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Virtuleap wants to read your mind while you play in VR

The Ghost Howls

Virtuleap is for sure one of the most promising startups I have talked with in this 2019. I had the pleasure of talking with the CEO Amir Bozorgzadeh some weeks ago (sorry for the delay in publishing the article, Amir!)

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‘Tetris Effect’ Coming to PC with VR Support Next Week

Road to VR

Tetris Effect (2018) , the latest entry in the iconic tile-stacker series, is officially headed to PC on July 23rd, which also includes support for VR headsets.

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Dexmo force feedback gloves show the future of hands presence in VR

The Ghost Howls

One of the most interesting encounters I had in my trip to Beijing has been with Dexta Robotics , the company behind the Dexmo force-feedback glove s.

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Early Augmented Reality Concept Film That Envisioned the Future Gets a Sequel Powered by Kickstarter

Next Reality AR

Long before the HoloLens or the Magic Leap One, a California-based team of independent filmmakers envisioned what the future of augmented reality might look like.

Multiplayer VR Shooter Telefrag To Get PSVR Aim Controller Support


Time to dust off the ol’ Aim controller; Anshar Studios’ Telefrag is set to support it. The developer confirmed as much in an ask me anything session on Reddit this week. The team couldn’t promise that Aim support would arrive on launch day.

Riding the Hyperloop in Virtual Reality

Tech Trends VR

VR Hyperloop Passenger Experience in Virtual Reality Unveiled at SpaceX. We’ve been reporting on the Hyperloop for a while here at Tech Trends.

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SDCC 2019: ‘Doctor Who VR’ Game Lets You Pilot a Fully Functional TARDIS

Road to VR

At San Diego Comic Con (SDCC) this year, Oculus and BBC Studios are giving US crowds their first chance to demo the upcoming VR game Doctor Who: The Edge of Time.

Bigscreen TV Adds Over 50 Free Live Channels To Social VR Platform


Social VR platform Bigscreen is first and foremost a destination where users can share their desktop screens with friends. Bigscreen TV, however, takes the service in a new direction. Released today, Bigscreen TV allows up to eight VR users to watch over 50 live channels together.

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Our First Look At Disney’s Next VR Film A Kite’s Tale


Disney’s hand-drawn VR film is an adorable tale of two unlikely friends.

The Ghost Howls’s VR Week Peek (2019.07.15): Apple kills its AR glasses, Oculus full-steam ahead on 2nd gen VR and much more!

The Ghost Howls

I wish you’re having a wonderful Sunday. Here you are my recap of the most interesting XR news of the week! Top news of the week. Image by Martin Hajek, from iDropNews). Apple has killed its AR glasses project… maybe.

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Stanford Children's Hospital Experiments with Magic Leap One to Reinvent Medical Training Simulations

Next Reality AR

In the last few years, the HoloLens has become a popular tool for use in medical procedures and training. But recently, the Magic Leap One has gained momentum in the space as well when it comes to medical use cases.

Rumor: Apple Reportedly Suspends Work on Consumer AR Headset

Road to VR

The Cupertino-based tech giant may be pumping the brakes on its long-rumored Apple AR headset , something that was reportedly slated to see a release as early as 2020.

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Sword-Swinging VR Adventure Until You Fall Gets Early Access Release Date


Schell Games’ sword-swinging VR adventure, Until You Fall , arrives in Early Access very soon. The latest game from the makers of I Expect You To Die hits Steam Early Access on August 27. We still only have the briefest of teasers for the game, which you can see below.

Samsung Files Patent Application For Foldable AR Glasses


Could the multinational technology conglomerate be expanding into the AR market? According to a recently published patent application filed by Samsung, the company may be developing a foldable AR headset featuring a built-in display that automatically activates when the device is unfolded.

Infographic: Valve Index versus Oculus Rift S

Tech Trends VR

How to two of the newer top-of-the-line VR headsets compare to each other on key features? This handy infographic lays it all out. The software that comes alongside the Oculus is much better than the Index by a long shot Click To Tweet. Software.

