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The Next Frontier of XR Hardware


As we head into the next generation of XR hardware, here are some of the big developments and releases coming out of the industry. But at last, we are seeing a shift from dedicated platform-specific hardware to agnostic all-in-one devices that makes sense for all involved. Where Is XR Heading? Guest Post

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The HTC Vive XR Elite Is A Big Step For XR Hardware


Even weight distribution, magnetic gaskets, a swappable battery pack, and built-in adjustable diopters show that HTC is really focused on hardware. In an interview with VRScout, Fraser Bowie, Chief Product Officer at NuEyes, said, “HTC’s Vive XR Elite shows that HTC is better focused when it comes to hardware than other companies.”

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Virtuix: VR Hardware From Commercial to Consumer

XR Today - Virtual Reality

Jan Goetgeluk, the Founder and CEO of Virtuix , sat down with XR Today earlier this month to discuss the development of the product while also giving insight into creating VR hardware for consumers and commercial markets. Goetgeluk explained that the hardware provides increased immersion while adding “ a lot to the fun factor of VR.”

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Metaverse and Investing – Opportunities for Retail Investors Part 1: Hardware


Let’s start by saying that we can choose to invest in the metaverse in two ways: in the technology that supports it (hardware, software, and infrastructure) or in digital assets (NFT, crypto). When I say hardware, I mean it in a very broad way. Here we will mainly talk about the first possibility.

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Immersing the Curious Mind in VR: Why You’re Missing Out on Proven ROI!

Speaker: John Blackmon, eLearning Brothers CTO, CenarioVR® Creator

Multiple clients, large and small, are proving that VR gets great results without any coding, hardware, or big budgets. Do you think VR is too complicated, too expensive, and requires a headset? Think again! In fact, you’ll be shocked at how easy it is, and what it has achieved for multiple clients.

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TikTok Parent ByteDance Partners with Qualcomm on XR Hardware and Software

Road to VR

As competition with Meta grows, Qualcomm is no doubt looking to make sure it has plenty of hardware partners moving forward who will integrate those Snapdragon chips into the next generation of XR headsets.

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Quest Pro Review – Impressive Hardware With a Value Proposition That’s Kind of a Mess

Road to VR

Quest Pro is here and brings with it some welcomed hardware improvements but a dubious value proposition that’s highly dependent on someone else making the right apps. Curiously, neither of these use-cases really demand the hardware that Quest Pro brings to the table. The former is pretty straightforward.

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