AR Experience Introduces Three New Olympic Sports


The Washington Post uses AR and interactive video to showcase three new Olympic sports debuting in Tokyo. The accompanying AR experience has a digital version of Brooke Raboutou climbing a massive fifteen-meter-tall wall in about 10 seconds – the expected Olympic climbing speed.

AR 425

Kid-Friendly Batman App Lets You Battle Villains In AR


has released a new mobile app on iOS & Android devices that lets you partner up with the Dark Knight himself and take on some of Gotham’s greatest villains in immersive AR. The post Kid-Friendly Batman App Lets You Battle Villains In AR appeared first on VRScout.

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Dogecoin Millionaire Launches Tamagotchi-Style AR Game


Earn exclusive NFTs and Dogecoin by taking care of an AR-powered ‘Dogeagotchi’ in this location-based mobile game. Cryptocurrency, as well as your Dogeacotchi, can be viewed in AR using your smartphone. “We

AR 413

Facebook Patent Teases AR Fedora, Visor, And Cowboy Hat


Earlier this week, the United States Patent & Trademark Office published a new patent filed by Facebook back in 2019 that showcases a “unique” type of AR headgear. This semitransparent lens could be folded up and down by the user, allowing easy access to AR content.

AR 358

AR/VR Simulations for Sustainable, Regenerative, Circular Cities

Speaker: Nik Gowing, Brenda Laurel, Sheridan Tatsuno, Archie Kasnet, and Bruce Armstrong Taylor

Join our amazing panelists, Nik Gowing, Founder at Thinking the Unthinkable and International Broadcaster; Brenda Laurel, PhD, Principal, Neogaian Interactive; Sheridan Tatsuno, Principal, Dreamscape Global; Archie Kasnet, CEO, Regenerative; and Bruce Armstrong Taylor, The Climate 4.0 Project, to discuss how today's AR/VR and related AI-enabled technologies can be effectively applied, using data from such sources as NASA and NOAA, to both improve and accelerate urban sustainability planning and design.

Cadillac’s AR Navigation System Looks Pretty Darn Cool


A new video offers a closer look at the 2021 Cadillac Escalade’s AR-powered GPS navigation system. With the recent developments in immersive technology over the past few years, AR navigation has been somewhat of a hot-button topic within the automobile industry.

AR 409

Apple Maps Update Introduces AR Navigation


This latest update also introduces AR walking directions to the navigation app. AR navigation is expected to arrive this September alongside a slew of other updates as part of iOS 15. As previously mentioned, Apple Maps’ AR navigation works similar to Google Maps Live View.

Apple 428

Reebok Launches AR Tool To Unlock Neighborhood Basketball Courts


As part of their FW21 basketball campaign, Reebok has launched ‘ Courting Greatness ’, an AR tool that lets kids and teens interact with their own full-size basketball court in an attempt to celebrate players of all ages on a local level.

Tools 411

NFTs: Perspectives From AR & VR Stakeholders


From art to business, the blockchain has enabled digital content to hold new value, with implications for the entire AR & VR community. EXCERPTS FROM AR & VR STAKEHOLDERS ON NFTS . Dale Deacon | Developing Immersive Storytelling in VR & AR | South Africa.

AR 424

Even North Korea Is Using VR & AR In The Classroom


This includes VR headsets and several interactive AR experiences. United Press International reports that AR technology is being used as a teaching aid to enhance student engagement through captivating animated sequences. News AR education Augmented Reality VR Education

Doctors Perform One-Of-A-Kind AR Surgery In Boston


Surgeons were able to view 3D anatomical information in real-time thanks to Dr. Steve Murphy’s AR guidance platform. ” Dr. Murphy’s intra-operative AR guidance platform was approved by the Food and Drug Administration Moving on January 28, 2021.

Boston 415

Grow Glide Launches AR Tool For Cannabis Farmers


Vertical farming specialists Grow Glide this week announced a new augmented reality (AR) system designed specifically to assist cannabis cultivators in developing their own virtual cannabis farming systems via an easy-to-use web app.

Tools 374

Build Your Own Open-Source AR Headset For Under $80


Atchimon loved the idea of how cutting-edge hardware like the Tilt Five glasses and AR could be a big game-changer for tabletop gaming and remote socialization. His solution was cheApR, an open-source AR headset built using 3D printed parts and electronics lying around his lab.

AR 424

Facebook is Unlocking AR Capabilities for Developers on Quest 2

Road to VR

Facebook announced today that an upcoming update to the Quest development SDK will include experimental support for a Passthrough API which will allow Unity developers to build AR experiences and features into apps on Quest 2.

AR 285

This AR Book Lets You Summon Demons With Your Voice


Book of Asmodeus is an interactive AR book that allows you to decide how the story unfolds. These AR-enhanced creatures are just one part of the experience, however. The Book of Asmodeus looks to be more than an AR experience.

AR 427

Amazon Salon Lets You Sample Hair Colors Using AR


Amazon’s first in-person haircare and styling center offers AR hair consultation as well as point-and-learn technology. One such technology-infused service is AR hair consultation. The post Amazon Salon Lets You Sample Hair Colors Using AR appeared first on VRScout.

Amazon 332

NuEyes’ AR Glasses Are Made For Hardcore PC Gamers


AR company NuEyes is taking its passion for AR and gaming to the next level with the launch of the Pro 3e 5G-enabled smart glasses through their gaming division, NuGaming. Adjusting the settings on the AR glasses is simple.

AR 407

Snap Acquires AR Display Startup WaveOptics for Over $500M

Road to VR

It not only announced yesterday that its next-gen version of Spectacles will be a AR device , but it’s now come to light that the company is acquiring WaveOptics, the startup behind the AR optics within the Spectacles themselves.

