Take a Look Inside the Washington State Murder Hornet Nest

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On Tuesday, Washington state officials announced they found over 500 Asian giant hornets in the nest, including dozens of not-yet-fertile queens that were primed to mate, wait out the… Read more. murder hornets asian giant hornet insects washington science entomology

Mario Kart VR Is Coming To Washington D.C. This Fall


Bandai Namco is bringing Mario Kart VR to the United States at VR Zone Portal Washington D.C. Washington D.C.’s The experience should be available along with others at the arcade in Washington D.C.’s Tagged with: bandai namco Facebook Twitter Reddit More The post Mario Kart VR Is Coming To Washington D.C.


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The First Human Composting Company Is Ready to Lay You to Rest in Washington

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Washington passed a law in 2019 allowing people to turn themselves into compost after death. death green burial washington compostThe Evergreen state has become even more, uh, evergreen.

John David Washington reacts to Christopher Nolan movie fan theories

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Tenet' star John David Washington responds to some of the internet's strangest Nolan fan theories. More about Mashable Video , Christopher Nolan , Tenet , John David Washington , and Entertainment. Mashable Video Christopher Nolan Tenet John David Washington Entertainment

Wilder vs Washington: Stream Tonight’s PBC Heavyweight Title Fight In VR


This weekend, VR users will have the best seats in the house as FOX Sports and NextVR partner up to stream three Premier Boxing Champions matches including the long-awaited fight between undefeated fighters Deontay Wilder and Gerald Washington for the heavyweight title. Match 3: Title fight against undefeated heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder (37-0-0, 36 KOs) as he defends his world title against unbeaten contender Gerald Washington (18-0-1, 12 KOs).

First Male Murder Hornet in U.S. Caught in Washington State

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The murder-hornet-hunting heroes at the Washington State Department of Agriculture have successfully trapped a male specimen—the first of its kind found stateside.

Scientists will destroy first 'murder hornet' nest found in Washington state

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More about Science , Washington , Nest , Asian Giant Hornets , and Science. Science Washington Nest Asian Giant HornetsRemember " murder hornets "? You know, the two-inch long wasps that stoked unreasonable fear in people all around the United States. Well, scientists in the U.S.

Photos show powerful demonstration for racial justice at the 2020 March on Washington

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delivered his iconic "I Have a Dream" address at the March on Washington, demonstrators once again descended on the National Mall to demand racial justice. George Floyd , Jacob Blake , and March On Washington. George Floyd Jacob Blake March On Washington

Airbnb Cancels All Washington, DC Bookings in Light of Suspected Unrest

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In a troubling press release that reads like a news bulletin from the first five minutes of a zombie movie, Airbnb has announced a unilateral cancellation of all bookings for Washington, DC during inauguration week, acknowledging reports that “armed militias and known hate groups” are expected to make an appearance. Read more.

Electronic Arts will remove Washington Redskins name, logo in Madden NFL 21

Digital Trends

The Washington Redskins will be replaced with a generic team for now. Gaming News EA Sports Electronic Arts Madden NFL 21 Washington Redskins

Virtual march on Washington, Tesla cyber attack, and more| Digital Trends Live

Digital Trends

We discuss the top tech topics, including the virtual march on Washington, Tesla’s cyberattack, and more. Digital Trends Live Small Business dt live facebook horizon march on washington Tesla

Kerry Washington's adorable father cracks her up with topical dad jokes

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The summer of Jimmy Kimmel Live guest hosts rolls on, with a super glam Kerry Washington taking the reins for Monday night's show. More about Jimmy Kimmel Live , Kerry Washington , Dad Jokes , Entertainment , and Talk Show.

VRstudios Deploys Its Wireless VR Solution At Muckleshoot Casino In Washington State


The company, which provides a proprietary VR arcade solution that allows users to walk around virtual environments wirelessly, teamed up with Muckleshoot Casino in Auburn, Washington. After bringing its wireless VR solution to Europe , Bellevue-based VRstudios is now betting big on another market: casinos. Both single and multiplayer VR experiences are now available several days a week at the site’s nightclub, Club Galaxy.

