Enormous, Multisensory Arena Heads To Las Vegas Strip 2020


However it seems as though what happens in Vegas, now goes up almost immediately on Facebook. Just sitting there, what would it take to convince you that instead of sitting here in an airplane hangar in Las Vegas, you are sitting in your chair in the polar ice cap or an Amazon rainforest?”

Las Vegas Now Home To World’s Longest VR Roller Coaster


What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.” Combining leading-edge technology with the thrill of our coaster overlooking the Las Vegas Strip, we are now able to offer visitors an experience that is new, adrenaline-inducing and something you can only find at New York-New York.”.

We Visited The First Oculus-Powered Bar In Las Vegas


Our destination was Caesars Palace Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. Within those hallowed, vaguely bleach-smelling halls, was Alto Bar — the first Oculus-equipped purveyor of adult beverages and virtual reality in Las Vegas. Instead, we got an introductory Oculus demo similar to the ones we’ve seen at a conference or Best Buy, it just happened to take place in an up-scale bar in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas VR adds interactivity to app

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Due to user feedback, Las Vegas VR has moved beyond 360-degree videos with animated graphics and video overlays, as well as new interactive features to its application to improve navigation and user immersion.

New ‘Arizona Sunshine’ Las Vegas-Themed Game Mode ‘Undead Valley’ Coming in Feb.


At CES 2017 in Las Vegas, NV this week, we caught a glimpse of some new content in the works for the zombie-slaying shooter that’s due to release next month. Let us know in the comments and we’ll get to the bottom of it all at CES this week in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas Strip’s Big Apple roller coaster has a new VR experience option


The New York-New York Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas has teamed up with German company VR Coaster to add a virtual reality experience to its Big Apple roller coaster starting Feb. The LA Times describes the experience as “fairly accurate,” pointing out just a few omissions or misplacements of Vegas landmarks. The post Las Vegas Strip’s Big Apple roller coaster has a new VR experience option appeared first on VR World.

Las Vegas To Debut Virtual Reality Marketing Campaign During Miami Art Week

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The Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority (LVCVA), will unveil a groundbreaking destination marketing program, Vegas: Alter Your Reality (VAYR), at the world's premier modern and contemporary art event during Miami Art Week, Dec.

VR Fest 2017 in Las Vegas

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2017 is almost here and so is VR Fes t in Las Vegas. The post VR Fest 2017 in Las Vegas appeared first on VR Playhouse Immersive Content for VR and AR VR Playhouse accepted to VR Fest 2017. VR Playhouse has been accepted into several categories and we’d love your vote! Click here to go to the voting page and check out all the cool content. You can also come the the 3-day festival happening from 1/5-1/7, conveniently the same time as CES.

Zero Latency’s ‘Warehouse Scale’ VR Arena Comes to MGM Grand in Vegas

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The Las Vegas facility opens on September 8th, offering untethered, eight-player VR entertainment across a 2,000 square-foot arena. We’re excited to bring this experience to Las Vegas, our first West Coast location.”.

Ahead of their May 9th Boxing match in Las Vegas, Julio Cesar Chavez Jr and Canelo Alvarez try out VR Boxing.

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Ahead of their May 9th boxing match in Las Vegas, Julio Cesar Chavez Jr and Canelo Alvarez tried out Knockout League, Grab Games VR Boxing title for the HTC Vive.

VR gains foothold in destination marketing at Miami Art Week


The Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority (LVCVA), announced yesterday that they will be unveiling what they herald as a “groundbreaking destination marketing program” at Miami Art Week (Dec 7-9, 2017). Entitled “Vegas: Alter Your Reality,” the experience consists of five, two to three-minute long VR content pieces showcasing various aspects of Las Vegas. Vegas: Alter Your Reality puts the two together.

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The World of Mobile VR After Pokemon Go


After all, when Jonathan “Fatal1ty” Wendell retired from gaming, he moved to Las Vegas and started playing… poker? Virtual Reality Gaming isn’t coming, it’s already here.

Luxor transforming LAX club into eSports Arena


Last week, Las Vegas released a report showing a breakdown in visitor profiles. In order to address the need for new generation of content, MGM Resorts revealed plans for a multi-level eSports arena at its Luxor casino/resort on the Las Vegas Strip. It will be twice the size of eSports arena which recently opened in the Neonopolis in downtown Las Vegas.

