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‘AR/VR Austin’ 2017 to Explore Political Climate & its Impact on the VR/AR Industry

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The Alternative Realities mini-conference is an unofficial event taking place during this year’s South By Southwest festival in Austin, Texas, which itself includes 45 AR and VR panels, sessions, and workshops scheduled between the 10th and 16th March, including some with similar agendas.

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FluidCast VR Opening Texas-Based Virtual Reality Studio


Everything is bigger in Texas — especially the future of virtual reality production. The post FluidCast VR Opening Texas-Based Virtual Reality Studio appeared first on VRJournal. FluidCast Technologies, a provider of the FluidCast Video Cloud. Featured VR Industry and Technology Beacon Hill VR FluidCast VR

‘Casino VR’ Now Offers In-App Chip Purchases

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DOOM is Out, Quake or Wolfenstein to Come Next?


Following the successful launch of DOOM, idSoftware is working on increasing its headcount by 17 job positions in company headquarters in Dallas (Texas) and Frankfurt (Germany).

SyncThink Closes $3.5 Million Series A Funding to Further Develop VR-based Concussion Detection

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SyncThink also boasts partnerships with the Pac-12 Conference, the University of Texas, and the NBA Champion Golden State Warriors. SyncThink, a Berkeley-based eye-tracking and brain firm, announced the closing of a $3.5 million Series A-1 funding round led by Quadrant Management.

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Watch The Latest From Unity At Unite Austin


It’s about time for another one of Unity’s many, lengthy press conferences, this time coming from Austin, Texas. The next Unite showing kicks off today, and we’re expecting plenty of updates from John Riccitiello and co at the show. You can watch it below at 4pm PT/7pm ET.

Facebook Actually Bought Oculus for $3 Billion (Not $2 Billion)


The Facebook CEO knows exactly how much his company paid for Oculus, clarifying the higher purchase price at a Texas courthouse. Mark Zuckerberg gave testimony during a lawsuit with ZeniMax about the real cost of Oculus.

US Legislators Form VR-centric “Reality Caucus” to Guide Immersive Technology Policy

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Bill Flores (R-Texas)’ Darrell Issa (R-California). Yesterday five US congressional representatives announced the formation of a ‘Congressional Caucus on Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality’ The bipartisan caucus will be co-chaired by: Yvette Clarke (D-New York).

This Restaurant Will Let You Paint With Sauces in VR


Through a partnership with IMG, the brand is taking their interactive tailgate experience on the road to 12 games, with its first one having already kicked off September 4 in Austin for the University of Texas vs. Notre Dame matchup. 4 – University of Texas vs. Notre Dame.

Forrester’s B2B Marketing Forum Reinforces The Concept Of “Customer As Compass” (And Covers What To Do About It)

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I hope that nobody in your organization needs convincing that you should join us at the B2B Marketing Forum in Austin, Texas, this year (October 5 and 6, 2017).

Release Dates & Platforms for ‘Skyrim VR’, ‘Doom VFR’, and ‘Fallout 4 VR’ Revealed

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The legendary annual QuakeCon is held in Dallas, Texas hosted by parent company ZeniMax Media is home to publisher Bethesda Softworks’ world-famous IP, with this year’s focus on the Quake World Championships esport competition.

HTC Debuts Kingspray VR Graffiti Simulator at X Games


At the X Games in Austin, Texas from June 2-5, HTC is publicly demoing for the first time Kingspray Graffiti Simulator. This graffiti simulator is coming to VR and now you can try an early demo.

Samsung is Developing VR Tools to Help Diagnose Mental Health

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The system, called Eye Sync, is already in use at the athletic divisions of University of Texas and Iowa State University.

Houston Fire Department on VR’s Potential to Enhance Firefighter Training

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Patrick Hagan is a technical specialist for the Houston Fire Department who had an opportunity to try out a VR demo by HTX Labs featuring an active shooter critical response training scenario.

Jury Awards ZeniMax $500 Million in Oculus Case


Garrett Glass is a freelance writer based in Texas. The legal battle between ZeniMax Media v Oculus VR has a verdict from the jury. In the first of many questions put to the jury, they decided Oculus did not misappropriate trade secrets.

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Verdict: Zenimax Awarded $500 Million Judgement in Oculus VR Lawsuit


A Dallas, Texas jury awarded half a billion dollars to ZeniMax Wednesday after finding that Oculus co-founder Palmer Luckey, and by extension Oculus, violated the terms of a non-disclosure agreement in the early days of developing the Rift VR headset. The verdict’s finally in.

The Oculus Acquisition May Cost Facebook $3 Billion, Not $2.3 Billion


Last week a lawsuit filed against Oculus and its management started its trial in Dallas, Texas. The suit is being filed by ZeniMax, an umbrella company that owns several high profile gaming studios such as Bethesda Softworks and id Software.

Experts Share 6 Legal Considerations to Know Before Jumping into the VR/AR Industry

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Earlier this month, a panel of legal experts met at the SIXR Legal Workshop to discuss legal challenges in VR and AR development and how to navigate them.

How Merge is Building an XR Ecosystem for Kids


One Texas-based company, Merge , is spearheading efforts to check all three boxes by creating a kid-friendly VR/AR ecosystem. Merging the digital and physical worlds is not just for scientists, technologists, content creators, and grown-ups.

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$4 Billion ZeniMax v. Oculus Verdict Could Come as Early as Today, Here’s What You Need to Know

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This week the eyes of the virtual reality industry are on a federal court in Dallas, Texas where ZeniMax (and child company id Software) and Facebook (and child company Oculus) have been engaged in legal battle over a dispute which could cost Facebook $4 billion.

