Oculus Quest United States Shipping Dates Pushed Into March


The dispatch dates for Facebook’s Oculus Quest headset have been pushed back once again in the United States, now not shipping until early March for the 64GB model and late February for the 128GB model when ordered from the official company website.

Minecraft Earth Is Finally Available In The United States


After gradually launching across a few smaller countries in the last few weeks, Minecraft Earth is finally available to download in the United States. So far, those regions the United Kingdom , New Zealand, Iceland , Australia, Mexico, Sweden , Canada, South Korea and the Philippines and, as of today, the United States. Unlike Wizards Unite, there is true magic at work here.”


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The United States is “looking at” banning TikTok, says Secretary of State

Digital Trends

News Social Media breaking China tiktok United StatesThe government is taking it "very seriously", he added.

European Union May Quarantine the United States

GizModo VR

As if we needed any further reminders that the United States has botched its response to the covid-19 crisis so spectacularly that we present a threat to the health global population, member states of the European Union are reportedly weighing whether to include American travelers on its ban list as European borders… Read more.

US Air Force Experiments With VR Suicide Prevention Training


This week the United States Department of Defense (DoD) disclosed yet another VR training program currently in use by the US Air Force. Airmen and their spouses are taught how to comfort distressed individuals in a virtual environment.

Man Who Swears He's 'Not a Dumbass' Arrested for Attempting to Murder the Internet

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A Texas man who, according to court documents, recently stated that he is definitely “not a dumbass,” is now potentially facing decades in prison for plotting an alleged terrorist attack to “blow up” the internet.

The Pentagon Is Looking At VR To Train Soldiers For Nuclear War


According to a recent solicitation posted by the United States Department of Defense, the executive branch department is seeking additional information pertaining to VR technology that could be used to train US forces for potential nuclear combat. . This solicitation for potential VR training solutions is just the latest in a series of XR-related pursuits by the United States military. Featured Image Credit: United States Army.

In 2020, Nearly 1 in 5 Americans Skipped Out on Medical Treatment Due to Cost

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A new survey released this week suggests that more than 46 million American adults avoided getting the medical care they needed because they couldn’t afford it in 2020. Sadly, the results reflect a long-running problem in the U.S. Read more.

Rep. Matt Gaetz Staffer Cheered On Capitol Rioters Via Parler as They Overran Police

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far right politics in the united states software mobile applications alt tech architecture of the united states electoral violence united states capitol police parler storming of the united states capitol matt gaetz united states capitol twitter

FBI Says Far-Right Militia Used Facebook Messenger to Coordinate Attack on Capitol Building

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far right politics in the united states united states software world wide web alt tech electoral violence united states capitol united states capitol police storming of the united states capitol parler gab facebook

Microsoft Wins Contract To Supply US Army With 120,000 HoloLens Headsets


The United States Army confirmed via an official statement yesterday that it has awarded Microsoft a contract to deliver 120,000 military-grade HoloLens AR headsets designed for use in a variety of combat scenarios.

Pico Neo VR Headset Will Make Its United States Debut At E3 2016


The post Pico Neo VR Headset Will Make Its United States Debut At E3 2016 appeared first on UploadVR. hardware VR Headsets 2016 AMOLED china display e3 Headset mobile OLED pico neo screen

Encrypted Chats, Parler Posts Indict Proud Boys Leaders for Capitol Rioting

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The FBI has amassed a tranche of social media posts and encrypted text messages implicating four senior members of the Proud Boys in a Jan. 6 plot to storm police barriers at the U.S. Capitol and stop members of Congress from certifying Joe Biden’s victory. Read more.

Microsoft Signs $22B Contract with US Army to Bring HoloLens 2 Tech to the Battlefield

Road to VR

Following a prototyping phase started in 2019, Microsoft and the United States Army have announced they are moving to a production phase of the Integrated Visual Augmentation System (IVAS), based on HoloLens 2 technology, through a contract worth up to $22 billion.

