Campaign DLC Now Available For Arizona Sunshine On Oculus Quest


Arizona Sunshine launched on the Oculus Quest in December last year, and has since been receiving the same post-launch DLC as the PC VR version month-by-month. As of today, the Dead Man campaign DLC for Arizona Sunshine is available on Oculus Quest.

Arizona Sunshine Launches December 5 On Oculus Quest


The Quest version of Arizona Sunshine will launch on December 5th, just over a week away, after the port was first unveiled at our E3 VR Showcase earlier this year. Arizona Sunshine is now available to preorder on the Quest store , and is discounted by 10% up until the 2nd of December.


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Arizona Sunshine’s Final Expansion Launches On Quest Today


And so the circle is complete; the very last story expansion to Arizona Sunshine launches on Oculus Quest today. Arizona came to Quest last year, and Vertigo has been regularly rolling out its DLC plan since.

Arizona Sunshine On Oculus Quest Receives Free ‘Old Mine’ Update


After launching in December last year , the Oculus Quest version of Arizona Sunshine is slowly receiving all of the post-launch updates from the PC VR and PSVR version of the game, which will eventually bring the Quest version up to date. The latest update, the ‘Old Mine’, is available for free for Arizona Sunshine on the Oculus Quest now. Have you been enjoying Arizona Sunshine on the Oculus Quest?

Our First Look At VR Zombie Shooter Arizona Sunshine On Oculus Quest


I’ll be honest with you, I’m very excited for the release of Arizona Sunshine on the Oculus Quest. Arizona Sunshine will launch on Oculus Quest on December 5th for $39.99, just in time for the games three year anniversary.

Arizona Sunshine Available On Quest Now, Post-Launch DLC To Be Cross-Buy


Arizona Sunshine is now available on the Oculus Quest, and Vertigo Games have confirmed their post-launch content plans for the platform, which will bring all existing DLC and updates to the game over the next few months. Are you going to jump into Arizona Sunshine on Quest today?

Arizona Sunshine Arrives Next Month On Oculus Quest, Will Not Support Cross-Buy


During the E3 2019 this past June, Vertigo Games announced that their popular VR zombie shooter Arizona Sunshine would be heading to Oculus Quest headsets before the end of the year. Arizona Sunshine launches on the Oculus Quest December 5th for $35.99 ; pre-orders are open now. .

‘Arizona Sunshine’ for Quest Gets Final DLC Drop with ‘The Damned DLC’

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Vertigo Games has now released its final paid DLC for its co-op zombie shooter Arizona Sunshine (2017) on Oculus Quest. Priced at $40, Arizona Sunshine supports all major VR headsets, including PSVR, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Windows VR headsets, and Oculus Quest.

Arizona Sunshine’s Free Old Mine Update Adds Terrifying New Horde Map To Oculus Quest


This past December, popular VR zombie shooter Arizona Sunshine made its way to the Oculus Quest, offering standalone users the chance to mow down hordes of undead flesh-eaters across a handful of captivating locations without the need of a beefed-up gaming PC.

Arizona Sunshine – The Damned DLC Release Date & Price Announced


Originally scheduled for release this past August , VR publisher and developer Vertigo Games today confirmed that the latest expansion to their 2016 zombie-shooter, Arizona Sunshine , will be arriving on Oculus, SteamVR, and PSVR October 3rd. . Set before the events of the main campaign and Dead Man DLC, Arizona Sunshine – The Damned puts you in the boots of a U.S. The post Arizona Sunshine – The Damned DLC Release Date & Price Announced appeared first on VRScout.

Zombie Shooter ‘Arizona Sunshine’ Coming to Quest, ‘The Damned’ DLC Gets New Footage & Release Date

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Arizona Sunshine , one of VR’s early acclaimed titles, will debut on Oculus Quest later this year, developer Vertigo Games announced. Arizona Sunshine is a co-op VR zombie shooter which launched at the end of 2016, not long after the first wave of consumer VR headsets hit the market. And soon Oculus Quest owners will get to jump into Arizona Sunshine too.

‘Arizona Sunshine’ DLC ‘The Damned’ Delayed Until Later This Year

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Arizona Sunshine (2016) was supposed to get its biggest DLC mission to date yesterday, ‘The Damned DLC’, however Vertigo Games says fans will have to wait a little bit longer than they initially expected. Vertigo Games has still yet to release Arizona Sunshine on Quest as previously promised, which will also receive the Damned DLC expansion. Arizona Sunshine supports PSVR, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Valve Index, and Windows VR headsets.

Arizona Sunshine’s Next Story DLC Launches Next Week On PSVR + PC VR


Nearly three years on from launch, VR zombie shooter Arizona Sunshine is about to get its next piece of DLC. The Damned adds an all-new mission to Arizona Sunshine set on, you guessed it, a dam. Vertigo says it’s Arizona’s largest mission to date. That’s not all that’s happening in the world of Arizona Sunshine at the moment, though. The post Arizona Sunshine’s Next Story DLC Launches Next Week On PSVR + PC VR appeared first on UploadVR.

