CES 2016 Day 2


Las Vegas goes into the second day of CES 2016. Avegant Glyph Avegant Glyph were showing off their Founder's Edition of the Glyph device which sells for $599 directly from their site. The crowds, the traffic, the people and lines all heading towards the gadgets.

Royole Moon 3D Home Theater Review from CES 2017


CES 2017 in Las Vegas and we are strapping an IMAX theater to our head. How does the screen compare to the Avegant Glyph? I tried the Avegant Glyph during CES 2016, and the Moon is superior in the size of the screen with far less visible pixels.

A Brief History of Virtual Reality at CES

Road to VR

Wedged somewhat inconsiderately at the very start of every year (it’s OK CES organisers, no one in the tech industry have families they want to spend time with), the annual Consumer Electronics Show held in Las Vegas is still the biggest event for hardware in the world.