Minecraft Earth Early Access Now Available In Australia, Mexico and Sweden


After an initial launch in New Zealand and Iceland , Minecraft Earth early access is now available in Australia, Mexico and Sweden. Here are today’s countries: Australia Mexico Sweden More info on our early access plans. ?

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Mexico Celebrates First VR Festival in Latin America


Last month, more than 1,200 people participated in VR Fest MX , Mexico’s first international virtual reality festival, the first of its kind in Latin America and Spain. I haven’t seen an event like this one in Spanish, not even in Spain ” said Alcala in Mexico City.

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CNN, Forbes, Bloomberg, And Others Cover Mexico IDC Announcement And South Africa Inauguration

EON Reality

EON Reality’s global expansion of Interactive Digital Centers to build global capacity in Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality knowledge transfer is catching media’s attention in conjunction with the establishment of an IDC in Mexico. Mexico Uncategorized

Mobile AR Game Minecraft Earth Is Now Available In The United Kingdom


The United Kingdom joins New Zealand, Iceland , Australia, Mexico, Sweden , Canada, South Korea and the Philippines as launch countries.

Minecraft Earth Launches In More Countries, Now Available In Canada, South Korea, Philippines


The game, while still in early access, is now available publicly to anyone in Australia, Mexico, Sweden, New Zealand, Canada, South Korea, the Philippines and Iceland.

Artists Spread Inspirational Political Messages Through Geo-Located AR Art


Found in areas throughout the United States, Mexico, and Egypt, with more locales to come, these eye-opening artworks have been placed in specific locations relevant to their message in terms of history, culture, or political significance.

Iñárritu’s ‘Carne y Arena’ Just Won an Oscar


Created in partnership with ILMxLAB and Iñárritu collaborator Emmanuel Lubezki, the installation combines physical space with the virtual landscape, giving participants a firsthand experience of being an immigrant attempting to cross the US-Mexico border. Mexico border.”.

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VR Movie Carne y Arena Wins A Special Oscar


Making its debut at the Cannes Film Festival last May (and announced over a year ago), the film follows the journey of a group of immigrants trying to cross the US-Mexico border, a topic of great contention in the current political climate. Currently you can see the piece at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Fondazione Prada in Milan, and Tlatelolco Cultural Center in Mexico City, and it will soon debut in China.

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‘Beyond The Wall’ Is A Game Of Thrones VR Experience, Exclusive To Viveport Infinity


The experience will be available in English in the USA, UK, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, and Argentina. HBO is launching an official Game of Thrones VR experience tomorrow. Called ‘Beyond The Wall’, the experience will be exclusive to HTC’s Viveport Infinity subscription service. Viveport is HTC’s VR app store, similar to the Oculus Store. It isn’t exclusive to HTC hardware however, it also officially supports Oculus Rift headsets.

Traveling in Virtual Reality

Tech Trends VR

Recently, Rizort added Dubai, Mexico and the Caribbean to its growing roster of destination offerings. Rizort added Dubai, Mexico and the Caribbean to its growing roster of destination offerings Click To Tweet.

ILMxLAB and Lucasfilm partner with Nissan for Star Wars VR tie-in/car promotion.

Cats and VR

The VR experience developed for HTC Vive and Samsung Gear is part of marketing partnership to promote The Last Jedi and will be in Nissan dealerships in the US, Mexico, and Canada very soon.

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‘Game of Thrones’ VR Experience Coming Exclusively to Viveport Infinity

Road to VR

Beyond the Wall is launching first in English in the US, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, the UK, and Canada. HTC today announced that a VR experience based on HBO’s hit TV series Game of Thrones is set to launch exclusively on Viveport Infinity starting tomorrow, supporting Vive and Rift.

Custom Tattoo Launches Interactive Sonic The Hedgehog AR Experience


A man in Mexico City turns his first tattoo into a trigger for a prototype AR game. . Once Sabandija built his Sonic the Hedgehog AR scene, he headed over to Orion Tattoo in Mexico City where tattoo artist Ng Blackeye gave Sabandija his very first ink.

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Now You Can Have ‘Dolphin-Assisted Therapy’ in VR


” Dolphin VR is the brainchild of artist Marijke Sjollema, who was captivated over two decades ago after she snorkeled beside a dolphin off Mexico’s coast in 1993. Dolphins meet virtual reality.

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Preserving Historical Landmarks In VR Should Be A Priority


So far the partnership has resulted in the 3D capture of sites such as the 1,000-year-old Temple of Kukulcan in the Mayan city of Chichén Itzá in Mexico, parts of the Roman city of Pompeii , buried by the famous eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 A.D.;

Snapchat’s Latest Lens Studio Update Is A Game Changer For AR Creators


14 new landmarks and 6 AR templates make their way to the desktop app.

Google Partnership Makes It Possible To Visit Ancient Monuments In VR


Other locations in the Internet-powered exhibition include Al Azem Palace in Damascus, Syria, and the Mayan city of Chichen Itza in Mexico. Google is partnering with non-profit CyArk so anyone can visit ancient monuments and temples, many of which are at risk of being damaged, or, in some cases, have already been devastated. One example available now is a temple in Bagan, Myanmar, that was damaged in a 2016 earthquake.

