Steam Survey: HTC Vive Neck and Neck with Oculus Rift After Repeated Gains

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Valve’s monthly Steam hardware and software survey is out again, and it appears HTC Vive is holding firm ground on the platform after Oculus Rift took majority market share in March as the most popular VR headset on Steam. Participation in the survey is optional.

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Road to VR Readership Survey 2018

Road to VR

Road to VR is running a survey with our partner Gamer Network to better understand our audience. The Gamer Network Readership Survey takes about 10 minutes to complete and is shared across Eurogamer and Gamer Network sister sites.

Survey 190

HTC VR Survey Offers Vives & Gift Cards as Prizes, Aims to Understand VR Users

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A survey sponsored by HTC America is currently open on SurveyGizmo , with the option to enter a prize draw, which includes three Vive systems and seven gift cards worth $100 – $150.

Survey 257

New Survey Suggests Lack Of Compelling Content As Biggest Obstacle For VR/AR Adoption


VR Industry News adoption ar future obstacles perkins coie survey Upload VR

Survey 283

2017 OpenSim grids survey

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Many grids don’t report their active user numbers, but two, InWorldz and the Great Canadian Grid, were very active when they did last report them, so we’re including them as default options in the survey. Loading… Features Metaverse annual grid survey survey

Oculus Rift Increases Lead Over HTC Vive in Steam Majority Market Share

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Valve’s monthly Steam hardware and software survey is out, and it appears Oculus Rift is still gaining momentum over HTC Vive on the Steam platform as the number one VR headset among Steam users. Participation in the survey is optional.

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Oculus Rift Increases Lead Over HTC Vive In March Steam Hardware Survey


March’s Steam Hardware Survey results are in, and the Oculus Rift continues to increase the gap with the HTC Vive. Last month’s survey results were the first ever in which Rift beat the Vive, taking almost 2% more of the total headset usage on Valve’s platform that month. Tagged with: htc vive , oculus rift , Steam Hardware Survey Facebook Twitter Reddit More. HTC Vive Oculus Rift VR Industry News htc vive oculus rift Steam Hardware Survey

Survey 149

Oculus Rift Surpasses HTC Vive in Steam Majority Market Share for the First Time

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According to Valve’s February Steam hardware and software survey, the Oculus Rift is now the most used VR headset on the Steam platform, taking the market share of VR headsets on Steam with a near 2% lead over its competitor HTC Vive. Participation in the survey is optional.

Survey 285

GDC 2018 Survey: HTC Vive Is Still The Most Popular VR Headset For Devs


In the months leading up to the event, the event organizers send out a survey to attendees gauging industry trends and opinions and this year’s results reveal some interesting (if mostly downward pointed) details on VR/AR game development. In the 2017 State of the Industry Report, a whopping 24% of those surveyed were actively working on a VR project while only 19% are in 2018’s survey. Tagged with: GDC , GDC 2018 , survey , Vive Facebook Twitter Reddit More.

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Survey Finds British Women Want VR Sex


And according to a new survey from the fertility app Natural Cycles, women may be more interested than ever in having sex in a virtual world. Natural Cycles co-founder Dr. Elina Berglund says the survey shows how “Brits love tech and are open minded.”

Survey 171

OpenSim viewer survey

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I’ve been asked to do a reader survey about what OpenSim viewers they use, what they like about them, and what they’d want to see fixed — so here it is. If you can’t see the survey form below, click here to see it on Google.

Rift/Vive Gap Narrows In Latest Steam Hardware Survey Results


Last month saw the Oculus Rift pull even further ahead of the HTC Vive in Valve’s Steam Hardware Survey results, but the gap has narrowed again in May. Perhaps it’s instead concerned with a fix for the survey Valve implemented last month, which addresses ‘over counting’ of ‘cyber cafe customers’, though this seems doubtful.