AR 285

There’s An AR Easter Egg Hidden In Apple’s New Event Invite


Apple’s latest iPhone event may still be a week away, but you can play with this new AR effect right now. But here’s the cool part: Those who visit the aforementioned link on an up-to-date iOS device can trigger an AR easter egg hidden on the page. News Apple AR iPhone

Apple 350

Adobe AR Concept Syncs Digital Notes To Physical Documents


Adobe shared a new concept they called ‘ Dually Noted ‘, which uses AR to allow for seamless collaboration when editing a document simultaneously across physical and digital versions. The tool syncs notes so they can appear on the physical version of a document via AR.

AR 173

Developer Copy & Pastes Real Margaritas Using AR Technology


This past May we covered a unique augmented reality app by developer Cyril Diagne that uses a selection of AR and machine learning technology to capture digital renditions of real-world objects and automatically isolate them from their surrounding environments.

‘The Witcher’ Is Getting Its Own ‘Pokémon GO’-Style AR Game


Hunt monsters, embark on quests, and collect trophies in this location-based AR game coming later this month. Similar to existing location-based AR games, you’ll physically travel throughout the real world in order to complete quests and discover new monsters.

AR 344

Snapchat Reveals Next-Gen AR Glasses, But There’s A Catch


has released a LEGO-like brick-building Lens, enabling you to create colorful structures with others in augmented reality (AR). Designed specifically for Snap creators, these lightweight glasses are capable of generating AR visuals in real-time.

AR 389

Google’s The Mandalorian AR Experience Lets You Kick It With Virtual Mando


” Earlier today, Google and Lucasfilm launched a brand new AR experience that “puts you in the shoes of a bounty hunter following the trail of Mando himself, Din Djarin and the Child.” New content will roll out every week as part of “Mando Monday’s.”

Google 418

Apple Uses AR To Tease Announcements For Sept. 14

Upload VR

14 with an impressive demonstration of AR. Tapping the Apple symbol on the announcement webpage launches a 3D object that, on an iPhone at least, can be positioned and resized in an AR view while casting a glow into the physical environment.

AR 112

Amazon Introduces AR Packages In Celebration Of Halloween


Customize your own AR jack-o’-lantern via the company’s new interactive boxes. When combined with Amazon’s AR app, customers can actually bring their artwork to life. The post Amazon Introduces AR Packages In Celebration Of Halloween appeared first on VRScout.

Amazon 421

Design Full Rooms In AR With The IKEA Studio App


Change wall colors, arrange multiple pieces of furniture, and export your AR rooms in 2D and 3D for critique. We’ve also used a new renderer reality kit from Apple that lets us achieve a level of detail on these models that hasn’t been seen before in IKEA’s AR portfolio.”.

AR 426

Celebrate The Mars Rover Landing With ‘Mission To Mars AR’


Control the landing sequence, drive a rover, and pilot a helicopter drone in this multifaceted AR experience. Drive the Rovers – Go behind the wheel of a rover and navigate your real-world surroundings using the power of AR. Mission to Mars AR is available free on iOS and Android.

AR 375

Merge Cube AR Teaching Tools Coming To Instagram And Facebook


Merge Labs brings its AR-enabled educational cube to social media. When Merge Labs launched their Merge Cube in 2017, the device instantly changed how people could access AR experiences. Ask any educator, AR revs up the classroom when blended with more traditional learning methods.

Tools 414

Google & Red Bull Launch AR-Enhanced On-Demand Video Experience


Computer vision and AR technology bring Mount Kilimanjaro to life in your living room. Those watching on a Chromecast with Google TV or an Android TV OS device can immerse themselves even further in the thought-provoking documentary with a captivating AR experience powered via your smartphone.

Google 344

Snapchat’s 4th-generation Spectacles Are Its First to Support AR

Road to VR

While the prior generations included only cameras for capturing first-person footage, the 4th generation Spectacles are the company’s first to include a display for real-time AR. According to a piece by Wired , Snap plans to send out around 1,000 of its AR glasses to developers.

AR 225

Samsung’s Leaked AR Concept Videos Reveal Its Augmented Ambitions

Road to VR

Leaked concept video featuring two Samsung AR devices has come to light. WalkingCat was also involved in leaking photos of Oculus Quest 2 before it was launched, and Lenovo’s latest ThinkReality AR glasses for enterprise before it was announced at CES this year.

Panasonic’s AR HUD Could Be The Future Of Automotive Safety


Revealed earlier this week during the all-digital showcase, this futuristic heads-up display uses a combination of AR visuals and AI technology from the companies SPYDR cockpit domain controller to deliver crucial information in real-time without distracting the driver.

Apple CEO Tim Cook: AR Is “Critically Important” For The Company’s Future


According to a recent report by Apple research expert Ming-Chi Kuo , Apple will be launching a mixed reality headset later this year, followed by a dedicated AR headset in 2025 and AR contact lenses in 2030.

Apple 407

This AR Go-Kart Experience Is Basically Real-Life ‘Mario Kart’


Developed by The Ents Inc, this ambitious AR-powered experience will have racers going head-to-head throughout a variety of unique circuit designs using real-life go-karts. Each time you fire a weapon, you’ll see the AR projectile traveling towards your opponent in the real world.

AR 418

Preserving The Art Of Black Lives Matter Using AR


And thus the AR art show was born, offering the Seattle public a chance to explore the powerful messages of BLM while adhering to social distancing safety protocols. “It’s The post Preserving The Art Of Black Lives Matter Using AR appeared first on VRScout.

AR 418

VR Coworking Platform ‘Spatial’ Launches Mobile AR Workspace


This week the company introduced mobile AR support to the platform, allowing team members to participate in virtual meetings using a compatible iOS or Android device. The phone is where AR will thrive first and we’re capitalizing on this trend today.

AR 396