3 New VR Arcades Hit Utah, Ohio, and Washington, DC

Road to VR

That’s the idea behind three new VR Arcades that have opened in Utah, Ohio, and Washington, DC, which are leveraging the HTC Vive as the go-to ‘out-of-home’ VR platform for such activities. notionVR – Washington, DC. The notionVR arcade by product development studio NotionTheory opens this month in the US capital of Washington, DC, at the MakeOffices at Dupont. The post 3 New VR Arcades Hit Utah, Ohio, and Washington, DC appeared first on Road to VR.

Ohio 124

Miranda: A Live Steampunk VR Opera Where You Play As Judge & Jury


It’s trial by opera in this interactive murder-mystery. There’s been a murder! One of the city’s wealthiest women has been found dead, but things don’t quite add up. The circumstances of her death are shrouded in mystery.

Washington Scientists Vacuum Murder Hornets Out of First Nest Discovered Stateside

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Finally, some good news this year. Read more. ladies and gentlemen we got them murder hornets asian giant hornet invasive species bees honey bees insects science

Washington caught its first Asian giant hornet. OK fine, yes, a 'murder hornet'.

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the Washington State Department of Agriculture actually managed to catch one in a trap. Don't call it a " murder hornet.". The stinging. honeybee-hunting insect that first made the news in May is back in headlines once again. Months after it was first sighted in the U.S.,

Facebook actively lobbied for a TikTok ban in Washington, report claims

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Mark Zuckerberg expressed his concerns over the app during White House dinners. News Social Media breaking twitter Facebook tiktok

The Influencers Are Lobbying Washington, but What Do They Want?

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In honor of the Tenth Anniversary of Social Media Day, influencers have issued a declaration of independence and the formation of an autonomous trade association, hereby known as the American Influencer Council. Founding members—most with over one million followers, all casually flawless—influence in such areas as … Read more. influencers instagram

Practice Your Carving Skills On This AR Turkey


The Washington Post is here to make carving your Thanksgiving turkey easy this holiday season. Thankfully, the fine folks over at The Washington Post are here to save our sorry butts with a 3D-model bird complete with animated instructions on where to cut, separate, and debone your own turkey. To get started on your virtual turkey, visit The Washington Post on an Apple device using iOS 12. . Image Credit: The Washington Post / Atthar Mirza.

Turkey 252

Photo Wake-Up Converts Still Images Into AR Animations


With Photo Wake-Up, a new form of 3D character animation, a team of researchers from the University of Washington have expanded upon the idea of augmented reality-enhanced photos by introducing a technique that can convert a 2D image into a 3D animation which, with the help of AR technology, can literally walk into our reality. News AR Augmented Reality Photo Wake-Up University of WashingtonA team of researchers bring 2D photos to life with automatic 3D animations.

Mario Kart GP VR Arrives Stateside This October


VR Zone’s hit rendition of the original Nintendo classic heads to Washington DC alongside two other LB VR experiences. Well it appears as though our time has finally come as Bandai Namco announces the arrival of ‘VR Zone Portal Washington DC.’, brought great success, and we hope to follow suit in Washington, D.C. News Mario Kart GP VR VR Zone Portal Washington DC VR Zone Shinjuku

Where Do We Go From Here?

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wildfire season is year round now california oregon washington forestAfter Sen. Ed Markey won his primary in Massachusetts earlier this month, he had a message : “The age of incrementalism is over.” Read more.

You Can Watch the Prologue for Tenet Right Now

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tenet christopher nolan warner bros john david washington robert pattinson elizabeth debickiChristopher Nolan has, uhh, he’s made some mistakes. Is the actual construction of Tenet one of them? Pretty soon we’re all going to get a chance to find out. Read more.

