For Earth Day, Houston Public Media Is Promoting. Chevron?

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On Wednesday, Houston Public Radio, which encompasses the city’s NPR affiliate as well as its public broadcasting network, unveiled a series it produced with oil giant Chevron on the… Read more.

Houston Fire Department on VR’s Potential to Enhance Firefighter Training

Road to VR

Patrick Hagan is a technical specialist for the Houston Fire Department who had an opportunity to try out a VR demo by HTX Labs featuring an active shooter critical response training scenario. The post Houston Fire Department on VR’s Potential to Enhance Firefighter Training appeared first on Road to VR.


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Houston’s ITC Expo to Showcase Business-focused VR/AR Solutions, November 6th–7th

Road to VR

The Immersive Technology Conference (ITC) , soon to be hosted at the University of Houston on November 6th & 7th, is an event built around a paradox. Houston, Texas, a hub for industries ranging from Medicine to Oil & Gas to Aerospace, has been ground-zero for many of the conversations reimagining the scope of what VR and AR can accomplish. “At The Immersive Technology Conference runs from November 6th-7th at the University of Houston, in Houston, Texas.

Amazon Partners With Baseball's Worst Cheaters to Make Buying Ballpark Snacks Feel Like Shoplifting

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Amazon’s bringing its Just Walk Out cashier-free payment system to parts of the Houston Astros stadium.

Miranda: A Live Steampunk VR Opera Where You Play As Judge & Jury


It’s trial by opera in this interactive murder-mystery. There’s been a murder! One of the city’s wealthiest women has been found dead, but things don’t quite add up. The circumstances of her death are shrouded in mystery.

Creating Synthetic Photography, with ThreeKit’s Ben Houston

XR for Business Podcast

The obvious answer is the ethos behind ThreeKit’s product customization software, which CTO Ben Houston joins Alan to discuss. Today, we have a very special guest, Ben Houston. Today, we have a very special guest, Ben Houston.

At Least 4 Injured in Exxon Oil Refinery Fire

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Houston area residents were startled awake early this morning by a thunderous boom followed up by smoke-filled, orange-tinted skies.

GE Breaking Up Into Three Separate Public Businesses

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economy of the united states business finance schenectady new york ge capital aviation services h lawrence culp gizmodo ge capital microsoft h lawrence culp jr general electric ge security mergers and acquisitions rca companies general electric company thomson houston company alphabet thomas edison

Lost ‘Foreign’ Neighborhood Discovered at Ancient Maya City of Tikal

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tikal mesoamerica uaxactun countries in north america edwin roman ramirez teotihuacan americas maya architecture maya civilization stephen houston edwin history of north america temple of the feathered serpent teotihuacan

A Rare, Cancer-Like Parasite Is Emerging in North America

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echinococcus multilocularis health medical pharma stan houston infection parasitic diseases infectious diseases zoonoses echinococcosis medical specialties clinical medicine helminthiases neglected tropical diseases cestoda food helminthiasis

Gwendoline Christie Adds Tim Burton's Wednesday TV Series to Her Schedule

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I don’t know if Tim Burton’s Wednesday TV series will be any good, but it has been already been immensely successful in one regard: the casting.

Sansar Partners With Overwatch For Esports VR Streaming


Partnering with prominent Overwatch teams such as the Houston Outlaws and the San Francisco Shock , fans can participate in virtual photo ops and official meet-and-greets with their favorite players, access exclusive giveaways, view live matches in a custom shared watch space, even show their love by purchasing branded merch from their favorite teams. “We’ve News eSports Houston Outlaws Linden Lab Overwatch Overwatch League Sans Francisco Shock Sansar

There's Still Hope for Attack the Block 2

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The Flash movie has lost its Henry Allen. Get a look at the Mortal Kombat movie’s take on Kabal in new footage. Marc Webb teams up with Seth Grahame-Smith for a new R.L. Stine adaptation at Disney. Plus, what’s coming on Batwoman and Van Helsing. To me, my spoilers! Read more.

Industrial Immersive Week: Take Part in XR Transformation

AR Insider

Join the show next month in Houston. With four years under its belt (a lifetime in the XR market), Industrial Immersive Week is among the most tenured events focused on the high-impact intersection of immersive tech and industrial enterprises. This post appeared first on AR Insider.

NASA Selects Axiom Space to Build the First Moonwalking Spacesuits Since Apollo

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Houston-based Axiom Space has now been brought in to fill this glaring gap. NASA hopes to land a man and a woman on the lunar surface in late 2025, but the space agency currently lacks a functional moonwalking spacesuit.

Join the Industrial XR Global Summit, October 28-29

AR Insider

Taking place October 28-29, the hybrid event will host the top enterprise XR leaders in Houston for networking & narratives. AR Insider is proud to partner with the Industrial XR Global Summit.

Startup 1RIC Serves Up AR Volumetric Videos of Vic Mensa, Poppy, & More via Jadu iPhone App

Next Reality AR

While holographic Whitney Houston is hitting the road, a new mobile app is bringing volumetric captures of up and coming performers directly to the iPhones and iPads of fans.

Overwatch League’s Dallas Fuel will resume in-person esports events in July

Digital Trends

The Dallas Fuel announced it will be hosting an in-person Overwatch League event with an audience against the Houston Outlaws. Gaming dallas fuel eSports Overwatch

Google Flagged Parents' Photos of Sick Children as Sexual Abuse

GizModo VR

Two fathers, one in San Francisco and another in Houston, were separately investigated by the police on suspicion of child abuse and exploitation after using Android phones (owned by Google) to take photos of their sons’ genitals for medical purposes.