Survey 121

Microsoft’s New Windows Survey Wants to Know About Your VR Plans


The post Microsoft’s New Windows Survey Wants to Know About Your VR Plans appeared first on UploadVR. Microsoft VR Industry News microsoft project scorpio Windows Insider Survey

Survey 168

2017 OpenSim hosting survey

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This is a survey of OpenSim hosting companies — it is not a survey about OpenSim grids. That survey was conducted in October.). If you run your own grid and use a hosting company for technical support or hosting, this survey is for you.

Survey Suggests Social VR Is Least-Used Genre, Solo Games The Most


Experiences Gaming Social VR VR Industry News survey

Survey 108

Rift Claims Steam’s ‘Most Popular’ Headset Designation as Windows VR Gains Ground

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According to the just-released December figures from Steam’s Hardware & Software Survey, the Oculus Rift has for the first time claimed the ‘Most Popular’ designation on the platform. Participation in the survey is optional.

Survey 270

Oculus Rift Overtakes HTC Vive In Steam Survey For First Time


For the first time ever since the launch of both headsets in early 2016, the Oculus Rift has overtaken the HTC Vive on the monthly Steam hardware survey. The survey is entirely optional and scans a user’s PC for various hardware components, including any VR headsets that may be connected. After a few months of catching up to Vive, the Rift was neck-and-neck with its rival in January’s survey with 0.9%

Survey 218

Oculus Rift Closes in on Steam Majority Market Share

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According to the latest figures from Steam’s Hardware & Software Survey, the Oculus Rift has picked up an additional 3.1% Participation in the survey is optional.

Survey 264

Rift And Vive Nearly Neck-And-Neck In Latest Steam Hardware Survey


The first Steam hardware survey of 2018 is in and it shows Oculus Rift and HTC Vive usage at practically a tie. As always, this is an optional survey and headsets have to be plugged into Steam when it takes place to count, so it’s not a definitive way of telling whether the Rift or Vive has sold more. Will the upgraded specs help Vive get ahead in the survey? This month sees HTC Vive as 46.96% (a 0.3%

Survey 198

The 2018 GDC survey shows that interest may now be waning for VR development.

Cats and VR

The 2018 Game Developers Conference (GDC) has released the results of the sixth annual State of the Industry Survey, revealing trends in the games industry ahead of GDC 2018 this March. A more detailed analysis of the survey can be found at [link].

Survey 159

Oculus Rift overtakes HTC Vive in Steam survey


The Oculus Rift surpassed the HTC Vive in popularity among Steam users for the first time, according to the results of the latest monthly Steam Hardware & Software Survey. The survey, which scans users’ PCs for different hardware components, found that the Oculus Rift accounts for 47.31 Last January’s survey saw the gap between the two devices closing, with the Vive representing 46.96 percent of users according to February’s survey.

Fifth annual hosting providers survey

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This is not a survey about OpenSim... Features Metaverse CloudServe Dreamland Metaverse ZetamexDo you rent regions or grids from an independent OpenSim hosting provider? Please rate your vendor, to help other customers decide where to go for their hosting.

Seventh annual OpenSim grid survey

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Each year, we ask our readers to rate the grids that they spend the most time on, in order to find out which residents are happiest with the grids they’re on. There are about... Features Metaverse OpenSim statistics

Survey 112

Vive Still The Most Popular Headset For Developers, VRDC Survey Suggests


Last August the Virtual Reality Developers Conference (VRDC) published its first report on the state of the VR industry based off of a survey for developers. gap in last year’s survey, so both headsets have still grown in adoption. Elsewhere, the survey found that most projects are being funded by developer’s existing and personal funds. It might take some time before we see big changes in these surveys.

Survey 196

HTC Vive Overtakes VR/AR Outlook In GDC State of the Industry Survey


Each year, attendees take part in a lengthy survey that serves as the foundation for the conference’s State of the Industry document — this year’s results proved very interesting.

Survey 229

HTC Vive Increases Lead Over Rift Again In Post-Black Friday Steam Hardware Survey


The HTC Vive has managed to buck a troubling trend from the past few months in the latest Steam hardware survey. November’s survey results , which Steam users opt into, are now in. All that said, it’s important to note that hardware survey results aren’t an entirely dependable way to judge sales of the Vive against the Rift.

