AR Experience Introduces Three New Olympic Sports


The Washington Post uses AR and interactive video to showcase three new Olympic sports debuting in Tokyo. The accompanying AR experience has a digital version of Brooke Raboutou climbing a massive fifteen-meter-tall wall in about 10 seconds – the expected Olympic climbing speed.

AR 419

This Thor AR Fitness Game Is Powered By Snap Spectacles


That said, there is one type of workout developers have struggled to bring VR and AR, and that’s weightlifting. In the tweet, Cix Liv said, “AR will change fitness and sports more than any technology in history,” adding, “Using weights will never be boring again!”.

AR 275

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Battle AR Ghosts In ‘Ghostbusters: Afterlife ScARe’


Ghostbusters: Afterlife ScARe uses AR technology to immerse you deep in Sony Pictures’ new movie, Ghostbusters: Afterlife , as one of the legendary Ghostbusters. , I’m always interested in new ways to tell stories and I’m thrilled to see the Ghostbusters mythology expand into the AR front.

AR 356

Apple Maps Update Introduces AR Navigation


This latest update also introduces AR walking directions to the navigation app. AR navigation is expected to arrive this September alongside a slew of other updates as part of iOS 15. As previously mentioned, Apple Maps’ AR navigation works similar to Google Maps Live View.

Apple 424

AR/VR Simulations for Sustainable, Regenerative, Circular Cities

Speaker: Nik Gowing, Brenda Laurel, Sheridan Tatsuno, Archie Kasnet, and Bruce Armstrong Taylor

Join our amazing panelists, Nik Gowing, Founder at Thinking the Unthinkable and International Broadcaster; Brenda Laurel, PhD, Principal, Neogaian Interactive; Sheridan Tatsuno, Principal, Dreamscape Global; Archie Kasnet, CEO, Regenerative; and Bruce Armstrong Taylor, The Climate 4.0 Project, to discuss how today's AR/VR and related AI-enabled technologies can be effectively applied, using data from such sources as NASA and NOAA, to both improve and accelerate urban sustainability planning and design.

Dogecoin Millionaire Launches Tamagotchi-Style AR Game


Earn exclusive NFTs and Dogecoin by taking care of an AR-powered ‘Dogeagotchi’ in this location-based mobile game. Cryptocurrency, as well as your Dogeacotchi, can be viewed in AR using your smartphone. “We

AR 383

Cadillac’s AR Navigation System Looks Pretty Darn Cool


A new video offers a closer look at the 2021 Cadillac Escalade’s AR-powered GPS navigation system. With the recent developments in immersive technology over the past few years, AR navigation has been somewhat of a hot-button topic within the automobile industry.

AR 379

Facebook Patent Teases AR Fedora, Visor, And Cowboy Hat


Earlier this week, the United States Patent & Trademark Office published a new patent filed by Facebook back in 2019 that showcases a “unique” type of AR headgear. This semitransparent lens could be folded up and down by the user, allowing easy access to AR content.

AR 324

Could Facebook’s AR Video Calls Solve “Zoom Fatigue”?


Spice up your video calls with AR games and party hats. This new category will let you share interactive AR effects with anyone on a group video call through Messenger. That being said, AR effects aren’t new for Facebook’s messaging apps.

Video 360

Nreal Launches $600 ‘Light’ AR Glasses in United States via Verizon

Road to VR

Nreal, the Chinese startup behind the Nreal Light AR glasses which made a splash back at CES 2019, has now expanded to the United States, making the smartphone-tethered device available through select Verizon stores starting today.

NFTs: Perspectives From AR & VR Stakeholders


From art to business, the blockchain has enabled digital content to hold new value, with implications for the entire AR & VR community. EXCERPTS FROM AR & VR STAKEHOLDERS ON NFTS . Dale Deacon | Developing Immersive Storytelling in VR & AR | South Africa.

AR 417

Doctors Perform One-Of-A-Kind AR Surgery In Boston


Surgeons were able to view 3D anatomical information in real-time thanks to Dr. Steve Murphy’s AR guidance platform. ” Dr. Murphy’s intra-operative AR guidance platform was approved by the Food and Drug Administration Moving on January 28, 2021.

Boston 403

Facebook Messenger Introduces AR Group Effects


Turn your next video call into an interactive party with Facebook’s collection of multiplayer AR experiences. Multiplayer AR gaming experiences allow you to compete against other users in real-time. The post Facebook Messenger Introduces AR Group Effects appeared first on VRScout.

Groups 303

Reebok Launches AR Tool To Unlock Neighborhood Basketball Courts


As part of their FW21 basketball campaign, Reebok has launched ‘ Courting Greatness ’, an AR tool that lets kids and teens interact with their own full-size basketball court in an attempt to celebrate players of all ages on a local level.

Tools 389

Build Your Own Open-Source AR Headset For Under $80


Atchimon loved the idea of how cutting-edge hardware like the Tilt Five glasses and AR could be a big game-changer for tabletop gaming and remote socialization. His solution was cheApR, an open-source AR headset built using 3D printed parts and electronics lying around his lab.

AR 404

NASA Debuts AR Graphic Novel At New York Comic-Con


First Woman is the first in a series of graphic novels from NASA that use AR to enhance your reading experience. When asked about why NASA chose to use AR, Wang said, “We chose to use AR because we knew that people respond differently to how they receive information.

The best AR and VR news from CES 2022

The Ghost Howls

I was afraid that at this CES wouldn’t have been many pieces of news about AR and VR, but actually, we had quite a few interesting ones. Qualcomm and Microsoft have announced a partnership to push together the next-generation lightweight AR glasses. TCL Leiniao AR teaser trailer.