Project Veritas 'Whistleblower' Complains Fox Station Suppressed Bitcoin Reports

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Depending on your political outlook and/or how much paint you’ve huffed lately, the far-right activist group Project Veritas is either a groundbreaking conservative investigative outlet or a group of dweebs doing an unending series of pratfalls and faceplants for your amusement.

Netflix’s Squid Game Gets A ‘Life-Sized’ Immersive Experience


The company opened its 13th venue in New York City just last month, joining additional locations in Dallas, Houston, Chicago, Salt Lake City, Denver, DC, Rancho Cucamonga, and San Antonio. Immersive Gamebox brings the hit television show to life like never before.

Hypersonic Plane From Venus Aerospace Will Travel to the Edge of Space

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Earlier this week, Venus Aerospace, a Houston-based aeronautics startup, released renderings for Stargazer—an incredibly fast high-altitude vehicle it’s hoping to develop. Read more. aerospace venus aerospace andrew duggleby hypersonic flight airspeed stargazer spaceflight concorde aerodynamics hypersonic speed spaceplane aerospace engineering mach number flight

Using augmented reality, Altoida is identifying the likely onset of neurodegenerative diseases

TechCrunch VR

Tarnanas finally settled in Houston, where Altoida is now based. Augmented Reality Health TC Altoida Alzheimer's arkansas Bern dementia Disease Food and Drug Administration Houston iPad Japan medicine Mental Illness Merck New York Pharmaceutical san diego switzerland United States Virtual reality

XR Healthcare Case Study: FundamentalVR and MITIE

XR Today - Virtual Reality

FundamentalVR teamed up with the Houston Methodist Institute for Technology, Innovation, and Education (MITIE) on Tuesday to launch the MITIEverse, scaling the breadth of its healthcare learning.

2 Dead After a Tesla Believed to be Driverless Crashes Into a Tree

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Two men died after the Tesla they were riding in, which local authorities believe had no one in the driver’s seat, crashed into a tree and burst into flames in the north of Houston on Saturday.

NASA Announces VR Mars Ride With Actual 90-Foot Drop


Those lucky enough to attend the Super Bowl Live festival in Houston have the chance to travel to Mars in virtual reality. One of the biggest of these events, Super Bowl Live, will take place nine days leading up to the big game February 5th in Houston, Texas at NRG Stadium. 5, 2017 at NRG Stadium in Houston, Texas. The Super Bowl is just around the corner, and unsurprisingly the multiple promotional events dedicated to the massively-popular spectacle have begun to kick off.

How to Know If You're Dangerously Overheated

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Three days later Houston, Texas hit a daily record of 102 degrees (39 °C). We’re only two weeks into summer, and heatwaves are already scorching the United States. Memphis, Tennessee hit a daily record high temperature of 100 degrees Fahrenheit (38 °C) on June 17.

Texas Company Charged for Causing Major California Oil Spill

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A federal grand jury indicted Houston-based Amplify Energy Corp. The Texas company allegedly responsible for spilling hundreds of gallons of oil near Huntington Beach, California, in October is facing criminal charges.

What's the Best Air Purifier?

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Houston, we’ve got allergies. Or rather my wife has allergies and I’m suffering the consequences secondhand.

The Wonderful Looks Out of This World.Literally

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It’s not just “ Houston, we have a problem ,” there’s always a problem. Most of your favorite space movies feature something going wrong. A malfunction. An invasion. But that’s the movies. It’s fiction.

Eerie NASA photo shows intense training for dark moon missions

Mashable VR

The training is happening in the agency's Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory in Houston, a huge pool (it's 40 feet deep) designed to simulate conditions in lower gravity. "As When NASA astronauts next visit the moon, it'll be a dark and shadowy expedition.

Save the Date for the Most Important XR Events in Q3 and Q4 2022


Where: Houston, Texas, USA. After going up north for SIGGRAPH, you can book your flight south to Houston, TX, and attend one of the more tech-focused XR events. The last two years were a challenge for everyone, including the thriving XR community.

Elizabeth Warren, Congressional Dems are coming for crypto miners

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The inquiry found that these Bitcoin miners are heading towards using up "as much as 1,045 megawatts of power, or enough electricity to power all the residences in a city the size of Houston." Houston is Texas' most populous city and the fourth largest in the country with more than 2.3

Uber Explore adds reservations, activities to the ride-hailing app

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cities (Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, Memphis, Minneapolis-St. Another button is coming to the Uber app home screen: Uber Explore. Like the name hints, this feature that launched in select cities Tuesday is a new way to find things to do.

XR Construction Case Study in Focus: CannonDesign and VIVE

XR Today - Virtual Reality

Using the combined technology, CannonDesign was able to launch a preliminary design strategy with the University of Houston’s college for Nursing. In the preliminary project with the Houston College, CannonDesign set a number of goals to achieve with its new VR solution.

NBA to Broadcast 26 Games Live in VR This Season via NextVR

Road to VR

The VR viewing schedule tips off October 26th with the New Orleans Pelicans vs. the Houston Rockets, and will feature a top game each week throughout the NBA regular season. Starting next month, the NBA and NextVR will be broadcasting 26 basketball games live in VR, some of which are free to watch for US-based users with a VR headsets.

“Enter Thee Hottieverse”: Megan Thee Stallion’s Immersive Virtual Reality Concert Powered by AmazeVR


Fans in San Francisco (April 21-24), Chicago (May 5-8), Dallas (May 12-15), Houston (May 19-22), Atlanta (May 26-29), Miami (June 2-5), Charlotte (June 16-19), and Washington DC (June 23-26) will also get to enjoy the VR concert in movie theaters near them.