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Japanese Instrument Manufacturer Korg Teases VR Music-Making App


A short video shows VR music production on the Oculus Quest 2.

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My predictions for virtual reality in 2021

The Ghost Howls

Let’s be honest: no one made correct predictions for 2020. The global pandemic has changed the rules for everything, and the situation is so confusing and so rapidly evolving that any prediction for 2021 is completely unreliable, too.


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Report: Apple Could Launch a Standalone VR Headset Sometime Next Year

Road to VR

According to a report by Bloomberg News , Apple may be planning to release a VR headset with limited AR capabilities as soon as 2022, which is said to be a precursor to its long-rumored, fully-fledged AR device.

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New Wallace & Gromit Game Amps Up Job Simulations with AR Interactivity

Next Reality AR

While most established media brands are satisfied with copying Pokémon GO to jump into augmented reality gaming, at least one property is taking a slightly different approach.

Apple said to be creating beastly VR headset in its quest for AR dominance


Throughout the years, we’ve heard a lot of rumors about Apple’s VR and AR ambitions, but today, a new report is revealing a ton of new information.

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Atari Bets On Blockchain & NFT Gaming With ZED RUN’s AR Horses


Atari lends its IP to ZED RUN’s digital horses, the up-and-coming Tamagothchi of AR. What if you could combine virtual worlds, blockchain, and digital ownership to create a Tamagotchi 10.0?

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‘Bigscreen’ Launches Ad-supported Movies for Free On-demand Viewing

Road to VR

Bigscreen today announced is bringing ad-supported movies to the free social viewing platform, which will allow users to watch select films for free.

AR Snapshots: Anime Makeovers, Mandalorian Helmets, Twerking Muppets, & More on Snapchat

Next Reality AR

In the three years since Snapchat launched Lens Studio, developers and artists have created more than 1.5 million AR camera effects with the desktop tool.

Unsung Augmentation: 3 AR Formats You May Not Know About

AR Insider

3 AR Systems that Only Hardcore AR Fans Know About. by Dr. Sirilsilp Kongsilp. A R is becoming part of everyday life, especially during COVID-19-inflicted lockdowns. Mobile AR is one of the most commonly recognized AR systems and many consumer brands are already applying the technology.

Baobab Studios Rolls Out The Virtual Red Carpet For The Premier Of ‘Baba Yaga’


Jennifer Hudson and Daisy Ridley Jump into AltspaceVR to Promote Baba Yaga. Baobab Studios hosted a virtual premier in AltSpaceVR for the launch of their latest adventure Baba Yaga on the Oculus Store.

My predictions for augmented reality in 2021

The Ghost Howls

Two days ago, I’ve given you my predictions for virtual reality in 2021 (read it, in case you missed it). Now it’s time to make some forecasts about its companion technology, that is augmented reality! Will this finally be the year when we’ll all wear the eyePhone in our eyes? (PS

The Future is Now: Live Breakdance Battles in VR Are Connecting People Across the Globe

Road to VR

If you aren’t paying close attention to VR, you’d have no idea that some insanely futuristic stuff is already happening today. Case in point: VRChat is host to a growing community of people strapping on motion-trackers to have live dance battles in virtual reality.

New Intel CEO Making Waves: Rehiring Retired CPU Architects

Anand Tech

We’re following the state of play with Intel’s new CEO, Pat Gelsinger, very closely.


Beat Saber 90Hz Support Hits Quest 2 In New Update

Upload VR

The long-awaited Beat Saber 90Hz patch for Oculus Quest 2 is here, and there are other updates too. Beat Games today revealed the latest update for its VR smash hit.

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Three Ways VR And Gaming Are Driving Modern Edutainment


VR & AR lead the way for a new generation of immersive education. Over the past year there have been varying levels of learning options for students ranging from in-person learning and hybrid learning to a mix of in-person and remote online learning.

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The XR Week Peek (2021.01.18): CES brings XR news, Boz says we have to trust Facebook, and more!

