FDA Warns Hand Sanitizers Imported From Mexico Contain Toxic Unlisted Ingredients

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The Food and Drug Administration has issued an unprecedented alert, warning that Americans are being poisoned by a long list of hand sanitizers imported from Mexico during the covid-19 pandemic.

Mexico Celebrates First VR Festival in Latin America


Last month, more than 1,200 people participated in VR Fest MX , Mexico’s first international virtual reality festival, the first of its kind in Latin America and Spain. Mattel used the event to unveil its VR View-Master in Mexico, while Samsung and Unity were also some of the event’s main sponsors. I haven’t seen an event like this one in Spanish, not even in Spain ” said Alcala in Mexico City. Virtual reality seems to be everywhere in the news these days.

Mexico 245

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This Is Alex, the First Antarctic Penguin Born in Mexico

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Over the past couple of weeks, staff at the Inbursa Aquarium in Mexico City have had their eyes glued to a single animal.

Mexico 104

Minecraft Earth Early Access Now Available In Australia, Mexico and Sweden


After an initial launch in New Zealand and Iceland , Minecraft Earth early access is now available in Australia, Mexico and Sweden. Here are today’s countries: Australia Mexico Sweden More info on our early access plans. ? The post Minecraft Earth Early Access Now Available In Australia, Mexico and Sweden appeared first on UploadVR. The game is gradually rolling out across a few countries at a time, seemingly in smaller markets first.

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No, Mexico isn't actually that orange. Hollywood is just racist.

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It's not just in your head. We talked to filmmakers, colorists, and pop culture experts about why Hollywood keeps using weird color filters to depict certain countries. Read more. More about Mashable Video , Racism , Filters , Color Grading , and Movies Tv Shows.

Federal Authorities Confirm Sighting of Yet Another UFO, This Time in New Mexico

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Multiple authorities have confirmed that commercial airline pilots recently saw, well, something, hurtling through America’s southwestern skies. Read more. airlines unidentified flying object aviation american airlines china airlines steve douglass

New Mexico Man Starts Driving Home From Albertson's Before Noticing Beees, Thousands of Beees!

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Do you hear that? Buzz buzz. Vroom vroom. Buzz, buzz. Vroom vroom. That’s the sound of the car bees. Read more.

Virgin Galactic Aborts New Mexico Launch Because of Rocket Motor Issues

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Nearly two years after its last flight, Virgin Galactic—the space tourism venture founded by Richard Branson, another billionaire who loves space—aborted the scheduled test launch of its SpaceShipTwo commercial aircraft into suborbital space today because of an issue with its rocket motor. Read more.

CNN, Forbes, Bloomberg, And Others Cover Mexico IDC Announcement And South Africa Inauguration

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EON Reality’s global expansion of Interactive Digital Centers to build global capacity in Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality knowledge transfer is catching media’s attention in conjunction with the establishment of an IDC in Mexico. The investment for the State of Mexico is initial, notes company president; specializing in virtual reality company has customers such as Exxon and BP. Milenio (MX) Newsroom: EON Reality will bring Virtual Reality to Mexico.

Virgin Galactic to launch first crewed test flight from New Mexico this month

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Virgin Galactic is coming closer to bringing paying tourists to the edge of space, perform its first crewed test flight from Spaceport America later this month. News breaking twitter space space tourism Virgin Galactic vss unity

Dammit, Two Hurricanes

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They are creating the potential for one hell of a rare event by Tuesday: two storms in the Gulf of Mexico at the same time. make it stop weather is happening hurricane season gulf of mexicoA tropical depression and tropical storm are currently blowing through the Atlantic.

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The Radical Possibility of Deb Haaland at the Department of Interior

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geography of the united states regions of the united states indigenous peoples of north america deb haaland pueblo people laguna pueblo public land united states department of the interior bureau of land management bears ears national monument new mexico dakota access pipeline protests

Ugh, Zeta

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hurricane season hurricanes gulf of mexico louisiana gulf coastBy Tuesday afternoon, we should have Hurricane Zeta, the twelfth hurricane of the 2020 season. The storm is expected to reach Louisiana by Wednesday and batter a state that’s spent much too much time in the bullseye this year.

Onyx Equinox Creator Sofia Alexander Opens Up About Weaving Mythology Into Reality

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interview onyx equinox sofia alexander crunchyroll representation mythology mexico aztecs inca mesoamerica anime animation streaming immigration olivia brown

Lousiana Braces for Unprecedented Back-to-Back Hurricane Strikes

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please make it stop hurricane season gulf of mexico extreme weatherTwo hurricanes are forecasted to slam the Gulf Coast this week, and Lousiana could see back-to-back landfalls in an unprecedented succession.

Crunchyroll's Onyx Equinox Is a Mythic Tale Forged in Fire and Blood

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onyx equinox sofia alexander castulo guerra olivia brown arin hanson mesoamerica andre luc martinez zeus mendoza carolina ravassa alejandro vargas lugo mexico aztecs incas animation crunchyroll streaming

Most influential Hispanic Americans in Hollywood’s film industry

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Features Movies & TV actors awards Cinema directors Film hispanic Hispanic Heritage Month 2020 Hollywood Mexicans Mexico SpanishSome talents cannot be contained by borders, and the legacy that these Hispanic Americans have left on the big screen irrefutably proves this.

Not Again

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hurricane season hurricanes gulf of mexico rapid intensificationThere was one brief, beautiful week where Atlantic hurricane season let up after a staggering run of storms , and we could relax. That break is, unfortunately, over. Read more.

