Availability of Vive Tracker & New Tracker Accessory Bundles

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HTC today announced consumer availability of Vive Tracker, the tracking module that uses Valve’s Lighthouse tracking standard.

Lenovo Windows VR Headset Drops To $299 This Black Friday


Getting into PC VR will be the cheapest it’s ever been this Black Friday thanks to Microsoft’s Windows-based ‘mixed reality’ VR headsets. Microsoft this week announced its deals for its upcoming Black Friday sale, and they include a huge $100 off the Lenovo Explorer headset with bundled motion controllers. That makes the kit just $299; easily the cheapest we’ve yet seen for a major PC-based VR headset with six degrees of freedom (6DOF) tracking.