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‘Casino VR Poker’ Holds Tournament with Real Prizes, Oculus Rift + Touch Bundles for Top 3 Players

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The 2017 Virtual Reality Conference and Expo Schedule


Austin, Texas. Austin, Texas. 2016 could be considered the official introduction of virtual reality to the world and many industries have either embraced the technology at varying levels or simply started paying attention to movements within the industry.

Oculus CTO John Carmack Sues ZeniMax For $22.5 Million In Ongoing Battle


” A Texas jury issued a $500 million decision against Oculus and co-founders Brendan Iribe and Palmer Luckey in a recent case due to copyright infringement and “false designation”, but the filing by Carmack says “ZeniMax did not bring any claim for breach of contract against Mr. Carmack as part of that lawsuit.”

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VR Is Changing Sports: More Than 30 Teams Use STRIVR Training While SyncThink Diagnoses Concussions


The company recently announced roll-outs at Iowa State and the University of Texas, which join Stanford University. Sync Think’s concussion diagnosis VR kit aims to accurately and quickly identify players who are injured. A pair of companies are leading the charge to change professional and college sports using VR. We’ve previously covered STRIVR , a startup which emerged from Stanford, as the company works to evolve training for football and other sports.

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The Five Best HTC Vive Releases For The Week Of 07/16/17


Lucky Night: Texas Hold’em VR , from Next Games. Lucky Night is a visually impressive Texas Hold’em experience that allows for cross-play with Vive and Rift players. As the VR ecosystem continues, so shall our coverage! Each week we’ll give a full list of all the releases per usual, but also highlight the 5 most interesting experiences each week.

STRIVR Introduces VR Training On and Off the Field

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Fast forward to 2016 and STRIVR Labs counts the likes of Texas Tech, Arkansas, Stanford, Dallas Cowboys, and Arizona Cardinals, among others, as clients using STRIVR’s VR solutions to enhance training.

Snapchat’s Augmented Reality Vending Machines are Marketing Gold


Editor’s Note: VRScout was able to independently verify valid re-sale permits for Snapchat’s Bot in the states of Nevada, Texas, Washington and Hawaii.

Borderlands Dev Gearbox Is Working On A ‘Key VR’ Game


The SMU Guildhall, a Texas-based university specializing in videogame development, this month announced that 16 of its students had been hired by Gearbox to work on an unannounced VR videogame. According to CEO Randy Pitchford this will be a custom-built team that will work on a “key Virtual Reality project” at the company’s HQ in Frisco, Texas.

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Google Working on VR Short Film With ‘Book of Life’ Director Jorge Gutierrez


Reel FX is a digital studio based in Dallas, Texas and Santa Monica, California. The new animated VR film will be part of Google Spotlight Stories. The Book of Life director Jorge Gutierrez is diving into VR with his first 360° animated short Son of Jaguar.

Sony Music Showcases Multiplayer VR Experience Using Vive, Not PSVR


You’d think if a division of Sony was making a VR experience they’d be using the company’s own headset, PlayStation VR (PSVR). It’s surprising to learn, then, Sony Music Entertainment is working with a rival headset, the HTC Vive.

VR for Good: MyndVR Wants To Make The Ultimate Platform To Help The Elderly


So far the company has teamed with students at the University of Texas at Dallas campus to create several kinds of experiences. A few years ago director Michael Rossato-Bennett and Music and Memory’s Dan Cohen started to explore the effects music had on people with Alzheimer’s disease. As documented in 2014’s Alive Inside, they began to see patients become more expressive and joyful through use of this long-established medium.

Training to Craning in 60 Minutes: Putting My VR-learned Skills to the Test with a Real 22 Ton Crane

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Last week, I traveled to the Houston Area Safety Council in Pasadena, Texas, to put Industrial Training International VR’s new crane simulator through its paces.

Judge Calls For End Of ZeniMax/Oculus Legal Battle


This week, the company asked a South Texas court to either carry out that request or for Oculus to pay it 20% in royalties of revenue for the next 10 years. One of the biggest stories of 2017 for the VR industry is also one of its longest. The year started out with ZeniMax Media taking Facebook-owned Oculus to court over an alleged theft of technology. A jury eventually ruled that Oculus must pay ZeniMax $500,000,000, but that wasn’t the end of things — ZeniMax wants more.

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Oculus lawsuit ends with hundreds of millions going to ZeniMax


The Texas jury deciding the case has determined … Continue reading. The two-year long court battle between Oculus VR and ZeniMax Media has come to an end today. It’s been a heated battle throughout, with many high-profile executives taking the stand during testimony.

ZeniMax Responds To John Carmack’s Comments After $500 Million Verdict


The war of words continues between ZeniMax and Oculus in the wake of a $500 million mixed verdict issued yesterday by a Texas jury.

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How VR Saves Lives in the OR


A somewhat cruder version of Canine Anatomy was presented by Texas A&M at SXSW in 2016. VR is completely changing how doctors can train. This article originally appeared in Forbes.

‘Casino VR Poker’ Launches on Oculus Home, Touch and Vive Support to Come

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Casino VR Poker , the online free-to-play casino hosting live Texas hold’em, has today launched on Oculus Home, now allowing users to play in a cross-platform space with either Gear VR or Oculus Rift. After all, it’s just Texas hold’em, right?

Exclusive: Visiting ‘Wonderland’ With Trailblazing Startup Playful Corp.


The world we visited is called Wonderland and it is a container for a variety of experiments in virtual reality software design from Texas-based Playful Corp. I’m standing along a rail and there is a red trolley in the distance. It is broken and Daniel Hurd, Design Lead at Playful Corp.,

Kortex Pairs Sleep And Stress Neurostimulation With VR Headsets


There’s a 100-subject, double-blind, placebo-controlled insomnia study currently underway at the University of Texas but the data already received from the stimulator is beneficial right now because Kortex clones it technologically.