Christian Sect Under Investigation for Destructive Colorado Wildfire

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A wildfire that wrought a path of destruction through communities outside of Boulder, Colorado, before New Years’ may have started on the property of a fundamentalist Christian sect, authorities said this week.

Experiencing Immersive Art in Colorado

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The post Experiencing Immersive Art in Colorado appeared first on Tech Trends. The Boulder International Film Festival (BIFF) opens this week, and it will dedicate an entire pavilion to XR Experiences.


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The Colorado River Can’t Be Divvied Up Without Indigenous People at the Table

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The mesa is situated along the Colorado River and two of its tributaries, the Little Colorado and San Juan. Percy Deal lives in Black Mesa, a bowl-shaped region in northeastern Arizona that’s part of the Navajo and Hopi reservations.

A massive fleet of autonomous EVs is being released in Colorado — Future Blink

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Autonomous Vehicles Colorado (AvCo) launched the country's largest fleet of autonomous EVs in cities across Colorado

Colorado State University Has Deployed a 100 Headset VR Lab for Biomedical Education

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Colorado State University has deployed a new VR lab; designed to accommodate up to 100 students simultaneously, the lab’s headsets run custom software which allow students to visualize life-sized virtual cadavers and medical imagery in a shared virtual space. The post Colorado State University Has Deployed a 100 Headset VR Lab for Biomedical Education appeared first on Road to VR.

Rare Colorado Wildfires in December Force Thousands to Evacuate

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A series of rare December wildfires coupled with raging winds of more than 105 mph (169 kmh) forced the evacuation of thousands in Northern Colorado on Thursday.

Birth of 3 Wolf Pups Means Colorado Has Its First Native Wolves Since the 1940s

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Colorado wildlife officials on Wednesday confirmed the existence of a litter of gray wolf pups—the first thought to be seen in the state in decades. The discovery is also noteworthy in light of a voter-passed initiative last year to reintroduce wolves to Colorado by 2023.

A Colorado Wildfire Just Climbed Over the Rockies. In October.

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wildfire season is year round now colorado rocky mountainsEvery time you think you’ve seen it all as a climate reporter, the crisis throws something new at you.

Colorado Is Getting Its Wolves Back After Voters Approve Historic Law

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Voters in Colorado have approved Proposition 114, forcing the state government to reintroduce the gray wolf. save the wolves colorado wolves grey wolves wolf reintroduction rewilding wildlife environmental politics scienceIt’s the first time in U.S. history that a ballot measure win has obliged a state government to bring back a species that disappeared due to human actions. Read more.

Colorado Flash Flood Shuts Down Highway Due to Damage 'Unlike Anything' Seen Before

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On Sunday, Colorado’s crucial east-west artery of I-70 shut down indefinitely “due to extreme damage from the latest round of flooding” to hit the state. Well, it’s finally infrastructure week and not a moment too soon.

Check Out the Debris That Rained Down on a Colorado Suburb After a Plane's Engine Exploded

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On Saturday, residents of a Colorado suburb witnessed a scene straight out of a disaster movie: The sound of an explosion overhead followed by huge chunks of metal raining down from above.

The Gateway to Rocky Mountain National Park Is on Fire—In November

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A bizarre wildfire has ignited near Estes Park, Colorado, forcing residents to flee at a time of year when they’re usually gearing up for ski lifts to start turning.

Chunks of United Airlines Plane Rain Down on Colorado Suburb Following Engine Trouble

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Huge metal chunks of debris rained down on a Colorado suburb Saturday afternoon after the engine on a United Airlines plane overhead burst into flames. Read more. disaster accident southwest philadelphia transportation in philadelphia transport sacramento international airport human activities turbine engine failure aviation philadelphia international airport

This Ginormous Dust Storm in Colorado Could Be Seen From Space

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This week a dust storm so ridiculously huge that it was visible from space tore through Colorado. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s GOES-East satellite captured a two-hour timelapse of the storm , which you can see above. Read more. weather dust storms meteorology hazards dust storm warning storm warning dust blizzards ice storms

Virtual Reality Being Used To Rehabilitate Prisoners In Colorado


Just before the turn of the New Year, VICE News visited the Fremont Correctional Facility in Colorado to interview six inmates. Because of this, programs like Colorado’s early release and rehabilitation program are key for preparing inmates to re-enter society as peaceful, law-abiding citizens. The post Virtual Reality Being Used To Rehabilitate Prisoners In Colorado appeared first on VR World.

Officials Pull ‘Emergency Lever’ as Lake Powell Plunges Toward Dangerous New Low

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The Bureau of Reclamation began emergency water releases from reservoirs upstream in the Colorado River this week in an effort to keep Lake Powell, the country’s second-largest reservoir, full enough to continue to generate hydroelectric power.

It's Time to Drain Lake Powell

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The date is Feb. 9, 1997 , and the man responsible for one of the most egregious environmental follies in human history is sitting at a restaurant in Boyce, Virginia, with the leader of the movement seeking to undo his mistake.

Lake Powell, Second-Largest Reservoir in U.S., Hits Record Low as Megadrought Worsens

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Lake Powell , a crucial reservoir on the Colorado River, has now hit its lowest level on record since the reservoir was first filled in the late 1960s. Amid the West’s dire megadrought , there’s more bad news on the water front.