Surgeon Chooses VR Over Sedatives For Patients


A surgeon in Mexico City is ditching painkillers by bringing virtual reality into the operating room. Is virtual reality a powerful enough experience to distract humans from pain? Dr. Jose Luis Mosso Vazquez seems to think so.

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Can VR Help Smokers Quit?


VR is being used to help a variety of conditions from pain management to eye disorders , and now a Kickstarter based in Mexico City is looking to help smokers curb the habit. Virtual therapy for smokers might be an app and headset away.

Scale Learning and Teaching for the Online Classroom

EON Reality

At EON Reality, we are working at lightning speed to help classrooms around the world transition safely and effectively to an online classroom. As we shift towards preparing for tomorrow it is now more important than ever to build resilience into our online classrooms.

Check Out Your Travel Destination In VR Before You Book


Recently, Rizort added Dubai, Mexico and the Caribbean to its growing roster of destination offerings. Rizort Inc. adds several new locations to its collaborative vacation planning VR app.

Putting AR into Art

Tech Trends VR

Although their main base is in Vienna, they also have a presence in Beijing and Tel Aviv as well as partners in Mexico and Mongolia. A Viennese start-up is the first company from Austria to be accepted to Berkeley SkyDeck accelerator.

MLB ‘Home Run Derby VR’ Game to Land on PSVR and Vive This Spring

Road to VR

While the list of ballparks featuring the out-of-home version isn’t public yet, the report holds that at least two demonstrations are confirmed; one in Puerto Rico for the Indians and Twins games in April and the other in Mexico for the Dodgers and Padres games in May.

Alejandro Inarritu and Legendary are Creating a VR Short.


The VR short film will follow a group of immigrants and refugees crossing the border between Mexico and the United States. Alejandro Inarritu and Legendary are Creating a VR Short Film Alejandro Inarritu is taking a big step into the world of virtual reality.

Minecraft Earth Is Finally Available In The United States


So far, those regions the United Kingdom , New Zealand, Iceland , Australia, Mexico, Sweden , Canada, South Korea and the Philippines and, as of today, the United States.

Become a Resistance Mechanic in this New Star Wars VR Experience


Developed by ILMxLAB and Lucasfilm, the Nissan-sponsored experience will be available soon on the HTC Vive and Samsung Gear VR at select dealerships throughout the US, Mexico, and Canada. ILMxLAB, Lucasfilm, and Nissan team up to launch Star Wars: Droid Repair Bay in select dealerships.

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Earth Day: Now You Can Surf With a Legend in VR


Ritter surfed frequently in Baja and mainland Mexico during his days as a student at UC Santa Barbara, and continued on to travel to many remote and unexplored oceanic landscapes.

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How to choose an LBVR product?

The Ghost Howls

The cost appears to be around $90k in the US, Canada, Mexico and Australia. . Avatarico in Europe and Asia, and Entermission in the US, Canada, Mexico and Australia provide seated VR escape games (you can also call it hand tracking VR). .

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Art Collective Supported By George R.R. Martin Gets Into VR


million in renovations for the space that Meow Wolf occupies in New Mexico, as detailed on NPR. Art is powerful. With so many ways to express the human imagination through creative skill, it is encouraging to see VR become an impactful canvas for creators.

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Watch World Cup 2018 Matches for Free in ‘Oculus Venues’ Starting This Weekend

Road to VR

June 17 : Germany vs. Mexico – 8:00 am PT ( local time ).

USA Today’s VR News Show Premieres With 3 High-Flying Adventures


Lastly, we’re transported to a slightly more calm event at the world’s largest hot-air balloon festival in Albuquerque, New Mexico. USA Today revealed that they have taken to the skies in the debut episode of their virtual reality news show, VRtually There.

Felix & Paul Studios And Cirque du Soleil’s New Through The Masks Of LUZIA Launches Today


The change in viewer size has a brilliant effect on how each scene feels, and offers another reason for viewers of Cirque du Soleil’s LUZIA A Walking Dream of Mexico show, to also experience the complementary 360 content.

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A Look at Doug Liman’s VR Scripted Series ‘Invisible’


Just last week, the acclaimed director Alejandro Inarritu announced teaming up with Legendary and ILMxLAB to begin filming a VR short that follows a group of immigrants crossing the border between Mexico and the United States.

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Westworld Awakening Brings the Hit TV Show to VR Arcades and Home Users

Peter Graham

It will be available in English in the US, Mexico, Brazil, UK, Germany, France, Spain, Portugal, South Korea, and China (arcades only). Survios has or is working on several big interactive IP’s based on TV shows and films.

Google Working on VR Short Film With ‘Book of Life’ Director Jorge Gutierrez


Like Book of Life , which was nominated for a Golden Globe in 2015, Son of Jaguar is set in Mexico City on the Day of the Dead. The new animated VR film will be part of Google Spotlight Stories.

Welcome to Virtual Reality Ad Units


It’s what you might expect for 360 video news segment, letting you take off from the USS Eisenhower carrier, slackline in Arizona, and fly high in a hot air balloon for New Mexico’s annual festival. USA Today launches branded VR news show with a 360° video ad.

Oculus Brings Rift to 90 Libraries in California for Public Access VR

Road to VR

Oculus has announced a pilot program to place 100 Rifts and Oculus Ready PCs in 90 libraries throughout the state of California, from the Oregon border down to Mexico.