New York Times Releases Holographic Experience Starring Ashley Graham


Celebrate New York Fashion Week with a volumetric AR runway show featuring model and activist, Ashley Graham. You can Watch Ashley’s hologram hit the runway now on The New York Times app available on iOS & Android. Image Credit: The New York Times / Graham Roberts.

IMAX Shutters VR Experience Centre in New York, No New VR Investment in 2019

Road to VR

Now, the company has shut down their last remaining New York location, and has said they won’t be investing any more into VR during 2019. As reported by Variety , IMAX says the closure at AMC Kips Bay in New York comes as the conclusion of a pilot test.

New York Times Uses AR To Tell Story Of Thailand Cave Rescue


The New York Times visualizes the extremely dangerous conditions Thailand Cave rescuers dealt with during the rescue of the Wild Boars soccer team using AR. This isn’t the first AR experience for the New York Times. Image Credit: The New York Times.

New York City Invests in AR/VR Incubator to Bolster City’s Jobs, Tech Talent

Road to VR

In the Bronx, CUNY (City University of New York) Lehman College’s VR/AR Training Academy and Development Lab will prepare students for careers in the virtual and augmented reality sectors. The announcement says the incubator will provide the following: Support New Ventures.

The New York Times Now Publishing Daily 360° Videos


The New York Times and Samsung have partnered up to launch The Daily 360 , delivering at least one 360° video every day on the publisher’s properties. The footage was shot by New York Times Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer Tyler Hicks and Times Middle East correspondent Ben Hubbard.

Snapchat Summons Dragons from Westeros to New York for Game of Thrones AR Promo

Next Reality AR

Spring is here across the US, but, through the lens of Snapchat and augmented reality, winter is coming to New York. The AR experience brings a virtual dragon to the Flatiron Building in New York for users in the vicinity.

Nat Geo Built a Mars VR Theme Park in New York


In advance of their new Mars docu-series that premieres November 14, Nat Geo created a red planet habitat on an empty downtown Manhattan lot last month. The post Nat Geo Built a Mars VR Theme Park in New York appeared first on VRScout.

New York Times Halloween Edition Uses Augmented Reality Bugs to Scare & Educate

Next Reality AR

Our national month-long celebration of all things creepy and crawly comes to a climax on Wednesday with Halloween and will end with Día de Muertos on Friday, so now is the ideal time for the The New York Times to publish a mildly chilling augmented reality story for children.

'Atlanta' Actor Lakeith Stanfield Walks an Augmented Reality Tightrope for New York Times Magazine

Next Reality AR

The New York Times has made a habit of publishing augmented reality stories throughout 2018, and now the media giant's magazine is getting into the act, too. Scott and Wesley Morris, a new augmented reality experience is now available through the NY Times app for iPhones and iPads.

Microsoft HoloLens Art Project Turns New York into an Undersea Dystopia

Next Reality AR

The latest example of this comes in the form of a new AR art installation called "Unmoored,", which transforms New York City's Time Square into an underwater environment.

Model Ashley Graham Struts Through Augmented Reality via 3D Capture by the New York Times

Next Reality AR

Traditional media institution The New York Times continues to break new ground in its augmented reality news coverage, this time with a 3D volumetric capture of model Ashley Graham.

New York Times Lets You Visit Statue of Liberty's Torch Without Trip to NYC via Augmented Reality

Next Reality AR

While a new museum to house the original torch of the Statue of Liberty is under construction on Liberty Island and scheduled to open in May 2019, New York Times readers can now view the sculpture in their own space through augmented reality.

New York Times App Lets You See a Higgs Particle Reaction from the Large Hadron Collider in Augmented Reality

Next Reality AR

Although it's impossible (at least for now) to travel back in time to see the Big Bang, The New York Times has provided its readers the closest simulation of the experience via its latest augmented reality feature.

New York Times AR Coverage of Guatemala Volcano Disaster Shows AR Isn't Ready for Breaking News

Next Reality AR

The latest augmented reality feature from The New York Times gives readers a close-up view of the damage left behind by the eruption of Volcán de Fuego in Guatemala earlier this month.

New York Times Hitchhikes on NASA's Mission to Mars via Augmented Reality

Next Reality AR

In the latest installment in its burgeoning augmented reality journalism practice, The New York Times is bringing its readers closer to Mars and NASA's latest spacecraft set to travel to the red planet.

The New York Times Continues To Pivot Hard Into Virtual Reality With Ad Agency Buyout


VR Industry News acquisition buyout fake love new york times NYT VR t brand

The New York Times Used Thousands Of Old Photos To Recreate Olympic Stadiums In VR


360 Video Experiences app application new york times nyt olympics rio VR

IMAX Down To Four VR Centers With New York Closure


Variety last week confirmed that the company’s center at the AMC Kips Bay cinema in New York, which was the first location to launch inside a multiplex theater, had closed down. Back in August IMAX also shut down its other New York location as well as one in Shanghai, China.

‘The Unspoken’ Was Originally an Open World Console Game Called ‘Wizards of New York’


In an interview with UploadVR, Price revealed that The Unspoken was originally conceived by his team as an open world console game called Wizards of New York. Tagged with: insomniac , ted price , The Unspoken , wizards of new york.

