Send HTC Your Idea for a Vive Accessory and Win a Free HTC Vive

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Now’s your chance to pitch your crazy accessory idea to HTC. HTC will be running the accessory contest through its Viveport community forum , and letting members vote on their favorite entries. SEE ALSO HTC Vive Accessory Store Now Stocks Things You Actually Need.

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‘Game of Thrones’ VR Experience Coming Exclusively to Viveport Infinity

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HTC today announced that a VR experience based on HBO’s hit TV series Game of Thrones is set to launch exclusively on Viveport Infinity starting tomorrow, supporting Vive and Rift. Image courtesy HTC, HBO. Image courtesy HTC, HBO.

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MLB ‘Home Run Derby VR’ Game to Land on PSVR and Vive This Spring

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While the list of ballparks featuring the out-of-home version isn’t public yet, the report holds that at least two demonstrations are confirmed; one in Puerto Rico for the Indians and Twins games in April and the other in Mexico for the Dodgers and Padres games in May.

Become a Resistance Mechanic in this New Star Wars VR Experience


Developed by ILMxLAB and Lucasfilm, the Nissan-sponsored experience will be available soon on the HTC Vive and Samsung Gear VR at select dealerships throughout the US, Mexico, and Canada. News Gear VR HTC Vive ILMxLAB Lucasfilm Nissan Star Wars

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‘Beyond The Wall’ Is A Game Of Thrones VR Experience, Exclusive To Viveport Infinity


Called ‘Beyond The Wall’, the experience will be exclusive to HTC’s Viveport Infinity subscription service. Viveport is HTC’s VR app store, similar to the Oculus Store. It isn’t exclusive to HTC hardware however, it also officially supports Oculus Rift headsets. It could however come to HTC’s own Vive Focus Plus standalone some day in future, but there’s no word on that.

ILMxLAB and Lucasfilm partner with Nissan for Star Wars VR tie-in/car promotion.

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The VR experience developed for HTC Vive and Samsung Gear is part of marketing partnership to promote The Last Jedi and will be in Nissan dealerships in the US, Mexico, and Canada very soon.

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Final Cut Pro X Arrives With 360 VR Video Editing


View your 360° video projects in realtime on a HTC Vive. In a trio of announcements, Apple revealed that Valve would be bringing SteamVR and HTC Vive to the new iMac, Unity and Unreal Engine were coming to Mac, and Final Cut Pro X would finally support VR video editing.

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New ‘Star Wars’ VR Experience from ILMxLab to Debut in … Car Dealerships

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Developed for HTC Vive and Samsung Gear VR, the experience is coming soon to select Nissan dealerships in the US, Mexico, and Canada. HTC Vive Games ILMxLabs News Samsung Gear VR Games VR Games ilm ILMxLAB ILMxLAB vr lucasfilm star wars star wars vr star was the last jedi

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Watch World Cup 2018 Matches for Free in ‘Oculus Venues’ Starting This Weekend

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June 17 : Germany vs. Mexico – 8:00 am PT ( local time ).

Developer Profile: EnsenaSoft Aims for a Podium Finish With Renzo Racer

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In the beginning… EnsenaSoft was founded in Mazatlán, Mexico on August 2009 by Blanca Valencia (President) and Samuel DenHartog (CEO). We have been working on Renzo Racer for 3 years and are very proud of what our small team in Mexico was able to accomplish.

Lowe’s Unveils VR Clinic For DIY Home Improvement


Once users put on the HTC Vive or Oculus Rift headset depending on the location, they are instantly transported into a realistic work environment that features haptic feedback on the controllers for maximum immersion.

The Women of AR+VR: Ones to Watch

AWE Blog

Originally from Mexico, Daniela graduated from the Royal College of Art, where the idea for Gravity Sketch was formed. While part of the Hamburg-based VR Nerds collective, she made her debut as the first VR Shaman when she guided an HTC Vive user through a 48-hour virtual trip she had curated.

XR via Sexy Sunglasses, with Vuzix' Paul Travers

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Because if he does it wrong, the rig could blow up and you end up with another Gulf of Mexico mess on your hands. In 2014, I tried VR for the first time, and I ended up with an HTC-- the Pre, the first one. Paul Travers has been in the XR business long enough to remember the early headsets, which were not exactly elegant in design - he describes one of his early models as a football helmet.

Top 10 VR/360 Content To Watch


For consumers who are looking for immersive experience, they can find massive high-quality VR videos on major VR headsets, such as Oculus, Windows Mixed Reality, Google Daydream, HTC Vive, Xiaomi VR and Samsung Gear. St Pete is located on the Gulf of Mexico and considered as a paradise for the tourists. From the first stereoscope to standalone VR headset, VR headsets have been going through some major developments.

This is How Fake News Happens: The Reporting of Palmer Luckey and Nimble America


8:23 PM @Papapishu ✔: My HTC Vive review: Good immersion. Nimble America’s front page features a story about rapists operating in “criminal gangs” along the Mexico border, echoing some of Trump’s most controversial claims.”. 12:26 PM @the_rami ✔: The whole situation with Oculus and Luckey just makes me so sad that I want to escape into some sort of HTC Vive-powered virtual reality. The HTC Vive has room scale VR.