Survey 157

Perkins Coie Survey Reveals Obstacles to VR and AR World


Perkins Coie tried to provide an answer with the survey among industry executives. The survey reveals some interesting, if not troublesome signs. The survey results show the most significant obstacle among a range of challenges facing AR/VR: Inadequate content offerings (37%).

Rift Gains On Vive In September Steam Hardware Survey


Steam’s monthly hardware survey is one of the few sources we have for gauging the proportions of Oculus Rift and HTC Vive users out there, and September’s results suggest the former is still closing the gap with the latter. In August’s survey, we saw Rift capture 43.81% of total VR usage on Steam, a dramatic 8.1% That price cut was announced on August 21st, so this survey will have felt its effects.

Survey 102

Vive And Rift Usage Nearly Tied In October Steam Hardware Survey


Over the past few months Valve’s Steam Hardware and Software Survey has shown the Oculus Rift catching up to its biggest competitor , the HTC Vive, in terms of usage. It’s an aggressive move for Facebook’s Oculus; could it mean we see Rift overtake Vive in next month’s survey? Participation in the survey is also optional, so not every Rift/Vive using Steam will be accounted for.

Survey 155

Survey: How do you use OpenSim?

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More than 100 people responded to our survey of how people use OpenSim, and the results are in — the majority of people use OpenSim for work and for creative self-expression. The first question... Features development OpenSim survey

Latest Steam survey reveals sales of VR headsets are grinding to.


Latest Steam survey reveals sales of VR headsets are grinding to a halt The two current high-end virtual reality headsets – the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive – may be incredible pieces of technology, but it seems most consumers still aren’t convinced that they’re worth spending $600-$800 on.

Survey 130

Steam Survey Suggests Rift Sales Gaining On Vive


The Oculus Rift is at the tail end of a massive summer sale, and the latest Steam hardware survey results suggest it’s had a big impact on sales. over July’s hardware survey, taking its total to 43.81% of all VR headsets used by those that opt-in to the survey. HTC, meanwhile, just dropped the price of the Vive by $200 to $599, so it could be that we see more gains for HTC coming September’s survey.

Survey 102

Let Devs Know You Want Elite: Dangerous On PSVR With This Survey


Reddit user WilfridSephiroth created a survey posted on the official Elite: Dangerous subreddit designed to see exactly which platforms most people play on and to determine which future updates players are most excited about. But to be clear, the user that created and posted this survey is not a member of the development team, and is simply doing this to help raise awareness. You can find the survey to fill out right here , which only takes about two minutes.

Survey 159

Vive Hangs Onto Steam Majority Market Share as Windows VR Headsets Enter the Fray

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According to the just-released November figures from Steam’s Hardware & Software Survey, the HTC Vive has scraped its way back from nearly losing the majority market share of VR headsets in use on Steam last month, finally ending a months long streak of Rift marketshare gains on the platform.

Survey 268

Dreamland Metaverse tops hosting survey for fifth year

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OpenSim hosting company Dreamland Metaverse received the highest scores for performance, support, stability and its user interface in this year’s hosting providers survey for the fourth year in a row, followed by Zetamex Network , DigiWorldz and 3DLES.

Survey: VR Devs More Interested In Vive Over Rift For Their Next Game


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Survey 208

Action Items from the OSVR Software Developer Survey


A couple of weeks ago, we surveyed the OSVR community for what they would like the core software development team to focus on. OSVR SurveyYou can see the questions and answers here Based on this input, the Sensics development team met and decided to focus on the following items: 1.

Crytek Survey Reveals That A Majority Of Universities Use Oculus Over Vive


VR Industry News Crytek education schools universities university vr first

Survey 196

Survey: Hardware Prices And Limited Content Are The Biggest Barriers To VR Adoption


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Survey 157

Microsoft to Debut VR Dev Kits for Windows Holographic in March

Road to VR

Details on the dev kits are scarce at the moment, but the company is soliciting developer interest via this survey form which aims to gather basic info from developers interested in the Windows Holographic dev kit.