Not to Alarm Anyone, but the Gulf of Mexico Is on Fire

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As a record-breaking heat wave scorches the Pacific Northwest, down south in the Gulf of Mexico the ocean literally caught on fire Friday. disaster accident ku maloob zaap gulf coast of mexico pemex environment business finance petroleum industry in mexico ku

Forza Horizon 5 launches this November with Mexico setting

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Forza Horizon 5 is launching for Xbox this fall, and will be set in Mexico. It will, of course, come to Xbox Game Pass on day one and have a massive open world. Gaming E3 e3 2021 Forza Forza Horizon 5 Microsoft Studios


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FDA Warns Hand Sanitizers Imported From Mexico Contain Toxic Unlisted Ingredients

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The Food and Drug Administration has issued an unprecedented alert, warning that Americans are being poisoned by a long list of hand sanitizers imported from Mexico during the covid-19 pandemic.

New Mexico Jail Forced Into Lockdown After Cyberattack Incapacitates Cameras, Doors

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A suspected ransomware attack in New Mexico has incapacitated services for an entire county, including the local jail—which frighteningly lost access to its camera feeds, facility databases, and automated doors.

The cast of 'Narcos: Mexico' picks the greatest movie crime team — Choose Your Squad

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Mayra Hermosillo and Luisa Rubino of Narcos: Mexico pick their ultimate crime drama squad

Minecraft Earth Early Access Now Available In Australia, Mexico and Sweden


After an initial launch in New Zealand and Iceland , Minecraft Earth early access is now available in Australia, Mexico and Sweden. Here are today’s countries: Australia Mexico Sweden More info on our early access plans. ? The post Minecraft Earth Early Access Now Available In Australia, Mexico and Sweden appeared first on UploadVR. The game is gradually rolling out across a few countries at a time, seemingly in smaller markets first.

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Watch the 'Narcos: Mexico' cast get into a heated movie trivia battle — Know Your Role

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Narcos: Mexico 's Scoot McNairy and Luis Gerardo Méndez go head-to-head in a crime drama battle

This Is Alex, the First Antarctic Penguin Born in Mexico

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Over the past couple of weeks, staff at the Inbursa Aquarium in Mexico City have had their eyes glued to a single animal.

Mexico 102

A 'Lost' 125,000-Year-Old Mangrove Forest Is Thriving in Mexico

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Over 100 miles from the Gulf of Mexico, an ecosystem of salt-tolerant trees is flourishing along a freshwater river.

EON Reality and the New Mexico State University System Collaborate for New EON-XR Rollout


EON Reality, the global leader in Augmented and Virtual Reality-based knowledge and skills transfer for industry and education, announces a new collaboration with New Mexico State University (NMSU) to launch a brand new EON-XR rollout.

U.S. Lifts Restrictions on Vaccinated Travelers From Mexico and Canada Today

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formally lifted travel restrictions on Mexico and Canada on Monday almost 20 months after covid-19 pandemic rules were first put in place. The U.S. It’s just the latest sign that life might be getting back to a pre-pandemic normal for those who are full vaccinated. Read more.

No, Mexico isn't actually that orange. Hollywood is just racist.

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It's not just in your head. We talked to filmmakers, colorists, and pop culture experts about why Hollywood keeps using weird color filters to depict certain countries. Read more. More about Mashable Video , Racism , Filters , Color Grading , and Movies Tv Shows.

Extreme Heat Is Making U.S-Mexico Border Crossings Even More Dangerous

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Dehydration is already a leading cause of death among migrants crossing the border from Mexico to the U.S., and conditions will become worse as the climate continues to warm, according to new research published earlier this month in Science. Read more.

Abandoned Oil Pipelines Are a Disaster Waiting to Happen in the Gulf of Mexico

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Seems like no one is keeping an eye on what polluters are doing in the Gulf of Mexico.

Mexico 114

New Triceratops Relative Found on Ted Turner’s Ranch in New Mexico

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The reanalysis of a fossil found more than 20 years ago in New Mexico has resulted in the discovery of an entirely new species of horned dinosaur.

Virgin Galactic celebrates its third successful launch, the first ever in New Mexico

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That's because Virgin Galactic made New Mexico the third U.S. Human space flight — and space tourism — took a welcome step forward on Saturday. state to ever host a space launch.

U.S. to Open Borders With Canada and Mexico for Vaccinated Visitors in November

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will open its land borders to nonessential travel from Canada and Mexico in November, according to a new announcement from the U.S. The U.S. Department of Homeland Security. But there’s one catch: Only people who are fully vaccinated against covid-19 will be allowed into the U.S. Read more.

Potentially Illegal Construction Project Could Threaten Ancient Mexican Ruins

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mexico city metropolitan area archaeoastronomy s culture mexico moon mexicos culture department countries places monument teotihuacan municipality teotihuacan world

Dildo Drone Interrupts ‘Tough on Crime’ New Mexico Sheriff’s Speech, Chaos Ensues

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A New Mexico sheriff running as the tough-on-crime candidate for the mayorship of Albuquerque was buzzed at a campaign event on Tuesday by a small drone with a giant dildo attached to it.

