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Magic Leap Takes Nreal to Court Over Trade Secrets Theft

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In a legal brief entered on Monday, Florida-based startup Magic Leap has filed suit against the founder of Nreal, a former employee of Magic Leap, claiming that the company's Nreal Light smartglasses were built using Magic Leap's intellectual property. The documents, which were filed with U.S.

Xbox Game Studios Has (inadvertently?) Acquired Heaps of VR Development Talent

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Vuzix Blade AR Smart Glasses Will Soon Support Real-Time Language Translation


The Zoi Meet language subtitling service makes its AR debut next month.

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Oculus is Forcing the Removal of SteamVR Streaming from Quest App, Dev Says

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The developer of Virtual Desktop , a Quest app which allows users to stream their PC desktop to the headset for use in VR, says that after the recent addition of a feature which allowed SteamVR games to be played on Quest, Oculus is forcing him to remove the feature.

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Oculus Quest Review: consumer Virtual Reality v1 is here

The Ghost Howls

The time for my Oculus Quest review has come.

E3 2019: The Walking Dead: Onslaught Nails The Franchise’s Iconic Gore In VR


I’ve killed a lot of zombies in VR. I’ve blown them up, cut them to pieces, shot their heads off, and spent my fair share running away from them across a multitude of games.

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My Favorite Part Of E3 2019 Was A VR Nightclub


Getting down and dirty on the show floor with Redpill VR & Sensorium. This years E3 featured no shortage of visually-captivating installations on the show floor.

???????(Qingdao, here I come!)

The Ghost Howls

When you see a title of mine written in Chinese, you already know what is going to happen. Yes, I am returning again to China. Yes, new adventures await me. Yes, my stomach won’t be that happy, but I am a lot.

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SteamVR Adds Full Support For Oculus Rift S


Valve just added full support for the recently released Oculus Rift S PC VR headset to the SteamVR platform. When the Rift S launched, haptic feedback on the Touch controllers wasn’t working in SteamVR. Valve released a hotfix less than 24 hours later to resolve this.

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Toyota Rolls Out Web-Based AR Advertising Campaign via 8th Wall

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While Toyota ranks as the leading automotive brand in the world, the company is a follower when it comes to augmented reality. Nonetheless, Toyota is catching up with the competition with a web-based augmented reality advertising campaign for the 2020 Corolla.

The Unreal Garden AR Environment Was A Much Needed Escape From The Chaos Of E3


Large-scale multiplayer AR turns 6,000 sq. of show floor into a digital jungle.

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Watch: ‘Beat Saber’ 360 Mode Feels like a New Way to Play

Road to VR

Developer Beat Games last week revealed a new ‘360 mode’ for their VR hit Beat Saber. Notes can now come from all around the player instead of just straight ahead. While it feels like a fun new way to play, it makes beat mapping considerably more complex.

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The Ghost Howls’s VR Week Peek (2019.06.17): E3 VR, Vive Cosmos reveal and much more!

The Ghost Howls

The past week has been the week of the E3, and we had an insane amount of news regarding new upcoming Virtual Reality content, especially for the Oculus Quest! For what games are you hyped? Let me know in the comments or on my social media account!

HTC To Reveal Vive Cosmos Info Next Week, Image Reveals Headphones


Just yesterday we reported that HTC’s next consumer VR headset, the Vive Cosmos, will launch in Q3 2019. Today, the company has confirmed that it will reveal more release info… next week.

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Snapchat Showcases Its Creative Chops at Cannes Lion with Marker Tracking & Landmarker AR Lens

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One of the most prestigious annual events for the advertising industry, the Cannes Lions is the ideal backdrop for Snapchat to show the brands and agencies in attendance what it's got.

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KAT VR Announces ‘KAT loco’ VR Locomotion System


Node-based tracking offers a simplistic alternative to omnidirectional treadmills.

Studio Behind Social VR App ‘Rec Room’ Raises $24 Million in Funding

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Against Gravity, the studio behind the popular social VR game Rec Room , has raised an addition $24 million in venture capital across two investment rounds.