The Ghost Howls

It’s that time of the week when you can read the best news about AR and VR! So let’s dig immediately into them…. Top news of the week. Image by Pollen Robotics). CES 2021 brought some interesting AR/VR news.

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Analysis: Monthly-connected VR Headsets on Steam Pass 2 Million Milestone

Road to VR

2020 was a big year for VR on Steam with the release of new headsets, Valve’s flagship VR title Half-Life: Alyx , and the Coronavirus pandemic which drove large increases in gaming.

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Explore Belgrade’s Street Art and Graffiti Exhibition in Virtual Reality


The Take III: Loving Street Art Belgrade exhibition brings street art and graffiti to life in a virtual reality experience. No matter where you are in the world, you can watch the exhibit using VR equipment.

Watch: Spooky Horror Game A Wake Inn Showcases Smart VR Design In New Dev Diary

Upload VR

Our latest look at VR horror game, A Wake Inn, showcases some intelligent VR-centric design. Developer VR Bros just revealed the first in a new series of developer diaries for the upcoming PC VR title.

Facebook Announces Multi-User Support And App Sharing For The Oculus Quest


You and up to three friends can now share a single Quest headset. Oculus Quest and Quest 2 owners are finally getting several features they’ve been asking for since launch: support for multiple accounts and app sharing.

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What’s Next After Zoom?

Charlie Fink

Remote Collaboration Grows As Pandemic Persists. Consumer Tech /consumer-tech Innovation /innovation Consumer Tech /consumer-tech Business /business technology

Ubisoft Job Posting Suggests ‘Splinter Cell VR’ Will Have a Multiplayer Mode

Road to VR

Ubisoft announced late last year that acclaimed stealth shooter franchise Splinter Cell is getting a made-for-VR game. Now, an Ubisoft job posting strongly suggests the studio is creating a multiplayer component for the game.

Stepping Up Communication and Collaboration With Virtual Reality Technology


Technology is now allowing people to gather and process vast amounts of information at a speed beyond our imagination. While we traditionally use keyboard strokes or voice commands to tap into massive data, virtual reality can make us understand information in refreshing ways.

Bigscreen Now Has Free Moves (With Ads), YouTube Coming Soon

Upload VR

The latest addition to Bigscreen’s burgeoning roster of video content to share in VR? Free movies. Today the social hub is launching a new series of movies that can be enjoyed with friends on the app’s virtual screens.

10 VR Sports Games To Keep Us Occupied At Home


Stay active under lockdown with these fitness-focused games & apps. 2021 might be presenting a more optimistic outlook, but right now many of us are still confined to our homes. You don’t need me telling you how hard last year was.

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Data Dive: How is AR Boosting eCommerce?

AR Insider

O ne of AR’s bright spots is its ability to boost sales by demonstrating products with greater dimension. Product attributes can be exposed more effectively through 3D and AR interfaces than traditional 2D images in e-commerce. That engenders a more informed buyer.

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11 Tools for Painting, Sculpting, & Animating in VR

Road to VR

Though gaming is likely VR’s most visible use-case so far, it’s capable of so much more. Creatives are using VR for a wide range of artistic endeavors including painting, drawing, 3D modeling & sculpting, animating and more.

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2021 Immersive Tech Trends

Tech Trends VR

How Immersive Technologies are helping us reimagine personal interactions in a post-COVID world. . At the start of 2020 (remember those giddy, carefree times before the pandemic struck?)

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Resident Evil 7 Surpasses 1 Million PSVR Users

Upload VR

Nearly four years on from release and over one million people have played horror hit Resident Evil 7: Biohazard inside PSVR. Capcom’s official stat tracking website shows that, as of January 14th 2021, over 1,010,000 people have played the game inside Sony’s headset.

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Wallace & Gromit City-Scale AR Adventure Now Available On Smartphones


Become an employee of Spick & Spanners and help the duo “Fix Up” Bristol.

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Startups at CES showed how tech can help elderly people and their caregivers


The COVID-19 pandemic shined a harsh spotlight on the challenges many elderly people face. Older adults are among the highest-risk groups for developing cases that need hospitalization and nursing homes were especially vulnerable to outbreaks.

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