Mobile AR Game Minecraft Earth Is Now Available In The United Kingdom


The United Kingdom joins New Zealand, Iceland , Australia, Mexico, Sweden , Canada, South Korea and the Philippines as launch countries. Death, taxes and Minecraft Earth launch countries – that’s what it feels like lately, with new launch countries for the mobile AR game popping up every few days. This time, it’s the United Kingdom’s turn to get building. Tea, crumpets – and now also Minecraft Earth! Early access has arrived in the United Kingdom. Jolly good!

Minecraft Earth Launches In More Countries, Now Available In Canada, South Korea, Philippines


The game, while still in early access, is now available publicly to anyone in Australia, Mexico, Sweden, New Zealand, Canada, South Korea, the Philippines and Iceland. The Minecraft Earth release schedule seems to be speeding up a bit – just a few days after the last batch of countries , the new AR mobile game is now available in Canada, South Korea and the Philippines. Queued up and ready to go! Today, three additional countries join the Minecraft Earth early access.

Corona Taps Blippar to Promote Its Hard Seltzer Line with AR Games & Recipes

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Don't Miss: Blippar Adds Landmark Recognition to Its Bag of AR Tricks Built on Blippar's web-based AR technology, the AR experience opens a portal to a virtual beach, perhaps somewhere in Mexico, with the various flavors of Corona.

Mexico 215

U.S. Border Patrol Tried to Get Free Wall From We Build the Wall, Whose Leaders Are Facing Charges

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Mexico border wall from We Build the Wall, the GoFundMe-launched project whose leadership is now facing federal indictments. Customs and Border Protection and the U.S. Border Patrol considered accepting sections of privately constructed U.S.-Mexico

Crew Dragon is undocked and on its way home from International Space Station

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It should splash down in the Gulf of Mexico this afternoon. News crew dragon demo-2 NASA space SpaceX

Virgin Galactic’s test flight of space tourism craft fails to reach space

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Virgin Galactic's first crewed test flight of its SpaceShipTwo Unity craft from Spaceport America in New Mexico has failed to reach the boundary of space.

Gender-Reveal Flyby Turns Tragic When Plane Crashes Into Sea

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A gender reveal stunt ended in tragedy on Tuesday when the plane carrying out the reveal crashed into the sea off the coast of Cancún, Mexico. Two people in the airplane died in the incident, and authorities are investigating. Read more.

Weirdo Manta Shark Found Fossilized in Mexican Limestone

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Paleontologists have announced the discovery of an extraordinary fossil shark in Mexico. They describe Aquilolamna milarcae , a Late Cretaceous shark that was wider than it was long, with an oddly slender pair of pectoral fins.

Mexico 109

Gray Whales Off Baja California Are Dying En Masse, and Scientists Don't Know Why

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An unusual mortality event of gray whales off the coast of Mexico is disturbingly persistent, according to a study published this week in the Marine Ecology Progress Series.

Mexico 103

Virtual Aquarium Brings Children’s Aquatic Art To Life


Visitors can design custom sea creatures and feed their digital creations. Next-generation art collective teamLab is on a mission to blend the worlds of technology, art, science, design, and nature.

The Border Wall Is a ‘Death Blow’ to Wildlife. This Election Will Decide How Much Worse It Gets.

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Mexico border to survive. The upcoming presidential election will decide more than just the next American leader; it could also determine the fate of numerous endangered wildlife species that depend on unimpeded access to both sides of the U.S.-Mexico Read more.

Trump Tried to Scoop Up a Popular Birding Preserve for His Border Wall, But You Don't Mess With Birders

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birdmodo border wall mexico border wall trump birding texasThe Trump administration was reportedly all set to purchase the Salineño Wildlife Preserve, a 2.5-acre stretch of Texas so popular among birders that it’s been called “hallowed ground,” to make way for its infamous border wall.

Mexico 114

Go Away, Eta, You're Drunk

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The cyclone is a much-weakened tropical depression, but it’s set to strengthen in the coming days and take a wending, circuitous path through the Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico. Record-setting Hurricane Eta has cleared Central America after leaving a trail of destruction. It could make landfall in the U.S. early next… Read more. weather is happening hurricane season

Artists Spread Inspirational Political Messages Through Geo-Located AR Art


Found in areas throughout the United States, Mexico, and Egypt, with more locales to come, these eye-opening artworks have been placed in specific locations relevant to their message in terms of history, culture, or political significance. An AR version of the memorial is now available for viewing over the famous river located in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico. Beatriz Cortez “Tzolk’in Memorial to Claudia Gómez González” (2018) : Located at: Parque Viveros, Nuevo Laredo, MEXICO.

VRCover Introduces New Quest 2 Headstrap Replacement And More Facial Interfaces

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You can buy one right now for $24 plus shipping on the VRCover US Store (ships to US, Canada, or Mexico), EU Store , or International Store. VRCover is introducing another new accessory to its lineup of add-ons and replacement parts with the Oculus Quest 2 Headstrap Replacement.

Gay Culture Is gaysovercovid

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The glee is palpable when you peruse gaysovercovid , as many have in the past few weeks; its follower count has ballooned in the wake of mass partying in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, and an ensuing sinking party boat.

'The Most Musical Animals in the World': This New Electronic Album Features Endangered Birds

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A Guide to the Birdsong of Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean is a new album that features birds and artists from the region all with the purpose of sharing the… Read more.

Evidence of Prehistoric Ochre Mine Found in Submerged Mexican Caves

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Underwater caves in Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula have yielded evidence of a prehistoric ochre mine, in a discovery that could explain why the region’s earliest inhabitants ventured so deeply inside this treacherous cave system.

Dueling Cyclones Brew in the Atlantic and Pacific

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A third is also likely to spring up in the Gulf of Mexico later this week. Hurricane season is unfortunately alive and well, folks. As of Wednesday, two storms are brewing: Hurricane Douglas in the Pacific and Tropical Storm Gonzalo in the Atlantic.