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This student-made VR game was one of the best hidden gems at E3 2019


I don't necessarily hate VR. But I am wary of its broken promise as the supposed future of games and entertainment, a promise it's still failed to deliver on years after commercial release — until I played Ascend , a fight and flight PvP arena game made by USC undergraduate college students.

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Oculus Quest Made $5 Million In Content Sales In 2 Weeks, Facebook Says


Facebook probably isn’t going to tell us how well the Oculus Quest has sold anytime soon, if ever. But it did recently offer one curious metric to measure the kit’s impact.

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Unity Bulks Up Advertising Capabilities with Responsive AR Ads

Next Reality AR

Augmented reality has taken the advertising industry by storm, but the technology has a steep learning curve. Luckily for advertisers, Unity is here to flatten the curve a bit.

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Every Oculus Quest Announcement Made At E3 2019


VR was a big part of E3 2019. Especially for the Oculus Quest. Oculus Quest owners, rejoice!! E3 2019 was chock-full of big announcements that will surely have a colossal impact on the $5 million worth of Quest headsets currently out in the wild.

Indie Gem ‘Vanishing Realms’ to Get a “full expansion within weeks”

Road to VR

Indie VR title Vanishing Realms brought Zelda-esque room-scale RPG action to SteamVR all the way back at the launch of the first PC VR headsets in 2016. The game is one of the top rated titles on SteamVR, but remains in Early Access more than three years after launch.

Google retires Play Movies and TV app for Daydream VR


Google has quietly retired the Google Play Movies and TV app for its Daydream VR platform, fueling speculation that the company plans to shift away from virtual reality in favor of augmented reality.

E3 2019: Beat Saber In 360 Mode On Oculus Quest Feels Like A New Game


Beat Games is a studio that just won’t stop. Not only did they release a brand new music pack this week for Beat Saber featuring licensed music from Imagine Dragons, but they also debuted 360-degree versions of two of those new songs (Believer and Thunder) at E3 2019.

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This iPhone & Android App Lets You Celebrate 50th Anniv. Of Moon Landing by Taking the Trip in Augmented Reality

Next Reality AR

With all the talk about returning to the moon via SpaceX, NASA, and international agencies, some have forgotten some of the magic surrounding the original Apollo 11 mission. To remind us about just how monumental the first landing was, the John F.

Introducing The Nominees For The 2019 VR Awards


VR hardware is front and center at this year’s festivities following the release of Oculus Quest and HP Reverb. AIXR has announced the 2019 nominees for their third annual international VR Awards , an event dedicated to celebrating outstanding achievements in the VR industry.

‘Star Wars Vader Immortal’ is Coming to Rift June 20th, Cross-buy with Quest

Road to VR

Star Wars Vader Immortal – Episode 1 arrived on Oculus Quest late last month as a key launch title for the standalone headset. ILMxLab today announced that the Star Wars-themed experience is getting ready to launch it on Rift & Rift S soon.

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EON Reality UK, The Landing and KPMG Manchester Discuss VR, AR and The Future

EON Reality

Earlier in the year, the UK team worked with Accelerate Places in Manchester, a co-working hub in the city center, to develop fireside breakfast discussions about the future of Augmented and Virtual Reality (AVR). Alongside UK peers and startups in the AVR industry ?—

Richie’s Plank Experience Is Coming To Oculus Quest This Month


Get ready to walk the plank without wires for the first time ever. Yes, Richie’s Plank Experience is coming to Oculus Quest. Unfamiliar with this one? It’s developed by Toast and has long been a popular choice to showcase VR’s sense of height and vertigo.

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Wacom Video Shows Off More of Magic Leap's Upcoming Design & Drawing Software Spacebridge

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The collaboration between Magic Leap and Wacom, which was first announced during last year's L.E.A.P. conference is progressing rapidly. And now we have a little more information in the way of a visual demonstration shown off by Nobutaka Ide, Wacom's CEO.

E3 2019: Asgard’s Wrath Could Be The VR RPG We’ve All Been Waiting For


Explore complex dungeons with animal-human hybrids in this Norse-inspired epic. I’m following a brazen Shield Maiden and her crew of Viking compatriots as they sail across dark waters on a perilous quest to exact revenge on the Norse god Týr.

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