Influencer ‘The Billionaire Gucci Master’ May Have Been ‘Kidnapped’ by the United States

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A Dubai-based influencer with numerous luxury vehicles, a private jet, a $150,000 watch, and miles upon miles of Louis Vuitton print fabric, purportedly gained through real estate development, has been arrested and faces criminal charges for alleged conspiracy to launder hundreds of millions of dollars from frauds and… Read more. influencers

Apple Files Patent For Mixed Reality Headset That Projects Images On Your Eyeballs


This week the United States Patent and Trademark Office published a patent filed by Apple Inc. Image Credit: Patently Apple, The United States Patent and Trademark Office. Apple looks to eliminate screens entirely according to a patent published by the USPTO.

Apple 429

Discord Bans r/WallStreetBets For Hate Speech Violations

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Why Medicare for All Must Be Part of the Green New Deal

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Newark Residents Win Drinking Water Protections in New Settlement

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labor technology_internet regions of the united states geography of the united states states of the united states water supply and sanitation in the united states lead poisoning faulkner act newark new jersey water pollution water treatment flint water crisis lead service line newark delaware

Newsmax Anchor Loses Final Shred of Self-Respect, Apologizes to the MyPillow Guy

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politics mass media in the united states mass media conservatism in the united states newsmax mike lindell dominion voting systems far right politics in the united states sidney powell my pillow smartmatic fox news qanon

Scientists Found the Oldest Known Grizzly Bear in Yellowstone

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AOC and Bernie Sanders Push Joe Biden to Declare a Climate Emergency With a New Bill

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The Pick-Up Artists Found Their Final Form at the Capitol Siege

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Emails Show Amazon Pressured USPS to Install Mailbox at Alabama Warehouse Ahead of Union Vote

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Amazon reportedly pressured the United States Postal Service to expedite the installation of a mailbox outside of its Bessemer, Alabama warehouse ahead of a high-profile union vote, a move union supporters argue is a blatant tactic to intimidate employees.

Canada Slaps Proud Boys With Terrorist Designation

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The Radical Possibility of Deb Haaland at the Department of Interior

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Amazon Union Vote Fails in Bessemer, as Union Calls for Investigation

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Amazon has won the first round in its fight to squash a union in its Bessemer, Alabama, warehouse. Hundreds of contested ballots remain, but Amazon has reached the minimum threshold of 1,608 “no” votes needed to prevent workers from joining the Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Union (RWDSU).

How a Coal Mine in Montana Could Screw the Navajo Nation

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coal navajo nation navajo states of the united states western united states regions of the united states powder river basin coal mining peabody energy economic geology navajo history cloud peak energy

Activision Blizzard Hires Bush-Era Torture Apologist As Chief Compliance Officer

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Activision Blizzard announced yesterday that Frances F. Townsend, a former George W.

Report: Biden Admin Punishing 'Dozens' of Staffers for Prior Weed Use

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cannabis politics federal government of the united states presidency of joe biden jen psaki fiction democrats united states joe biden

Grassroots Groups Just Won a Major Victory Against Fracking in the Northeast

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delaware river environment states of the united states mark ruffalo regions of the united states hydraulic fracturing delaware river basin commission drbc delaware jeff tittel geography of the united states unconventional oil

Dear Namco Bandai, please bring a VR Zone Arcade to the United States.

Cats and VR

Hopefully we can get a Bandai Arcade Zone in the states Bandai Namco’s VR Arcade VR Zone in Shinjuku, Tokyo is the VR arcade that our 14 year old GamePro reading selves always wanted. Bandai Namco has created a wonderland featuring big name franchises like DragonBallZ, Gundam, Nintendo’s Mario Kart, and Neon Genesis Evangelion. The HTC Vive virtual reality powered experiences are taken to another level with seated motion platforms.

Parler Drops One Lawsuit Against Amazon, and Files Another

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Alleged domestic terrorist haven/free speech network Parler has bowed out of its antitrust lawsuit against Amazon. For a blessed moment it seemed we might get a break from conservative b g and moaning about unfairness. No such luck. Read more.

Biden Orders DOJ to Come Up With a Way of Regulating Untraceable Gun Kits

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The Oil and Gas Money Behind the Republicans Who Will Help Decide Deb Haaland's Fate

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The Midwest’s Active Fire Season Is a Warning

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The Climate Deniers Regulating Texas Oil and Gas Have Somehow Avoided Blackout Scrutiny

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Texas’ blackouts were, experts agree, the result of multiple failures in the energy system, including failures of oil and gas infrastructure.

Texas 86