Oil Spill in Gulf of Mexico After Ida Linked to Abandoned Pipeline

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More than a week after Ida hit the Gulf of Mexico , it’s becoming increasingly clear that the hurricane made a huge mess of the oil and gas activities there.

Hurricane Ida Shuts Down More Than 90% of Oil and Gas Production in the Gulf of Mexico

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As if reversing the course of the Mississippi River, forcing hospitals to hunker down with patients that couldn’t be moved, and nearly shutting off the power and internet in New Orleans wasn’t enough, Hurricane Ida has also disrupted oil and gas production. Read more.

Tunnel Discovered With Aztec Carvings Will Be Reburied After Museum Loses Funding

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In October 2019, Mexican archaeologists found intriguing reliefs carved around a sluice gate of a 2.5-mile-long, 400-year-old tunnel under the outskirts of Mexico City.

CNN, Forbes, Bloomberg, And Others Cover Mexico IDC Announcement And South Africa Inauguration

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EON Reality’s global expansion of Interactive Digital Centers to build global capacity in Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality knowledge transfer is catching media’s attention in conjunction with the establishment of an IDC in Mexico. The investment for the State of Mexico is initial, notes company president; specializing in virtual reality company has customers such as Exxon and BP. Milenio (MX) Newsroom: EON Reality will bring Virtual Reality to Mexico.

Federal Authorities Confirm Sighting of Yet Another UFO, This Time in New Mexico

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Multiple authorities have confirmed that commercial airline pilots recently saw, well, something, hurtling through America’s southwestern skies. Read more. airlines unidentified flying object aviation american airlines china airlines steve douglass

A Human Toddler and a Mammoth Crossed Paths in Ancient New Mexico, Footprints Suggest

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Someone—maybe an adolescent, maybe someone older—rushed across the edge of Lake Otero, slipping as they walked but moving steadily ahead.

Virgin Galactic to launch first crewed test flight from New Mexico this month

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Virgin Galactic is coming closer to bringing paying tourists to the edge of space, perform its first crewed test flight from Spaceport America later this month. News breaking twitter space space tourism Virgin Galactic vss unity

Archaeologists Map Nearly 500 Mesoamerican Sites and See Distinct Design Patterns

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Archaeologists created 3D maps of more than 30,000 square miles of precolonial settlements in what is today Mexico, revealing never-before-seen details of how sites were designed and their apparent connections to the ancient Mesoamerican calendar.

Virgin Galactic Aborts New Mexico Launch Because of Rocket Motor Issues

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Nearly two years after its last flight, Virgin Galactic—the space tourism venture founded by Richard Branson, another billionaire who loves space—aborted the scheduled test launch of its SpaceShipTwo commercial aircraft into suborbital space today because of an issue with its rocket motor. Read more.

Archaeologists See Ancient Teotihuacán With Aerial Mapping Tech

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Teotihuacán in its heyday was one of the largest cities in the world, supporting over 100,000 people in an 8-square-mile stretch of what is now Central Mexico.

Mexican Authorities Raid Construction Site Near Famous Archaeological Ruins

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mexico city metropolitan area archaeoastronomy mexico countries law crime teotihuacan americas teotihuacan municipality instituto nacional de antropologia e historia

Oil From the 2010 Deepwater Horizon Disaster Continues to Spread in Disturbing Ways

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million barrels of oil gushed into the Gulf of Mexico during the Deepwater Horizon spill of 2010. An estimated 4.9 New research chronicles the fate of the oil that wasn’t cleaned up. Read more.

New Mexico Man Starts Driving Home From Albertson's Before Noticing Beees, Thousands of Beees!

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Do you hear that? Buzz buzz. Vroom vroom. Buzz, buzz. Vroom vroom. That’s the sound of the car bees. Read more.

Footprints Suggest Humans Migrated Deep Into North America Earlier Than Previously Known

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footprints environment geography of new mexico paleontology laetoli kathryn krasinski white sands national park fossils kathleen springer fossil track kim charlie jeanne timmons eves footprint trace fossils sally reynolds jeff pigati david bustos

Dammit, Two Hurricanes

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They are creating the potential for one hell of a rare event by Tuesday: two storms in the Gulf of Mexico at the same time. make it stop weather is happening hurricane season gulf of mexicoA tropical depression and tropical storm are currently blowing through the Atlantic.

Mexico 110

25 Countries With the Best Covid-19 Vaccination Rates in the World

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vaccination astrazeneca health medical pharma covid 19 vaccination in sweden health covid 19 vaccination in mexico covid 19 pandemic biotechnology oxfordastrazeneca covid 19 vaccine medical research social issues covid 19 vaccine articles

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18 States That Have Passed Permanent Daylight Savings Time and Why They Haven’t Implemented It

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time time in canada time zones health medical pharma marco rubio daylight saving time time in mexico atlantic time zone articles eastern time zone geography time zones in the united states pacific time zone daylight saving time in the united statesCome Sunday at 2:00 a.m.

8 Wolves Poisoned in Oregon, Police Ask Public for Tips

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wolves environment or 7 subspecies of canis lupus wolf hunting biology maggie howell natural history of california environment of the united states fauna of mexicoPolice in Oregon are trying to solve some recent fatal poisonings among the already-fragile gray wolf population.