Artists Spread Inspirational Political Messages Through Geo-Located AR Art


Nancy Baker Cahill’s “ Hurt Colors” (2018) : Located at: Las Vegas Village, Most easily viewable from the open lot next to “Las Vegas Village” near Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas, NV.

2018 VR and AR Conference, Festival and Expo Schedule


Las Vegas, United States. Las Vegas, United States. Over the last few years a busy conference circuit has emerged for creators and enthusiasts interested in VR and AR technology, and 2018 is already full of events throughout the year. We’ll update this list of VR and AR-related events from time to time as more dates are announced.

Lenovo’s New VR Headset Packs More Pixels at Lower Weight & Cost Than Rift and Vive

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Ramping up for CES 2017 in Las Vegas, Lenovo has revealed their newest entry into the world of VR, a yet unnamed headset sporting an impressive dual 1440 × 1440 OLED displays, a PlayStation VR-style halo strap system, and dual cameras that allow for room-scale positional tracking.

Hands-On — The VOID’s Nicodemus: Demon Of Evanishment Will Terrify This Halloween


I jumped in surprise within 30 seconds of entering The VOID in Las Vegas. The Las Vegas VOID location is running Star Wars: Secrets Of The Empire in the same building as Nicodemus: Demon of Evanishment.

Vuzix to Debut ‘Blade’ Smartglasses at CES Next Week

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Vuzix today announced they’ll be unveiling their latest smartglasses at this year’s CES in Las Vegas. ” We’ll have feet on the ground at next week’s CES in Las Vegas, starting January 9th until the 13th.

In Vegas? HTC is Offering Public Vive Pro Demos Through Thursday

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If you’re in Las Vegas & would like to experience what @htcvive has to offer at CES this year, we are holding a daily open house from 4-6pm Tuesday – Thursday at the Wynn’s Alsace Ballroom! The post In Vegas?

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Light Field Lab Announces $7 Million Investment to Develop Light Field Displays

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According to a Variety report, Light Field Lab will have a public debut at the National Association of Broadcasters Show (NAB Show) in Las Vegas next week.

2016 CES - Gaming and Virtual Reality Almost Doubles


CES 2016 returns to Las Vegas January 6 – 9 and as always VRCircle will be there reporting on the latest VR Technology. What can VR fans expect from CES 2016? According to the CEA who own and produce CES, Gaming and Virtual Reality has grown by 77% over the 2015 event.

No Vive 2 At CES, HTC Confirms


The event, spread across Las Vegas, is one of the world’s biggest consumer electronics conferences. Last year at CES Oculus had a very large booth on the show floor at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

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The VOID Will Add New Disney And Marvel Experiences


” The VOID has locations at some incredibly high traffic (and high rent) spots like next to Disney parks or The Venetian in Las Vegas. Disney and The VOID are expanding their partnership to bring a Wreck-It Ralph experience to locations this fall as well as an unnamed Marvel experience in 2019. Disney invested in the VR startup last year and, by the end of 2017, Disney’s ILMxLab and The VOID had launched Star Wars: Secrets of the Empire.

Adobe Answers Facebook With ‘Sidewinder’ Volumetric Video Technique


The concept is called Project Sidewinder and it was presented on stage during Adobe’s MAX creator’s conference in Las Vegas.

Ready At Dawn Wins Big At DICE 2018


The Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences presented their annual awards tonight at the DICE convention in Las Vegas. There were two categories dedicated to virtual reality, and Ready at Dawn took the ultimate prize in both. Immersive Reality Technical Achievement. Winner: Lone Echo/Echo Arena. Developer: Ready At Dawn. Publisher: Oculus Studios. Immersive Reality Game of the Year. Winner: Lone Echo/Echo Arena. Developer: Ready At Dawn. Publisher: Oculus Studios.

WWE Is Coming To A Headset Near You Via NextVR


Over at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas the company revealed its new broadcast solution that will actually allow viewers to physically move around inside 360-degree content. Fancy ringside seats to the biggest matches in the WWE? They’re only a VR headset away. NextVR this week announced that it had formed a partnership with the wrestling brand to bring highlights from its biggest matches to its app later this year.