The Most Apocalyptic Photos From the West Coast Fires This Week

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There are now three states—California, Washington state and Oregon—battling raging wildfires, which have left a trail of destruction in their wake and, in some cases, have literally changed the color of the sky. The West Coast is burning, and it’s still not under control.

'Out of control': Kerry Washington gets kids' opinions on Trump

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"Voting is one of our most sacred duties, and it's important to start talking about it early," said Kerry Washington on Tuesday. More about Kids , Children , Donald Trump , Jimmy Kimmel Live , and Kerry Washington. Kids Children Donald Trump Jimmy Kimmel Live Kerry Washington

One Murder Hornet Down (Don't Ask How Many to Go)

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The Washington State Department of Agriculture has successfully trapped its first Asian giant hornet, aka murder hornet aka 2-inch-long flying demon that rips off bees’ heads and haunts my nightmares.

Here’s how scientists tracked, traced, and destroyed the first 'murder hornet' nest found in the U.S.

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The nest was found by scientists in Washington state by attaching small tracking devices to the hornets and following them back to their nest. More about Mashable Video , Washington , Nest , Tracker , and Dental Floss. Mashable Video Washington Nest Tracker Dental Floss

D.C. schools gets $10 million for VR education

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Steve Jobs’ widow Laurene Powell Jobs has given $10 million for a virtual reality project to the Washington Leadership Academy, a public charter school in the heart of Washington, D.C. The prize was one of... Briefs VR & AR Washington Leadership Academy XQ Super School

DC 109

Reuniting with teachers on Twitter is so incredibly wholesome

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The most recent reunion, which took place on Wednesday night, was between actor Kerry Washington and her eighth grade teacher, Tiffany Bluemle. Washington hosted the third night of the 2020 Democratic National Convention on Wednesday. Most days, Twitter is a digital hellscape.

‘Mario Kart VR’ Comes to the US Today in Bandai Namco’s Newest VR Arcade

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VR ZONE Portal Washington D.C. The launches in Japan and the UK brought great success, and we hope to follow suit in Washington, D.C.,” Check out the VR Zone Portal Washington D.C. HTC Vive Games News VR Arcade VR Games bandai namco htc vive mario kart Mario Kart Arcade GP VR vr arcade vr zone vr zone arcade vr zone arcade washington

DC 163

These Plastic Objects Can Talk to Computers Without Electronics or Batteries

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But researchers from the University of Washington have seemingly done the impossible by creating simple plastic devices without batteries, chips, or even wires that can … Read more. research science university of washington paul g allen school of computer science engineering wifi backscatter 3d printing internetofthingsThe natural assumption is that for a device to wirelessly communicate with another, it needs some basic electronics inside and a source of power.

Look at What You Started, Epic—Now Everyone's Saying Screw the Apple Tax

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amazon apple apple app store ios iosapps epic games epic games store fortnite freefortnite washington post wall street journal new york times newspapers media apple tax

Apple 99

Facebook Finally Cracks Down on Bogus Propaganda About Oregon Wildfires

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wildfire season is year round now wildfires oregon washington california antifa facebookAs emergency responders in Oregon struggle to contain a record 900,000 acres of wildfires across the state, local police have been fighting to contain a torrent of bogus rumors spreading online.

Oregon 105

While the West Coast Burns, NOAA Welcomes a Climate Change Denier Onboard

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noaa national oceanic and atmospheric administration climate change climate change ruins everything wildfires wildfire season is year round now washington oregon california california wildfires

How a Bargain-Basement Internet Conspiracy Theorist Rode the QAnon Wave to the Edge of Congress

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marjorie taylor greene qanon tea party washington congress conspiracy theoriesAt an indoor, largely maskless victory party in August, Marjorie Taylor Greene had a message for her detractors.

West Coast States Are Teaming Up to Build an Electric Highway

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Utilities and state agencies in California, Oregon, and Washington announced a plan to transform highway infrastructure that would speed the transition. the clean energy revolution california washington oregon electric vehiclesThe West Coast is preparing for a future where giant diesel transport trucks go electric. Read more.