How to watch MLB: Colorado Rockies vs. Oakland Athletics online today

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The first 2020 MLB series between the Rockies and Athletics starts tonight. Here's how to watch it with ESPN+. How-To Movies & TV News ESPN how to watch MLB

The Water-Shortage Era Has Officially Begun

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The West’s biggest water supply system is in crisis , with the federal government declaring the first-ever shortage for the Colorado River on Monday.

California Wildfires Are So Intense, They’re Sparking Firenadoes

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california wildfires disaster accident environment fire prevention transmission agency of northern california california counties gavin newsom ecological succession pacificorp colorado wildfires western united states wildfire season pge emergency management wildfire geography of california

‘Hyper Room’ Offers Collaborative VR Painting In New Beta


Experiences colorado creativity hyper room multiplayer sculptrvr tilt brushThe post ‘Hyper Room’ Offers Collaborative VR Painting In New Beta appeared first on UploadVR.

Police Use iOS App to Track Suspect After ‘Accidentally’ Dropping a Phone in His Truck

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Sheriff’s deputies in Colorado tracked down and arrested a man using Apple’s Find My iOS app, claiming that an officer had “lost” his work phone in the bed of the man’s truck after the suspect fled the scene.

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New Tick Virus Shows Nature Is Still Inventing Ways to Mess With Humans

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tick colorado tick fever keita matsuno infectious diseases zoonoses tick borne disease medical specialties tularemia lyme disease heartland bandavirus tick borne diseases zoonosis health medical pharmaAnother day, another germ to worry about.

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Largest Triceratops Skeleton Ever Found Sells for $7.7 Million at Auction

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triceratops specimens of tyrannosaurus john late cretaceous laramie formation prehistoric animals tyrannosaurus environment of the united states alexandre giquello jones paleontology in wyoming paleontology in south dakota stan paleontology in colorado iacopo briano dinosaur

Lake Powell Is Losing So Much Water, It May Not Be Able to Generate Hydropower in 2 Years

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lake powell water environment states of the united states stanford university geography of arizona glen canyon national recreation area water scarcity hydroelectricity wayne pullan newsha ajami colorado river ajami glen canyon dam geography of the united states lake mead

Drive up to Colorado’s huge tornado with this 360-degree video


Enter a new 360-degree video that shows storm chasers with a 360-degree video camera getting up close and personal with a big tornado in Wray, Colorado. Want some of the thrills of heart-stopping adventure without, you know, the higher-than-typical odds of dying? The tornado just struck the other day and will live forever in the form of a surprisingly calm, … Continue reading. Archive video Videos virtual reality vr

Record Wildfires and Heat Sweep Across Greece, Threatening Historic Sites

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disaster accident fire prevention colorado wildfires yochanan kushnir hazards parnitha ecological succession environment nature spyros vrettos russian wildfires emergency management wildfire pollution articles

7 Shocking Satellite Images Reveal the West's Megadrought

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disaster accident environment states of the united states lake powell shasta lake castaic lake colorado river glen canyon dam california state water project geography of california central valley project geography of the united states lake mead spencer cox glen canyon national recreation area

Oops, Lauren Boebert Somehow Forgot to Disclose Her Husband’s Nearly $1 Million in Gas Consulting Contracts

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lauren boebert gun politics in the united states environment united states right wing populism in the united states michael bloomberg elizabeth klein oil and gas enterprise act terra energy partners politics of the united states payne colorado

California’s Dixie Fire Has Now Burned an Area the Size of New York City

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disaster accident environment california counties articles megafire tony mchale colorado wildfires wildfires wildfire california wildfires geography of californiaThe Dixie Fire is raging out of control in Northern California’s Plumas and Butte counties.

Tyrannosaur Teens Didn’t Have the Bone-Crushing Bite of Adults

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late cretaceous kat schroeder tyrannosaurus environment of the united states feeding behaviour of tyrannosaurus apex predators paleontology in montana cretaceous t rexes paleontology in colorado tyrannosaurids t rex andre rowe tyrannosauridae

Nevada Takes a Baby Step Toward Banning Lawns

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nevada patrick donnelly environment las vegas valley regions of the united states southern nevada water authority lawn states of the united states las vegas colorado river geography of the united states steve sisolak

Concorde replacement from Boom Supersonic edges toward first flight

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The Colorado firm is keen to enable the return of supersonic passenger services. News boom supersonic concorde overture Supersonic Travel

The Future of Western Water Restrictions Is Here

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reservoir richard seager environment states of the united states colorado river glen canyon dam hoover dam western united states dan thelander drought water scarcity lake powell geography of the united states lake meadThe West is dry and getting drier.

Interview With Joseph Johnson, Owner of a Colorado Springs VR Arcade


After looking into local VR arcades in my area, I found one- Epic VR – based in the nearby Citadel Mall of Colorado Springs. The interview went amicably, and I walked out with a pretty decent idea of how much it costs to start up a VR arcade, as well as how successful they can be, even in mountain towns like Colorado Springs. We’re right across from GameStop, we know there’s a lot of gamers in Colorado Springs, so we wanted to make sure our customers had sufficient machines.

How Renewables Could Help Us Survive a Walking Dead-Style Zombie Apocalypse

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zombie mark dyson environment renewable energy electrical grid maria cameron carlson netflix horror fiction electric power transmission systems sustainable energy solar power colorado iphone rick grimes the walking dead energy electric power distribution articles