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Google Teams with New York Times to Deliver 'Stranger Things' Augmented Reality Easter Egg in Newspapers

Next Reality AR

The promotions around last week's release of Stranger Things 3 have been numerous, with Netflix at one point even taking over an entire baseball field via augmented reality.

Quest Teardown Shows How Oculus Crammed Cooling & Cameras Inside

Road to VR

Oculus Quest is the company’s first mobile headset to offer full positional tracking, and also its first to be able to run a handful of top PC VR titles that have been ported to work with the headset.

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Defector Review: An Exciting VR Spy Thriller Built Around Replayability


Defector, the VR spy thriller from Twisted Pixel and Oculus Studios is finally here, but does it deliver on the promise of being like Mission Impossible in VR? Find out in our Defector review. The best way I could describe Defector would be to call it like an exercise in bare bones wish fulfillment.

Tea For God Brings Impossible VR Playspaces To The Oculus Quest


Void Room’s procedurally generated rogue-like shooter is now available to sideload on Quest.

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VR Collaboration Tool The Wild Adds Support for Oculus Quest

Peter Graham

When it comes to enterprise use cases for virtual reality (VR) technology one of the best is the ability to help teams collaborate on projects. While not always practical to have full tethered VR systems in an office taking up space, the advent of standalone devices has removed that issue.

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Continuing our Collaboration with Snap at VidCon

Jaunt VR

Posted by Neal Poeppelmeier, Head of Product Today we’re excited to continue our collaboration with Snap by bringing XR Cast to VidCon in Anaheim, CA. We know that creators are always on the lookout for new and compelling content for their followers—and our work with Snap allows for just that.

Exclusive: 35 Minutes of ‘Until You Fall’ Groundbreaking Melee Combat Gameplay

Road to VR

In announcing Until You Fall , Schell Games was boastful about its ability to deliver an “intense, real-time combat expe­ri­ence that hasn’t been seen before with VR.”

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Jason Rubin: Oculus ‘Would Love’ To Trade VR Games With PSVR


Could we one day see Oculus exclusive games like Lone Echo, Stormland and Asgard’s Wrath on PSVR? Oculus’ Jason Rubin would like that very much. Speaking to Kotaku at E3 last month, Oculus’ VP of Special Gaming Initiatives said he would “love” to make a trade with Sony.

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Bigscreen TV Launches With 50+ Channels Of Video Content


Cable just got a modern makeover. First introduced to American homes during the 1940s, television has since become a staple of American life.

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Medical Platform XRHealth Allows Third Party Development

Peter Graham

Great strides are being made in the use cases for virtual reality (VR) as a viable medium for certain health treatments. XRHealth ( formerly VRHealth ) is one company doing just that, announcing this week that its platform is now being opened to third-party developers.

New Feature Spotlight: User Input Screen (aka “Add User ID”)


New Feature Spotlight: . User Input Screen (aka “Add User ID”). One of our newest features is perhaps one of the most valuable — the “User Input Screen” add-on found in the Branding section of the Console.

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Disney Animation Studios to Debut VR Short Film ‘A Kite’s Tale’ Later This Month

Road to VR

Disney Animation Studios is set to debut its second VR short film, A Kite’s Tale , late this month at the SIGGRAPH conference in Los Angeles.

Spider-Man VR Update Adds New Missions And More


A new Spider-Man VR update is here, and it packs a few new surprises. Update 1.01 launched for the PSVR version of the game yesterday. It brings with it two new time trials, two new combat trials and five new pins to discover.

Dan Carlin’s War Remains VR Experience Puts You In The Trenches Of WWI


Podcast legend Dan Carlin immerses you in one of the most brutal battlefields in history.

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New Trailer and Images Released for Japanese Escape Room Experience Last Labyrinth

Peter Graham

Earlier this week Japanese developer Amata K.K. demoed its upcoming virtual reality (VR) escape videogame Last Labyrinth for the first time during the PlayStation Matsuri TOKYO 2019 exhibition.