Free Update For Arizona Sunshine On Oculus Quest Adds More Powerful Weapons


Earlier this month, Vertigo Games’ post-apocalyptic action-adventure Arizona Sunshine launched on the Oculus Quest, offering standalone users one of the first AAA gaming experiences designed specifically for VR headsets. Arizona Sunshine is available now on Oculus Quest for $39.99.

‘Arizona Sunshine’ Gets ‘Dead Man’ DLC on Quest, Final DLC Drop Coming in April

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Vertigo Games today announced that its zombie shooter Arizona Sunshine (2017) got its first paid DLC for Quest today. Arizona Sunshine for Quest is getting one last DLC drop, ‘The Damned’, which arrived on PC VR late last year.

Arizona Sunshine Dev Vertigo To Reveal New Game At E3


Vertigo Games, the developer of smash hit VR zombie shooter, Arizona Sunshine , appears to be hinting at an announcement. Outside of Arizona, Vertigo’s VR credits include a VR version of one of its first games, World of Diving, and a tabletop VR game called Skyworld. Diving was one of the first titles to implement VR support into a full game, while Skyworld was one of the first projects revealed for the HTC Vive (though it wouldn’t release until after Arizona).

Arizona Sunshine Quest Gets Trailer Park Horde Map Next Week

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There’s yet more content headed to Vertigo Games’ Arizona Sunshine. Just your standard day for the survivors in the world of Arizona Sunshine, then. This is just the latest in a long list of post-launch updates for Arizona Sunshine.

Arizona Sunshine Is Getting More Story DLC This Summer


Bad news for people speculating that Arizona Sunshine was going to be announced for Oculus Quest today; it isn’t. Vertigo Games just announced Arizona Sunshine – The Damned DLC. More Arizona Sunshine is always a good thing. Tagged with: arizona sunshine , dlc , the Damned , VR FPS , zombies Facebook Twitter Reddit More The post Arizona Sunshine Is Getting More Story DLC This Summer appeared first on UploadVR.

Creators Of Arizona Sunshine Launch Location-Based VR Company


Vertigo Games announces their new publishing company, Vertigo Arcades, alongside a location-based release of Arizona Sunshine. Vertigo Games, the developers behind popular zombie-shooter Arizona Sunshine , is doing just that with their brand new publishing company, Vertigo Arcades. Vertigo Arcades is celebrating its launch with Arizona Sunshine – LB VR Edition , a free-roam, warehouse-scale rendition of Vertigo Games’ hit zombie-shooter.

Vertigo Games Teases New Arizona Sunshine Reveal Tomorrow


Arizona Sunshine developer Vertigo Games is teasing on Twitter “breaking news” for the franchise tomorrow. Arizona Sunshine is a zombie survival shooter with a voice acted singleplayer campaign and co-op horde mode. Vertigo Games has even taken the franchise beyond the home to VR arcades, with tailor made experiences such as the LB VR edition and Arizona Sunshine: Rampage. Gaming arizona sunshine VR games

New Arizona Sunshine: Rampage Experience Coming To Nomadic VR Arcades


A new title based on the Arizona Sunshine VR franchise is coming to Nomadic VR arcades. The Arizona Sunshine franchise began with the original game for the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive consumer PC VR systems. The company launched last year with an experience called Arizona Sunshine Contagion Z. Arizona Sunshine: Rampage continues with the same story as Contagion Z. VR arizona sunshine location based

E3 2019: VR Zombie Shooter Arizona Sunshine Heading To Oculus Quest


Top among these announcements was the reveal of Vertigo Games’ stellar zombie survival FPS, Arizona Sunshine , for the Oculus Quest. We’re excited to be bringing Arizona Sunshine to the headset of freedom and possibilities later this year,” said Arjen van Heck, Programmer at Vertigo Games, in an official release. “It The post E3 2019: VR Zombie Shooter Arizona Sunshine Heading To Oculus Quest appeared first on VRScout.

Software 'Bug' Keeps Arizona Prisoners Behind Bars Past Release Dates

GizModo VR

An Arizona law helping people with drug possession convictions earn early release from prison is being effectively ignored in many cases due to flaws in state’s inmate management software, according to a Phoenix-area public radio station citing multiple government sources.

Arizona Sunshine’s ‘The Damned’ DLC Is Its Biggest Expansion Yet


Arizona Sunshine is arguably the most polished VR zombie shooter available at the moment. Following the release of an official location-based rendition of the original PC VR release, Vertigo is back with new DLC content that promises to add even more depth to the Arizona Sunshine universe. Arizona Sunshine ‘The Damned’ launches on Playstation VR, Oculus, HTC Vive, and Windows Mixed Reality this summer.