New York Times Posting VR Videos Each Weekday With ‘The Daily 360’


Various publications, print or non-print, have learned that 360-degree video is a beneficial platform that brings a new flavor to reporting. With the tag line “To understand the world, see it from every angle” and a declaration to bring a new video every weekday, NYT presents The Daily 360.

New York Times Leads Readers on an AR Journey Through the Cave That Trapped the Thai Soccer Team

Next Reality AR

To show just how perilous the largely unchartered cave was, The New York Times has transported its readers into an augmented reality recreation of several of the Tham Luang Cave's openings.

VR Gets Experimental At Moving Image New York 2017


The exhibition featured the best and brightest in experimental new media, which naturally included several artists utilizing virtual reality for their innovative projects. The post VR Gets Experimental At Moving Image New York 2017 appeared first on VRScout.

Funding Roundup: Fake Love Gets Acquired by New York Times &.


Funding Roundup: Fake Love Gets Acquired by New York Times & Pinscreen Raises $1.8M The New York Times is acquiring an experiential agency known as Fake Love , which specializes in virtual and augmented reality.

Lionsgate Bringing 7 Minute Preview of ‘John Wick VR’ to New York Comic Con

Road to VR

Now, Starbreeze and Lionsgate have announced that the most substantial peek at the title, entitled John Wick Chronicles: An Eye for an Eye, will be given at next week’s New York Comic Con where show attendees will get to go hands on with the HTC Vive version.

New York City Mayor Wants To Be The “Global Hub” For VR/AR With Newly Funded Lab


Coinciding with the growth of the augmented and virtual reality industries, there are tons of new job opportunities. New companies spawned by the tech will be welcoming new employees and established companies will be welcoming new faces as they tackle the new opportunities VR and AR afford their businesses. In New York, the current Mayor has laid out a plan to create 10,000 jobs for middle-class citizens.

New York Finally Confirmed For Marvel Powers United VR


Yes, downtown New York City will be available in the game when it launches next week. Any Marvel fans knows that New York is where most of the heroes like to hang their hat, so it’s great to see it finally confirmed for the game. Also confirmed today is Attlian, the kingdom of the Inhumans, ruled over by Black Bolt, which has at times hovered over New York itself.

Watch New York Fashion Week in Virtual Reality


Then you will know New York Fashion Week runs through September 14. If you are a watcher of fashion, a reader of GQ or any female. However, what you may not know, is the event has long been not only fashionable but very techy too.

Vivid Vision And University Of New York Partner To Treat Lazy Eye With VR


Vivid Vision, a company using VR to treat sight disorders, today announced a partnership with The State Universtiy of New York to push its work in lazy eye treatment forward. Eye-tracking is set to play a crucial part in the VR industry in the new few years. On the surface this technology will allow for new features like virtual avatars with realistic eye movement and foveated rendering.

Google Debuts VR Tour of New York’s Famous Festive Store Windows


There are very few places more spectacular than New York City during the holidays. That’s why Google’s new Window Wonderland app is one my favorite virtual reality experience currently available.

Witness The Discovery Of The God Particle In AR


Image Credit: The New York Times. Available via The New York Times app, the AR experience was built on ARKit and ARCore using Atlas data from that infamous June, 2012 collision. Image Credit: The New York Times.

Hands-on With IMAX VR in New York


IMAX and AMC unveiled the second IMAX VR Center at AMC Kips Bay 15 in New York City – we covered the first center, which opened in LA, back in February. Afterward trying a few of the games, we got a chance to speak with IMAX’s Lister about this new center and IMAX VR in general. This House of the Dead-light shooter isn’t as intense as one might expect, but it was a nice enough to warrant checking out if you’re interested in the new Mummy film.

Augmented Reality Top 8 of 2018


As a new communications medium, Augmented Reality (AR) is changing the way we consume and share knowledge and how we express ourselves creatively. Step Inside the Thai Cave in Augmented Reality, The New York Times.

Highlights From New York City’s Upcoming VR In The Sky Event


Different markets are catering to these new experiences to varying degrees and New York continues to make significant efforts. One example of the increased exposure in New York City is VR In The Sky, a two-day event focused on the ads, brands, and media communities in the city.

IMAX VR’s New York Center Launches With Star Wars Experiences


IMAX’s latest VR center just opened in New York, just in time for Star Wars fans to jump into their favorite universe. The New York center is located at the Regal E-Walk Stadium 13 & RPX in Times Square and features two pods where moviegoers can take part in single and multiplayer experiences.

VR Lands on the Floor in NAB Show New York Expansion


Too hot to ignore any longer, virtual reality will occupy ample real estate this fall at the NAB show in New York. The post VR Lands on the Floor in NAB Show New York Expansion appeared first on VRJournal. Featured VR Industry and Technology NAB New York NAB Show New York

Oculus Go Dev Kit Images Show the Headset to Be Near Consumer-ready

Road to VR

image courtesy Reddit user ‘Bekris’ The box art advertises a number of apps including Netflix, Facebook, Hulu, Fox Sports VR, The New York Times, and Discovery VR.

Lionsgate and Starbreeze to showcase highly anticipated John Wick Chronicles VR game during New York Comic Con

Cats and VR

Lionsgate and Starbreeze will showcase their highly anticipated, newly titled first-person action shooter VR game, John Wick Chronicles, during New York Comic Con, October 6–9, 2016.