Vuzix Blade AR Glasses with Alexa Integration Announced at CES 2018


The Vuzix Blade AR glasses unveiled at CES in Las Vegas. From the same city where Kodak grew to a massive worldwide company and ultimately died. Vuzix, a Rochester, New York-based display provider, is doing the same for AR glasses where Google's Glass failed.

‘Electronauts’ Is A Surreal VR Music Production Tool For Any Skill Level


Electronauts was first announced late last year before being demonstrated at CES in Las Vegas this past January. Survios enlists the help of EDM’s biggest names for this mind-bending musical experience.

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Desert Bus In VR Is Everything You Ever Hoped It Would Be And More


It takes anywhere from six to eight hours to drive from Tuscon, Arizona to Las Vegas, Nevada. Or, you could drive from Tuscon, Arizona to Las Vegas, Nevada… in VR.

Watch ‘Rihanna’ Give One of the First-Ever Mixed Reality Performances via Octosense (VIDEO)


For those attending CES in Las Vegas, Octosense will be available to schedule demos January 4-8. It’s no exaggeration to say that Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality are on the rise.

The VOID Debuts ‘Nicodemus’ Horror Experience


The VOID’s location in Las Vegas is selling tickets for their latest VR attraction — a haunting trip to a World’s Fair in the 1800s. The VOID’s website lists tickets at around $33 each for the experience in Las Vegas at The Venetian location starting Thursday, June 14. Nicodemus: Demon of Evanishment is developed by The VOID and Ninja Theory.

Adobe Premiere Pro Now Includes VR Editing Interface ‘Project CloverVR’

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Revealed at the annual creativity conference Adobe MAX in Las Vegas today, Project CloverVR is now integrated into the latest Creative Cloud release as part of the Immersive Environments feature set in Premiere Pro.

Asus ‘ZenFone AR’ Google Tango, Daydream VR Phone Launched, Specs Revealed

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Asus have officially unveiled their new Google Tango and Daydream VR certified phone at a press conference at CES 2017 in Las Vegas and the new device packs some impressive hardware inside it’s sleek exterior.

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CES 2016 Day 1 - Look at VR


This year around 150K gadget lovers from all over the world congregate together and turn Sin City (Las Vegas) into Geek City. Wednesday Jan 6th is the first full day of CES 2016. CES brings all the latest technology available or will be available in one place.

CES 2017 Expands Media Days from One to Two


CES Unveiled Las Vegas features tabletop displays from over 100 local and global tech companies and CES 2017 Best of Innovation Awards Honorees. The Consumer Technology Association (CTA) today announced the schedule for the official Media Days at CES 2017.

FeelVR Racing Seat at CES 2017


The Rift combined with the FeelVR system made me forget I was in middle of the Las Vegas Sands Hall at CES! Warning: The video below is an accurate representation of my driving skills. I’ve played race car games using the Oculus Rift before and it seems pretty realistic.

Vrvana at SEMA nov 1-4th 2016


This coming November, at the Las Vegas convention center, the best of AR and VR will take center stage and give many automotive-themed demonstrations. Come and see what we can do! In the news

uSens Inc. Featured in Variety

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After CES Unveiled in Las Vegas on Tuesday night Janko Roettgers , senior Silicon Valley correspondent for Variety , featured uSens Inc. Roettgers tweeted out that: “The Fingo VR hand tracking module is one of the cooler things I got to see at CES Unveiled.”

‘Monkey King’ is a Cinematic VR Series from Digital Domain and Qualcomm


A preview of the Monkey King experience is on display at CES 2017 this week at the Alsace Ballroom in the Wynn Hotel, on Qualcomm Virtual Reality Concept designs powered by Snapdragon 835 at the Qualcomm Technologies booth in the Central Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center, and will be shown with Dacuda’s inside-out tracking for room-scale, mobile VR technology in the ZEISS booth of the Las Vegas Convention Center.

‘Let’s Play With Nanai’ Mixes Adult Dolls With Virtual Girlfriends To Create A VR Sex Simulation


The producers of the game hope it will be a hit at AVN, the big adult trade show in Las Vegas where a growing number of VR porn creators will hawk their wares. The AVN Adult Entertainment Expo takes place from January 18 to January 21 in Las Vegas.