Arizona Sunshine Quest 2 Vs Quest Graphic Comparison

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Find out in our Arizona Sunshine Quest 2 vs Quest graphics comparison! Arizona Sunshine Quest 2 Vs Quest Graphic Comparison. What do you make of our Arizona Sunshine Quest 2 vs Quest graphics comparison?

Arizona Sunshine Dev Vertigo Acquired By Koch Media

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Vertigo Games, the developer of Arizona Sunshine and the upcoming After The Fall , has been acquired by Austria-based Koch Media. Then, in 2016, it released a first-person zombie shooter called Arizona Sunshine for the newly-released Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.

‘Arizona Sunshine’ Review

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In the overcrowded genre of VR shooters, with quite a few of the zombie variety already out in the wild, Vertigo Games have a take on zombie slaughter that makes enough tweaks to the formula to ensure that Arizona Sunshine stands head and shoulders above the competition. Arizona Sunshine Details: Developer: Vertigo Games & Jaywalkers Interactive. Although it offers an expanded scope compared to the competition, Arizona Sunshine is still very much a wave based shooter.

My Favourite Virtual Fact Zombie Apocalypse Video game (Arizona Sunshine Funny Times)


Arizona Sunshine is a coop digital actuality zombie apocalypse activity for Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and PSVR. In this humorous times online video, Josiah and I work … Source.

‘Arizona Sunshine’ Review: The Best VR Zombie Shooter Yet


This happened in Arizona Sunshine’s multiplayer horde mode — a small slice of the game that would have been enough for most developers to sell as a standalone product. Instead, with Arizona Sunshine , Vertigo Games have packed in not only a single player and multiplayer horde mode with endless waves of zombies, but they’ve also thrown in a robust campaign mode that can also be played both alone and with a friend.

How to watch MLB: LA Dodgers vs. Arizona Diamondbacks online

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The four-game series between the LA Dodgers and Arizona Diamondbacks starts tonight. How-To Movies & TV News ESPN how to watch LA Dodgers vs. Arizona Diamondbacks MLBHere's how to stream it.

Vive Cosmos Headset Only, RIP Mobile VR & Win Arizona Sunshine on Quest! – VRecap


We’re giving away Arizona Sunshine codes for Quest! GIVEAWAY: Win A Free Copy Of Arizona Sunshine On Oculus Quest! The post Vive Cosmos Headset Only, RIP Mobile VR & Win Arizona Sunshine on Quest!

Arizona Sunshine Giveaway Livestream: Zombies, Guns, And Blood


For today’s livestream we’re cracking open Arizona Sunshine , the excellent VR zombie shooter from Vertigo Games and we’re setting out into the desert in co-op. We’ll be playing Arizona Sunshine on PSVRs using two PS Aim Controllers. Arizona Sunshine GIVEAWAY Livestream! Arizona Sunshine GIVEAWAY Livestream! Gaming Live Streams arizona sunshine livestream Vertigo Games

E3 2019: Arizona Sunshine Is Coming To Oculus Quest, DLC Trailer Revealed


Vertigo Games’ Arizona Sunshine is on its way to Oculus’ standalone headset. Vertigo promises this will offer the full Arizona Sunshine on a standalone VR headset. First released in 2016, Arizona Sunshine is a first-person zombie shooter. The game features a full campaign that can be played either in single-player or co-op, letting you gun down scores of zombified enemies in the scorching Arizona heat.

Around One In Ten VR Players Owns Arizona Sunshine, Vertigo Says

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According to developer Vertigo Games, around one in ten VR players owns a copy of Arizona Sunshine. ” This is a pretty extraordinary figure, even for a game like Arizona that saw success out of the gates when it launched on PC VR headsets in 2016.

Arizona Sunshine Is Coming To PSVR In June With Aim Support


Minutes after posting this story, a PlayStation Blog post confirmed Arizona Sunshine hits PSVR in June with PlayStation Aim support. PlayStation VR (PSVR) owners are constantly asking for bigger and better games to show off their headset with, and it looks like they might soon get a big one: Vertigo Games’ Arizona Sunshine. Arizona Sunshine was our Game of the Year 2016 winner , so PSVR owners certainly have something to look forward to. Update: Well that was quick.

Check Out Arizona Sunshine’s Free New Coop Map Right Here

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As promised last week, the Quest version of Arizona Sunshine just got a free update adding a new map, and we’ve got a first look for you right here. Arizona’s new map is the latest reveal in our Winter Wrap-Up week here at Upload.

‘Arizona Sunshine’ to Receive ‘Dead Man’ DLC May 24th, PSVR Support in June

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Arizona Sunshine (2016) , the room-scale zombie shooter adventure, is getting its first campaign DLC on Oculus Rift, Vive & Windows “Mixed Reality” VR headsets on May 24th. Arizona Sunshine: Dead Man DLC is already on Steam , and will be available for $2.50. The single mission campaign takes place before the events of Arizona Sunshine.