AR 416

Snap Spectacles AR Game Has Players Racing To Collect Bananas


Sonic the Hedgehog meets Monkey Ball in this hilarious AR experience. After all, this is Lucas Rizzotto we’re talking about, the same guy who built a VR time machine to visit his memories and created an AR portal so he could hang out with friends during the height of the pandemic.

AR 348

The Creator Of ‘Pokémon Go’ Is Building Its Own AR Metaverse


Niantic, the developer behind location-based AR games such as Pokémon Go and Pikmin Bloom , today announced that it will be making its Niantic Lightship Augmented Reality Developer Kit available to developers around the world in an effort to build its ever-growing AR metaverse.

AR 422

Even North Korea Is Using VR & AR In The Classroom


This includes VR headsets and several interactive AR experiences. United Press International reports that AR technology is being used as a teaching aid to enhance student engagement through captivating animated sequences. News AR education Augmented Reality VR Education

Nreal announces Nreal Air AR glasses

The Ghost Howls

After some days of teasing, Chinese AR company Nreal has finally announced its latest AR glasses: Nreal Air. Nreal Air is basically an AR viewer. Imagine it like a pair of AR glasses, very light and fashionable and that work only in 3DOF. augmented reality AR

AR 293

This AR Book Lets You Summon Demons With Your Voice


Book of Asmodeus is an interactive AR book that allows you to decide how the story unfolds. These AR-enhanced creatures are just one part of the experience, however. The Book of Asmodeus looks to be more than an AR experience.

AR 416

Boston Fashion Week Launches 60 AR Designs Across Boston


Explore the City of Boston to discover a wide variety of AR fashion designs from local designers, photographers, and stylists. Those lucky enough to be in the area can explore 62 incredible AR designs located at various scenic and public locations throughout the city. .

Boston 357

Grow Glide Launches AR Tool For Cannabis Farmers


Vertical farming specialists Grow Glide this week announced a new augmented reality (AR) system designed specifically to assist cannabis cultivators in developing their own virtual cannabis farming systems via an easy-to-use web app.

Tools 338

Location-Based AR Mobile Game ‘Pikmin Bloom’ Is Adorable


Niantic, the company behind popular mobile games such as Pokémon Go , Catan: World Explorers, and Harry Potter: Wizards Unite , recently announced Pikmin Bloom , yet another location-based AR game based on a hit franchise. News Android AR Augmented Reality iOS Location-based AR

AR 292

First-Ever Snapchat Lens Awards Recognizes Top AR Lenses


This year’s Lens Fest, which began on December 7th and ends today, had AR creators from all over the world coming together for a series of Lens workshops, business-building sessions, demos of new features, and explorative discussions on how AR is reshaping how we experience the world. .

AR 297

Developer Copy & Pastes Real Margaritas Using AR Technology


This past May we covered a unique augmented reality app by developer Cyril Diagne that uses a selection of AR and machine learning technology to capture digital renditions of real-world objects and automatically isolate them from their surrounding environments.

Snapchat Teaming Up With Sony On New AR Music Lenses


These audio-driven filters come in two flavors: The first is an AR lip-syncing Lens that makes it appear as though people in your photos are singing. Snap has continued to expand its collection of AR Lenses over the past several years.

Sony 259

WayRay Designing AR-Powered Ride-Share Car For Zoomers


” WayRay, a Swiss technology company specializing in holographic AR, this week unveiled the Holograktor, an all-electric ride-hailing vehicle that incorporates various AR components to offer passengers in a next-gen commuting experience. News AR Augmented Reality WayRay

AR 304

Facebook is Unlocking AR Capabilities for Developers on Quest 2

Road to VR

Facebook announced today that an upcoming update to the Quest development SDK will include experimental support for a Passthrough API which will allow Unity developers to build AR experiences and features into apps on Quest 2.

AR 285

Google Building An ‘Augmented Reality OS’ For A New AR Device

Upload VR

Google is hiring in several positions working on an ‘Augmented Reality OS’ for an AR device, as reported by 9 To 5 Google. These are the software components that run on the AR devices and are the closest to the hardware.

Adobe AR Concept Syncs Digital Notes To Physical Documents


Adobe shared a new concept they called ‘ Dually Noted ‘, which uses AR to allow for seamless collaboration when editing a document simultaneously across physical and digital versions. The tool syncs notes so they can appear on the physical version of a document via AR.

AR 159

Google’s The Mandalorian AR Experience Lets You Kick It With Virtual Mando


” Earlier today, Google and Lucasfilm launched a brand new AR experience that “puts you in the shoes of a bounty hunter following the trail of Mando himself, Din Djarin and the Child.” New content will roll out every week as part of “Mando Monday’s.”

Google 409

Amazon Salon Lets You Sample Hair Colors Using AR


Amazon’s first in-person haircare and styling center offers AR hair consultation as well as point-and-learn technology. One such technology-infused service is AR hair consultation. The post Amazon Salon Lets You Sample Hair Colors Using AR appeared first on VRScout.

Amazon 302

Snap Acquires AR Display Startup WaveOptics for Over $500M

Road to VR

It not only announced yesterday that its next-gen version of Spectacles will be a AR device , but it’s now come to light that the company is acquiring WaveOptics, the startup behind the AR optics within the Spectacles themselves.

AR 277

Niantic Kickstarts Its AR Metaverse with Release of Lightship SDK and $20M Developer Fund

Road to VR

At a special launch event today, Niantic announced it’s opening up the Lightship AR Development Kit (ARDK) platform, a software development kit with the kinds of tools the company uses to make Pokémon Go’s ‘ world-scale’ gameplay possible.

AR 279

Facebook’s First Full AR Glasses are Code Named ‘Project Nazare’

Road to VR

Notably though, Aria doesn’t include any sort of AR display, so it’s more of a stepping stone to the sort of compact AR glasses the company appears to be shooting for.

AR 274